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Franco madonna lover

I NEED AN ADVICE!!! wich record player buy?

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Hi, my name is Franco, im from Argentina, im new in this group and I would like an advice. The thing is: in Febraury when i was looking to buy my first record player, after a lot of searching  i had decided to buy an audio technica lp60 because the thing is, here in Argentina turntables and electronic things in general ar very, VERY EXPENSIVE (to give an example, the lp 60 is around 300$ and the lp120 is between 600-700$) but finally i bought it and im very happy with it but i would like to upgrade my record player. The thing is that next year im going to usa for the first time and im planning to buy a record player there but i cant pay more than 300$ So my question is: Wich record player do you recommend me to buy? I know that the most common one is the ATLP 120, but there are a lot of turntables in the market i would like a recommendation, what i want in a record player is the best sound quality possible.
Bye and thank you, Franco

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7 hours ago, swb said:

I'd recommend the U-Turn Orbit if you're looking for something in the $300 range.

Thats a very good option, the thing is that the U-turn orbits are very... customisable and i was looking for one i could buy in store like guitar center

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