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  1. I have a few opaque black vinyl records and they all look and sound great. It doesn’t say in the listing but I’m hoping the LP comes in a physical jacket. Those are rad.
  2. I’m pissed that they deliberately didn’t press 500 more copies and then make those 500 copies The Impossibles’ Anthology comp. F you for getting my hopes up just to smash them, Field Day Records.
  3. Haven’t heard this one in full yet but OK Human ended up being like a McDonalds quarter pounder with the meat replaced by an artisan veggie patty. Why would you do that? The shitty McDonalds bun and cheese ruins the veggie patty and the veggie patty ruins the shitty delicious McDonalds you’re craving in what is a shameful moment of poor judgment. Give me dumb guitar Weezer when I’m jonesing for the dumb band Weezer!
  4. I’m kind of surprised that he was able to get that far into a pretty decent prototype and concept seemingly without having any connection to the vinyl record industry or collector’s world. You would think he’d have enough vinyl friends or colleagues to get a few hundred on the scoreboard before he shares it around for the first time.
  5. You should partner with a vinyl sub service, like Vinyl Me Please or Magnolia, that brings in a lot of new/first time collectors who would be interested in a slightly fancier accessory for their exciting new hobby. People here will e-stab you to death if you dare try and start any vinyl related business that isn’t printing bootleg Brand New LP slip covers.
  6. I used to buy the Whiplash mailers but eventually the extra cost didn’t make sense for me. I’ve switched to the less interesting 12x12 mailers and I just add 2-4 cardboard squares, depending on how much free space needs to be filled before the scored flaps are flush with the record & squares. It’s much more cost effective, it’s sturdy, and I haven’t had a single issue with damage after shipping out ~150 orders in them.
  7. Almost 100% certain this was some hastily thrown together temporary cover provided by their label. They wanted to do a pre-order before the album was even done.
  8. It ain’t white or EWBAITE but it’s a cohesive song with a nice hook and no embarrassing effects added. That’s lower top tier Weezer territory. I can also see more of the through line from parts of Black to this and OK Human. He’s making smaller, more tight pop songs and drifting away from the gimmicky obnoxious stuff. Black had a few really solid songs buried under the cringe-worthy effects and production but those handful of songs and everything since sounds pretty similar and consistent. Just different execution. Right now, I prefer the big guitar execution, even with the silly Van Ha
  9. Despite initial optimism and enjoying 2-3 of the tracks, I thought OK Human was a weak, forgettable entry. If this one isn’t at least fun and decent, I’ll be majorly bummed.
  10. I’ve been buying and selling for 21 years. You’re all wrong about everything. Vinyl is neither growing nor shrinking, neither slow and steady nor booming. Vinyl simply is.
  11. Should I try to reconnect with my ostracized father in hopes of reclaiming my 1997 Barry Bonds Bowman’s Chrome USA Flag Refractor card from his garage?
  12. If you are one of the handful of people who happily bought a VG record off me with pre-disclosed large warps for $80 and didn’t grumble at all about the condition or try to offer me half the asking price over the last month, I forgive you, my friend.
  13. My theory is that the pandemic has saved wealthy people a ton of money they’d have spent on dining out and in-person entertainment. If you were doing great pre-pandemic, it seems like for some of those people things got even better. And those entertainment dollars are going into indoor hobbies that you can engage with via mail order. I’ve seen a ton of records that used to go for $35 on the secondary market jump to $100. And I’ve listed some of my own that have skyrocketed and made quick sales. Add in Vinyl Me Please setting expectations at $45 per new record for new/returning collectors and I
  14. I liked their album with a horse on it. Their stuff (or at least the tracks I’ve heard) has gotten a bit too abstract since for me. Or abstract enough that I haven’t taken the time to pay much attention to the full albums. Great band though!
  15. This is why I stopped thread balancing. It’s a thankless job.

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