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  1. Does value really matter of you just want something cool? That being said, I've got several releases that are North of $500 (to the right buyer of course) that I'd totally protect further if I could.
  2. Simon posted this on IG. Preorder next week. Unclear if that means vinyl too. I'd be prepared in case.
  3. Also, looks like that flipper wised up and removed those tests and other variants. I looked at their seller history and there were a TON of complaints against that seller claiming they didn't have the items they were selling in hand. Looks like they offer stuff, and if/when it sells, they then seek to get a copy to send you. It even looked like they were fulfilling items from Amazon. They even seemed to charge customers for international shipping, then have an in-country source ship it to them. What a crap seller.
  4. Thanks for all the kind words guys! Your continued support will ensure many more releases to come.... Expect to hear from me again sooner than later for SVR11
  5. FB winners announced.
  6. I wish I could gift each and every one of you a prize! Watch the FB contest too. About to announce those winners. You may luck out yet! Sincere thanks to all of those who participated! <3
  7. OK! WE have some winners! Yes plural! I decided that since you guys are so great, that I'd double the test presses for this giveaway. I assigned each entrant a number and then used to pick. Winners of the reject test presses: @highfives & @EquinoxDesignLab PM me for details on how to redeem! Thanks again all! Tell your friends!
  8. There's still plenty of the pink variant up for grabs! Sounds just as good - We swear! :-) Thanks for the support here guys! Test press winners will be selected and announced tonight. Stay tuned.
  9. Final 10 Sunburst! Carpe Diem
  10. Yeah, I saw that too... :-/ They listed a test press too... Seller is from France - no tests were sold to anyone in France. All tests were grabbed by US folk. Soooo... I dunno what's going on there. Not super thrilled either way.
  11. I'm glad you think so. I did my best to keep the costs as low as possible while retaining the quality. 24 splatter remain as of this post.
  12. Only like 10 orders got thru early. Someone was fiddling with the store page and accidentally kicked them off early. I pulled them until 9am PST like we promised as soon as I noticed. All live now tho! Have at it folks!
  13. See you guys at 9am PST for the sale! I'll continue to accept entries throughout the day and select a winner this evening. Thanks for all the participation VC crew!