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Found 23 results

  1. Audrey Fall released their debut album, Mitau, in January, and, according to their frontman, it looks like it might be getting a vinyl release sometime soon. Priceline LONDON > For those who aren't familiar with the Latvian four-piece, these guys play a style of post-rock/post-metal in the vein of Maybeshewill, Saxon Shore, Russian Circles, and Caspian, with their trademark cinematic and atmospheric qualities present in this release. Mitau is a shining example of instrumental rock done right, with exhilirating climaxes and soothing bridges scattered throughout the 58-minute release. Joyful Conversations Await! 😃 Take Back Control of Hearing Loss > "Each song, builds, blows up, collapses, and rebuilds in surprising ways. Mitau is actually exciting to listen to. I don’t know if I’ve ever described an album that way. There is a pent up energy throughout the entire album, an earnestness that compels you to keep listening. It’s almost exhausting to listen to, but in a way which, by the time you reach the end of the closing track, “Medem”, makes you want to listen to it again." -Ian L. Svbtle Reviews Full album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CIo83emfSE
  2. Cult Of Luna continues to stay productive. I would have never thought that we would see new album again in 2022. Release date is February 11th and pre-orders go live December 1st. New song arrives on tuesday: Johannes Persson posted on Instagram that album will have "interesting guests": https://www.instagram.com/p/CV2quVjoldS/ 1. Cold Burn 2. The Silver Arc 3. Beyond I 4. An Offering to the Wind 5. Into the Night 6. Full Moon 7. The Long Road North 8. Blood upon Stone 9. Beyond II I think we will have about 90-100 different vinyl variants again. Edit: Some small new info here: https://metalshockfinland.com/tag/cult-of-luna/ "As soon as listeners hit play, they are in familiar yet refreshingly new CULT OF LUNA territory, the pulsating rhythms pummeling, and Persson’s savage roar tearing through the layers of guitar. As is the case with every album from the band in recent years, there is a lot of shifting of dynamics and sonic density, and perhaps more so than usual on The Long Road North. “It’s a big sounding album, almost cinematic,” the band states."
  3. Out now! Finally! FFO: Isis, Tool, Sleepmakeswaves, Maserati. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - The World Inside Limited pressing 180g record on red vinyl with black splatter. Scheduled release is August 19th, 2021. CD + LP available from Post Recordings. Link below: https://www.postrecordings.com/collections/tacoma-narrows-bridge-disaster Full album premier via WherePostRockDwells:
  4. - Aqua Blue (Opaque) /600 - Metallic Silver (Opaque) /400 " All vinyl is pressed using the high resolution 24 bit Wav Masters and housed in 350 gsm heavyweight jackets! All copies come with a D/L card as well." http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/rosetta-wake-lift-2xlp-reperss-pre-order
  5. :: PRE-ORDER :: rĂœr "left fallow" LP/CD (NAR077) rĂœr (islandic: barren, sparse, weak) is an instrumental post-metal band from Berlin, Germany. "left fallow" combines crushing and heavy riffs with spherical clean sounds in a non-standard yet intuitive way to balance different sets of emotions within individual songs. The concept of the band is to create diverging spheres in a simple and abstract way that is best suitable for being performed in an absorbing live environment. The six songs are perfectly filling over 50 minutes of an auditive journey. Total pressing of 300 records: 100 on 180gr. black vinyl and 100 on white vinyl with black splatter and 100 on ultra clear vinyl with black smoke :: Record Information :: :: 100 copies on 180gr. black vinyl :: 100 copies on 180gr. white vinyl with black splatter :: 100 copies on 180gr. ultra clear vinyl with black smoke :: all records on overweight 180gr. vinyl :: 10 testpressings were made :: Full colour and heavy jacket :: CD comes as a 4-panel digipack :: including downloadcode Release-Date: January 10th, 2020 Look out for special Pre-Order Packages including T-shirts available :: ORDER HERE :: http://narshardaa.bigcartel.com/ :: LISTEN :: http://narshardaa.bandcamp.com/
  6. Minsk - "Burning" Massive, psychodelic, tribal. Unique. Legendary demo released in 2003. Milestone for the band starting their way to define own style and refresh the whole genre. Unavailable for several years, now -celebrating 15th anniversary- strikes back remixed by Joel Madigan specially for tape release. Sounds huge. Yellow tape housed in decorative dark brown die cut cardboard case. Letterpress printing with hand-mixed tone of yellow. Includes lyrics printed on singed yellow carbonpaper. All sealed with wax in stamped linen bag with reworked band's logo. Limited to 81 hand numbered copies sealed with golden/brown (band & friends edition, very few for sale here) or dark brown wax. Check facebook for more pictures. Cassettes available in store: threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  7. https://www.thepostfestival.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/187075345341983/ Heavy Blog Is Heavy and A Thousand Arms present Post. Festival, the post-rock/post-metal/ambient/whatever event of the year. Single-day tickets: $22.00 Weekend pass: $40 Lineup: Friday - October 19th: Bulletpoints Staghorn Coastlands PILLARS Heron The Appleseed Cast Saturday - October 20th March On, Comrade Minor Movements Seeress Zaius Metavari Man Mountain Shipwreck Karpathos Lume This Patch of Sky Outrun The Sunlight Indiana City Brewing 24 Shelby St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 Parking is available for free on-site at Indiana City Brewing Co.
