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Found 99 results

  1. hey all. trying to move some records to make space for new releases. multiple copies of most. will be updating this as we get new titles. nofuneral.storeenvy.com facebook.com/nofuneral8 NO FUNERAL RELEASES Dianacrawls - Sporadic Defenestration TAPE$5.00 Pilcrow - Fever Dreams TAPE$5.00 Young Mountain - Lost Tree TAPE$5.00 Karloff - Demo TAPE / CD-r$5.00 DISTRO RELEASES [REVERSE ALPHABETICAL] [Cassettes] Worst Days - Separation Anxiety TAPE$5.00 Terry Green / Huge Cosmic SPLIT TAPE$5.00 Snag / Swallows Nest SPLIT TAPE $5.00 Sans Visage - Moments TAPE$5.00 Nanette - In Pectore TAPE$5.00 Nanette - In Practice TAPE$5.00 mrtex / Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket SPLIT TAPE$5.00 mrtex / Samarra SPLIT TAPE$5.00 Malevich - Only Time Flies TAPE$6.00 Malevich / Iron Gag SPLIT TAPE$6.00 Life in Vacuum - 5 TAPE$5.00 Komuso - Komuso TAPE$5.00 Kiken - Uprising TAPE$5.00 .gif from god - defragmented.. reformated TAPE$6.00 Frail Body - At Peace TAPE$6.00 Celebration - SHOOK TAPE$5.00 Brain Itch - Public Ritual TAPE$5.00 Botfly - Botfly TAPE$5.00 Crowning - Funeral Designs TAPE$6.00 60659-c - The Next Part Is A Blur TAPE$6.00 [7"s] Wristmeetrazor - I Talk To God?.?.?..?.?.?But the Sky is Empty 2x7" $13.00 Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket / They Sleep We Live 7" SPLIT$8.00 SeeYouSpaceCowboy / secondgradeknifefight 7" SPLIT$10.00 SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware 7"$10.00 Piri Reis / They Sleep We Live 7" SPLIT$6.00 ØJNE / ???????? ????? (Smile To The Wind) 7" SPLIT$6.00 mrtex / People's Temple Project 7" SPLIT$6.00 mrtex / DET ÄR DÄRFÖR VI BYGGER STÄDER 7" SPLIT$6.00 Malevich / Iron Gag SPLIT 7"$6.00 Lora / The Ultimate Screamo Band 7" SPLIT$6.00 Gillian Carter / Eyelet 7" SPLIT$6.00 .gif from god / Vein 7" SPLIT$666.00 Foxmoulder / Coma Regalia 5" SPLIT$5.00 Foxmoulder- Lethe 7"$6.00 Drei Affen / Coma Regalia Band 7" SPLIT$6.00Duct Hearts- If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? 7"$6.00 Crowning / Swallows Nest 7" SPLIT$6.00 Congratulations / Rabbit Theory 7" SPLIT$6.00 Coarse - I 7" $6.00 Chuck Bass / Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket 7" SPLIT$6.00 black love / tdoafs 7" SPLIT$6.00 Amber / Locktender 7" SPLIT$6.00 [10"s ,9"s, odd] Yarrow 4-Way Split (Ostraca, Coma Regalia, VRIL, Untold Want) 10"$10.00 The World That Summer / Nionde Plågan 10" SPLIT$10.00 Waifle ?– And The Blood Will Come Down Like A Curtain 10"$12.00 Saligia- The New Innocence 10"$10.00 Adobe Homes- Piñata 9"$12.00 [12"s] Eight Feet Under Vol. 1 2x12" COMPILATION$20.00 Yusuke / Lori 12" SPLIT$15.00 What Of Us / Coma Regalia 12" SPLIT$15.00 Vi som älskade varandra så mycket - Den sorgligaste musiken i världen 12"$18.00 Worst Gift- Shitty Loser Riffs 12"$10.00 tetola93 - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Terry Green- LP 12"$15.00 Trachimbrod- Leda 12"$15.00 They Sleep We Live- Escaping The Measures Of Time 12"$15.00 Seventeen Again - Invoke 12"$15.00 Said Goner - Self Titled 12"$6.00 ????????? ????? ?(Smile to the Wind) - Illusions 12"$15.00 Sarin - Darker Lakes 12"$15.00 Old Soul / Lentic Waters 12" SPLIT$25.00 Old Soul / NIC 12" SPLIT$25.00 Old Soul - Natures Arms Encircle All 12"$15.00 Old Soul - Blue Heron 12"$15.00 Nous Étions - La Manière Noir 12"$12.00 Massa Nera- Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida 12"$16.00 Lyed - The Immolated Earth 12"$15.00 Lamantide - Carnis Tempora : Abyssus 12"$12.00 I Love Your Lifestyle - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Foxmoulder / eaglehaslanded 12" SPLIT$12.00 Descubriendo a Mr. Mime - F 12"$15.00 tdoafs - Self Titled 12"$15.00 City of Caterpillar - Driving Spain Up A Wall 12" 22.00 [OOS] Blue Youth - Dead Forever 12" $15.00 Cassilis - Quitting 12"$15.00 Black Love - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Amber - Self Titled 12"$8.00 Autarkeia / Me And Goliath 12" SPLIT$15.00 Adolina / The Rabbit Theory 12" SPLIT$15.00 nofuneral.storeenvy.com facebook.com/nofuneral8
