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  1. Holy shit, the two songs on Bandcamp are fucking incredible. This album is going to be awesome.
  2. Same. I'm shocked there is someone put there that doesn't like that song. SHOCKED.
  3. monsterrod

    PO: Khemmis - Desolation LP

    I grabbed a Migration Fest variant. Man, I'm so happy to get this for retail. Thank you! EDIT: also grabbed one of those bad ass white 20 Buck Spin shirts since 20BS has been so dominant in 2018
  4. This hobby is getting less and less enjoyable for me with every $50 2xLP. Like an idiot I spent exactly that on a Windhand PO yesterday. I'm going to hold out on this. I've got to reevaluate my record spending. The single IS killer though.
  5. monsterrod

    PO: Windhand Eternal Return

    Damnit. Too slow. Please delete.
  6. https://store.relapse.com/pre-orders Many fucking stupidly expensive options for us all! I got the /300 box set and I feel like a goddamn sucker.
  7. monsterrod

    PO: Diarrhea Planet - Turn To Gold

    I've got that single and that was where my relationship with the band ended as well. Killer song though, "Ghost With A Boner"
  8. monsterrod

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

  9. monsterrod

    Flenser Releases

    Thank you!
  10. I haven't bought any of their albums since "Of All Things..." but I really have enjoyed "Never Hungover Again" and the Kurt Ballou production put it over the edge. I went with yellow because I didn't notice the clear option in my excitement to pre-order.
  11. monsterrod

    PO Jesus Piece "Only Self"...

    In for an orange splatter based on this statement alone.
  12. monsterrod

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Man I have been praying for a color repress of "Juvenile Products.." for years. Now let's bring on "Less Talk More Rock" and I'll be good.
  13. $27.99 pre-shipping. For a single LP with less than 33 minutes of music. I also hate money apparently.