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  1. looks like the same guy who did that insert/poster art for the latest TWY album. not really my jam either. FYI, sold out at cold cuts, 350 left at merchnow
  2. may have overpaid for the athletics test press (i thought i was inputting a max bid ebay-style, not just... what the new bid should be), but dan sent the test press and also a lacquer of the 7". so, that was pretty cool. probably because i paid out the ass, but maybe some other folks got cool throw-ins too
  3. i don't give a shit about the size; in fact i think a nontraditional size is actually fun. i love the one 6" i have.* but if i have to buy some special record player for it, then what the fuck? (edit: also, at $10 this is absolutely preposterous. do not confuse this for a defense of the $10 3".) re: blind boxes: it has become the logical extension of any collectible craze, but i will say i loved secret audio club's wax packs from 2014. wouldn't have encountered john moreland or half hearted hero without it, and it was all new songs from every contributing artist. that said, i don't need a blind box to know i fuckin hate all time low *not a wiener joke. i wish! if only. am i right? ...guys? hello?
  4. just when i thought i've grown out of giving a shit about tour presses... ugh, must have this for one of the best albums of all time.
  5. whoa, what? how did i never hear about this. is it a bootleg? (sorry if commenting got your hopes up, just not a lot of into on ye olde google)
  6. ETR sucks, but i'll give him this: the colorway teaser for i get wet, to replicate the nosebleed, is dope.
  7. been listening to this for a couple of days now and damn is this some '80s-ass shit. in a totally good way, btw. love how subdued it is. very close to hating two songs (violent red, better light) but otherwise it's great and genuinely different from everything else they've done. kudos to them. 10 years later (granted with four lost years) and they still haven't lost me as a fan
  8. i scrobbled successfully for almost 12 years until my scrobbler mysteriously stopped working 13 months ago. happy to announce my last successful scrobble was "they fucked our asses" by tenacious d https://www.last.fm/user/lordchamberlain also, if anyone has any idea why this might've happened... for PC folks, i thought we were able to have multiple ipods connected to it, but maybe not. (my newer one broke, so now i'm using an older one... and yes i still fuck with ipods.) i don't even remember the process for, like, "connecting" an ipod to the itunes scrobbler for PC. it's probably easy to look up, but clearly i've been too lazy to figure this out for way too long and then got discouraged that i've lost a year of data. anyway, if someone wants to save me three minutes of googling, let me know
  9. the one record store on maui didn't have the wonder years (that, or someone grabbed it before me). if anyone could help a brotha out (even though i'm sure tons of people want this), i would greatly appreciate it. thank you!!
  10. please. would prefer not to pay markup but i know how this dance goes. hit me up.