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  1. I haven't seen Mono in like 5 years, but they're playing a cemetery here next month. That seems hard to pass up.
  2. Thanks. Fingers crossed the stores in Blo-No won't be too bad.
  3. Nobody does midnight openings for RSD any more, right? I've gotta be downstate Saturday morning, but hitting somewhere in town at midnight would be perfect.
  4. Looking forward to seeing them in a couple weeks, and grabbing a copy at the show.
  5. Ah, I wondered why I didn't see it at my local store today.
  6. High as a Kite is better than anything on Pacific Daydream.
  7. Serious Sam Barrett - Any Road (English folk) serioussambarrett.bandcamp.com/yum d9hf-khyj Serious Sam Barrett - Sometimes You've Got to Lose (English Folk) serioussambarrett.bandcamp.com/yum k3rq-cgvj David Bazan - Dark Sacred Night (Pedro the Lion sings Christmas) dropcards.com/BAZANDSN 9RC696T446 Thou - Tyrant (Louisiana Sludge) gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/yum bydu-ebax Various Artists - It Happened Here (chill stuff recorded in Indiana) scjag.com/download SC192.1KBxAGELSRH
  8. Ugh, bought one of each colorway. Weezer collections are a hell of a drug.
  9. So, I know all the T&N represses have been of questionable quality. Has anybody bought a new T&N vinyl release recently, and if so, how's it sound?
  10. I have a bunch of downloads for the new Weezer album. Enjoy? https://transactions.sendowl.com/orders/20969134/download/fc9e76245007a511aabee23fe49e0b55 (2 downloads) https://transactions.sendowl.com/orders/20969133/download/d492cf0beb924d545d44b428391e39f0 (3 downloads) ----- http://redemptions.warnermusic.com/weezer-download RP77YM4GDVUL2M RP9Q3WRSNQ788N
  11. When I first saw the NYT article, I read the name as 'John Nolan', and thought 'Holy shit, this guy was in a band with John Nolan.' Then I realized it was a different person. How hilariously sad that it's ItsaJakie.
  12. Search function, dude. There's already a multi-page thread on stuff to do in Boston.
  13. But... It's only $150 for the autographed disposable camera, you guys!
  14. Consider stopping at the Abita Brewery on your way to New Orleans. It's free, and you serve yourself, so you can go crazy, or just sip on their awesome root beer. It's on the North shore of Lake Ponchartrain, so only a slight detour for ya. Your history side might enjoy hitting a plantation too. They're a little ways out of the city, so it might take up too much of your trip. Oak Alley and Houmas House are nice, but closer to Baton Rouge. Destrehan is reasonably close to New Orleans and is supposed to be nice.