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  1. i'm surprised it sold out so quickly too. i'd bet it was a pretty limited press that first time around. will be curious to see if they'll go with the same colorway or something new. just glad that they've already committed to a repress—good for them being transparent about it
  2. kinda in this headspace, too. maybe it's the whole pillar thing. and branching off into HA. don't think i'm even gonna watch the stream, although i don't doubt some of the preorder stuff will lure me in. we'll see.
  3. there are certainly worse nostalgia buys. i still sing bits and pieces of these songs to my wife all the time. she has no idea what i'm talking about in fairness to them, i am more than happy to support them after the fact for years and years of free content supported with a limited array of merch sales. also, although H*R holds a cherished place in my heart, i think if i went back to watch a lot of it i'd find that i've outgrown it. so... i'm not sure new content would do much for me these days. (although undoubtedly new content would be very welcome!)
  4. damn, good for you for being persistent... clicked check out a few times plus some refreshing, removing and re-adding to the cart... no dice. now all options are grayed out so i think any opportunity for snagging some of those carted-not-bought copies has since passed
  5. welp. thought i'd be ok not setting an alarm (currently 6:27 am here). looks like i woke up 10 minutes too late. cool! (edit: i mean, i know it went on sale at 6 am, just that it sold out 10 minutes ago... nvm)
  6. amen. bought one of each—i have a feeling they'll be fairly limited but only because i don't know who's handling everything. ultimately i only want one so i want to see which variant i like more and then i'll sell the second one at cost to someone here. on a message board!!!
  7. bumping a three-week-old bump of a four-year-old thread to wonder out loud if stand tall is the best EP, let alone debut EP, that i have ever heard
  8. this reeks strongly of my 20th and 21st albums as well, i'd have to check my list to see how we stack up original was 2LP, i'd be shocked if this wasn't the route that was taken again
  9. ha, JUST came to say this. did it literally just happen or are our brains just on a similar wavelength? i happened to check the cart (which i left open for god knows how long), saw that the stripped version + ticket was sold out, freaked out a little -- but then found the non-ticketed version for $22.99. much more palatable. gonna email them to see if they'll refund a portion of shipping to do media mail or something cheaper, but if not, i'll eat the $12 shipping, whatever
  10. no option to not get a livestream ticket, so the cheapest option is $34.99 ... + $12.96 shipping (to where i live, at least). kill me
  11. 15-year anniversary comin' in hot. early access if you're a pillar member... which i am not. because 'liquor' was a dud to me and this new album feels like more of the same. not a lot of info other than general access preorder is friday, and it looks like there are three options: reissue stripped down deluxe, which includes both count me in for the stripped-down versions, although i'm not sure they'll hold a candle to the originals
  12. i am amenable to this opinion. all songs you mentioned are jams, and yes, i think a remaster would work wonders on this album -- although i also think it's their slickest album, when really for them the grimier the better
  13. two more variants: /1,500 on white in the TWY store and /1,000 in light blue in the hopeless store. won't be ready until april though. hopeless: https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/collections/the-wonder-years/products/twy0tusubb-lp TWY: https://www.thewonderyearsband.com/products/the-upsides-suburbia-10-year-anniversary-box-set-second-press
  14. this is SPICY... but i like it! hot damn NJA low teens FPU big dirty ex lives gutter although i think NJA/low teens/FPU are neck-and-neck and this is only a gun-to-my-head ranking of them. white smoke and organ grinder are criminally underrated

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