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  1. You need to read the fine print. Most standard policies have that 500 dollar limit for media that is off premise such as in your car etc. If its in your house, it should be up to the personal property limit. Every homeowners policy I have had has been like this and never distinguished contents based on Total loss or partial loss. With that said, I have never had Progressive as they actually don't underwrite the policy but use various other companies and entities
  2. With a standard homeowners policy in the states, it's coveted up the contents limit on your policy. Their is no limit or exclusion for these if damaged inside the home by a covered loss.
  3. I haven't seen any praise for Zeitgeist. Sadly it's better than this recent stuff. I would rank Oceania as their best of the sp era 2.0
  4. Act 1 is out. Don't see me listening to this ever again. Billy continues down the same synth pop/80s sounding It makes me sad with every new Pumpkins release that Jimmy is still in the band. His talent continues to be wasted
  5. New Veldt album is amazing from these legends https://littlecloudrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-veldt-entropy-is-the-mainline-to-god-pre-order Excellent label always putting out amazing new music
  6. Any order these? Release date is Friday Represses of hungry for stink and triple platinum also out on real gone
  7. Keep your house at a normal temp and humidity and you will be fine. You don't grow mold on cabinets or anything else indoors in humid climates unless you are clueless. Ac and a dehumidifier is really all you need. Sleeves are not going to do anything
  8. I hope you mean fall of 2023 because you certainly are not getting that pressed anytime soon. As you have no experience and a plant that is overworked isn't going to bother with a one off project I would use a broker like pirate press to handle all your needs from lacquer cutting to test press to actual press to jackets. You need a one-stop shop.
  9. I saw them last night. My 15th black angels show. I have heard a copy of the full album. It's worth purchasing but sits in their lower tier of releases
  10. Email with a code if you put yourself on the list of a mispress
  11. So who got the senile animal email and ordered? I could find a date on it and tell if it's shipping immediately or pre order