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  1. On a positive note, it might be easier to list what I'm looking for. BSN - Reg copy is fine Juturna - VIP 1xLP white Screenprinted cover OLG- /750 Dark blue let's start with those? I did just sign up for these forums but I've been a long time lurker. If anyone has any doubts about my credibility, please let me know and we can get everything squared away. I am just new, not a scammer.
  2. Seller beware indeed. I can provide all necessary information to prove I'm a real person. Would you like me to spam up the forums before coming back, so my post count could be credible? If you'd like my cell phone number, I'll give ya a call and we can chat about records for awhile?
  3. I am looking to build my Circa Survive collection again. Show me what you have for sale. I am looking for anything and everything. Paypal ready! WtB: Blue Sky Noise (transparent Blue 2xlp) Wtb: on letting go /300 or /750.