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  1. Even though I've been trying to hold off on buying records lately... Thanks for the heads up on this! I'm a giant Broadrick and, to a slightly lesser extent, Turner fanboy, and even though I own the EP, I somehow managed to not pick up a copy of this the first time around.

    Ugh. Comes to more than $13USD, shipped to the states. I really don't want to pay that for a 7".
  3. I mean, talking solely on the music, I'd much rather listen to Brand New than anything Anselmo has ever done.
  4. He's never done anything good enough to make up for how shitty a person he is.
  5. Rosetta- Galilean satellites

    Messaged you.
  6. Rosetta- Galilean satellites

    Does anyone want to buy my OG copies of this? I want that box set, but can't really justify it if I can't unload the ones I already have.
  7. I ordered mine as soon as they went on sale, September 8th according to my email. Do you have an update about when they'll be shipping? I'm dying for my copy.
  8. Why can't we get a repress of "Blueprints For The Black Market"? It's the only one I want!
  9. There was a clip of it in the trailer for the season, I can't remember which song it was and I'm not able to re-download it at the moment to check, but it's there.
  10. PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

    I'm seeing them on the 7th, really hoping they have some color variants with them. I don't NEED it to be a tour exclusive, just something colored would be cool. Anyone seeing them before I am that could give me a heads up?
  11. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    I'm interested in Fuck The Facts and Cephalic Carnage. Cephalic Carnage, The End, and I'd LOOOOOOOVE that 27.
  12. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    I'd be into the TITD and The End.
  13. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    Got mine today. 7" XXX Maniak/Throat Plunger - Slimewave 12" Anal Cunt - Morbid Florist Black Tusk - Tend No Wounds The Great Tyrant - The Trouble With Being Born Rabbits - Lower Forms Serpentine Path - Emanations Toxic Holocaust - Evil Never Dies Cub - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Steve Moore