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  1. If you missed this and want a physical copy, Scotty M is releasing both his solo albums (and some of his other side project stuff) on his new tape label: https://pressonrecords.com/
  2. If you missed this and want a physical copy, Scotty M is releasing both his solo albums (and some of his other side project stuff) on his new tape label: https://pressonrecords.com/
  3. I'm just more of a "cringe and shudder inwardly" kind of guy than a "fuck you" kind of a guy. That poster is probably 45 years old and able to fight their own battles but I always imagine naive new people who come on here excited about their silly projects as being 14 years old like I was when I'd post a terribly written review on my mp3 blog and then go google punk message boards to share it on. 😁
  4. In the late 90s/early 2000s, I started a few mp3 blogs as a non-expert, often-wrong kid who just loved music and building websites. No one told me to fuck off*. No one co-opted my blogging into a larger point about the decline of the scene/society. In fact, I got like hundreds of free CDs from cool labels and learned a TON more about music, met a ton of people whose songs I loved, and had a great time being a wrong, non-expert learning about music as I went along. The point of this post is that the OP should time travel back to 1999 and build Trill Vinyl as a Tripod page with a free cjb.net redirect URL and then today you could be in your 30s/40s and tell the new school of amateur music writers/bloggers to go fuck itself. 😊 *The guy who owns Hush Records did tell me to fuck off. LOL.
  5. Yeah. They actually give records to each other for free and cut each other pretty solid deals all the time. From what I remember, they were OK with flipping in general on Discogs or eBay but they would dog pile on egregious flipping or trying to gouge other forum users. There is a stronger sense of wanting to maintain good standing there, as well, so, if you got called out for flipping, you couldn't just do a heel turn and become an ironic and defiant troll. So, if people do flip there, it's less loud and off forum.
  6. Wouldn't $3,000 fund a web forum for like 10+ years? I've built websites for 15+ years but never ran a large forum. Would you need an expensive private server plan for something like that?
  7. The theory the forums floated that they’re trying to trim liabilities and shiny things up for a big payday sale of the company sounds like a reasonable possibility, IMO.
  8. Listen to it in any order. The film is mostly a ton of awesome National drumming and little tinkering guitars and piano and bits. There are some vocals and extended song pieces but it's not a real spoiler, IMO.
  9. They got this rare opportunity to do something kind of brazen and weird, 20 years into a pretty solid and consistent showbiz career, and they went for it. R.E.M. did something similar with Up but I Am Easy to Find is more successful at what it's aiming for, it's more bold in it's dialing back of it's lead singer (versus ditching a full time drummer), and it comes in their prime (versus after some 'at-the-time' missteps like R.E.M. 'departure record' did). I'm loving this long, wild, laid back, weird album.
  10. It really is. I expected the guest vocalists to cause a stir amongst fans who are expecting the same heavy dose of Matt but I honestly didn't even consider that there'd be a minority of fans who take offense over the guest performers specifically being women and people of color. Seeing a guy on the National sub-Reddit lose his shit because women are singing on his National album is like a little cherry on top of this really beautiful, inspiring music sundae.
  11. Looks like it’s an issue with the recording itself: https://www.discogs.com/release/2072731-Hello-Nasty/reviews