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  1. I'll be there too. I've seen two different versions of the promo image, so I've gotta get set time clarification so I don't miss Thou.
  2. I could see a lot of people requiring F&F payments to get around this.
  3. It was only this and the Falcon, right? Or was there a third release?
  4. Meat Wave - Volcano Park bandcamp.com/yum fuz4-3ray Unchipped - Unchipped unchipped.bandcamp.com/yum 9ajs-ypf2
  5. Thrice - Beggars atozmedia.com/soundcard 8TQWBUM24RRJF
  6. Mine arrived today. Same gold foil stamping as all the represses, individually numbered on the back. Haven't had a chance to spin it yet, but it sure looks nice. Except for the grey in white C disc; they had to know that was gonna look crappy.
  7. Mine arrived today (ordered Monday). And they say the postal service is backed up...
  8. At least the early Jade Tree/Virgil reissues added additional tracks and had nicer packaging. I'm still kicking myself for missing 4 AM Friday. Red Splatter is sold out.
  9. https://avail.merchnow.com/ Red splatter /400 and black /600
  10. Tenth anniversary livestream performance tomorrow night, plus a /500 2xLP pressing of the performance going up at noon (Eastern) tomorrow, December 10. https://obrother.bandcamp.com/merch/garden-window-live-at-maze-studios
  11. That's one option. But if you get more people, you could also create larger 'teams' of sorts, so everybody would only have to throw in $40 or so. Each team could then press whatever releases they were most interested in.
  12. You could allow like-minded users to purchase a stake in future vinyl pressings of their favorite artists. Everybody throws in a small amount to fund the pressing, and then gets the most limited supporter variant in return. Craft beer tours are also popular around here.
  13. The 'first 1300 ship now' bit got me to jump. Also grabbed a reasonably-priced copy of Beggars too.
  14. Skeletal Lightning, 25% off most things with BF2022. Numero, $7 CDs, 20% of Holiday records, Secret Satan, New Age, Sunday Morning when copping 4 or more total across the collections, 50% off board game/2LP.

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