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  1. If they submitted it in June like they said, it is very realistic Knowing Ipecac though it probably was never done
  2. Anyone hear anything. I know they said December and that month is quickly here
  3. US- https://littlecloudrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-dandy-warhols-the-black-album-us-only-pre-orders UK/EU- https://www.lo-fi-merchandise.com/collections/the-dandy-warhols Number of Tracks: 10 Vinyl Size: 12-inch Revolutions: 33rpm Vinyl Color: Black or Clear w/Black Splatter Jacket: Gatefold (Matte Finish) *SHIPPING AFTER JANUARY 1, 2022 FOR UK/EU PRE-ORDERS GO HERE FOR US T-SHIRT BUNDLE GO HERE Late January in Portland, 1996. The Dandy Warhols are hammering out the most deranged psych pop of their career in hopes of blowing the lids off their newfound suitors from Capitol Records, completely unaware that one of Oregon's biggest natural disasters was raging outside their studio walls. The notorious Willamette Valley flood of '96 chalked up over $500 million in property damage in the Pacific Northwest, but fell short of The Dandys' studio space by 2 blocks. Courtney, Peter, Zia and Eric escaped the carnage without a scratch, the perfect metaphor for the band's 3-decade-spanning journey. They survived the major label buzz, an international hit single, "the documentary", the rise and fall of brit pop, and a post-Napster music industry. What's a little water gonna do? Riding off the debut hype of 1995's Dandys Rule Ok, this new batch of songs saw a band spinning into an unknown. Bigger budgets meant bigger expectations, and The Dandy Warhols didn't want to lose their lipsticked sneer by bowing down to the powers that be. Knobs were turned into the red and chemical hors d'oeuvres were served around the clock with the intent of pushing themselves to uncharted waters. They even got a trumpet to feed back. Picture the band sending Capitol a song called Crack Cocaine Rager and just try not to smile. But we all know the story. After a brief tour with Love and Rockets to clear their heads, the label and the band both decided to hit the reset button. The demos for Boys Better and Minnesoter among other fragments and oddities ended up on the now-legendary ...The Dandy Warhols Come Down and those fabled demos collected dust until 2004 when they were released as The Black Album. The sound of these scuzzy fuzzed-out recordings began to echo through a new generation of garage rock bands who preferred a little noise in the cracks of their harmonies, and the legacy of The Black Album grew. Now, for the first time ever, the songs are getting released on vinyl. It's about damn time. Fellow Portlandians Little Cloud Records are putting out a mere 500 copies of the album on wax, 250 slabs on black vinyl and 250 on a clear and black splatter colorway. Either one will look perfect in the psych section of your record shelf. U.S. collectors can grab one from Little Cloud after the 'buy' link and U.K. folks can get it HERE from The Dandys online store.
  4. Pretty positive that this album has been available on record store shelves without issue for the last decade
  5. Put up a bunch more items in last 2 days. This should be it for the year
  6. https://www.discogs.com/seller/jglembo/profile Pm only for deal through VC
  7. Fantastic album https://sunsetimages.bandcamp.com/ https://littlecloudrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/sunset-images-traumatismo-nacional-pre-order
  8. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/corrosion-of-conformity-deliverance-limited-edition-red-orange-splatter-2lp-only-500-made Looks like Nuclear Blast has a black in their EU store. Not sure what other variants may be available
  9. First Press: 1000x Seaglass - Trans. Light Blue 2000x Shellstar - Cloudy Blue 3000x Deluxe Picture Disc + Poster Black Second Press: 1500x Clear w/ Cobalt Blue Splatter 1500x Cobalt Blue w/ Black Heavy Splatter 2000x Light Blue In Clear Indepedent store exclusives: 750x Granite silver (Rough Trade exclusive) ?x Neptune blue (Indie store exclusive)
  10. https://store.noidearecords.com/collections/no-idea-records/products/bomb-the-speed-is-everything
  11. It is really early in the school year for you to be writing a paper already
  12. If anyone has a copy of Chaosphere that they will let go of, hit me up
  13. Hit me up if you havethis and looking to get rid of it My copy has gone missing
  14. Frances isn't listed as an essential for the next few months
  15. My copy of the aqua purchased from amazon is the mispress. It would seem very weird that they would have done the splatter and 500 of aqua with one set of plates and than switched plates for the rest of the aqua as Ipecac seems to be mentioning. Based on discogs comments, it doesnt look like anyone has the actual correct tracklisting so they may all be mispressed
  16. A1 - The Talking Horse A2 - A Vast And Filthy Prison A3 - Blood Witch B1 - A History Of Drunks B2 - Rat Faced Granny B3 - The Hawk C1 - You’ve Never Been Right C2 - A History Of Bad Men D1 - The Mechanical Bride D2 - A Vast And Filthy Prison Vast and filthy is on twice.. apparently on all splatter and 500 of aqua for a 1k total mispress

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