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  1. Hard to tell with the translucent vinyl but if it’s actually a divot or chip, as mentioned above, you’ll want to be extra careful not to drop the needle on that area when playing. Otherwise, you’re good.
  2. It’s been years and I’m still astonished that the Bumping in my Trunk song is real.
  3. Their last few records would be a lot more my speed if they didn’t utilize the more obnoxious studio/recording effects. Just let the song be the song!
  4. I used to order from Polyvinyl and Joyful Noise a ton and I have a vague memory of getting the Airheads from Polyvinyl. I can’t think of any other labels that have included candy in their packages in the last several years.
  5. I revise my previous review after scanning Pacific Daydream and Black album again. OK Human sounds almost identical to several songs on both those albums, just without the annoying production choices and embarrassing electro flourishes. The soft, pleasant melodies and less guitar focused makeup has been on their last 3 records and OK Human is just way less immature/obnoxious in execution. EWBAITE/White album was a nice renaissance before whatever this is now. Looking forward to dumb fun with Van Weezer.
  6. I see your point but I disagree due to the soft misdirection of the voice-of-reason character (the construction worker) turning out to also be engaging in the inanity.
  7. Imagining the scene outside McDonalds 5 minutes before opening. 54 year old men with goatees, shouting to their friend 8 spots ahead in line, “if you don’t see the records when you walk in, go into box out position and I’ll rush in and flank you while you visually locate them.” Mixed in, shy 23 year olds looking at their phones, perfecting the language on their eBay draft, “should I say limited edition or out of print...why not both?” Lost in all this, a construction worker who, of all days, volunteered today to pick up breakfast for their crew, “I have no idea what promotion all these people
  8. If this won’t get added to your cart or shows as sold out, ImportCDs has this box for $58 on eBay.
  9. GD feels more embarrassing post-2000 but I think they’re both companies with lots of people on their payroll who leaned towards different crowds. GD seemed to go for teens and FF aimed for an older crowd but they are both making calculated, proficiently assembled widgets that will “work” in the current financial wasteland of rock & the music industry.
  10. Always found it semi-interesting how Foo Fighters and Green Day wound down their time as a young, energetic band with slower, less effortful, less commercially successful albums (Warning and There is Nothing Left to Lose, both released within a year of each other) then re-emerged a few years later as their ‘roided out, music business minded selves and are still cranking out big rock widgets 21 years later. Even if the music is not as good, impressive.
  11. If you walk into an Urban Outfitters and hold any one of their records upside down, it sounds like a rain stick. Just be careful when handling, as the shrink has been attacked by wolves and a vinyl shard is liable to slice open a vein.
  12. There was a good review that talked about how Rivers can’t resist the comfortable distance of ironic detachment and cheese, even when making his mature, personal ‘masterpiece’ record. I read like 10 in a row and can’t remember which magazine it was from. If he were to ever record a sincere, honest record, even if it was still silly and fun, sans the 70s pop affectation but with the same reliance on piano and strings over electric guitar, I think he could retire with an absolute adult banger under his belt. This feels like a decent Weezer album from an alternate dimension where thei
  13. Dang. This isn’t “bad Weezer” but it’s totally not my bag. The single made me think it’d be Weezer but without the focus on guitars, more laid back, slight 70s pop vibes but, after the first 2-3 songs, which are a bit interesting, this becomes a more straight up homage to that older pop. If you dig the bands/songwriters referenced in the reviews, check this out. Rivers does a pretty sincere take on their stuff without injecting too much Weezer into it.
  14. I finally opened my copies of all 3 EPs and they have the largest warps I’ve ever seen in a looong time. And they all play perfect. Bravo, Mondo!
  15. I bought a used Ian Dury record that was sent in only a thin layer of butcher paper once. Somehow, it arrived in perfect condition.

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