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  1. That's why I'm giving it a re-listen, haven't heard it in years I remember thinking it was kind of a lesser version of Orange, haha Edit : I'm thinking of Four Cornered Night. Don't remember if I liked Perfecting Loneliness much or not.
  2. I think I only really care about Orange Rhyming, but I'm going to give the other two a listen to see if my thoughts on them have changed. I'll order from Bullmoose or something, KRM can suck it.
  3. I liked it a lot. It was pretty touching and tugged at the 'ol heartstrings a bit more than I expected. I'm looking forward to what that team does next.
  4. The birthday one was my favorite.
  5. What was it that you didn't like about The Bad Batch? I don't know when I'll watch it, but I have been looking forward to it.
  6. I got movement on mine starting today.
  7. Watched a few this weekend. Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl - I didn't care for it mostly. Psychological horror that just took way too long to actually become that. The first hour or so was kind of boring character development. The last 20 or so minutes when things start happening were real enjoyable, but I don't think it makes up for the first 2/3rds of the movie. The Lure - Really enjoyed it. Very surreal and visually captivating. It seemed a little scatterbrained scene-wise. Lot of randomness that didn't seem to serve the story. Not really a knock on the movie, except it kind of fucked up the flow of it. The fact that it was so gorgeous looking made it much easier for me to tolerate the other flaws. Also, it's partially a musical, which is so bizarre.
  8. Nice! Hopefully they have the 24 bit wav option with that too.
  9. Unless it's included inside the box, it doesn't. The download that was emailed to me just contained what's on the 3xLP.
  10. I've been really digging on Seasurfer. Think some folks in here will enjoy it. Nice mix of shoegaze, punk and dream pop.
  11. Had that shit happen with the Diadem reissue too. I also got hit with tax since I'm a WA resident. Ended up cancelling and ordering through Bullmoose. I'd say check there and other places periodically.
  12. ^ thanks! got a notification about it earlier today, will order tonight. Adversary has a couple of Motion Sickness of Time Travel tapes available. One I got a week or two ago, the 2xCS one seems new?
  13. Real excited they're doing a headlining show here. Gouge Away was awesome when I saw them last month, feel like they're a good fit for the tour.
  14. I've had one for a while now and feel the same way. It's hard to justify the cost for those two songs, but damnit do I want it.
  15. Mine's a 2xLP and I'd be surprised if there was also a single LP pressing floating around too.
  16. Same here. I think they look real neat too.
  17. Yeah, it's ~56 minutes. I'm kind of hopping this doesn't fly off the shelves, like to hear some thoughts on sound quality before I order it. I guess at that price, it's a little easier to roll t he dice and hope it sounds decent.
  18. Is this a single LP? It seems a bit long for that.
  19. Same here, I've really liked everything they've done so far. Had no idea they were on Profound Lore now.
  20. Watched Blood Drive last night and didn't love it. It seems like they didn't quite know what they wanted it to be. I thought the grindhouse car race stuff was awesome, but then you have an antagonist that's full on steam punk for some reason. I could probably take or leave the cop stuff. Seems like they set that up to go somewhere later on, so it could be worthwhile. The cop scenes really showed the lack of budget here. Probably spent too much of their money licensing that awful music. I'm planning on sticking around for a few more episodes to see where it goes. Just not nearly as excited about it as I was. It kind of has a Wacky Races feel to it as well, which made me laugh a bit.
  21. I'm about half way through the B-side right now and it the pressing sounds real good. Release is all around well done.
  22. Yeah, but it doesn't get much use these days. I have a few JRPGs I'm eyeballing, but Mario Kart and Zelda will probably keep me busy through the summer.
  23. Odd, their packaging is normally real good. Mine was in one of their normal mailers and it fit just fine.
  24. It's on my watch list for the weekend. A lot of other things I've been watching are wrapping up, so I've got some time for something new.
  25. I had to look up who that was to get the joke (haven't followed the QOTSA news), but I got a laugh once I got the reference.