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  1. I used the product but non US resident and can not write an exact address.. I would have loved the gift.
  2. I got my copy here in Europe about 3 months later than it came out, without the tiniest hope for a green one. Thanks, third man..
  3. Any european dealers might be available? Thanks!
  4. Yes, we need an EU source. Right now..
  5. Well, I am also really want a piece of the 1000. If anyone could help, please do not hesitate. I am located in EU, so counting on some guy from the UK!
  6. I write like twice a year to any forums but renaming the amazon deals forum to this one is something I definitely do not want to happen. Seriously, what is going on?! Amazon US? What sbout the deals on the german or english pages??
  7. Does anyone have information of the stock now? I could not order that last smoked version and just can not figure out which one to choose now..
  8. curtis

    PO: Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

    Something weird is going on, they cancelled my order this morning. I am really pissed..
  9. That is no money nowadays. At least they say so..