  2. Releases October 6th 2018 on No Funeral Records ! Long awaited debut from Montreal Screamo group "Dianacrawls" Members of Commuovere, Ultimate Screamo Band, Heresie Ltd to 150 handpainted glitter ivory tapes Order here: http://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/24538818-dianacrawls-sporadic-defenestration-tape Listen to the premier here: http://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com/2018/09/dianacrawls-exclusive-premiere.html?m=1
  3. Hi. I'm in need of some quick cash. I sold some stuff from my collection just over a year ago when I needed a new car and when I got enough cash, I stopped the sale because I like my records. It'll be the same thing this time. I don't need a whole lot, so this might not last long. About me: I've been buying records since 1998 and selling online since 2006. I know how to ship a record and have plenty of mailers. But please make orders at least $20. Any questions, send me a message. I'm more than fair but will expect offers to be "in the ballpark" of their current going rate. Test Pressings 18 items Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" LP (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover signed by artist - #39/50) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" LP (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover/unnumbered - x/72) Blenderhead ‎– "Blue Tile Lounge" 7" (Tooth & Nail TNV 2/black) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" LP (Blue handmade screened jacket/orange marble vinyl - #2/5) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" LP (Red handmade screened jacket/black vinyl - #15/20) Chandeliers - "Unheard Intensities" b/w "Time Drive" 7" (N+B 003/Black - x/?) Coltrane, John ‎– "Blue Train" LP (Blue Note BN LP-1577/Classic Records/mono/2003 remastered version/200 gram - x/20) Copeland - "In Motion" LP (Approved test - #10/10) Craig's Brother - "Lost At Sea" LP (Tooth & Nail/Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains - x/10) Crucified, The ‎– "Nailed" 7" (Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains vtv-zero-four/black w/ white labels/2012 - x/25) Earl Long ‎– "Term Two" LP (ShanGorilla Records SG-10004 - x/5) Lenz, Frank - "Brothers Who Are Breathing" b/w "Sexy Sixth" 7" (Black - #2/8) Pink Frost - "The Sun" b/w "You Should Know" 7" (N+B 004/Black - #14/14) Starflyer 59 - "Silver" LP (Tooth & Nail/Crossroads of America - x/10) Starflyer 59 - "The Changing of the Guard" LP (w/ Bonus 7" test pressing/white vinyl - x/30) Strongarm - "The Advent of a Miracle" LP (Second pressing/Blank Page Empire - #25/30) Thou/The City Is The Tower [Split] - "Dwell In The Darkness of Thought and Drink The Poison of Life" LP (Init INIT 65/black - x/5) Twothirtyeight (238) - "You Should Be Living" LP (Black - #16/30) 5" 5 items Anberlin - "I'd Like To Die" b/w "We Owe This To Ourselves" (CD/5" vinyl) Dropkick Murphys - "Live On A Five: Volume 4" (x/2,800) Locust/Jenny Piccolo [Split] (Three One G/picture disc - x/5,513) Ninety Pound Wuss - "Kick You Hard" (Orange marble) Peter Mangalore - "Decay of the Iron Man" (Deep Six) 7" & 45's (650 items) '68 ‎– "Midnight" (No Sleep NSR122/tour pressing/gold & brownish - x/500) African Music Machine ‎– "Black Water Gold (Pearl)" b/w "Making Nassau Fruit Drink" (Soul Power SP-109/white label promo) Aha - "Take On Me" b/w "Love Is Reason" (Picture sleeve) Anathallo ‎– "Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind More Ash)" b/w "Entropy" (Big Scary Monsters BSM 054/black - x/500) Anberlin - "Feel Good Drag" b/w "Blame Me! Blame Me!" (Black) Anberlin - "Godspeed" b/w "The Unwinding Cable Car" (Peach marble) Anberlin - "Impossible" b/w "Hell Or High Water" (Silkscreen sleeve [signed by the band] red/white/gray tri-colored vinyl - #809/907) Anchor & Braille - "Sound Asleep" b/w "Wedding/Funeral" (Purple marble vinyl) Anderson, Doug - "Hey Mama, Here Come The Preacher" b/w I Won't Cry (I'll Just Laugh Myself To Death)" (Janus J-153/1971) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "North Star Ordination" [Graveface Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE082/CHAR011/limited edition/mustard) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "North Star Ordination" [Graveface Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE082/CHAR011/limited edition/orange Crush & red haze) Arcade Fire - "Cold Wind" b/w "Brazil" (Clear) Arcade Fire ‎– "Get Right" b/w "Crucified Again" (Sonovox 