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  1. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    feel-good story of the day (slash of my life): used two 45-pound plates on top of a thick folded towel (for protection) for a couple of weeks (only because i forgot to check on it). worked about as well as i could've possibly hoped; almost perfectly flat. bless uppppppppp
  2. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    i'd guess it's just because he had more time back then... WYAINE was ITC-008 if i'm not mistaken, and now he's up to like ITC-070+, not including the lathes, so i think he just has less time than he used to (although i think he could reasonably make more time to ensure newer releases are as carefully made as earlier ones, but i understand the trade-offs)
  3. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    first press was numbered. i can confirm the packaging for first presses were a bit nicer in terms of silkscreen, numbering, paper stock and folding, etc.
  4. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    yeah, it was pretty bad. obviously a package warping like that cannot be entirely the sender's fault. but the cardboard was flimsy and pliable, and the spine(s) completely unsupported. wanna try the whole oven thing but don't really have two panes of glass handy... so we'll see.
  5. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    i'm gonna try to flatten the shit out of it, see if that works. anyone try that before? thinking of using bench press plates so it's heavy and the weight is distributed evenly but idk edit: i'd be shocked if he fully replaced it given the limited pressing but maybe the plant sent him overages so he has extras
  6. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    y'all might get a kick out of this needless to say this is completely unplayable and incredibly disappointing
  7. chamb117

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    annnnnd just got my shipping refund. no matter how long it took, much of the last few pages has officially aged poorly.
  8. chamb117

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    ah, cool, because i put "the" in there. i'm an idiot. great! resolved
  9. chamb117

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    having a hard time getting into this. kyoto, pyramids, ocean easily the best tracks. spun it dozens of times but can still barely tell tracks 5-9 apart... maybe that's on me. dan's vocals are one of TWY's hallmarks but i'm having a hard time in this regard as well. also, theloneliestplaceonearth.com is no longer. is that a recent development? i'm guessing they took it down when the shopify store went up, but i hadn't noticed. kind of makes me long for dan's shallow water project from way back.
  10. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    in ITC's defense, it's the same exact packaging as the first press. not that it justifies/warrants doing it again, but i imagine dan was just going for consistency. my first press jacket came in good shape and i don't mind it in terms of presentation and protection, but to each his own.
  11. chamb117

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    anyone still looking for ace enders? will gladly sell at cost. picked one up for someone on here, but radio silence afterward
  12. chamb117

    Athletics - BFRSD

    got my shipping notification for WYAINE
  13. gauging interest on a few items: circa survive - the inuit sessions CD /3,000 signed poster from preorder also available (more esao andrews artwork) circa survive - avalon CD, remixed by colin frangicetto, signed by anthony and colin /1,000 high and driving poster (from, like, 2002?) /50 going to my childhood home for the last time before my dad moves. planning to either store or sell a lot of shit because i can't afford to bring it all back with me. it'd be good to know if someone's interested before i got there so i could pack and ship shit as soon as i get there next week. i can take pics when i get there.