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  1. oh man fingerprints i used to go there all the time when i lived in socal. i also was checking discogs all morning but bad timing i guess. in any sense thank you so much for your help!!
  2. any help on TWY would be greatly appreciated. really all i was looking for. (not holding my breath on bluey and i have the original press anyway so it'd be a luxury buy.)
  3. annnnd sold out. not sure how many were left, i'm guessing they were whatever overrun was remaining. hope i was able to help a few of you!
  4. there are probably old threads for these somewhere but not worth finding. "don't let me cave in" /500(?) was a preorder giveaway with suburbia. "came out swinging" /250 was given away with some AP magazine orders i think. they are hard to find, but both are at cold cuts for $20 each. you're very welcome: https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/twystore/products/the-wonder-years-came-out-swinging-7 https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/twystore/products/the-wonder-years-dont-let-me-cave-in-7
  5. 10-year anniversary release limited to 100. $45 after shipping https://etidstore.com/collections/ex-lives-10-year-anniversary/products/ex-lives-vinyl-lp-with-10-year-anniversary-insert edit: sike it sold out while i was writing this message and i had it in my cart. joke's on me and you and everyone
  6. bump. also the ads on VC are an absolute nightmare. i have no idea if the original post looks as bad for you as it does for me, but woof. if so, sorry
  7. edit: re-upping this thread after a long hiatus. i re-found these shirts (again) after moving (again) and would like to get them out of here and to someone who might like them (or resell them for profit, whatever). there's ~30 shirts so i'm asking for some semblance of the following: $2 per shirt $8 for 5 shirts $40 for all 30ish shirts plus whatever it costs to ship (anywhere from $5 for one shirt up to a maximum of $20 for all the shirts) here are the shirts i catalogued but there may be more. if for some reason there are fewer than 30 shirts, i will discount accordingly: 6x saosin 2x chiodos 3x say anything 2x the sound of animals fighting 1x the dear hunter 1x puig destroyer 1x a day to remember 1x the dangerous summer 1x this time next year 1x cinematic sunrise 2x? every time i die 3x? the wonder years 2x? the dangerous summer 2x? odd project 1x true things please know in advance the shirts are in various states of wear and disrepair based on how much i loved them over the years. some are still nearly brand new, some are ragged as hell. thanks, alex
  8. man the original high and driving version of "baby girl" is an absolute all-timer. not to be a nostalgic lil bitch but it's still one of his best songs to this day
  9. i didn't know this was a "thing," for me this is my first time even entertaining the idea. but based on what soupy said at the beginning of the album teaser, it just sounds like it's near the end of the road. i would be more than happy to be wrong. but i also wouldn't blame them, they've been doing this for almost 20 years

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