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PO: Girlfriends/El Ten Eleven split 7"

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Pre-orders for the first official single release on our Fake Record Label begin today. It is a 7" double-single with one side featuring "Falling" from It's Still Like A Secret and a brand new track called "Swoon" and then the other side features two songs from a brilliant new artist named Girlfriends who we recently signed. In celebration of this, we posted our video for "Falling." This release will be a limited, one-time-only pressing (of 500) on white vinyl. They will go quickly so take advantage of the pre-order!

Watch the "Falling" video:


Pre-order the 7" single (and get 2 immediate downloads):


Consider this my first vinyl preorder. Girlfriends play angular math pop and El Ten Eleven loop dreamy guitar and bass over electronic drums. One unreleased song from both bands, and one of the Girlfriends songs is called "Brobocop."

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Total is $10 for the 7" shipped.

It's a lot of money but I think I have to do it. El Ten Eleven is one of my favorite bands and deserve all the money they get. Plus, all of their releases funded with no help of a label (Fake Record Label is exactly that, it's El Ten Eleven's own label).

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