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  1. Haven't listened yet but the little spot gloss moon on the inside is a nice touch. Also, "Cloarkroom" in the credits gave me a good chuckle.
  2. The Castlevania IV art reminds me of a Youtube cartoon or Tumblr commission art.
  3. Fuck that rarity upcharge. If I liked the band any less I wouldn't buy it. But of course, I went ahead and bought it.
  4. AKTR - suburbanfunkessentials https://brrwd.bandcamp.com/album/suburbanfunkessentials Ahwlee - 1991 https://paxicorecords.bandcamp.com/album/1991
  5. Oh, cool. I was just listening on Bleep. Well I heard enough to know I want to buy it anyway.
  6. Track previews sound pretty decent. I'm curious if they'll continue with the deep house/lo-fi house trend or if this is more of a one off kind of thing.
  7. Yikes...not sure I'll be buying this one. Not that I expected to like a Tigers Jaw with this lineup.
  8. I'll just keep my eyes on eBay and Discogs then. You win some, you lose some.
  9. Welp. If anyone wants to trade the spread variant of Contra that they just bought, hit me up.
  10. Still looking for Motion City Soudtrack - Promenade/Carolina if anyone can help...
  11. I think I like this mix better. The album itself is pretty forgettable for me though. Would've been better as a six track EP starting at Aquasun and ending with Promise Everything.
  12. I hear it in the screaming on Everything Is In Your Hands. Sounds like old TS screaming.
  13. Snatcher is up. Went with the tri color. https://www.shiptoshoremedia.com/store/albums/snatcher

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