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  1. Hope this can come somewhere close to Immunity! Definitely in for the deluxe, if another site has lower shipping.
  2. PO'd the red... Excited. First track:
  3. It's like how much more expensive could this be? And the answer is none. None more expensive.
  4. SE7EN

    PO: Rhye-Blood (2/2)

    Error... Apologies
  5. Agreed. Great album from start to finish. Can't wait to finally own this!
  6. Nope, nothing from VMP since placing the order... Anyone received their copy yet?
  7. Was due to see them in a few weeks... All shows cancelled.
  8. Yes, definitely agree that without knowing the full story it's hard to say more right now. Guessing he feels that the other party may speak out at some point, otherwise why go public with that kind of statement.
  9. Many of the 700+ people on the FB post seem pretty upset and opinionated!
  10. Echoing some of the other points here (and those made on FB), I can't really see what the huge uproar is about. Yes, maybe he did use his position of being 'famous' to his advantage with women, but then in ANY new encounter / relationship with a potential partner, aren't you always trying to show your best attributes to effectively make yourself seem appealing?! What next...? Because a guy hits the gym every day, and gets ripped, he isn't then allowed to use his physique to be more appealing to women?!?! Whilst I am 100% for equality and everyone being on a level playing field, this just feels like PC feminist nonsense gone too far. Apologising for being a talented, charismatic, and sexually appealing artist, who women want to be with, is ridiculous. What if this was the other way around and it was a woman fronting a band who had been with people, in-part due to her fame and status? Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think we would be having this conversation, nor would the woman feel as though she had anything to apologise for. Unless he has actually pushed women into sexual encounters, in exchange for making promises of fame and fortune, and the like, I can't see the problem. I've also met Evan before and saw him talking to many fans of all races, genders and ages, and couldn't see anything more than a genuinely excited and enthusiastic performer getting a buzz from meeting his fans. Everyone needs to chill out, and just let people screw one other, if that's what both parties want to do. Anyway, back to music... Still hoping for a new album within the next 12 months!
  11. SE7EN

    PO Now: King Krule - The OOZ

    Was able to pick up the orange/blue yesterday from Bleep, with reasonable shipping to the US. Great album.
  12. First Fever Ray was very, very good. Not sure about the new track and also the $50 price for the deluxe version... Hmm.
  13. SE7EN

    PO Now - Elastica S/T Reissue

    Nice, will definitely look to pick this one up!