4750774) Armstrong, Louis - "Spirituals and Sermons" (Australian import) At The Drive-In - "¡Alfaro Vive, Carajo!" EP (Western Breed WSTB-006/first pressing/black) ATG (Allen Toussaint Group) ‎– "Dancin' Lady" b/w "Headwinds" (Sansu S 1018) Band Aid - "Do They Know It's Christmas?" b/w "Feed The World" Bannon, Jacob - "The Blood of Thine Enemies" (One-sided etched disc/silver - x/600) Bazan, David - "American Flags" b/w "Please, Baby, Please (demo)" Bazan, David - "Away In A Manger" b/w "O Little Town of Bethlehem" (Marbled vinyl - x/1,000) Bazan, David - "Hallelujah" b/w "The Man In Me" (Black) Bazan, David - "Happy X-mas (War Is Over) b/w "Say It Isn't Greensleeves (A Change At Christmas)" (Blue vinyl - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Happy X-mas (War Is Over) b/w "Say It Isn't Greensleeves (A Change At Christmas)" (Clear vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Happy X-mas (War Is Over) b/w "Say It Isn't Greensleeves (A Change At Christmas)" (Gold vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Jingle Bells" b/w "All I Want For Christmas" (Green vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total]) Bazan, David - "Jingle Bells" b/w "All I Want For Christmas" (Red vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total]) Bazan, David - "Jingle Bells" b/w "All I Want For Christmas" (White vinyl - x/200 [1,000 total]) Bazan, David - "Wish My Kids Were Here" b/w "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (Orange - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Wish My Kids Were Here" b/w "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (Red - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Wish My Kids Were Here" b/w "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (Yellow - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 1] "Impermanent Record" b/w "Deny Myself" (July 2014/red - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 2] "Nobody's Perfect" b/w "Sparkling Water" (August 2014/‎orange - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 3] "With You" b/w "Little Landslide" (September 2014/yellow - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 4] "Kept Secrets" b/w Ill At Ease" (October 2014/green - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 5] "Disappearing Ink" b/w "Trouble With Boys" (November 2014/blue - x/1,500) Bazan, David/Deerhoof [Split] - "No One Asked Bazan To Dance" b/w "Gas and Matches" (Clear blue vinyl - x/2,000) Beach Boys, The - "Do You Wanna Dance?" b/w "Please Let Me Wonder" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beach Boys, The - "God Only Knows" b/w "The Beach Boys Medley" (Purple Capitol label) Beach Boys, The - "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" (Sub Pop Singles) Beach Boys, The - "Rock and Roll Music" b/w "The T M Song" (Brother/Reprise label) Beach Boys, The - "Sloop John B" b/w "You're So Good To Me" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beastie Boys ‎– "Alive" b/w "Big Shot (Live)" (Capitol Records/purple label) Beastie Boys ‎– "Brass Monkey" b/w "Posse In Effect" (Def Jam 38-07020) Beastie Boys ‎– "Intergalactic" b/w "Peanut Butter & Jelly" (Capitol S7-724381997376) Beastie Boys ‎– "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" b/w "She's Crafty" (Def Jam 38 06675) Beatles, The - "A Hard Day's Night" b/w "I Should Have Known Better" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Can't Buy Me Love" b/w "You Can't Do That" (Black Parlophone label) Beatles, The - "Day Tripper" b/w "We Can Work It Out"(Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Eight Days A Week" b/w "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Got To Get You Into My Life" b/w "Helter Skelter" (Picture sleeve/pink Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Help! b/w "I'm Down" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Hey Jude" b/w "Revolution" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "I Feel Fine" b/w "She's A Woman" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Paperback Writer" b/w "Rain" (UK issue/RSD 2010) Beatles, The - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends" b/w "A Day In The Life" (Purple Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Strawberry Fields Forever" b/w "Penny Lane" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "The Ballad of John and Yoko" b/w "Old Brown Shoe" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "The Long and Winding Road" b/w "For You Blue" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "Ticket To Ride" b/w "Yes It Is" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Yesterday" b/w "Act Naturally" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Eleanor Rigby" b/w "Yellow Submarine" (Capitol 5715/yellow & orange labels) Beatles, The - "Nowhere Man" b/w "What Goes On" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The ‎– "She Loves You" b/w "I'll Get You" (Swan S-4152/black labels w/ silver lettering) Beatles, The w/ Tony Sheridan ‎– "My Bonnie" b/w "The Saints" (MGM Records K13213/picture sleeve) Beck ‎– "Loser" b/w "Alcohol" (DGC ‎DGCS7-19270/black/1992) Bell Biv Devoe ‎– "Poison" b/w "Instrumental" (MCA-53772) Black Flag ‎– "Six Pack" (SST Records SST 005/first press/black & white picture sleeve/1981) Black Flag ‎– "TV Party" (SST/Unicorn Records 95006/first press/picture sleeve/1982) Black Prairie - "Blackest Crow" (Red lathe cut picnic plate 7"/hand-set letter pressed sleeve - #23/100) Blakey, Art - "When Love Is New" b/w "Calling Miss Khadija" (Blue Note L4193 [little LP]/stereo/A Division of Liberty... on the label) Blamed, The - "This Is For David" b/w "On Westnedge" & "...In Amsterdam" (Red vinyl) Blenderhead ‎– "Blue Tile Lounge" (Blue) Blenderhead ‎– "Blue Tile Lounge" [Test Pressing] (Tooth & Nail TNV 2/black) Blink 182 ‎– "Feeling This" b/w "Violence" (Black) Blink 182 ‎– "They Came To Conquer...Uranus" (Grilled Cheese GRL-701/first press/black) Blues Magoos ‎– "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" b/w "Gotta Get Away" (Mercury ‎– 72622/first US pressing) Bo, Eddie - "Ain't It The Truth Now" b/w "Warm Daddy" (Ric 974) Bo, Eddie - "Check Your Bucket, Parts 1 & 2" (Bo-Sound 45-5551) Bo, Eddie - "Check Your Bucket, Parts 1 & 2" (Bo-Sound 5551) Bo, Eddie - "Hey There Baby" b/w "I Need Someone" (Ric 962) Bo, Eddie - "Hook and Sling, Parts I & II" (Scram SCR 117/green label) Bo, Eddie - "I Cry Oh" b/w "My Heart Was Meant For You" (Apollo/blue label) Bo, Eddie - "I'm Wise" b/w "Happy Tears" (Apollo 486-45/blue label) Bo, Eddie - "Now Let's Popeye, Parts I & II" (Ric 987) Bo, Eddie - "Tell It Like It Is" b/w " Every Dog Got His Day" (Ric 969) Bo, Eddie - "Too Much of A Good Thing" b/w "Dearest One" (Apollo 509-45) Bo, Eddie - "We Like Mambo" b/w "I'm So Tired" (Ace 515/yellow label) Bo, Eddie - "What A Fool I've Been" b/w "It Must Be Love" (Ric 977) Bo, Eddie - "When You're Fingers On The Funk" b/w "The Sun Shines Down" (Bo-Sound/green label) Bo, Eddie - "You Are Going To Be Somebodys Fool Too" b/w "A Heap See (But A Few Know)" (NOLA 704) Bo, Eddie - "You Got Your Mojo Working" b/w "Everybody Knows" (Ric 964) Bo, Eddie - "You're With Me" b/w "You're The Only One" (Chess 1833/promo copy) Bo, Eddie - “Dinky Doo" b/w "Everybody, Everything Needs Love” (Ric 981) Bo, Eddie - “Roamin-Titis" b/w "Baby I’m Wise” (Ric 989) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Can You Handle It" b/w "Don't Turn Me Loose" (Bo-Sound BS-5116) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Fare Thee Well" b/w "Let's Let It Roll" (Arrow 711/red label) Bo, Eddie ‎– "I Got To Know" b/w "Bless You Darling" (Ric 985) Bo, Eddie ‎– "I'll Keep On Trying" b/w "I Love To Rock & Roll" (Ace Records 555/white label) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Shake, Rock and Soul" b/w "Reassure Me" (Cinderella ‎1203/promo/white label) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Solid Foundation" b/w "S.G.B" (Seven B 7015) Bo, Eddie ‎– "What You Gonna Do" b/w "Fallin' In Love Again" (Seven B 7002) Bo, Eddie – "If It's Good To You (It's Good For You), Parts 1 & 2" (Scram SCR 119/green label) Bo, Eddie – "Oh-Oh" b/w "My Dearest Darling" (Chess ‎1698) Bo, Eddie with The Barons - "Gotta Have More" b/w "Come To Me" (Blue Jay 154) Bobby and the Heavyweights ‎– "Soul Train" b/w "Baby I Love You" (Mor. Soul 004/1971) Booker, James ‎– "Cross My Heart" b/w "Big Nick" (Peacock 1923/promo/1963) Booker, James ‎– "Gonzo" b/w "Cool Turkey" (Peacock 5-1697) Boyz II Men ‎– "4 Seasons Of Loneliness" (LP) b/w "4 