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  1. In the UK that was called the bleep test and it was the worst thing
  2. Depends how much longer you want your indie store to be around. My local store just doesn't stock the kind of thing I want to buy, so I don't tend to give them any custom any more. I'll buy stuff from indie labels/touring artists if I catch them live but if I miss something then I'd try my local stores before going online.
  3. I know right, it's a real struggle every day. still, at least you still have your weird gif collection and your favourite naughty words you can use again mean people online
  4. the one useful thing about people who use the word "retard" as an insult is that it lets decent people know to avoid the person using that term, because they are an idiot. yes, your right to use whatever word you wish is definitely more important than basic human decency.
  5. I'll never understand why people are so precious about defending their perceived right to use the word "retard". Does it really mean that much to you that you can't use another, non-offensive word?
  6. No, that wasn't me. Why did you think that? I wouldn't ever defend the use of the word "gay" as a derogatory term or an insult.
  7. just when people say "retard". there's just no need for it. why is this even a thing?
  8. These all sound great, thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Cool, thanks all! What kind of stuff is this (i.e supernatural, zombie, psychological etc etc) Horror is a bit of a broad term, so sorry for not being more specific!
  10. Can anyone recommend any really good horror comics? I just read through the first volume of the new Creepy Comics from 2011 or thereabouts and they weren't amazing. I really like the old Warren/EC/Skywald comics but anything in that vein being published now?
  11. That would be great, thanks. I have a similar list bookmarked also, with mostly stuff like Junji Ito and Shintaro Kago but if you could find more of these Korean ones, that would be ace, thanks.