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  1. Love Twins but didn't love Mugger. Still, I think the combination sounds nice.
  2. Anyone know how to access Thee Houds of Foggy Notion movie on Vimeo? The email provides a link to it, but it requires a password. "The result is a lovely and ramshackle document of the time, with the band playing by the side of the road through Golden Gate Park, in the back room at John's place on Haight Street, and in other improvised and unexpected places throughout The City. We've cleaned up the film which can be seen in HD here, and we've given the soundtrack the reissue treatment too."
  3. It's worn off for me too. I really liked 2 and Salad Days, and was weary of This Old Dog as the single sounded like more of the same, but wound up really like it – at first. It went out of rotation pretty fast. I know he's got a rabid fanbase but I'm still shocked he's sold out 3 nights in a row at one of the biggest non-stadiums in town this weekend. A few years ago he was playing maybe 2 nights at much smaller, intimate venues, which fit him far better.
  4. Woah. Good catch. I know it's very pixelated but that date looks more like 2010 than 2019, heheh.
  5. I've dreamed for a long time of Spotify and Last.fm merging, but with better social tools. Both are lacking. Although Spotify absorbing Last.fm wouldn't solve everything, as I don't listen exclusively on Spotify. I play a lot of music in iTunes and iPhone, as well as vinyl. I use a script/extension called scRYMble that ties in to Rateyourmusic.com to scrobble things I play on vinyl after the fact or while listening. Nothing lost! Hahah
  6. Still scrobbling religiously after 12+ years. Most annoying thing for me is how they basically killed the social aspect of it, making following people essentially useless. I miss the friend feed that showed me what others were listening to. Like Spotify's feed on the desktop version. I only scrobble for OCD reasons and because I enjoy looking at my own stats, but otherwise it's really pointless when the social tools and recommendation tools have been neutered. I also used to keep track of upcoming shows with last.fm, but that functionality was severely dumbed down years ago and never regained strength. That was a good way to connect with people locally too. https://www.last.fm/user/sidewinder03
  7. Been excited for this doc since I heard about it last year, hope to catch it soon - no idea where/how at this point though. I still have the original metal box Black Box, so I really don't need this soundtrack.
  8. Yeah I never quite warmed up to it, save for a few songs. Lacking hooks for sure. Have you heard the self-titled EP and Giddy Boys 7"? Both excellent pre-Sacred Bones releases.
  9. Fuck yeah, love this band. I preferred Catharsis over Subordination, but this new track sounds great and more in the style of the early stuff. I won't pre-order because I'm moving next month and might change jobs soon too, wouldn't know where to send it.
  10. Their last album was ok, I suspect this one will be too. Hope I can catch 'em on the tour, as they were great on the last tour!
  11. Sweet, not long after Plum which I liked quite a bit. I'm due for a revisit of that one.
  12. Looks like they're stacked, not vertical. What's strange is that the boxes don't appear square in the other photos. They look tall (too tall for 12s to stack vertically) and longer than 12". Yet in this photo, they're clearly square.
  13. A Josh Homme Christmas song? No thanks. Although tbh I don't give a shit about a Christmas song from anybody.
  14. Cool. Although I might be getting tired of their style, the MF DOOM colab was just decent. 01 “Back at Ringside” 02 “Face Off” 03 “Iron Claw” 04 “Czarrcade ’87” 05 “Powers and Stuff” 06 “Masked Superstars” 07 “Morning Ritual” 08 “Super Soldier Serum” 09 “The King Heard Voices” 10 “Listen to the Color” 11 “Mongolian Beef” 12 “(Post Credits Scene)”