  8. The 10th anniversary edition comes with a brand new studio re-recording of 10-minutes opener Rhyacian, featuring the current lineup with Loic Rossetti on vocals, Paul Seidel on drums and Mattias HĂ€gerstrand on bass. ‱ 3 LPs in 3 different vinyl colour style ‱ same packaging as the original ltd. edition: gatefold with an extra thick spine, diecut holes, special metallic inks, UV spot gloss varnish ‱ printed inner sleeves, 2 inlays 3 Colored versions each /250 https://pelagic-records.com/product/the-ocean-precambrian-3xlp-10th-anniversary-edition/ I have the original pressings of this album and its amazing, one of the greatest post metal/metal albums an done of the coolest packages of any vinyl I own
  9. Finally! The time has come for this fantastic debut to make it's vinyl unveiling! From Facebook: Our newest release of the Best New Act of 2017 in Post-rock Listeners' Choice features 2 stunning variants with lots of fantastic features, limited to 100 and 136 copies only. Pre-Orders start Friday, December 29th at 8PM / 20:00 Zurich time. Official release is set for Friday, January 19th 2018. www.elusive-sound.com *****I am trying to organize a group-buy for this for USA residents, send me a PM if you are interested! Deluxe edition will be around 30euros, and the regular edition will slightly more expensive than their normal price due to the foil insert. Perhaps anticipate 25euro just to be safe*****
  10. PO goes up in an hour or so, so I thought it was time for a thread. http://elusive-sound.com/2017/08/09/trna-lose-find-peace-vinyl-pre-order/ The vinyl release of Trna‘s outstanding album “Lose Yourself to Find Peace”. includes extended artwork and of course a heavy gatefold sleeve (with black hot foil treatement) plus conceptualized heavy coloured vinyl. There will also be a special limited WOODEN SLEEVE edition laser-numbered to only (!) 50 copies. Better tune in on time! PREORDER will go live on Friday, August 11 at 8PM Zurich time (CET). (aka 2pm EST) Official RELEASE is set for Friday, August 25. USA distribution (standard edition) will be handled through A Thousand Arms http://www.athousandarms.com/ Not sure why I can't embed this particular picture, but here is what the records actually look like (NOT mockups) http://elusive-sound.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/20616871_1721567544520744_3640417059370022905_o.jpg
  11. Taken from www.elusive-sound.com (look at those variants!!! Not mockups!) Berne, Switzerland, February 10, 2017: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Au Revoir’s “Veles” on vinyl in Europe. Pre-orders start Friday, February 17 at 20:00 Zurich time. Official release date March 3, 2017. Au Revoir are a heavy expansive instrumental rock five-piece from New Jersey. The band now consisting of Eric Annicchiarico, Tyler Mandich and Gregg Peterson on guitar, Carl Kranz on bass and Tyler Gilbert on drums have an exceptional ability to create sublime, expansive soundscapes and hypnotic crushing doom. After two solid releases in “In the Key Of Night” (2012) and “Black Hills” (2013) Au Revoir went into Backroom Studios with the intent of their next album sounding as huge as they do live. They have at long last not only accomplished that with Scot Moriarty but also produced an absolute stunner of an ever-evolving concept album that we immediately embraced and were determined to release in Europe. Au Revoir have reformed themselves as a huge serpent, coiling tightly around the roots that lead us into the wet underworld of Veles. It is not only a world of wet grassy plains and eternal spring but one where we find ourselves in the deepest of caverns, watched over by the ghosts of the dead, awaiting impending doom. Veles is richly bleak with decadence but the listener never succumbs or falls prey. He watches the ground ripple like water and feels an irresistable urge to be lost in Veles’ violent sway. Au Revoir have shed their old skin and are now full-bodied and in constant transformation, reborn as a lethally charged bringer of chaos. Veles unveils the descent of man into utter misery. When one stands and contemplates his fate, the troubles that have fallen, looks back at the path they have taken to reach their end, surrendering to their undoing by taking one last breath and bracing themselves for the full force of impact, as the water comes rushing over. The LP features stunning full artwork by Dylan Partridge and will be released on two high quality Gatefold coloured variants, Transmigration limited to 150 copies and Rebirth limited to 100 copies, featuring an additional numbered art-print by Dylan Partridge. Both variants will be sold via our official label website shop at http://elusive-sound.com/catalog/
