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  1. Haha, i'll prob grab every color they decide to put out. Bring it on! :::)
  2. Yeah, I'm dubious those were the actual prices, but would love to believe it was true at the time!
  3. Y'all ready for this? Good luck tomorrow! 99% sure this will be the eventual buy URL: https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/merch Use this link to determine the exact time relative to your local time this will drop: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=19th+February+at+6pm+GMT
  4. This is the least strange part of it to me. They simply kept and then reused the same art files when ordering the repress.
  5. Side note on Codex VI pressings: This comment was found in the Discogs entry comment section. 1) Green and Blue copies are not bootleg or unofficial. 2) Black copies + Blue copies + Green copies = 2000 copies. 3) There is no association between colors and nations. 4) The're just different coloured randomly distributed. Is all! Source: S. Holtom (Sales & Distribution, Twisted Music)
  6. I feel the same this year too! Lol I guess I'll settle for old Shpongle w/ new pressings. IM needs a full discography repressing too!
  7. Let's just see how far this rabbit hole goes... I like to spend some time checking out old archived Twisted/Shpongle pages in search of first hand info about releases. I've been searching for pressing numbers and exact release dates to update their respective Discogs entries... Example: Here's the original sales page for the AYS minidisc. Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? (Minidisc) [TWSMD4] https://web.archive.org/web/20101016011913/http://www.twistedrecords.co.uk:80/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=88 You guys help me look for a ~2008 TOTI announcement! Beware, the archive is full of dead ends. It's like a choose your own adventure! Haha
  8. It's possible they were unwilling to use them due to some audio defect or something, or it's possible they were unable to use them due to them being damaged or misplaced perhaps? As far as the jackets, both look identical to me. I even checked the center labels. Same there too. In theory, they should have updated the (P) 2001 to (P) 2008 for the repress, but didn't update their art files it would seem.
  9. BLACK (2001) Side A: TWSLP13 A1 Side B: TWSLP13 B1 Side C: TWSLP13 C1 Side D: TWSLP13 D1 SPLATTER (2008) Side A: TWSLP13 A-2 DAMONT 75909E1/A Side B: TWSLP13 B-2 75909E2/A DAMONT Side C: TWSLP13 C1 75909E3/A Side D: TWSLP13 D1 75909E4/A Sides C/D for both 2001 and 2008 presses have identical matrix etchings and I'm 100% certain they were the same lacquer for both presses. (Specifically compare the 'S' and overall spacing) The 2008 press has the addition of the "75909E..." string, but those appear to be machined on and certainly not hand written. At most we can an infer this: Twisted was unable or unwilling (potential reasons are numerous) to reuse the Side A/B plates when they decided to repress TOTI and had to have a new lacquer cut. They were able to reuse the 2001 plates for the Sides C/D, but added the additional machined string to it. If DAMONT was not operational post-2006 it's possible Twisted simply had been working on the repress much earlier than when it eventually was released (not terribly uncommon for releases to be delayed months to years for various reasons). The TOTI 5th anniversary was ca. 2006, so it's plausible that they had that work done well before DAMONT shut down. Thoughts?
  10. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Shipping tomorrow (or today I guess, it's past midnight as I type this...)
  11. Ok, I've got some intersting info for you now! The first pressing of this was on black in 2001: https://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Tales-Of-The-Inexpressible/release/73839 My black copy lacks the DAMONT matrix info. [Also this discogs entry seems to have the DAMONT in the matrix, see below] Second press was on clear with multi color splatter in 2008: https://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Tales-Of-The-Inexpressible/release/1292685 My clear copy exhibits the DAMONT matrix info. I conclude that in 2008, the clear repress got entirely new stamper plates (prob due to a new press plant vs. the 2001 press) and new lacquers were cut... but here's the kicker, it seems as if there were also new copies pressed on black at that time as well. I highly suspect that black copies with DAMONT on side A matrix etchings are the 2008 represses.
  12. Very cool! Did you see my small discussion on the AYS Deluxe test presses vs. the final product a little bit back in this thread? Made the determinations based on the matrix etches as well. Lots to learn by looking closely!