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  1. That Repetentes album is amazing, and a steal for $3.25. RIYL video game soundtracks, slap bass synth patches, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. https://futuretimes.bandcamp.com/album/boulderball
  2. Damn, I didn't even know this was on vinyl! The Bleep store simply lists it as out of stock so hopefully it's not an uncleared sample. Can't afford to pay $50 to have it shipped from a European seller on Discogs.
  3. Love this album but I can't pay $36ppd for a single lp. Will be on the lookout for any US distribution.
  4. http://store.palehorserecs.com/collections/1054254-vinyl Everything at Palehorse Records is 50% off
  5. 20% off through Monday at DFA Records with code "BLUEMONDAY" https://store.dfarecords.com/
  6. Holy shit, very excited for this. Looking through his discography I feel like I ought to be familiar with Keiji Haino, but this might be a fine introduction.
  7. Second full length from these math(?) rockers. If you've seen them live, you know. If not, check out their Audiotree session. Light blue vinyl limited to 500 as well as a standard run on black vinyl. Can also get a slick long sleeve shirt if you order before December 14. http://store.carparkrecords.com/products/599970-cak124-palm-rock-island
  8. Finally have all my records in one place again so I can post in this thread. Noisear (some gaps could be filled easily but I'm still happy with what I have so far) 12"s: "Submit to the Subliminal" - black /?? "Pyroclastic Anhiallation" - black /?? "Subvert the Dominant Paradigm" - clear blue /514 "Turbulent Resurgence" - hot pink /100 "Utopian Armageddon" - black /?? "Grindcore Marauders" [split/collab with Superbad and Sean] - grey marble /250 "This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2" - clear blue & clear green /?? 7"s: s/t EP - clear /693 split with Magnicide - black /?? split with Idols Plague - black /400 [also had the clear /50 somewhere but it arrived cracked and I might have gotten rid of it] split with Dead Church - black /400 split with Department of Correction - black /400 split with The Arson Project - dark orange marble /440 3x7" box set split with Antigama and The Kill - pink marble /500 Racebannon (only vinyl I'm missing is the "Satan's Kickin Yr Dick In" 7" which is unnecessary to have along with the LP, and the "Merzbannon" 12" because I don't like it) 12"s: "First There Was Emptiness" - clear red, spray painted cover /60 "Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In" - clear red /100 "In the Grips of Light" - black /?? "Acid or Blood" - white /?? "Wrap the Body" - black /500 "Six Sik Sisters" - clear blue /250 "Near and Far Vol. 2" [split with Song of Zarathustra] - black /?? 7"s: split with Majhas - black /?? split with To Dream of Autumn - black vinyl, dark blue cover /?? split with The Disease - black /?? split with Zann and Anger is Beautiful - black /500 split with Knives and Greenwater - black /500 split 6" with Mara'akate - clear blue /220 "Master Control Program" - black /?? "Racebannon is the Most Complete Volume of the Motion of the Planets" - clear /500 "Clubber Lang" - black, tour cover /50 "I Wanna Trade My Crack For Coke (White Wedding)" - clear flexi /500 Other: "The Inevitable: Singles and Rarities 1997-2005" - 2xCD "Pulse From Mid-America" comp CD [not pictured] "Unwanted Sounds" - cassette 77/300 Up next is my painfully almost-complete +HIRS+ collection!
  9. Really not feeling this album. Got one of the band variants (green in coke bottle, as shown above) someone can take off my hands.
  10. Finally listened to this album and it's much better than I was expecting because "Rigid Man" was the first song to be released and that's probably the weakest song on the album. Hard to say if I'll be able to pick a favorite of the two albums since I feel they're pretty different in concept; WOB feels more like a post-rock/metal album with its long builds to peaks that are absolutely mind-blowing. Like, can we talk about how beautiful the last third of "Blackout" is?
  11. Some things I saw looking through that piqued my interest and that people here might be into Akron/Family - "Sub Verses" - $8.67 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Sub-Verses/sku/290686639.uts Black Breath - "Sentenced to Life" - $5.68 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Sentenced-to-Life/sku/287268295.uts Braids - "Flourish//Perish" - $9.56 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/FlourishPerish/sku/291279882.uts Death Grips - "The Powers That B" - $14.08 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Powers-That-B/sku/295760456.uts Deerhoof - "Reveille" - $7.35 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Reveille/sku/286502327.uts Deftones - s/t - $12.31 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Deftones/sku/246222432.uts Fucked Up - "Glass Boys" - $8.25 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Glass-Boys/sku/294324051.uts Junius - "Days of the Fallen Sun" - $6.54 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Days-of-the-Fallen-Sun/sku/293406344.uts Man Man - "Life Fantastic" - $8.64 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Life-Fantastic/sku/283964859.uts Modest Mouse - "Building Nothing Out of Something" - $10.79 with code https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Building-Nothing-Out-of-Something/sku/296218777.uts
  12. https://www.gohastings.com/product/POPMUSIC/Heart-Is-a-Monster/sku/296618472.uts Failure - "Heart is a Monster" - $15.96, plus 15% off with code "getjiggy"
  13. Ebullition has copies available so Deep Six is probably shipping them soon, if not now.
  14. Hydra Head has copies of the Discordance Axis reissues of "Jouhou" and "Ulterior" up on RTK for $8 and $10, respectively http://realtomatoketchup.bigcartel.com/product/discordance-axis-jouhou-2xlp http://realtomatoketchup.bigcartel.com/product/discordance-axis-osv-2xlp-7

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