  12. So. I really just want to talk about Isis. I hope some of you do too. I love them, and think they are probably the best metal band (although Rosetta certainly factors greatly into that equation). I got into my car after being at my friend's house tonight, and was stoked to have remembered that I had "In The Absence of Truth" in my CD player. Now, I freak out over "Oceanic" just as much as you all do, and that record is rightfully heralded. However, I think that ITAOT is the band's creative pinnacle. It is the culmination of all of their development, coming together in an utterly transcendent and glorious piece of art. It is their most progressive record yet, evidenced by tracks like "Firdous E Bareen." Otherwise, you have the more obvious post-rock elements, the lush sonic textures giving ground support to everything, the low-tuned guitars, Aaron's pile-driving hardcore vocals, etc. This is most exemplified, I think, by the closing track, "Garden of Light". That ending, man. What's even COOLER, is that the ending is foreshadowed in "Dulcinea", starting around 3:40 in. What's also cool about "Garden of Light" is that during the intro, we are shown another callback musical element, in the guitar sound used in "Low Tide" from their Aereogramme collaboration; that high sparkly guitar sound that kind of beeps and bubbles with it's reverb and vibrato. It's kind of like a laser sound, I guess. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I just hope some of you geek out hard enough over their music to get off talking about stuff like this, wherever the topic drifts
  13. maybe I'm retarded but I can't figure out how to close a thread. All gone to new homes!
  14. Preorders for Set and Setting's Prosthetic Record's debut "A Vivid Memory" are up now. Listen to the new song "Coping" - http://youtu.be/VdnNq0Y92_w You can get the 2xLP on 180g Black vinyl at http://store.prostheticrecords.com/bands/set-and-setting OR Translucent Purple w/ Light Blue Splatter on standard weight (limited to 100) at http://scienceofsilence.limitedrun.com/products/531401-pre-order-set-and-setting-a-vivid-memory-2xlp
  15. THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's third album «Malaise» will be out Nov.23th on CD and digital - the 12" vinyl version will follow in January because pressing vinyl in 2015 is pure hell. The band will be touring though Europe in December - more news soon! "Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo. After gaining a growing reputation all over Europe due to their 250 staggering, seizure-inducing live shows, the band returned to Amaury Sauvé's studio in Laval during summer 2015 to track «Malaise», their third full-length and follow-up to 2013's «Consequences». While most acts tend to soften with age, the band's work has only become darker over the years. Opener "Le Parfum" sets the tone, with merciless, spasmodic rhythms morphing into bleak, slow-paced heaviness and emotionally-charged vocals screamed to the breaking point. From the straight-up barrage of grinding yet melodic tracks ("Carrying Icons", "Final Relief") to more downtempo, menacing ones ("Syngue Sabour", "Thousand Of Nails"), «Malaise» is a dense album with rich atmospheres and structures. On these nine tracks THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's trademark sound has turned more expressive, resulting in nothing but the band's strongest material to date." - Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle/The Apiary, Laval - Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering, Boston - Artwork photos by Louis Triol Tracklist : 1 - Le Parfum 2 - Carrying Icons 3 - Passing Daemons 4 - Syngue Sabour 5 - Je Me Noierai 6 - Ildoak 7 - Makurrak 8 - Final Relief 9 - Thousand Of Nails The record will be available via Throatruiner Records (LP/CD), Grains Of Sand (LP/CD) and Dingleberry Records (LP).
