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  1. My baby woke me up earlier than usual today so I was wide awake when the REM mail list got alerted before 7am PST. I bought the biggest bundle immediately. No regrets. I collect their live/rarities bootlegs and I think the most recent ones are from their Out of Time era. It would have been cool if these reissues could have filled the gap with some bonus LPs of live shows and demos.
  2. Got a regular silver. First time ordering from Madame Z. So, has anyone had to get a refund or replacement for a damaged record? I’m curious whether they genuinely think they can deny refunds in all cases, no exceptions, or whether that’s just to scare off people who want to keep their copy and get a refund because they have a corner ding.
  3. Also here’s the rough recording of the set: https://archive.org/details/tsp1998-01-15.sm57.flac16/tsp1998-01-15t06.flac The record is supposed to have a direct/proper recording.
  4. Commenting cause this actually seems very rad and worthy of the FOMO/urgency order. #Following
  5. This never shipped for me. I sent customer support a message and they said they’re looking into it. Did anyone else get their copy to ship?
  6. They should have framed it as a $40 donation to support Rough Trade and the arts and you get a free record as a thank you. (All kidding aside, this is how I sometimes think about it when I buy expensive merchandise at shows. Supporting a band you like while they're on tour and you get a little physical gift as a thanks.)
  7. Same. I had a 3-4 millimeter indentation across the grooves that caused loud clicks and they sent me a replacement.
  8. I sold a good 1/3 of my collection last year when I saw my Discogs collection value estimate and then I had a crystal clear vision of an earthquake or heatwave erasing my $25k of records in one fell swoop. I’d have sold more if I had time to play test and list more.
  9. So, the first batch of these shipped a while ago, right? And the second batch that went up was estimated to ship as late as July/August? I got a second batch copy and have received no updates or shipping notices.
  10. If you signed up recently, you won’t get this set. This is the 2020 set but majorly delayed and I believe the cutoff was a long time ago.
  11. If you told me the goobers on stage shouting and telling stories about showering with each other in a tiny venue as Anatomy of a Ghost would one day win a Grammy, I’d have also been in disbelief.
  12. R.E.M. Knowing that they are the energetic rock band that released Murmur/Reckoning adds to the feat of each sound shift in their career, IMO.
  13. Dang. He preemptively shut down any/all replies to his frustrated personal share. That’s VC baller.

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