Seasons Of Loneliness" (B II M Version) (Motown 422860714-7/promo) Boyz II Men ‎– "A Song For Mama" b/w "Instrumental" (Motown 422860744-7) Boyz II Men ‎– "Motownphilly" b/w "Excerpts from Cooleyhighharmony" (Motown MOTS7-2090) Boyz II Men ‎– "On Bended Knee" (LP Version) b/w "I'll Make Love To You" (Sexy Version) (Motown 422860284-7) Boyz II Men ‎– "Please Don't Go" b/w "Uhh Ahh" (Motown 3746321627/1991) Boyz II Men ‎– "Vibin'" b/w "Water Runs Dry" (Motown ‎– 422860422-7) Bradley, Charles & Menahan Street Band ‎– "No Time For Dreaming" b/w "Golden Rule" (Dunham DUN-107) Braid - "Niagara" b/w "That Car Came Out Of Nowhere" (Grand Theft Autumn ‎GTA003/blue - #2,270/3,000) Braid ‎– "I'm Afraid Of Everything" EP (Polyvinyl/Grand Theft Autumn/first press/black) Braid ‎– "Rainsnowmatch" EP (Polyvinyl/second press/black) Braid – "First Day Back" b/w "Hugs from Boys" [Polyvinyl 7” Single Series - #1] (Black) Braid/Corm [Split] - "(Strawberryann) Switzerland" b/w "Traded Green Trees" (Polyvinyl PRC-015/black) Braid/Pohgoh [Split]‎– "Goodnight, Sweetheart" b/w "What A Wonderful Puddle" (New Granada NG004) Braid/Three Minute Movie [Split] - "A Split Seven Inch" (Snuffy Smile - snuff 044/black) Brimmer, Charles‎– "The Feeling Is In My Heart" b/w "Mr. Teardrops" (Broadmoor BM-201) Bubble Puppy, The ‎– "Hot Smoke" b/w "Sasafrass" (International Artists IA-128/yellow label) Buffett, Jimmy - "Margaritaville" b/w "Miss You So Badly" Burrell, Kenny & Jimmy Smith - "Blue Bash!" EP (Verve SLV-8553/Stereo) Byrne, Jerry ‎– "Lights Out" b/w "Honey Baby" (Specialty 635) Capello, Lenny and The Dots ‎– "Cotton Candy" b/w "Tootles" (Ric 960) Captain, The & Tennille - "Love Will Keep Us Together" b/w "Gentle Stranger" Carbo, Chick ‎– "Two Tables Away" b/w "What Does It Take" (Instant ‎3254/1962) Cash, Johnny and the Tennessee Two - "Blue Train" b/w "Born To Lose" (Sun Record Company 376) Cash, Johnny ‎- "Special Coin Operator Release" (Columbia 7-9478) Cavaliers Unlimited ‎– "Soul Vein" b/w "The Nasty" (Mississippi Records MR-023/reissue) Chandeliers - "Unheard Intensities" b/w "Time Drive" (Seafoam green - x/100 [500 pressed total]) Chandeliers - "Unheard Intensities" b/w "Time Drive" [Test Pressing] (Black - x/?) Charles, Bobby ‎– "Take It Easy Greasy" b/w "Time Will Tell" (Chess 1628/promo/1956) Charles, Ray - "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" EP (Picture sleeve) Childs, Leon and The Hy-Ton - "Jet Stream" b/w "Train In The Night" (Vin 1018/1960) Clash, The - "Rock The Casbah" b/w "Long Time Jerk" (Picture sleeve) Clash, The - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" b/w "Cool Confusion" (Picture sleeve) Clash, The - "Groovy Times" b/w "Gates of The West" (White label promo) Clash, The ‎– "Tommy Gun" b/w "1-2, Crush On You" (CBS S CBS 6788/first UK pressing/1978) Clash, The ‎– "White Riot" b/w "1977" (CBS S CBS 5058/later UK pressing/generic UK CBS sleeve w/ London address) Coheed and Cambria - "Welcome Home" b/w "The Crowing" (Live) Coheed and Cambria ‎– "The Running Free" b/w "Always & Never/Welcome Home" (Columbia) Cold, The - "You" b/w "Three Chord City" (Top Pop KRS-611/original blue ink sleeve) Cold, The ‎– "Never Alone" b/w "Thanks A Lot" (Top Pop TP-003/picture sleeve) Coltrane, John ‎– "Blue Train, parts 1 & 2" (Blue Note 45-1691) Coltrane, John w/ The Red Garland Trio ‎– "I Want To Talk About You" (Prestige 45-177/RVG in deadwax/203 South Washington Ave., N.J. on label) Converge - "On My Shield" (Black/white - x/1,000) Converge ‎– "I Can Tell You About Pain" b/w "Eve" (Deathwish DW199v/first press/blue opaque - x/1,000) Converge ‎– "Live At The BBC" (Deathwish Inc. DW 157/Deathwish exclusive/white - x/333) Converge ‎– "Unloved And Weeded Out" (4x7"/Red, clear, yellow, green - x/2,000) Converge/Dropdead [Split] - "Runaway" b/w "Paths of Glory" (Green& black swirl - x/2,000 [7,000 total pressed]) Converge/Napalm Death [Split] ('Vinyl bong' random colors - x/1,045) Cooke, Sam - "A Change Is Gonna Come" b/w "Shake" Coolio ‎– "Gangsta's Paradise" b/w "Too Hot" (Tommy Boy ‎TB 718) Count Five, The - "Psychotic Reaction" b/w "They're Gonna Get You" (Double Shot) Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Proud Mary" b/w "Born On The Bayou" Crosby, Bing - "White Christmas" b/w "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (Black Decca label) Crucified, The ‎– "Nailed" [Test Pressing] (Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains vtv-zero-four/black w/ white labels/2012 - x/25) Davis, Miles + 19 (w/ Gil Evans) ‎– "Miles Ahead, Vol. II" (Columbia ‎B-10412/picture sleeve) Davis, Miles - "Girls of Kilimanjaro, Parts 1 & 2" (Columbia 4-44652/white label promo) Davis, Miles - "Milestones" b/w "Dr. Jekyll" EP (Columbia B11931/picture sleeve) Davis, Miles - "That Old Devil Moon" b/w "You Don't Know What Love Is" (Prestige 45-376/mono/203 S. