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  1. People who got theirs without any shipping confirmation being sent: was the order page at least updated? My order page is still the same as the day I made the order (in progress/processing/received or whatever) and I dunno if I should expect a package without, at minimum, that being updated.
  2. I only ever owned the Music from Another Room EP when it was originally released but I’ll stay around this thread long enough to say this sounds like someone’s dad who used to be in a rock band in his 20s and then decided to start writing music again so he bought a bunch of instruments and equipment and Apple dongle adapters and set up a pretty cool studio in the basement and, most nights around 11pm, he goes down there and he just plays around on the keyboard a little bit, sometimes sequences some fun drum beats, sometimes just sits there in his pleather swivel chair and thinks about how musi
  3. Are we sure this isn’t one of those Spotify bands that purposefully choose existing band names
  4. I ordered 2 variants and some of the singles and have received no update. You may now resume as you were.
  5. She should talk to Reel Big Fish and ask them how they went about re-recording their greatest hits CD.
  6. Target’s Heyday player is like a Crosley with an adjustable tonearm and it’s received decent reviews (for what it is) . And it’s $99.99. https://www.target.com/p/heyday-8482-turntable-gray/-/A-53734379 If my budget was a strict $100, I would go for the table with the adjustable tonearm over the brand value of Audio Technica with the fixed plastic arm.
  7. Marvel + Mondo + Meticulous and Meltable Music Medium + Memories of Middle/High School/College is a dangerous combination for adults with expendable cash in their pocket.
  8. I’m wishing for a red, orange and green tri-color variant from 7-Eleven.
  9. Other than drinking free Yoo-hoo all day, my favorite Warped Tour memory was one of the early 2000s years when I saw Ozma and Something Corporate play to 10 people back to back at 11am and 11:30am. It was also cool to see the Aeffect with their original singer before they changed vocalists and quickly disappeared from everyone’s consciousness forever.
  10. Siri, set a reminder to reply to this post in 16 months.
  11. Question for our collective consciousnesses...there was a TV doc show on either MTV or VH1 maybe 10+ years ago (OR it could have been a well produced video on YouTube within the last 10 years?) where they talked about Green Day and the talking head (who was either a magazine writer or possibly someone from LookOut records?) was throwing some shade at Insomniac and said something like “Green Day wanted to prove they were still punk after Dookie so they released an angry, mean album and I was like ‘Where is this coming from? Your band was never this hard/loud.’” I figure if I only ge
  12. I remember being like 11 and walking into the Wherehouse having no idea Green Day had a new album and seeing a giant cardboard display for Insomniac. I thought it was an old album I hadn’t heard like Kerplunk, which I had bought a week earlier at K-Mart, so I grabbed a tape copy and listened to it for a few days before I finally saw Geek Stink Breath on MTV and realized it was new. It’s been my favorite of theirs, by far, since the moment I first heard it. Sad that I’ll never have that experience again of walking into a shop and seeing a brand new record/tape of my favorite band that I had no
  13. He’s like a dad who starts a new family every few years instead of going back to his original VC children that he already has and being the vinyl father we deserved when we were young kids in our late 20s.
  14. Age of Adz and Carrie and Lowell are my favorites from each of his halves. I like the more melodic electronic stuff and I prefer the more layered but less orchestral folk stuff. If you made his other records into EPs of their best 7-8 songs, he’d legit be one of the all time greats. He probably still is for some people but IMO the extra twee and epic stuff overwhelms the solid gems in his catalogue. I listened to the first half of this and it’s not quite the Sufjan that gets me pumped but it was def better than I expected after those singles. Enjoy it, if you dig it!
  15. Sadly, you will probably age out of being indignant and exasperated over people enjoying the more boring side of Sufjan before they age into a superior musical taste. It’s one of God’s great ironic jokes. 😞

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