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    Anyway my favorite bands are Green Day, Blink-182, Panic! At The Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, AC/DC, The Beatles, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, The Pretty Reckless, Chvrches, The All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance and plenty of others.

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  1. It came with 8. Oddly enough there's a sticker misprint on the top one since there's two of the Walmart stickers and none of the regular hype sticker.
  2. It's definitely a bootleg. The only evidence I've seen of a 1,039 press is a test press on Discogs. Any other recent release has been 39/Smooth with 2 7" included.
  3. That's true haha! Looks like whoever was in the warehouse that day just took the box they came in from the manufacturer and just slapped a shipping label on it and called it a day. It wasn't taped shut or anything when it arrived and it had a PO sticker on the side saying how many the box contained and what the box had inside.
  4. So my Walmart copy arrived... I double checked my order to make sure there was only one in the order and there was certainly only one in the order but somehow this happened.
  5. Is Rise known for having a ton a variants or is this uncommon?
  6. This has to be up for consideration as the release with the most variants at release right? lol I thought the new Billie Eilish album went crazy with variants but this is on another level.
  7. I pre-ordered at noon EST yesterday. I got the email at 3:30 so I’m assuming shortly before then it dropped and went back up.
  8. Price dropped on the Walmart one to $22 for me. Gotta love automatic price adjustments.
  9. Up on Bullmoose if anyone here in the States wants the indie variant https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35106245/billie-eilish-happier-than-ever-color-vinyl-indie-exclusive-lp
  10. If someone gets two of either I'd happily take an extra lol. I had one in my cart when it was live but I wasn't able to check out.
  11. Sounds like most of the trilogy lyrics to me. Lots of repeated lines.