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  1. there is also this if you didn't see it https://thecaretaker.bandcamp.com/album/everywhere-an-empty-bliss EVERYWHERE, AN EMPTY BLISS ------------------------------------------------ *AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY UNTIL JUNE 16th, 2019. Work on 'Everywhere, at the end of time' was all consuming as you can imagine. All work and no play, all work and no play. In celebration of its completion and only for a limited time* here is a surprise golden farewell. Compliments of the house. Offering you one last chance to raise a charged glass for those we lost along the way, for all the works, for those ghosts from our past, for our uncertain future and for The Caretaker. You are of course welcome to purchase me a drink if you find this work to be of personal value. As the old saying goes "I'm the type of guy who likes to know who's buying their drinks, Lloyd." Thanks eternally for your support. C'est fini. **** Audio remembered and disfigured by The Caretaker. Compiled from unreleased archival works by Leyland Kirby. Cover artwork by Ivan Seal. Aural mastering by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung. Released on History Always Favours The Winners.
  2. I have a few copies of both, $20 each plus shipping. hit me up if you need.
  3. new devil master https://store.relapse.com/item/67816
  4. demilich demos on clear + black and nespithe on red + black available at hells headbangers
  5. sorry to bump an old thread but i have a couple of new/sealed copies of this for $30 shipped stateside if anyone needs one
  6. album also seems to be up at digital outlets now too. and youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kHPlAHdjPTIZKcx7riJFDibPBIPVOjP1w
  7. next time let's see who DOESN'T get a pm from me =)
  8. it sounds like they are using USPS. the only labels i know that charge less than that use DHL. i doubt they are making money off the shipping, just they arent using the cheapest carrier out there.
  9. actually NRW is not longer than this. NRW never crosses paypal dispute 180 days territory. and NRW, while i hate how far out their preorders are, at least has pretty accurate ETAs...in fact, they usually beat the advertised shipping date on most of their releases. he also responds to emails. totally different
  10. long awaited magnatron vol 1 repress is up https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/album/magnatron