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  1. Diocletian LP. Shit is heavy. Tough for me to throw money around today knowing I'm going to be spending on Tomb Mold tomorrow. I'm not made of cash, despite my online behavior. https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/diocletian-amongst-the-flames-of-a-burning-god-lp
  2. https://store.relapse.com/item/73633 New Tau Cross up for PO
  3. Grabbed a splatter along with that Riptides record. I'm stoked about The Riptides album. I haven't listened to them in years.
  4. Have you tried playing it backwards? Maybe you hear Satanic messages, maybe you win a sweepstakes. Worth a try.
  5. Suicide Forest S/T available via bandcamp. As of now, the /100 oxblood red still around. https://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/album/suicide-forest
  6. Got the Vale record in. This is stellar. Gonna get a lot of spins.
  7. I joined the A-F sub club a couple weeks ago because I love this band, I wanted the translucent red variant, and I am addicted to being in sub clubs.
  8. Got the /100 when it went up. It sold out soon after. I've never heard them before but I liked the 1 song enough to try it out