  16. Hey guys, so this is pretty basic. I'm looking for a clean copy of the coke bottle and rainbow splatter version of this record. I have a navy blue swirl I can trade plus cash, if that is helpful! Thanks!!!
  17. From Facebook! October 18th: Ten years ago today, The Galilean Satellites was released. In honor of that milestone, we have two pieces of information to share with you: 1. New release. Right now we're working on a Remixes/B-sides/rarities compilation that will come out this December/January. We don't have a specific release date for this, but around the holidays it'll be ready to go. This will include tons of stuff: all our Japan-edition remixes, some new remixes, ADOM-era demo recordings, the INFAMOUS acoustic version of "Au Pays Natal," remastered lost tracks from our 2003 demo, live recordings, and some 'quiet' reinterpretations of new and old songs... possibly even more. It'll be a huge retrospective. We should also note there will be significant content bonuses for people who purchase this release (as opposed to free downloading). 2. Vinyl represses of Wake/Lift and The Galilean Satellites. Translation Loss Records have confirmed that 2016 will be the year for both of these albums to return to vinyl. Again, there are not specific release dates for these, but Wake/Lift will come first, early in the year, and TGS will follow later in 2016. And yes, TGS will be a 4xLP, and yes, you will be able to sync it up on a DJ setup. Fuck yeah!
  18. We are proud to announce the forthcoming release of DEATH ENGINE's debut album «Mud»! The album is due out March 2nd on 180 gram vinyl and CD via Throatruiner Records and Apocaplexy Records - artwork by Hugues Pzzl. Watch the band's music video for "Still" below. "Following the release of their abrasive debut EP «Amen», DEATH ENGINE made a brutal entrance in 2013 with a couple of European tours – a string of infernal outbreaks that have little in common with your average live show. The now four-piece from Lorient, France spent most of 2014 working on their debut album «Mud», which was once again recorded by Amaury SauvĂ© at La Senelle and mastered by Sylvain Biguet. Behind their ascetic, less-is-more work ethic, DEATH ENGINE's sound remains evasive – oscillating between dark, desperate noise rock and metallic downpours of petrifying violence, bleak shoegazing guitar work and gigantic industrial dirges, cathartic climaxes and merciless tribal-ritual rhythms that could last forever. «Mud» features seven new tracks that deliver the coup de grĂące, exploring new fields while still pushing the band’s trademark visceral tension to unreachable highs."
  19. Hey ! Some news from Solar Flare Records, the new album by french Noise / Post-Hardcore band WATERTANK will be out June 29th : ORDER SLF019 :: WATERTANK - Destination Unknown LP, CD et Digital LISTEN TO "DCVR" ON MOWNO ORDER HERE Two years after their first release, Watertank are back with “Destination Unknown”, a 9­ song full length (a little less than 35 minutes), composed and recorded on a unusual short notice, revealing a more confident band through strongly crafted songs. The Nantes ­based band are still in love with melodic hooks, and down­tuned heavy riffing (“Dcvr” / “Doomed Drifters”), evolving from their post­-hardcore background (“Contrails”) to explore new territories (“Scheme” / “Destination Unknown”), they aim to deliver a lasting listening enjoyment. TRACKLIST : 1. Automatic Reset 2. Fever 3. Contrails 4. DCVR 5. Last/Lost Hope 6. Surrender 7. Doomed Drifters 8. Scheme 9. Destination Unknown Once again recorded by Patrice Guillerme (Papier Tigre / Patriotic Sunday) and mastered by Carl Saff (Coliseum / Pilot To Gunner), “Destination Unknown” marks a step forwards for the renewed line­up (who took part of last year Hellfest edition), gearing up for a few dates with Torche in 2015. Vinyl infos : :: 300 black LPs : :: Mate laminated jacket :: Download code :: Price : 14.90€ + shipping CD version and digital available SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram
