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  1. Sounded good on my first listen Friday (stream). Nice to hear something that's not just a film score. Gonna need more listens to really form an opinion, but it was entertaining and Patton didn't sound like he was trying too hard.
  2. Made some more progress with Swans' discog this week. First was Holy Money, then Greed after realizing they were related and it would be good to hear them back to back, then Children of God. I expected to like Children of God more than I did on the first spin. I'm not sure what wasn't working for me, but clearly it'll need more listens to sink in like anything else. Holy Money was my favorite of the 3, being more immediately accessible, and I played it again this morning on the way to work. I arrived depressed but that's ok. Right now, as I'm wrapping up my workday and anticipating my commute, I started White Light... again. This will be my third listen. Honestly this one worked for me the first time, and is looking like my favorite atm. Gonna have to revisit The Great Annihilator soon – my intro back in the 90s. Not sure if I'll dig around some more early material before the new one drops or move on to some post-reunion stuff. Probably would make sense to check out newer stuff, but the length of all the recent ones is pretty daunting.
  3. Limit 4 per order? I don't know why anyone needs 4 other than to flip. They should limit to 2 honestly - just enough to grab one as a gift or for a friend without access if anything. Still can't bring myself to pull the trigger, because I sold all my CDs several years ago. I have two left, basically, plus a Wax Trax Black Box in the original metal case. Couple of strays in my car. If I got it, it would be strictly for collector purposes and I'd probably leave it sealed. So probably just for greed.
  4. So far, White Light seems to be the most interesting. I've played it twice, about time for another soon. I haven't checked out The Seer. The other two I've listened to are Soundtracks for the Blind and Filth.
  5. Never was huge into Swans but I've been slowly checking out the highly-rated stuff recently. Slowly because they require time. I had The Great Annihilator when that was their newest record, liked it ok, but not enough to stay interested in them. Having revisited that one lately it's pretty great.
  6. It's hard for me to fathom ranking Undertow anywhere less than 2nd place, personally. That's when I started listening to Tool and it blew my brains. Then Ænima blew my brains too. Lateralus was more of a slow burn when it came out and, although that album definitely differs from the previous two, at the time I felt that's when they plateaued a bit and were settling into trademark sound. Familiar-sounding riffs, etc. It didn't seem as fresh and mind-blowing as the other two had been. And yes, it's amazing, but it didn't have the same impact on me of sounding really unique. I've only played Fear Inoculum twice at this point but I'm comfortable with this ranking. Leaving out Opiate because it's not an album. 1. Ænima 2. Undertow 3. Lateralus 4. Fear Inoculum 5. 10,000 Days
  7. I just had my first listen to the album, via Spotify. I was really thinking the interludes would be more interesting, but they just seem to add length. Could do without them for sure. Overall I enjoyed the album. The only reason I probably don't love it is because it's been so long and I'm not the Tool fan I used to be. But having revisited 10,000 Days yesterday, Fear Inoculum may actually be a stronger album. There are just some cringe moments on 10KD and it drags.
  8. I tried searching for it on the Target site just for fun and it's not coming up, lol. Other Tool albums, Tears for Fears, Iron Maiden, etc. but not Fear Inoculum for some reason. 🤨 I'm just curious cuz I can walk to Target from my house. ETA: Found a link via Google. It just says out of stock, "Notify Me When It's Back" no matter what store I select - which is a little surprising. Doesn't even seem like you can order it online at this point. Oh well I wasn't planning to buy it, just curious. Need to listen to it first anyway.
  9. I really don't feel like I've given A Moon Shaped Pool enough listens. Somehow I have it rated 4/5 so I know I liked it, but I couldn't think of a single melody or lyric from the album at the moment.
  10. Probably. And at least have one more listen before calling it. And hey, I could always pick it up later. I've just liked how the last few Oh Sees I've ordered directly from Castle Face have the title/hype sticker on a nice sleeve, vs retail versions that just have it on shrink wrap. And I hate shrink wrap...I only tend to keep it if the sticker looks good and contributes to the cover. But I still hate it.
  11. I can't decide if I want this on vinyl or not. As I stated previously, I was pleasantly surprised with the album and pacing. It's just the price, and other priorities in life, and whether I'm gonna play the actual record that much versus digital to justify owning it. Ugh life is hard.
  12. That's because there was no special edition – to my knowledge they all had that clunky packaging with lenses, and it was never said to be a limited release. Of course that doesn't mean it wouldn't have gone out of print at some point. Same has been said for this one, right? It's the only version of the CD they're planning to release? Pretty nuts though, to not make a more standard version without LED screen. But I guess CD sales aren't as high as they were in 2006.