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  1. Reckless here in Chicago has their whole inventory available for online purchase. https://reckless.com/
  2. Here are two more for The Bombpops - Death in Venice Beach. dropcards.com/vinyl 6D5RFRTT3D T699VYCD9G
  3. Yeah, it's that grey-purple garbage marble. I have a test of it, and I don't remember it sounding bad, but my receiver is on the fritz, so I can't do a comparison. I did just pull it out and the dead wax etching is a hoot. A: 'Papa Jeremy, cousin Chuck, the Greensburg Five don't give a...' B: 'Big smiles everyone... and, oh yeah... the Pens rule!'
  4. That'd be awesome! I haven't booked my flight but something like Thursday night might be perfect.
  5. The line on camo shorts sightings is 75. Do you take the over or the under? I'm also in for a meetup; I'm staying at the Hampton Inn downtown.
  6. The Sloss Furnace site mentions that they host weddings, formals, and a slew of private events. There was no explicit reference to alcohol, but if they were a dry venue, I think they'd make mention of it.
  7. Mine arrived today and I absolutely love how they printed those rainbow bars both on the spine, but also opposite it, on the inside of the gatefold.
  8. Thanks guys; I'd never heard of the Nagaoka before. And yeah, the blue was a bit more, but I was curious if it was worth the quality/price bump up from the Red.
  9. Noticed some skipping on my Technics SL-D1 lately, and realized it's probably past time to change the stylus. But, lo and behold, Shure got out of the Phono game! Does anybody have any good replacement recommendations for a standard mount cartridge in the $100-150 range (currently using a Shure M97xE)?
  10. Andrew WK, Avail, Comeback Kid, and The Juliana Theory (Emotion is Dead album set) just added.
  11. The real question is how do we get non-FF Alabama bands like Lee Bains and the Haints to also play Birmingham that weekend...
  12. Also judging by their and TWDY's Twitter comments, there may be album set tours coming along with the represses.