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  1. been listening to this for a couple of days now and damn is this some '80s-ass shit. in a totally good way, btw. love how subdued it is. very close to hating two songs (violent red, better light) but otherwise it's great and genuinely different from everything else they've done. kudos to them. 10 years later (granted with four lost years) and they still haven't lost me as a fan
  2. i scrobbled successfully for almost 12 years until my scrobbler mysteriously stopped working 13 months ago. happy to announce my last successful scrobble was "they fucked our asses" by tenacious d https://www.last.fm/user/lordchamberlain also, if anyone has any idea why this might've happened... for PC folks, i thought we were able to have multiple ipods connected to it, but maybe not. (my newer one broke, so now i'm using an older one... and yes i still fuck with ipods.) i don't even remember the process for, like, "connecting" an ipod to the itunes scrobbler for PC. it's probably easy to look up, but clearly i've been too lazy to figure this out for way too long and then got discouraged that i've lost a year of data. anyway, if someone wants to save me three minutes of googling, let me know
  3. the one record store on maui didn't have the wonder years (that, or someone grabbed it before me). if anyone could help a brotha out (even though i'm sure tons of people want this), i would greatly appreciate it. thank you!!
  4. please. would prefer not to pay markup but i know how this dance goes. hit me up.
  5. should also say in my most recent binge i came up with the following color duplicates: #1 - purple #5 - dark grey #6 - coke bottle such gold (#9?) - green #12/50 (it might actually be #8, can't remember) again, i might have more color duplicates at my other place... so just let me know if you're interested in any of these at a nominal cost + shipping.
  6. i don't have any full sets on me right now (my wax packs collection is split up between two locations right now) but more than happy to send random (or even specific, if i have them with me now) black copies FREE OF CHARGE to anyone interested, whether it's long-time or first-time collectors. just pay shipping. hit me up!
  7. i have five sealed black copies for free (just pay shipping) if you're looking for the thrill of the pack rip. also pretty sure i have multiple black copies of all 10 if you're looking to fill out a collection as well as a couple of duplicate colors (including such gold green /50) if that's your thing
  8. first press had a printed inner sleeve, too. not that it justifies doing it again but i'm not surprised.
  9. i definitely recommend revisiting it. i did not like act V, like, at all when i first listened to it. i thought the entire endeavor had fallen flat with IV, and V did nothing to convince me anything had changed. but i listened to it more and, fuck, it is so, so good. there are a few songs that drag, and "a beginning" is kind of a dud to me, if it truly is the finale of the series. but otherwise some of the tracks -- mr usher (which i HATED but now LOOOOVE), the march, light, melpomene, the moon, the most cursed of hands -- would all rank pretty high on my all-time list of act-specific songs. so... as someone who feels like he went through what you went through, i say, give it another earnest chance you say "if you recall" as if i recall, which i do not! i had no idea about those demos. act III came out in, what, 2009? which was right about when i was too cool to buy CDs anymore but not cool enough yet to buy vinyl (i don't think it was pressed at this point anyway). i'm gonna have to hunt these demos down but, you're right, that does make a lot of sense
  10. this was my opinion for a long time but i gotta say i'm super super super into act V. i think my ranking is odd and probably doesn't jibe with anyone else's but it probably looks something like III > V > II > I > IV. it amazes me how disappointing IV was given how strong "a night on the town" was. also i absolutely do not need this and my wife will kill me but fuck it. you only live once and you only die at the hands of your wife once
  11. the wonder years are also doing a maida vale release. i'm guessing they're related. (that link includes it on the list.) it's going be a 10"... i figure they'd be both be if it's a particular series. that'd make sense to me. not sure why the size is such a big deal though
  12. the wonder years are releasing a live 10" limited to 1,500 copies