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  1. smailtronic

    various download codes

    I have a bunch of downloads for the new Weezer album. Enjoy? https://transactions.sendowl.com/orders/20969134/download/fc9e76245007a511aabee23fe49e0b55 (2 downloads) https://transactions.sendowl.com/orders/20969133/download/d492cf0beb924d545d44b428391e39f0 (3 downloads) ----- http://redemptions.warnermusic.com/weezer-download RP77YM4GDVUL2M RP9Q3WRSNQ788N
  2. smailtronic

    The Paramedic got signed to...

    When I first saw the NYT article, I read the name as 'John Nolan', and thought 'Holy shit, this guy was in a band with John Nolan.' Then I realized it was a different person. How hilariously sad that it's ItsaJakie.
  3. smailtronic

    Stuff to do in the Boston area?

    Search function, dude. There's already a multi-page thread on stuff to do in Boston.
  4. smailtronic

    PO: Acceptance - TBD (PledgeMusic)

    But... It's only $150 for the autographed disposable camera, you guys!
  5. smailtronic

    I'm going on a road trip

    Consider stopping at the Abita Brewery on your way to New Orleans. It's free, and you serve yourself, so you can go crazy, or just sip on their awesome root beer. It's on the North shore of Lake Ponchartrain, so only a slight detour for ya. Your history side might enjoy hitting a plantation too. They're a little ways out of the city, so it might take up too much of your trip. Oak Alley and Houmas House are nice, but closer to Baton Rouge. Destrehan is reasonably close to New Orleans and is supposed to be nice.
  6. smailtronic

    Test Press

    Try Brett Gurewitz.
  7. smailtronic

    The Anniversary Reunion

    A September 16 Riot Fest date or after show, or both in Chicago is almost guaranteed.
  8. smailtronic

    various download codes

    Took a copy too. Thanks!
  9. Old man thread, checking in.
  10. smailtronic

    Project 86 indiegogo vinyl option

    So, their last two LPs are up for $7 each, or a $12 bundle. Songs to Burn Your Bridges By is my favorite Project 86 album; would I enjoy their last two releases?
  11. I'm going to be placing a big Denovali order in a week or two; does anybody from the states want in to save on shipping? Generally speaking, if you want three or more records from them, it's cheaper to order with others than to order individually, even factoring in the domestic shipping from me to you. If you're interested, check out their store (http://denovali.com/shop), PM me with what you want, and after waiting a couple days to hear from everybody who's interested, I'll get back to you with your total. I've facilitated a couple of these group buys before, I'm not going to steal your money, yadda yadda.
  12. smailtronic

    Secret Santa 2015. Update: Dec 16 .... Please Read.

    You are most welcome. Sorry it got there a little late, but glad you enjoyed it! And now, on to my Santa. The guy on the right in the bathtub is an old co-worker of mine. This is their first 7" and a comp 2x7" they were on. The Prozacs/Guts split was also a nice surprise. Bands I haven't heard of, and enjoy are always a welcome surprise. This is Barghest's newest LP The Virtuous Purge. Barghest is a black metal band from Baton Rouge, where I used to live. I never got around to picking up this album, so I'm pretty excited to finally have a copy. My Santa also BUILT ME A HAND-MADE 'NOW PLAYING' STAND! This is crazy awesome, and way beyond what I ever would've expected to receive. I managed to strip the screws while putting it together (because I'm an idiot who didn't read the directions), but I'm going to get some replacements to put it together properly. Finally there's a calendar and beautiful coffee table book of Hubble images. I run a planetarium, so these are both pretty spot-on gifts. Santa also included a nice mix cd of Canadian bands. My Santa is totally DafTyler. Thanks for everything, this is an awesome collection of stuff!
  13. smailtronic

    Is this Virgil at an Avs game?

    Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. :::twiddles thumbs waiting for Enjoy the Ride to go under:::
  14. smailtronic

    Secret Santa 2015. Update: Dec 16 .... Please Read.

    My name's Mike, I'm 35, and I live in Chicago (by way of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Columbus, Ohio). My DF tradelist is in my sig and that'll give you the best picture of what I have and types of music I dig. I just updated the Wants page as well (Hint, hint, wink, wink) The broad overview is that I enjoy rock music. Specifically: post-rock instrumental (Caspian, TWDY, Denovali releases, etc) alt-country/Americana (Tim Barry, Two Cow Garage, bands Virgil dicked over, etc) 90s emo (Texas is the Reason, Blacktop Cadence, Deep Elm, etc) anything with a catchy hook (Weezer, Ozma, etc). Lately, I've also been really digging: girl-fronted/all-girl garage/pop punk (The Chubbies, HissyFIts, Donnas, Vyvyan, etc) scuzzy garage and rockabilly (Estrus, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Quadrajets, etc). My nostalgiacore bands would be anything from the mid-late 90s and early 2000s Columbus Ohio scene (A Planet for Texas, New Bomb Turks, Cowslingers, Bassholes, Jon Chinn bands, anything on Burnt Sienna, etc). I have plenty of t-shirts (according to my wife). I also have a 6 year old daughter, and we love listening to music and playing games together. I'm not too big on movies or comics. South Park's the only TV show that I 'have to catch'. I occasionally find myself watching way to much House Hunters International, if you want to buy me a vacation home, or anything. Historical non-fiction is my prefered literary genre. I'm always sad when I see the Manifest Destiny thread and realize it's not about the westward expansion of the US. I fly people around the universe for a living, so space stuff is also appreciated. Used to be way more into sports than I am today; now I really only follow college football.