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Found 6 results

  1. I'd start a thread and try to keep it fresh here on what is still available, and for new releases. Don't forget discogs if sold out, as labels sell there and distribute as well. Catacombe: Memoirs Cloudkicker: Fade (4 remaining as of March 15, 2016) The Clouds Will Clear: S/T EP #/50 in 3 formats, 1 format sold out Colaris: Nexus #/70 (Puzzle Records) Dumbsaint: Panorama, In Ten Pieces Limited Blue tint with special box and enclosures Glaciers: Mirrored Through The Ancients Red or Smoke tint God Is An Astronaut: A Moment Of Stillness #/333 Helms Alee: Weatherhead /60 or 80 2011 RSD Jakob: Solace #/333 - I thought sold out, but looks like wooaaargh has gotten heavier into the cassette business... Nadja/AB projects - see thread pg.lost: In Never Out #/333 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGE Records: Black Spirituals: Black Treatment (only 4 left as of March 15, 2016) Mamiffer Statu Nascendi LP (what a beautiful album) Split with House Of Low Culture #3 - looks like they added a couple copies just recently (3/15/16) jump! SOLD OUT again *The Unseen World 2xLP, just dropped, but cassette preorders are not up yet. Faith said they would be doing a run of these. Mara (Faith's solo project): Surfacing of 100 Other cassettes, many are sold out, but keep checking back as occasionally they put copies up... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Set And Setting: Equanimity - only $2.25!! Terraformer (postmetal) S/T: Creatures: thisquietarmy: This Will Destroy You: Another Language /500 $11 Tides Of Man: Young And Courageous - I believe Brian sold Flesh And Bone or turned it over to a friend for management, can't remember if these were sold out or not Vasudeva: Life In Cycles 2nd press of 50, see above re: Flesh And Bone, may be worth sending an email Watter: This World (sold out) Yndi Halda: Under Summer is up now (March 15, 2016) -- and only a few left at Burnt Toast Vinyl, but Crime & Punishment has them as well. I think C&P is releasing it. $10 $12.51ppd in the US
  2. Finally up for preorder, grabbed the box set the minute it became available. Box set/75 Gold vinyl/100 Black vinyl
  3. hi, some here may know me, others may not. Some here like Minsk, other may not or may not be familiar with. Read if you like, hope you enjoy! Here's the deal: I'm in the long proccess of releasing their (hopefully entire) catalog on cassette tapes. I try to do my best to make it worthwhile, to make it the way I'd like to buy it on my own. I start with their latest opus, "The Crash & The Draw". It was meant to be ready for their summer tour, but holiday season is quite ungrateful in terms of third parties work. Hope to have it ready until the end of August. Here's the place to check updates: Unfortunately, I'm totally not a facebook person, so this might not work and may be screwed up, I don't even know what should I say or ask for.. 'like it' to get news? Or 'share'? Do whatever you like, I promise to put some pictures in the coming days to keep you updated and tease you with the coming pictures. Thanks a lot!