  20. Here's the cover art for AS WE DRAW's forthcoming album «Mirages» created by Romain Barbot/Iamsailor. «Mirages» is due out October 4th via Throatruiner Records - comes on limited clear 2xLP packaged in a deluxe triple-gatefold jacket and on CD digifile. A first track will be online in a few days. "«Mirages» is the outstanding second full-length from french powerhouse AS WE DRAW. Pursuing their will of constant evolution since 2009, these Laval natives have imposed their unique take on post-metal and noisy hardcore, crafted through ambitious songwriting and disarming live performances. Three years in the making, the follow-up to 2010's «Lines Breaking Circles» shows a band decided to challenge themselves as much as the listener (if not even more), out of every sub-genres conventions and commonplaces. As a proof, the album starts with the longest track ever wrote by the band. The ten-minutes mudslide that is "The Window" flows from eerie and intricate melodies to overwhelming parts, before descending into an unreal, glacial ending. This record is the culmination of the power trio's hard-earned mastery, where dense and nervous tracks ("Blackmail", "Denial") stand alongside richly atmospheric and massive soundscapes ("Shipwreck", "Fata Morgana"). Engineered and mixed at La Senelle by their drummer Amaury Sauvé, mastered by Magnus Lindberg, and lyrically exploring the theme of paranoïa seen through different eyes, «Mirages» is destined to remain an awe-inspiring piece of dark and forward-thinking heavy music." Recorded live by Nicolas Aigros at La Senelle Studio, Laval Produced, engineered and mixed by Amaury Sauvé Mastered by Magnus Lindberg Graphic Design by Romain Barbot/Iamsailor
  21. I'm releasing the full length album "Dreamer" from Boston, MA's post-rock/metal band Pray For Sound on tape! Here is the info: - /50 Transparent blue/green swirl cassettes - Full color U-Card Packaging with front/back full color insert - Includes a 7 card song symbol "tarot card" set - Includes digital download card - Includes free Flesh and Bone Records sticker Track Listing: 1. Sleeper 2. Decayer 3. Sonder 4. Dreamer 5. Conceiver 6. Mourner 7. Daybringer RIYL - Russian Circles, Mogwai, Caspian, Moving Mountains Listen to the first stream from this album "Decayer" here. Pre-order the tape for only $7 here. Check out everything with my label Flesh and Bone Records here. These will ship early July. I'm actually expecting them on my doorstep any day along with my releases for Sky Flying By, Other Minds, and Wolves&Wolves. If you have already placed an order with me and would like to combine shipping with an existing pre-order you already made, please email [email protected] first, and we'll combine shipping no problem. You can also pick up an exclusive label-only shirt to coincide with this release (and all of my other releases). This is the one that is available for Pray For Sound:
  22. "No Omega is hopeless and heartbreaking doomsday hardcore punk. Since their forming in 2010, No Omega have been working hard on creating a sound that's both vibrant and melancholic. The idea of No Omega is to fuse a furious hardcore sound with a sludgier, more dark, melodic and resolute post-metal sound. No Omega always aim at writing something new; something that doesn't sound like everything else. The guitars are heavy, the vocals are filled with power and emotion, and the drums shift between straight up thrash/punk to lumbering and brooding metal. A lot has happened since 2010 and the band has managed to form a pretty solid foundation to build upon. Both the music and the lyrics are more experienced. It's a lot more polished and finished in a fashion. The love for experimenting is still there. The love for expressing angst and fixating on the darker and more negative aspects of life and of our species is still there. The love for heavy and melodic post/modern hardcore is still there. 2013 will be a year of constant touring and taking No Omega to the next level." Pre-orders/full streaming/free download - http://store.throatruinerrecords.com/bands/no-omega Comes on 180-gram heavy-weight black vinyl and housed in a reverse-board jacket (sticker and poster included with each vinyl). Also available on CD digipack. All pre-orders will ship around April 10th. The release will be followed by an european tour with This Gift Is A Curse and Palm Reader (full schedule here) http://facebook.com/noomega
  23. Scheduled for June 4th, Set and Setting's debut LP "Equanimity" will be released on Science of Silence Records. Use the link below to pre-order. http://scienceofsilence.limitedrun.com/products/514216 Equanimity was recorded & mixed at Papersound Studios in St. Petersburg by Stephen Bowman, while mastering was done at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA by Nick Zampiello & Rob Gonnella (Caspian, Cave In, ISIS, Pelican). Album art and packaging was designed by Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, High on Fire, Sunn O))), Nachtmystium) whose work has been featured in music, art, culture and design publications around the world. Pressing Info: 250 Clear / 150 Opaque Green / 100 Clear w/ Black & Green Splatter Teaser Video 1: http://vimeo.com/57663570 Teaser Video 2: http://vimeo.com/64088727

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