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  1. ^ joe hisaishi's work throughout the ghibli universe is incredible, and princess mononoke might be his best work. absolutely kills me that it's gonna be like $60 after shipping but i'll absolutely shell out.
  2. maybe i'm being dense but i don't understand how the clear w/ splatter variants were available "only at these shows" if those were the shows that were being recorded. ????? what fwiw merchnow half/half is /300. edit: rest of this post was idle and false speculation about press #s
  3. yoooooooooooooo FUCK YEAH!! absolutely no joke stoked to bump the cassette in the '98 tacoma i inherited from my father-in-law. he painted flames on the sides. i'm gonna be the talk of the town for anyone who missed it, the 10.0 is the first in a decade, since kanye already mentioned i am absolutely ok with people disagreeing on the 10... it's almost impossible to divorce oneself from fiona's near-mythos at this point, so i'm not going to fault a trigger-happy music critic for slapping the 10 on her. like seeing a damn unicorn. even if the unicorn was not as cool as you thought it'd be, you're still probably going to hype the shit out of the unicorn to your friends edit: i would knock it down to 9.9 exclusively for the nonsense dolphin noises she makes at the end of "i want you to love me"
  4. the $10 option on stranger in the alps (which i've been procrastinating on buying for a long time) pushed me over the top for the secretly variant. $45 is rough, especially when amoeba and landlocked were both $4 cheaper than secretly for punisher alone, but... this softens the blow a bit.
  5. my guess for single sleeve vs gatefold is the single sleeve stack more easily, whereas stacking gatefolders would aesthetically be less pleasing. not saying that's a defensible rationale, although (again, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, which a lot of this is based on) i totally understand it
  6. also, like highfives, i have represses of I–III and originals of IV–V. i will compare once i'm not suffocating under cardboard boxes. casey and company did a great job with art direction. all the colorways match the art extremely well. link to pics of the set: https://imgur.com/a/ZzN6uUd
  7. here's my quick review of the contents; i won't have time to listen until at least sunday or monday (an agonizing wait) as we are in the middle of moving and renovating — new art for acts I–III same art for acts IV–V fox and the hunt art as advertised online an empty sleeve for "act VI: the hanged man"???? did anyone else hear or know about this? are we back on for act VI (was it not supposed to be empty?), or is this just a goodie for box set folks? admittedly i haven't been following the news on this too closely. i don't have many box sets, so with that caveat in mind, this box is quite nice. easily the nicest i have. very durable and sharply presented. it certainly makes the steep price point make it feel more like it was worth it. pics in my next post.
  8. was pretty stoked to receive this (although is it worth the cost of admission? eh). i would be surprised if they ran another press only because they've had no problem leaning into exclusive releases (we look like lightning 7", most recently), but it'd be a cool 7" to have.
  9. looks like the same guy who did that insert/poster art for the latest TWY album. not really my jam either. FYI, sold out at cold cuts, 350 left at merchnow
  10. may have overpaid for the athletics test press (i thought i was inputting a max bid ebay-style, not just... what the new bid should be), but dan sent the test press and also a lacquer of the 7". so, that was pretty cool. probably because i paid out the ass, but maybe some other folks got cool throw-ins too
  11. i don't give a shit about the size; in fact i think a nontraditional size is actually fun. i love the one 6" i have.* but if i have to buy some special record player for it, then what the fuck? (edit: also, at $10 this is absolutely preposterous. do not confuse this for a defense of the $10 3".) re: blind boxes: it has become the logical extension of any collectible craze, but i will say i loved secret audio club's wax packs from 2014. wouldn't have encountered john moreland or half hearted hero without it, and it was all new songs from every contributing artist. that said, i don't need a blind box to know i fuckin hate all time low *not a wiener joke. i wish! if only. am i right? ...guys? hello?
  12. just when i thought i've grown out of giving a shit about tour presses... ugh, must have this for one of the best albums of all time.
  13. whoa, what? how did i never hear about this. is it a bootleg? (sorry if commenting got your hopes up, just not a lot of into on ye olde google)