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  1. 10-year anniversary release limited to 100. $45 after shipping https://etidstore.com/collections/ex-lives-10-year-anniversary/products/ex-lives-vinyl-lp-with-10-year-anniversary-insert edit: sike it sold out while i was writing this message and i had it in my cart. joke's on me and you and everyone
  2. bump. also the ads on VC are an absolute nightmare. i have no idea if the original post looks as bad for you as it does for me, but woof. if so, sorry
  3. hey y'all, just going through all my old childhood shit and i finally got to the box where all my old band shirts are. these are mostly circa 2003-2012 when i was still small enough to fit mediums (and smalls when i was in, like, middle school). i'm fat now and it would be fun to keep all these and pretend one day i'll magically sew them into a band shirt quilt but it just ain't gonna happen. 6x saosin CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 1x anthony green SOLD 2x chiodos CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 3x the fall of troy SOLD 3x say anything CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 2x the sound of animals fighting 1x the dear hunter 1x puig destroyer 1x a day to remember 1x the dangerous summer 1x this time next year 1x cinematic sunrise 2x? every time i die 3x? the wonder years 2x? the dangerous summer 2x? odd project 1x true things anyway if this is remotely interesting to you let me know. just please know in advance the shirts are in various states of wear and disrepair based on how much i loved them over the years. some are still nearly brand new, some are ragged as hell. thanks, alex
  4. man the original high and driving version of "baby girl" is an absolute all-timer. not to be a nostalgic lil bitch but it's still one of his best songs to this day
  5. i didn't know this was a "thing," for me this is my first time even entertaining the idea. but based on what soupy said at the beginning of the album teaser, it just sounds like it's near the end of the road. i would be more than happy to be wrong. but i also wouldn't blame them, they've been doing this for almost 20 years
  6. if it weren't for the state of the industry at this point i'd be up in arms about $40 for an LP + exclusive 7". but given some gatefold double LPs sell for $40 straight up, this is fine. besides, this band deserves it, especially if this is their swan song, which it sounds like it very well could be. this band changed my life, i can throw them a few extra bucks for that. wyatt's song is ok, oldest daughter is good, summer clothes is genuinely great and i'm not being a dad rock shoegazy old fart about this; also, to me, summer clothes always sounded like it could go on much longer than it does (like, it doesn't feel like it should end when it does, it feels like it should crescendo on forever, bathing in the warm hug of that bass tone), so the fact there's a 7-minute version makes perfect sense frankly i don't have super high hopes for the album. sister cities was a dud for me, and while it sounds better than sister cities already, i don't think it'll reach the heights that no closer to heaven did—which, itself, did not reach the heights that the greatest generation did. just a slow fade out.
  7. record on a flat surface (in inner sleeve), a blanket or something soft for protection, a 45-pound gym plate. i had a record come warped as shit once, like a goddamn pringle, and this did the trick. books ain't gonna cut it unless you have a couple dozen college textbooks
  8. incredible gif. thank you i think if i had to ask my wife (clinical psychologist) what she thought, based on all of this, i feel like it would be something along the lines of: if your beef with your brother is so deep-seated that you can't peacefully coexist, you will probably see anything that resembles taking sides as an affront. as in, steve and andy doing what's best for the band—which means supporting keith, but also supporting jordan—the latter of which, to keith, is an act of betrayal, no matter how benign. just seems like a toxic sibling relationship. but i can also see keith is EXTREMELY sensitive and vulnerable, because when i read the band's statement about keith leaving tour, honestly my first thought was, "that's dope that he is prioritizing his mental health and the band is supporting him." it didn't cross my mind for a second there was something wrong! i just thought keith needed a breather and the band was on board. it would've set a great example tbh. we all need boundaries. but he came out swinging instead, and the writing was on the wall from that moment forward edit: also i am pretty, uhh, unreceptive, i suppose, of people talking about "their" truth. that's not my cup of tea!
  9. i'm still catching up on this thread, so forgive me for double-posting if i end up doing so, but just wanted to say when all this shit went down i was immediately on andy's side, no joke. like, i don't know andy, but i've met him a few times after shows, we've all seen the shit happens dvd and his interviews, and if you ever asked me to doubt this man's integrity, i couldn't. maybe it's an extremely elaborate hoax, but more likely he is just a righteous dude
  10. FYI, my point was rhetorical—i think the band knew that keith is a unicorn lyricist/vocalist. moving forward without him after 23 years is genuinely insane. i don't think that was lost on them, hence why it still doesn't add up. anyway, in addition to all the other anecdotes being shared, one thing i thought was weird—as someone who also has dealt with a lifetime of depression and anxiety—is how defensive keith was to the band announcement that he'd take the last few nights off from tour. i read that as: this is a dude proactively caring for his mental health. that's super dope. folks should respect that decision, even if it costs the band a few shows at the tail end of a tour. i literally did not think twice about the announcement. but then keith came out swinging, saying he's taking off time for self-preservation, to shield himself from his brother, whatever. again, if they chose to handle everything privately and work past it, i literally would not have thought twice about the announcement. we all went through some shit the last two years. i wouldn't blame anyone for needing a few days' rest. but he was a wounded animal, and he dragged his brother and the band thinking they dragged him. and i don't doubt for a second that jordan can be an asshole (tbh that might be his charm, weirdly!) but... man. to everyone else's points above showing how it does add up: it just really, really does not add up! this was weird!
  11. forgive me for dwelling on the details (or lack thereof), and do not mistake me for taking sides, but: if ETID allegedly wanted to move on without keith, why didn't they just... move on without keith. like, if keith is justified in preserving himself and leaving the band, why are the remaining four members agreeing to dissolve everything? it just doesn't make sense to me. i hope it was a misunderstanding but at this point it doesn't really matter if it was or wasn't, and we won't really ever have clarity either given the two sides of this. but it's just not adding up for me. (while my wife keeps telling me "plenty of bands have broken up over misunderstandings" while i go full charlie kelly conspiracy gif)
  12. they went out on top which, in a way, is great, but we were all fucking robbed