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  1. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    SlyVinyl will be releasing 'Small Hours' by Hazy Mountains on Oct. 1 @ 9AM PST at store.slyvinyl.com This release has it's own thread, but I figured it was worth cross-posting here as the artist describes the release as: "Dream Pop but with a lot of Electronic elements and influences of Synthpop and Shoegaze" Stream: https://hazymountains.bandcamp.com/album/small-hours Full thread:
  2. Was is just sitting out on the merch table? Or did you have to specifically ask for one? As I recall, you had to know to verbally request the tour variant to purchase one. When I saw them that was the case (easily 6+ months ago) - they were not on display and had to request if they had anymore, which they did. Is it possible that so few people know to ask that it's still kicking around? Or they could have long sold out and repressed it many times over to capitalize on the demand. It does literally say it's limited to 1000 on the hype sticker on it though. You'd think they'd just press another variant...
  3. For those who have listened to the stream, what's your favorite track thus far? https://hazymountains.bandcamp.com/album/small-hours As you can imagine, I've listened to this release quite a bit in releasing it, and I'd say my favorite track on the whole release is Track 3, 'Silver Screen'. It starts out like a dreamy lullaby and gradually builds into this epic wailing guitar before it lulls you back down. Track 6 'Cardinal' is another favorite too. You'll know why when the sax kicks in. Track 9 'Toska' is great driving music. It gets me pumped every time. This is a release that I can truly listen to from front to back every time. Not a single bad or boring track!
  4. Post your own mockups for fun!

    They went with the 3rd option... :-)
  5. I'm very happy with how the Standard Edition came out as well. The Random-Colors I've opened so far have been pretty stunning.
  6. Pretty much. I'll probably spend the next few days packing up all initial orders, but these are in hand and ready to go.
  7. Here's another pic of the Wax Mage variant. This one looks soo good in person.
  8. Post your own mockups for fun!

    Here's some more SlyVinyl Expectations vs. Reality for our newest release! SVR11 - Hazy Mountains - Small Hours [Standard Edition] - Random Colored Variant [Mock Up - Top | Product - Bottom] SVR11 - Hazy Mountains - Small Hours [Deluxe Edition] - Wax Mage Variant w/ Screen Printed Jacket [Mock Up - Top | Product - Bottom]
  9. Added some new photos to the first post. The Standard Edition is Randomly Colored vinyl, so each copy will be different. The Deluxe Edition is really hard to take a good photo of, but it is truly stunning. A must-see indeed!
  10. SlyVinyl is pleased to announce that our next exclusive vinyl release (SVR11) will be the album 'Small Hours' by Germany's Hazy Mountains! Sales will go live @ 9AM (PST) on October 1st at: store.slyvinyl.com Stream it now: https://hazymountains.bandcamp.com/album/small-hours RIYL: Dream Pop but with a lot of Electronic elements and influences of Synthpop and Shoegaze ** Standard Edition ** - Limited to 300 - Random-Color Vinyl (150g) - every copy unique! - $14.99 each ** Deluxe Edition ** - Limited to 25 - Wax Mage Variant Vinyl (150g) - Screen Printed Jacket - Stamp-Numbered (#1 - 25) - $29.99 each (Limit 1 Per Buyer)
  11. My EU Variant came in today! No chance to spin yet.
  12. Lol, yeah that one is pretty egregious. I've seen this particular seller offering up other Shpongle vinyl before at very expensive prices. He has a copy of Ineffable Mysteries for well over $1000 that's sat unsold for years.
  13. I'd imagine not everyone who went to the show collects/listens to vinyl. Was probably not too hard to get a hold of some spares...
  14. Yikes! https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/10832645?ev=rb