  4. 1. Gifts From Enola: Split with Caravels - Well Worn: /10 Test Press - $50 or trade 2. Marshmallow Ghosts: Corpse Reviver No. 1 - 7" #164/333 with coloring book - $9 pictures here: 3. Toundra: (I) 1st /525 White - $25 or trade 4. Appleseed Cast: Peregrine 1st/ sealed (some shrink separation on the back) $59 or trade me worth that or even less, you never know. But be in the ballpark 5. Restorations: LP2 /100 White/Yellow/Green Swirl - $35 or trade me for something - shoegaze, postrock/metal, I'm easy to work with, lots of things I don't even know I want 6. Russian Circles: Empros 1st /Black -sealed $12 Athletics: Who You Are Is Not Enough #/300 Jack’N’Coke – 150 pressed, handmade jackets, wax seal Crosses: †, ††, ††† 2014 RSD: Pink, Yellow, Blue 10” x 3 (sell/trade as a set, $40) Black Moth Super Rainbow/Octopus Project Split LP #304/333 Sky Blue and White -Graveface Record Club ($20) Deftones: White Pony 2xLP - Ten Year Anniversary (sealed, 2010, corner dings, $23) Maserati: Inventions For The New Season 2xLP 1st /1000 A/B White on Crimson; C/D Crimson on White ($18) ISIS: Panopticon 6th press 2xLP Black (Robotic Empire) $21 Gifts From Enola/Caravels Split EP: Well Worn, Test Press unnumbered of 10, special jacket God Is An Astronaut: All Is Violent, All Is Bright LP 4th /1000 Blue ($32) Russian Circles: Empros LP 1st /1000 Black (sealed, $13) Steven Wilson: Grace For Drowning (sealed, $29) Caspian: You Are The Conductor EP 2nd /100 White, large jacket but fits fine in cubby ($15) This Will Destroy You: Another Language 2xLP /500 Navy Blue AUS (Hobbledehoy, sealed) – if you missed out on the group buy, here’s your chance ($45) G L A C I E R S: Mirrored Through The Ancients LP - #34/100 Red (surprise win on ebaY auction) duplicate Have A Nice Life: Deathconsciousness 2xLP /400 Green with Book – ($32) Signals Midwest: Light On The Lake LP /125 White with Green + Black Starburst “Sludge” ($14) This Will Destroy You: Another Language 2xLP /3000 Copper ***with Autographed Poster, first /300 **** (sealed, $28) This Will Destroy You: Live at Reykjavik 3xLP Black/White/Gray (sealed, $17) Giants: They, The Undeserving LP: 2nd /100 Sky Blue ($15) Caspian: Waking Season /250 Red -Make My Day Colaris: Renewal 2xLP 1st /200 Light Blue with White and Black Swirl "Yearning" ISIS: Celestial RP Yellow "Swarm" 2xLP RE Pelican: Deny the Absolute 7" Box Set - wooden cover handcrafted by Charlie Wagers, all 5 variants + download + Mylene Sheath 45 adapter, #33/50 ($40) pictures here: SOLD Red Sparowes: Every Red Heart…2xLP 3rd /500 “Red-Sun” looks killer, only played a few times, cleaned meticulously - $18 Prawn: Kingfisher /200 Clear with Orange & Blue Splatter - $30 GONE Giants: Old Stories "Tour" Clear with Blue Haze #34/50 - GONE ISIS: In The Absence Of Truth /200 Pink - $20 SOLD Chelsea Wolfe: The Grime And The Glow - GONE /trade Shipping to US: 1 LP $3.50; 2xLP $4.00; 3 LPs, is $4.50; >3LPs $5.00 -- media mail International shipping: check with me via PM I love to trade – a partial Want list is in the Sig Line (Want tab), but if you have something that looks like it would fit in my collection, please feel free to PM – for example, Sigur Ros EP’s, postrock/metal, instrumental, shoegaze, math, experimental. If you need pictures first, no problem. Anything else on my DF tradelist that’s marked $ale or Trade, but I forgot to list here, PM me. Or, if you see something sticking out of place, feel free to offer. If it looks like I’m going completist, I might have a spare, just ask. I try to keep my list as up to date as possible.
  5. It's been up for a few days I guess - not much hoopla about it. US peeps: Saki records continues to be Midium's distributor. PO here: Euro folks: Golden Antenna again. Saansilo is marked down to a reasonable price for 12 Euro (still priced $29.00 at Saki), but the shipping to US jumps from 7.5 Euro to 15 Euro adding it to Pirohia PO, thus wiping out any savings for US. I have no idea if these are Black or color (doesn't matter) but there are only /100 [edit] that GA received for sale. Experimental-leaning, posthardrock/postmetal instrumental trio that has traditionally packed a punch with their music, Kerretta has intrigued me enough to PO for $15 from Saki without hearing a track. While at Saki, you can still get Mean's Knowing and Midium's V/A compilations containing Kerretta and giant Jakob's tracks not available on other records. Inexpensive, efficient and always decent shipping rates from Saki Records in Chicago.
  6. The new full-length from Locktender is available now via Halo Of Flies in the US and I.corrupt.records in the EU. It is truly the best post-metal/screamo mix I've heard in years, so can not wait to see them live soon! Don't sleep on this people. Full stream: (250 black,250 clear) (white copies)