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  1. Led Zeppelin BBC

    The pmlove code just worked for me. Of course I applied it to my cart a few days ago so maybe that's why? Or they re-activated it. $119 for the super deluxe is pretty decent. Current $154 on Amazon.
  2. Agalloch Reissues

    You've amazed us once again with your attempts at cleverness. How do you come up with those?
  3. Agalloch Reissues

    I want to open the black copies to listen to. The color variants are for the collecting aspect of this hobby. I thought that was evident considering this forum is for vinyl collecting. I'm confident knowing that the colored variants have the same music. That doesn't mean I need to open them to verify.
  4. Agalloch Reissues

    Oh, I get it now. You were trying to be clever. Well done, sport, well done! That really was top notch. I forgot how some users here know everything about records including telling other people how they should collect them.
  5. Agalloch Reissues

    Damn. I ordered both and didn't get shit. And I ordered within like an hour of announcement. Not to mention that there is no indication whatsoever on the packaging about which LPs are black and which ones are the colored versions. Did anyone with the colored version have any indication on exterior of the jacket to show that it's the colored version?
  6. Man alive, I had an epic crush on Tanya in college. Saw them in 1994 at the campus memorial union. Decent show. I think maybe Catherine Wheel opened for them? Star is a damn good album. Haven't spun the CD in like 15 years probably. I'll have to pick this one up.
  7. Any Requiem for a Dream copies online. Haven't found one yet.
  8. Record Store Day 2016

    Wanted that CCR box but damn $160. Doesn't even come with a reacharound as far as I can tell. Is that the regular price or is my store gouging?
  9. Beatles White Album

    I counted 8 UK pressings on Apple with PCS7067 in 1968 so I wouldn't assume it's the first one listed.
  10. Beatles White Album

    Check the dead wax area between the groove and label. There's usually writing or stamping of some kind there. That will give you plenty of info to check on discogs. Or tell us what the dead wax writing says and we might be able to help. Does it have a number embossed or stamped on the front cover? It would be like "No 0021517" or something like that.
  11. Agalloch Reissues

    @JRHews Get both! I ordered both sets and it came to like 152 shipped, so ~26 per album. You get free shipping at 100 I think. Ashes and Mantle are probably in my top 5 metal albums. So worth it to me. Doesn't look like Ashes has the vinyl bonus track from the original pressing so that sucks. But I'm intrigued to hear what Marston's mastering sounds like.
  12. Makes sense to me. The US store deducted 20% VAT for US purchasers since they aren't required to pay it. If you live in Europe and order from the US, they re-apply the VAT so it is equivalent to just buying it from the EU store. All the records are coming from Europe regardless of which store you buy it from.
  13. 20 Buck Spin Label & Mailorder Thread

    Cool. I'll send you a pm with the order number and the records purchased.
  14. fizio59, The pricing difference could be due to the VAT. The US store could be removing the VAT from the price. When I ordered from Amazon UK, the price of each record was reduced by several GBP due to US customers not have to pay VAT.