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  1. I can't fault someone for making a bootleg and others for buying it when the band hasn't released what fans want. But yeah the color choice was dumb.
  2. Hype faded and I don't need any physical media at this point, not even vinyl. I guess that's because I'm more picky about what I buy lately, due to reduced vinyl listening time, budget, and having combined household with my lady who is not a Tool fan. And after about 3 spins I determined it's 7/10 material, nicely done but I'm not gonna play it often enough going forward. I've changed and they haven't really.
  3. Good idea. I'm not sure if you're familiar with or use rateyourmusic.com (RYM), but it's the primary tool I use for cataloging what I've listened to, what I'm looking forward to, as well as making AOTY and other lists. And I discover a ton of stuff from other users' lists. Because so much of what I listen to is digital these days, physical media sites like Discogs aren't useful for tracking that stuff. RYM displays an "Upcoming" list on my homepage, alerting me of upcoming releases based on my collection. It's not specifically label-based, but artist based for things I own or have cataloged in any way. Unfortunately this also includes singles, and artists you may no longer care about but still have cataloged, so you have to wade through that. It also depends on things actually being entered into the database. I personally add new releases to the database several times a week after learning about them elsewhere. Anyway, the site is ugly and primitive, but the userbase is large and I've been using it for 12 years so I'm invested. https://rateyourmusic.com/~sidewinder03 True, but somehow I've not found this to be a problem on RYM because people aren't as vigilant about cataloging reissues.
  4. Done. I like filling out surveys and asked the forum to help me out with a similar project recently so it's the least I can do.
  5. I'm ok with this news. They've had a good run and even though I didn't love the most recent album, they're leaving on a good note.
  6. I didn't care much for this on first pass this morning - I had higher hopes after the first single but didn't care for most of the vocals. I'll try again, maybe. Gloss Drop is my favorite of theirs.
  7. Hey y'all, I'm hoping I can get a few members to participate in this questionnaire I'm doing for an evening class. I'm old but we have to keep learning, right? I'm a UX designer but I'm taking a class on research methodologies. I'm conducting a few interviews about my topic, streaming music, and I'm in a bit of a pinch with conducting actual in-person interviews before tomorrow. In lieu of that, I'm hoping I can get a few participants to fill out this online questionnaire. It's all fill in the blank style, might take about 15 minutes. And if you want to share a photo of yourself taking the questionnaire, that'd be great too! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeWJ-tmHClZRyUtYTB1fE76tYd2dyC0BMjvQFYBuBnbHczoGw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  8. Truly. I didn't recall what the original looked like but had a quick look at the 12" and CD on Discogs. Not sure why it's completely different and they had to throw a totally different font in there. 37 minutes makes for a pretty long EP, although this is hip-hop we're talking about. Either way, that's still expensive even if it was a longer LP.
  9. This hasn't really grabbed me yet - although "Taker" was already great and "Blankenship" seemed to stand out as unique and heavier than the rest of the album - a favorite. I'm not getting a sense that overall the album is heavier than other albums, though. Just haven't spent as much time with it as some of you, I guess.
  10. I played it just before House of Sugar was released, along with DSU, for the first time. I've listened to Trick twice so far, but not much really clicked. Maybe it'll click more eventually. Despite what I said, I may actually play it again. I played Rocket a lot more than you'd think, because I kept hoping it would turn into something more cohesive, and also I couldn't get enough of Proud, Bobby, and Judge.
  11. I first started listening to Alex G with Beach Music and there are some real gems on that album, along with some mediocre material, making for a good but not great album. Then Rocket came out and there are some real gems on that album, along with some mediocre material, making for a good but not great album. I'm like hmm, he's nearly there! Maybe he'll hit the next one out of the park! Not every song can be a gem but it'll be more cohesive and great! On House of Sugar, I'm not hearing gems of the same caliber as ones from the two previous albums. The good tracks are good but not great. Mediocre tracks are still present, making it as inconsistent as the previous two, but not as good due to the lack of killer tracks. I'm just not sure he's capable of a truly great album. Great tracks, yes.
  12. No more singles for me, heard the first 2 and now will wait for the album. Too much spoiling.
  13. Sounded good on my first listen Friday (stream). Nice to hear something that's not just a film score. Gonna need more listens to really form an opinion, but it was entertaining and Patton didn't sound like he was trying too hard.
  14. Made some more progress with Swans' discog this week. First was Holy Money, then Greed after realizing they were related and it would be good to hear them back to back, then Children of God. I expected to like Children of God more than I did on the first spin. I'm not sure what wasn't working for me, but clearly it'll need more listens to sink in like anything else. Holy Money was my favorite of the 3, being more immediately accessible, and I played it again this morning on the way to work. I arrived depressed but that's ok. Right now, as I'm wrapping up my workday and anticipating my commute, I started White Light... again. This will be my third listen. Honestly this one worked for me the first time, and is looking like my favorite atm. Gonna have to revisit The Great Annihilator soon – my intro back in the 90s. Not sure if I'll dig around some more early material before the new one drops or move on to some post-reunion stuff. Probably would make sense to check out newer stuff, but the length of all the recent ones is pretty daunting.