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  1. Hot damn. I bought a used copy of Can't Slow Down for $40 three or four years ago and I thought that was pricey. Those Discogs prices are nuts.
  2. Sounds like there may be some damage to the label. If you are the buyer, I'd reach out to the sender and ask them to open a claim/inquiry and see if they can intercept the package and have a human being try and make out the address and get this back on a deliverable track.
  3. I remember being 13 and running a music review site and googling "punk message boards" to locate random forums to spam. Luckily for me, all of you were also 13 or younger and the 30 year olds at that time didn't grow up on the internet so I was either ignored or encouraged. It was a great time to make something music related and then spam forums without contributing anything else.
  4. All I ask is they go back 10 years to my own personal favorite era (The Con/So Jealous) despite it not being as nearly successful or current as their electro mainstream breakthrough era. Is that too much to ask, Tegan and Sara?
  5. In this case, I think the worst PayPal can do to you is make you offer a refund upon return. It’s not the best result for you but you do get the item back and you aren’t responsible for return shipping costs. Also, unless you sold it for a premium, the seam split on a VG record shouldn’t knock too much money off your next sale, if any. If PayPal asks you to do anything more than that, that’s when I’d give them a call. All that said, unless the buyer chills out, you might end up with bad feedback. If avoiding bad feedback and getting customers to walk away and leave you alone is a higher priority than “being right!!!”, sometimes a more reasonable partial refund is worth your while. 50% is wack though. I’d offer $2-3 bucks or 5-10%, whichever is higher, at most.
  6. Dealing with buyers is a little like doing Jedi mind tricks sometimes. I’ve had to over apologize and be over sympathetic to walk some people off the ledge and back into a rational place where they’d accept a more realistic resolution. But some people are hellbent in doing things the hard way. I usually detach and cut off communication once they go full crazy or let me know they won’t accept anything but their unrealistic resolution. At that point, I let PayPal handle them and I just calmly provide my side of the situation to the claim and I’ve been lucky to never lose. Calling PayPal and speaking to someone is really helpful and better than simply writing a message via email or the resolution center. Sorry you had to deal with that buyer.
  7. Elephant Eyelash and the Early Whitney EP are fun and shabby. Alopecia is a perfect lightning in a bottle record. Eskimo Snow is like a fun little extra EP. Everything else is really bad/boring. Have you heard that Yoni & Geti LP?
  8. At this point, I’m collecting all Twin Peaks soundtracks and scores on vinyl so I have to buy this.
  9. Should have named the album I Am Hard To Get the Gist of With a Quick Skim Through, Only 3 of the Songs Even Had Lyrics and Not in Kansas is Just a Group Chorus Line Singing the Whole Time, Why Do People Like It So Much, I Rank It Even With Sad Songs.
  10. Not a huge fan of SK or SV but I think lowering the stigma against little butts, whether they are musician butts or body double butts, is a noble thing. We should be proud of our booties, any gender, size, shape, or color.
  11. They should have done a cool color variant of a Pixies or Shins album instead. #thenewburymodel
  12. I really think they're gearing up to make some kind of jump, either by selling off the company or re-tooling into a company less focused on customer service and retention and more focused on acquiring new customers and leaning into turnover in the name of quantity.
  13. Not to rain on anyone's dark parade or add more negative energy but what exactly is the danger/risk/issue that we are being warned about? That we might make an offer to this user and it will get rejected without an apology or counter offer?
  14. Pearl Jam and Tool have at least 3 fans who would reply to lukewarm to slightly negative comments about those bands in a message board? Sounds like a persnickety bunch. 😄