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles - "Vote For Miles Davis, Parts I & II" (Columbia white label promo) Davis, Miles - "Classics In Jazz EP, Part 1 (Capitol EAP 1-459/mono/picture sleeve/1954) Davis, Miles - "Classics In Jazz EP, Part 2 (Capitol EAP 2-459/mono/picture sleeve/1954) Davis, Miles - "Surry With The Fringe On Top" b/w "Diane" (Prestige 45-248/203 S. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles ‎– "Blue Xmas" b/w "Devil May Care" (Columbia 88875024357s1/Black Friday RSD 2014 exclusive/blue) Davis, Miles ‎– "Time After Time" b/w "Katia" (CBS A 4871/UK press/picture sleeve) De Burgh, Chris - "The Lady In Red" b/w "The Vision" Dead Kennedys ‎– "Kill The Poor" b/w "In-Sight" (Cherry Red ‎- CHERRY 16/first UK press w/ picture sleeve) Dear Ephesus/Lugsole [Split] - "Ichabod" b/w "Away From Me" (Black) Death Cab For Cutie - "Death Cab For Cutie: In Living Stereo!" (RSD 2011 promo 7") Death Cab For Cutie - "Soul Meets Body" b/w "Jealousy Rides With Me" Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" [Part 1] b/w "Photobooth" (Green) Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" [Part 2] b/w "Brothers On A Hotel Bed" (Yellow) Death Cab For Cutie - "I'm Going Home (Live)" b/w "Girl you Want" (Live From The Fall 2006 Tour/given to fan club members) Death Cab For Cutie - "No Sunlight (demo)" b/w "The Ice Is Getting Thinner (demo)" (Narrow Stairs bonus 7") Death Cab For Cutie - "Prove My Hypothesis" b/w "Wait" (Clear) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "I Was A Kaleidoscope" b/w "405 (Acoustic)" (Fierce Panda NING116/UK pressing) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "The New Year" b/w "TV Trays" (Fierce Panda ning 149/UK import/black) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "Tractor Rape Chain" b/w "Black Sun" (Atlantic 7567866558/RSD 2016 exclusive/white - x/3,000) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "Underwater!" b/w "The Army Corps Of Architects" [Sub Pop Singles Club] (SP496/clear - x/1,300) Death Cab For Cutie/Freedy Johnston [Split] - "Bad Reputation" (Atlantic ‎– 7-548734/RSD 2015 exclusive/blue w/ Coke bottle clear splatter - x/4,500) Delta Haymax ‎– "Delta Haymax" (Tooth & Nail TNR107/black) Diamond Joe – "The ABC Song" b/w "Look Way Back" (Deesu 45-301/promo) Diddley, Bo - "Gun Slinger" b/w "Signifying Blues" (Checker 965/maroon label) Diddley, Bo ‎– "Road Runner" b/w "My Story" (Checker 942/maroon label/1960) Diddley, Bo ‎– "Say Man" b/w "The Clock Strikes Twelve" (Checker 931/maroon label) Dinosaur Jr ‎– "I Don't Wanna Go There" b/w "Tarpit" (Jagjaguwar JAG149/picture sleeve) Dinosaur Jr ‎– "Repulsion" b/w "Bulbs Of Passion" (Homestead HMS032/second press/1988) Discover America/Suffering & the Hideous Thieves [Split] - "Split" (Black) Dixon, Willie Lee (The Recreator) ‎– "The Gorilla, Parts 1 & 2" (Rosemont T-8002) DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Parents Just Don't Understand" (Single) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Confusion" b/w "Neighbor's Daughter (Amy 952) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Go-Go Girl" b/w "I Can Hear You Callin'" (Amy ‎AMY 998) Dorsey, Lee - "Say It Again" b/w "Hey Babe" (Sansu 1012) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On)" b/w "There Should Be A Book" (Amy 11,055) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Holy Cow" b/w "Operation Heartache" (Amy 965) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Working In The Coal Mine" b/w "Mexico" (Amy ‎ 958) Down To Nothing ‎– "More! Greetings From Richmond, Virginia" (Red) Dr. Dog - "Control Yourself" b/w "Warrior Man" (Grey opaque vinyl) Dr. Dog - "The Girl (Beck Remix)" b/w "Heart It Races" (Black) Dr. Dog ‎– "The Dearly Departed" b/w "Is It Worth My Time?" (Park The Van PTV-29/black) Dr. Dog/Floating Action [Split] - "Don't Stop Loving Me Now" b/w "The Breeze" (Park The Van PTV-39/black) Dr. Dog/The M's [Split] ‎– "Me And My Girl" b/w "Al Thomas and The Robot" (Polyvinyl PRC-108-7/clear) Dylan, Bob - "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" (Columbia 4-45004/mono & stereo promo/radio station copy) Electric Prunes, The - "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) " b/w "Luvin" (Reprise 0532) Electric Prunes, The ‎– "Get Me To The World On Time" b/w "Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)" (Reprise 0564) Electronic Anthology Project ‎– "The Electronic Anthology Project Of Death Cab For Cutie" (White) Emery ‎– "Cutt Throat Collapse" b/w "Open Hands, Closed Eyes" (Picture disc) Evil, The ‎– "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" b/w "Always Runnin' Around" (Living Legend Records LL-108/1967) Explosions, The ‎– "Hip Drop, Parts 1 & 2" (Gold Cup ‎0005) Fable - "Give Us The Night" (Takehold 1007/purple marble) Fake Problems – "Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full Of Lies" EP (First pressing/signed/black & silver swirl - x/100) Few Left Standing - "The Exit Wound" (Clear red) Finway Fish Camp - "Waiting" b/w "Stranded" (Black) Five Iron Frenzy ‎– "Brad is Dead" (Baby blue) Flaming Lips, The - "She Don't Use Jelly" b/w "The W.A.N.D. (Picture disc) Flaming Lips, The - "Silent Night/Lord, Can You Hear Me" b/w "It's Christmas Time Again" (Picture disc) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "2nd Cassette Demo" (Lovely Sorts of Death/signed by Wayne/blue - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" b/w "Why Does It End?" (Warner Bros W711/UK import/picture disc) Flaming Lips, The/Devo [Split] ‎– "Gates Of Steel (Live)" (RSD 2014 exclusive/silver - x/7,500) Flaming Lips, The/Mastodon [Split] - "A Spoonful Weighs A Ton" (RSD 2012 exclusive/pink) Foo Fighters ‎– "Monkey Wrench" b/w "The Colour And The Shape" (EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets ‎S7-19543/purple label) Foo Fighters ‎– "My Hero" b/w "Dear Lover" (EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets S7-724381986578/white label) For Love Not Lisa ‎– "Good Intentions" b/w "Hallowed Be" (Theologian Records/black) For Love Not Lisa ‎– "Softhand" b/w "Travis Hoffman" (Theologian T-11/clear green) Fred, John & His Playboy Band - "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)" b/w "When The Lights Go Out" (Paula 282) French, Bob & Storyville Jazz Band ‎– "Y'er Comes The Funky Man" b/w "St James Infirmary" (Broadmoor 203) Frodus - "The Misaligned Men Of Flomation" b/w "Invisible Time Lines" (Muddle Fanzine promo flexi) Frodus ‎– "Explosions" b/w "Dec. 21, 2012" (Day After Records DAY 17/red & black splatter) Frodus/The Trans Megetti [Split]‎ – "Suspicion Breeds Confidence" b/w "Brakes" (Art Monk Construction AMC 15/clear) Fugazi - "Furniture + 2" (Clear) Further Seems Forever - "So Cold" b/w "Season 8" (Black - x/500) Further Seems Forever - "The Moon Is Down" b/w "New Year's Project" (Acoustic - x/1,000) Further Seems Forever - "The Sound" b/w "Wearing Thin" (Sore Point SORE005S/UK import/green) Further Seems Forever/TwoThirtyEight [Split] - "Pride War" b/w "Modern Day Prayer" (Black) Gaturs, The ‎– "A Hunk Of Funk" b/w "Yeah You're Right You Know You're Right" (Gatur Records 555) Gaturs, The ‎– "Cold Bear" b/w "The Booger Man" (Gatur Records ‎G–508) Gaturs, The ‎– "Wasted" b/w "Gator Bait" (Gatur Records ‎– 510) Gaye, Marvin ‎– "Stubborn Kind Of Fellow" b/w "It Hurts Me Too" (Tamla ‎T 54068/two globe yellow label) George, Barbara ‎– "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" b/w "Love (Is Just A Chance You Take)" (A.F.O. 45-302) George, Barbara ‎– "Something You Got" b/w "Satisfied With Your Love" Seven B 7019/1968) Germs, The - "Lexicon Devil" (Bootleg/red sleeve/red vinyl) Gershwin, George - "Rhapsody in Blue, Parts 1 & 2" (RCA) Get Up Kids, The - "Automatic" b/w "Past Is Past" Get Up Kids, The - "Loveteller" (6th Pressing/black vinyl - x/800) Get Up Kids, The - "Woodson" b/w "Second Place" (White insert w/ [email protected] email address/black vinyl - x/1,000) Get Up