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  1. I watched it with a friend tonight. Some of the plot threads (mainly the gallery stuff) where a bit useless and I have some other small complaints, but overall I found it to be a fun Friday night movie. I definitely agree that a few tweaks would've been beneficial, some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy. Sunn O))) music being used was a big plus for me and it fit SO well!
  2. HIS IS A PRE-ORDER! ITEMS WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND MARCH 10, 2017! In the early days of Pinback, they were known mostly as two lauded musicians who spent their spare time away from their primary projects (Three Mile Pilot, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable) to hone their home recording skills while experimenting with ideas, tones, and instrumentation that didn’t quite fit into those primary projects. Pinback hadn’t yet become their day job; it hadn’t yet become a well-oiled 5-piece touring machine; and it had no idea where it was going to go. In retrospect, that earnest curiosity is what makes those earlyPinback recordings so resonant and so unique, and what separated them from every indie rock band of this century. Every bit as powerful and expressive as their first two albums, the 1999 EP, Some Voices, and the 2003 EP, Offcell, famously bucked the perception of EPs as outtakes and toss-offs. What were ostensibly minor stopgaps between albums became massive fan favorites and staples of Pinback’s live show. Having never been released on vinyl, it’s only fitting that we revisit these poignant recordings – and take the opportunity to painstakingly remaster and repackage them into the full-length album that never was, the aptly named Some Offcell Voices. LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL: DARK BLUE W/ ORANGE STREAKS (EDITION OF 1,000) $18 + shipping for the color variant
  3. I listened to the leak a few times this week and was very impressed, going to order it soon. The album seems more mellow than their previous output. Not really a bad thing, just wasn't expecting it.
  4. I'm glad this is finally getting a reissue. I've been wanting a copy for years, but couldn't justify the second hand prices.
  5. I have the 45 of Blood Mountain and it sounds fantastic. Leviathan is in dire need of that treatment. I would probably buy a copy of the 45RPM Crack the Skye if they ever repressed it, but yeah, those current value of a used copy is way more than I want to spend. Seeing the positive posts in the thread for it did pique my interest significantly.
  6. I think Crack the Skye is the last very good Mastodon album (Blood Mountain would be their last great one imo). I've enjoyed everything since, but I don't find myself getting excited over them anymore. Wouldn't say your necessary missing much with the last few, but there are some good songs on both.
  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! I'll be ordering this tonight.
  8. Torn on this one. Don't buy too many live albums, since I rarely listen to them after I shelf them. But RC is so damn good live...
  9. It's less sitcom-y than you would guess. Definitely doesn't feel like something you'd see on CBS or anything.
  10. Playing a divey metal bar here, I was going to be surprised if they were playing anywhere else really. I think he's real funny too. Not my go-to by any means, but every album he releases gets a fair amount of laughs out of me. I thought his TV show was mostly good as well.
  11. That tour announcement made my day. For a band that has so many damn releases, they've been real quiet this year. Like to see an new 12" or something too.
  12. Nice! I feel like it's been a very long time since they've been in Seattle.
  13. I did not. If I'm remembering correctly, the webstore specifically says no notifications will be sent.
  14. Mine showed up today, the packaging is quite nice! Unfortunately, I won't have time to give it a proper listen until tomorrow.
  15. Haha, the cynic in me did think that they saved Gotta for the 30th annivesary.
  16. Kind of odd they didn't just do a single sided 12" with the Gotta 7" songs included too.
  17. Filled in some nice blanks in my collection. 6 LPs for ~$13 each isn't bad at all!
  18. @GHOSTDRONES Rescheduled my NYC trip for April 11th - 17 or 18th. Haven't booked a return ticket yet, hence the fuzzy end dates.
  19. Woo, got mine in today with the rest of the bundle. I'll give it a proper listen after I'm done working. Very nice to see Flenser is not only doing download codes now, but they're bandcamp ones to boot.
  20. Another AB collab on Gezeh
  21. As discussed, changed this to a Nadja / Baker catch all thread. Feel free to post anything related to Nadja, his solo project or anything else he may be involved in. I know that this is a vinyl specific thread, but I don't think that any of us would be upset if CD/Digital news is shared either.
  22. Very interesting! I didn't know they had that setup. Bummer that it got shelved for this, hopefully it'll gather enough attention at some point!