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Soulseek / Apple Music Question

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Hey VC…this is a long shot, but I’m at my wit’s end and maybe someone here far more tech savvy than myself has a solution.  I finally joined Soulseek and have started transferring mp3s to my Apple Music library.  Everything transfers fine on my iMac, however, when I sync the library to my iPhone, almost every track is showing up as Uknown Album, putting my library in disarray.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I’ve gone into the info of each track in Apple Music and verified everything is accurate - and it shows up properly sorted on the iMac.  It’s just something about the syncing that is making things go haywire and it’s driving me nuts to not just be able to listen to an album straight through.  Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, shamrocks said:

Not sure if you synced once before the metadata was checked but sometimes ive had a challenge with it picking up changes. I put everything new in a group of playlists automatically that I can then unsync and resync. I dont know if that would help.

Thanks for the recommendation - it’s worth giving a whirl!

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It took me many many tries to get the apple music to sync correctly. My biggest recommendation is to only add a little at a time. If you do what I did and drag the whole library in it fucks everything up. I had to manually remove all the uploads from my library on my phone album by album before I learned my lesson. I literally wasted three months getting it to work properly. Even after I figured out how to do it properly it wasn't until I got to the letter D that I learned there is a cap of 100K songs in your library... I'm sure that cap will lift some day (maybe by now), but I'm slowly going back through and weeding out the low priority shit.

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I think a lot of it has to do with  sync not recognizing some changes. I add all my stuff to playlists and auto-sync, then if there are problem i can just unsync the playlist and re-sync it. 


I add hundreds of albums at a time but I am meticulous about checking all the metadata, copying album artwork, etc, and still occasionally have glitches.

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