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  1. If anyone here cares to see, I posted pics of my complete Pinback vinyl collection on IG...
  2. New ACG album https://acosmicgift.bandcamp.com/album/a-journey-to-the-purple-planet
  3. Liquid-filled 7"s from Richard's next ACG album are going to hit his bandcamp tonight. Not sure exact time yet. https://acosmicgift.bandcamp.com
  4. Buckethead Thread

    I genuinely appreciate the updates you provide for us. Thank you!
  5. Yeah, I saw that 2LP version as well, figured they just took the individual HQ WAV files that were also provided per individual track, and stuck them together to made SideA/SideB/SideC/SideD WAV files. As per the official announcement they say they've provided the tracks as such:
  6. They should all be identical, since it seems like they did the right thing and made one master WAV file per side. As per the official announcement they say:
  7. There's probably no wrong choice here. I'm sure we could put out a version and it would sell, but we just didn't think it really fit our mantra over here at Sly. There's sooo many different options already (and counting) for this release. We'll be putting our limited funds into pressing something else. This one looks like it's covered. :-P
  8. @phramenma - I'm not involved in any of these pressings. We chatted about it briefly at SlyVinyl, but ultimately decided against putting out yet another variant of this. We had some cool ideas to make a unique version from the rest, but I think we'll be putting our eggs in other baskets for the time being.
  9. Came across this curious Amazon listing that states this 3xLP will be BLUE... I pinged Twisted for a response. We'll see what they say. (Original mock ups for this release showed BLACK fwiw) https://www.amazon.com/CODEX-VI-3-LP-Blue/dp/B07323YG3F
  10. Yeah, that was eye-opening to say the least...
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/oceansize-interview-with-mike-vennart-i-m-very-proud-of-everything-that-oceansize-did-a8043331.html
  12. As Tall As Lions - LAFCADIO

    FYI, Triple Crown says this press is /1000 on Twitter.
  13. Yes, this is it. I got the same email, yet have not even preordered. It was part of a general label-wise newsletter, with a snippet about the vinyl. It wasn't an email directed only to those who preordered,.
  14. I'm really digging this A Side, but I'm REALLY DIGGING those last two songs on the dubplate!!!