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PO Now: ESPRIT 空想 - 200% Electronica (+ 100% Electronica repress)

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Making a new thread since I know a lot of people jumped on Virtua.zip previously.



Special price right now for early pre-orders.


This Double LP contains ESPRIT's "200% Electronica" on disk 1, and George Clanton's "100% Electronica" repress on disk 2.


200% Electronica is a collection of new songs by ESPRIT. After 2 years of touring with only a Roland SP 404SX Sampler, the ability to manipulate samples from "100% Electronica" in a live setting inspired the creation of 11 new songs.


For vinyl, 200% Electronica and 100% Electronica (Repress) come packaged as one.


200% Electronica is clear vinyl
100% Electronica is coke bottle clear vinyl


This is a preorder and will not ship until Nov 18th!
Limited to 1000 copies 



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