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  1. This band received some good feedback with their EP a while ago, so I figured I'd post this up. (FFO: Superheaven, Basement) Client's debut album "Joy Is The Only Treat" will be released this fall. Preorder TODAY 8/27 at 8PM CET (2PM EST). Order at: Street Survival Records or EVIL GREED. Pressing info: Light Pink (/103) Light Blue Milky Clear (/206) White (/207) [EVIL GREED exclusive] Black (/480) I really dig the artwork for this record: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17996215/JOY-IS-THE-ONLY-TREAT NEW SONGS: https://streetsurviv...s.bandcamp.com/ ttps://streetsurviv....com/track/away UPDATE 1/7/15: The records finally arrived and Street Survival said they will pack and ship by Friday the latest. It appears the blue /200 came in as clear. UPDATE 1/8/15: "don't want to ruin the surprise BUT just in case anybody will wonder what's up with this weird sheet of paper (these should fit perfectly in those lp frames from that yellow/blue swedish thing), that's the pre-order cover which you will get with the pink vinyl (and only with pink, sorry to anyone who wasn't lucky enough). stickers are included with every colored vinyl and most of the black ones will get one too." - Street Survival Records
  2. FS: most of my collection

    Back in 2015 I bought a really nice VPI 16.5 from user ajxd with intentions of including it in my set up, but I've had a long list of financial burdens since then (including the reason why I'm now selling it) so I was never able to actually set it up and use it. It's been in (cool, dry, safe) storage at my parents house since I live in a tiny 1 bedroom apt with barely enough room for myself, my bf & my cat lol. With that said, I'm looking to sell it for as close to what I purchased it for as possible which was $385ppd including insurance. I purchased this for a really great price and I want to pass that on to whoever may want this. It comes with everything you'd need, which is what I received from ajxd. If interested I can fwd the message chain between the two of us where he gives me his step-by-step method for cleaning records (he's a scientist for those who don't know). I don't get to post on here often anymore, so feel free to tweet to me (@/) if I don't reply to your DM within a couple hours of sending as I'd like to sell this ASAP. VPI SOLD I'm also selling most of my collection via discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/futurekills/profile?sort=artist%2Casc I didn't input any of the prices, I just let the site suggest what it thinks the going rate is. Feel free to DM/comment with offers, but don't lowball please. Thanks.
  3. FS: most of my collection

    I was actually considering bringing my "leftovers" to my local shop, but instead I'll let you pick what you want! I'll probably be doing that in December since I'm moving at the end of the year & I dont want to bring these with me lol.
  4. FS: most of my collection

    nooooo & we couldve prob done a meet up instead of shipping it bc im in nj too
  5. Site running slow lately

    this place is slow as shit
  6. pre-ordered from their store this morning. i wonder why their store says it'll ship 7/13 but bullmoose says the vinyl won't be available until 8/11. i like ordering from their store since they always ship early. curious as to why they noted the vinyl as "standard" as well. i saw them this past saturday at ommegang brewery in upstate new york and it was awesome. got to camp over night on the property, too.
  7. Thank you! Missed out on the autographed stuff this time around =\
  8. FS: Most of my collection

    I gotta get some money together to pay for my medical bills. Check out my tradelist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FfyJgJJOlFqJ8ZwynGvpOn43YtnbGIP-b8jWpqCS_rM/pub?output=html Off limits (for now at least) - Anything with an asterisk * at the beginning of the row (they belong to my fiance) - All Ben Howard - All Jimmy Eat World - All Halsey - All The Early November - All Mondo/Death Waltz - All Keane - All Foster The People - Anything autographed - Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead - Client - Joy Is The Only Treat & I Am Well & S/T - Counting Crows - August and Everything After - The Maine - Forever Halloween - Brand New - Deja Entendu - Wild Imaginaries - Carousel - Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood - Coasta - Sunzal - Garden State Soundtrack Please send offers, thanks.
  9. GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    hi its been a while, friends. hope everyone is doing well. i have a favor to ask- if anyone is going to see incubus/jew this summer and happens to have that tour ep that jew just released could someone pls help me out? i can't afford to go to the tour this year bc bills and news of this ep is just making things worse lol. thanks <3
  10. FS: Most of my collection

    All messages replied to so far.
  11. FS: Most of my collection

    Yall "Please send offers" =/= "ask me how much". I'm working thru everyones messages. Thanks.
  12. Is this a serious comment? Also, *their
  13. MAN ADVICE v2.0

    Having hobbies and making plans with friends is always a good thing to do if you're into being social/active, etc... but if you're in a sensitive or vulnerable state it could be causing more harm than good to be constantly replacing the hole from your relationship with other people/distractions. Realistically, it's good to spend time feeling your feelings and letting them run its course. In my experience, the only way to truly come out of the other side of something emotionally taxing such as a loss/breakup is time. It sucks while you're in it but you'll always come out stronger than you think. With that said, there are always exceptions. If you feel like you're really in a tough space, talking to a professional is never a bad idea.
  14. Mine hasn't moved yet. I emailed and they said theyre still working on mailing them out.
  15. Thanks. I guess I'll reach out to them in the next day or two to see whats up
  16. Has anyone received their copy yet? Mine has been sitting at label created for 7 days.
  17. merchnow seems super dysfunctional just from a customer standpoint lol. I try to avoid ordering from them whenever possible. Yeah I loved the No Sleep roster for the longest. It's a shame what's come of it.
  18. Oooh well the recording process is kinda cool imo, but I understand it makes the touring part of being a band difficult. But that kind of makes me appreciate the songs more knowing they all did their parts separately. I'm in no way any authority on the matter, but I know they (he? I think he is just a one man operation now) moved to a smaller place and no longer do their own mailorder. There was a thing a little while back were people were waiting for a long time for their records to ship bc of the move and the merchnow switchover. There were things missing from the store and inventory issues, etc. Also I don't think the last few vinyl subscriptions were ever completed and folks were having a hard time getting refunds. Plus, a lot of the bands on their roster either left or signed with new labels. I think if you look in the 2015 or 2016 no sleep sub threads you'll find more detailed info on what was going down as it was happening.