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  1. That covers 7" is actually pretty rad. It was a tour only release and was going for $100 on Discogs until a month ago or so when Beck added it to his web store.
  2. I have too and it was fine and I know not everyone gets the bad experience, even with very bad retailers with much worse reputations. I was just thinking aloud as my time, energy, and purchases are more limited these days and the potential for a bad customer service experience feels more daunting when you're no longer in your prime vinyl buying shape. 😊
  3. I saw that a second ago but I'm not ordering from POS. Their return/damage terms are dumb and I've heard about the owner/mailorder dude being a jack wagon when people need help with orders. I'll grab this elsewhere someday or settle without it.
  4. Not fully on topic but what are the best LTJ albums post-Anthem? I dig everything before Anthem and like Anthem OK but I stopped paying attention and it feels like they’ve released 10 albums since then with zero press or reaction I’ve seen.
  5. The National is the only release I want. Gonna have to pay someone to grab that for me or buy it from flippers, I’m sure.
  6. Cynical side of me is wondering whether the announcement of the next 3 AOTMs and the decision to remove month-to-month accounts are signs they're bracing for the upcoming recession that many are predicting for the end of the year. It seems like they're trying to gain as much locked in profit as possible over the next year or two, at the risk of losing short term profits.
  7. YES. Lost Wisdom is one of my personal favorites from that crew.
  8. Please let that tape set be pressed in abundance. I do not want to expend unnecessary amounts of money and time trying to track down a copy.
  9. House of Sugar is his first killer album, IMO. Instead of circling and meandering around an idea, he hits it head on and packs all the power into a tighter, more efficient package. It *is* less effortful which can read as 'light' or 'lacking' on the first or second pass but it's a masterful album. Once it sinks in, every song becomes an ear worm and each choice hits with precision. I might still prefer his lo-fi indie rock stuff and how it translates live but, of the 'proper studio' albums, this is the first one that realizes the potential he flashed on those 'killer tracks' on Rocket and Beach Music. Stick with it.
  10. Just stack all your 7” box set versions of albums on your coffee table and wait for the enrapturing conversations to start.
  11. Weezer is essentially 3 different bands now, all called Weezer and featuring the same members. Rivers just cranks out a ton of rock, pop, and nightmare studio atrocity songs and saves them in a different folder until each gets to 10-12 songs. As far as the long pre-order lead in, I think Weezer probably haven't finished the album but wanted to join GD and FOB on the synced release date scheme. I'm assuming the posted release date is worst case scenario and it actually gets released way before then once they finish the album.
  12. I didn’t fully pay attention until a year or so ago after I saw him live. I *love* the live versions of his songs. He hasn’t captured that on any studio record so far but, from that catalogue, I dig Trick/DSU/Rules the most. Beach Music and Rocket have maybe more ‘mature’ songwriting but it’s not as consistent or interesting to me.
  13. I know AI gets love from a lot of Green Day fans but, the moment I heard the first singles, I knew I was listening to a very different thing than whatever 1,039 to Warning Green Day was. I don't even think I dislike that record. It just feels like a different band doing something else that I wasn't that interested in. My little brother loved AI for like a summer before he became a proper metal head. Lol.
  14. I like the idea that their post-Warning career is one big fuck you to the super fan who stole the master tapes for their unreleased Insomniac-sounding follow up to Warning. “You stole our sequel to Insomniac and now you’ll never hear good new Green Day music ever again.”