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    Anyway my favorite bands are Green Day, Blink-182, Panic! At The Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, AC/DC, The Beatles, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, The Pretty Reckless, Chvrches, The All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance and plenty of others.

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  1. To be fair, the song that Mark was working with The Chainsmokers on will be on their album, not blinks lol
  2. Got a shipping confirmation on Thursday. They’re probably just busy.
  3. So for those astronomical resale prices I’d be getting a vinyl that doesn’t sound as good as the others? Lol. I’ll be sure to avoid those! I’m curious as to what that Asian version will be but I can’t see myself spending over $40 on this. Thanks though! Looks like I’ll be going with the standard press then. Thanks!
  4. My girlfriend introduced me to this album yesterday with My Strange Addiction and I'm instantly hooked. Bad Guy is also fantastic. Do you guys have any suggestions on which press has sounded the best out of them all or if they're all pretty much the same? It seems like my only two choices that are readily available are the UO copper and the lime green variant on her store.
  5. Correct, but the link now shows a $40 one. My point still stands for that one to not buy it at that price lol
  6. $40? It's an RSD First release. It'll be released again. Don't spend that much on this release.
  7. Had to get MCR and the Queen 7" from Discogs. Overpaid on both but I really wanted them and din't see them going down in price any time soon.
  8. Decided to get Hunting High and Low alternate mixes from Bull Moose, thought it'd be a cool item to listen to.
  9. Haha yup. Saw they had The Black Parade but that shipping is insane.
  10. Thank you! I couldn't see the M-Z page on mobile. Once I got on my computer it showed up lol
  11. Green Day was my top want and I got it through 1-2-3-4 when they went live. I’m surprised I can’t find a store with Weezer Teal or My Chemical Romance.
  12. Discogs listings are really high for My Chemical Romance right now, hoping to find it somewhere else first before giving in to paying a lot for this.
  13. Anyone have an extra Weezer Teal album, My Chemical Romance or Green Day?