Kids, The/Coalesce [Split] - "Burned Bridges" b/w "I'm Giving Up On This One" (Orange vinyl - x/550) Get Up Kids, The/Rocket From The Crypt [Split]‎– "Up On The Roof" b/w "Free Language Demons" (First pressing - x/800) Get Up Kids, The/The Anniversary [Split] - "Central Standard Time" b/w "Vasil & Bluey" Gin Blossoms ‎– "Found Out About You" b/w "Hey Jealousy" (A&M ‎– 31458 0418 7/black) Glassjaw - "Jesus Glue" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Glassjaw - "Natural Born Farmer" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Glassjaw - "Stars" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Glassjaw - "You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon)" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Gorilla Biscuits - "Gorilla Biscuits" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Guitar Jr. ‎– "I Got It Made" b/w "Family Rules" (Goldband 45-1058/maroon label) Guitar Ray - "Patty Cake Shake" b/w "New True Love" (Hot Line 912) H2O - "Someday I Suppose" (One-sided etched disc with snowflakes/split red & green vinyl - x/500) Harper, Willie ‎– "I Don't Need You Anymore" b/w "A Certain Girl" (Tou-Sea 133/white label promo/1968) Harper, Willie ‎– "Makin' Me Cry" b/w "She's Far Away" (Alon 9011/1963) Harpo, Slim ‎– "Don't Start Cryin' Now" b/w "Rainin' In My Heart" (Excello ‎45-2194) Harris, Betty ‎– "I'm Gonna Git Ya" b/w "Can't Last Much Longer" (Sansu 471/white label promo) Harris, Betty ‎– "Mean Man" b/w "What'd I Do Wrong" (Sansu 478/white label promo) Harris, Tony ‎– "I'll Forever Love You" b/w "Chicken, Baby, Chicken" (Ebb ‎104) Hawkins, Dale ‎– "Susie-Q" b/w "Don't Treat Me This Way" (Checker 863/red label, silver print/1957) Haywood, Joe ‎– "I Would If I Could" b/w "Warm And Tender Love" (White Cliffs 237) Herrera, Mike ‎– "At: Guitar Center" (Picture disc - x/1,000) Hill, Jessie ‎– "Whip It On Me" b/w "I Need Your Love" (Minit 611) Hill, Jessie - "Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Parts 1 & 2" (Minit 607/orange label) Hill, Jessie - "Scoop Scoobie Doobie" b/w "Highhead Blues" (Minit 616/orange label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "C. C. Rider" b/w "Poor Me" (Alon 9004/white label promo) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Let's Go Steady" b/w "An Open Letter (To My Love)" (Kansu 100/red label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Popcorn Pop, Pop!" b/w "Be My Baby" (Alon 9016/green label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Where Is Love" b/w "Now That I've Lost You" (Decca 32416/promo/pink label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Where Is Love" b/w "Now That I've Lost You" (Deesu ‎320) Hooker, John Lee ‎– "No Shoes" b/w "Solid Sender" (Vee Jay VJ 349/maroon label) Hooker, John Lee ‎– "She's Mine" b/w "A New Leaf" (Vee Jay VJ 453/black label) Hooker, John Lee ‎– "Take A Look At Yourself" b/w "Frisco Blues" (Vee Jay VJ 493/black label) Hopkins, Lightnin' - "Wig Wearing Woman" b/w "Move On Out, Part 2" (Jewel 796/blue label) Hopkins, Lightnin' ‎– "Mojo Hand" b/w "Glory Be" (Fire 1034) Hopkins, Lightning - "Come On Baby" b/w "Money Taker" (Arhoolie 45-513) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #1" (Clear blue/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #2" (Clear red/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #3" (Clear yellow/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #4" (Clear green/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #5" (Clear blue/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #6" (6"/white/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Howlin' Wolf ‎– "I've Been Abused" b/w "Mr. Airplane Man" (Chess ‎1735) Huey and Jerry ‎– "Little Chickee Wah Wah" b/w "I Think You Jiving Me" (Vin 1000/1958) Hueys, The ‎– "Coo-Coo Over You" b/w "You Ain't No Hippie" (Instant Records 3289) Hum ‎– "Sundress" b/w "Time Is Melting" (Mud Recordings mud 009/picture sleeve/black) Humphrey, Paul & His Cool Aid Chemists ‎– "Baby Rice" b/w "Funky L.A." (Lizard ‎45-1009) Huntingtons - "You're Not Right" b/w "Babysitter" (Velvet Blue Music/Burnt Toast Vinyl/blue) Hurrah/History [Split] - "Red Seat" b/w "How To Cheat Death" (Clear red vinyl - #93/200) Innermeans ‎– "Innermeans" (Solid State SS06/Tooth & Nail TNR 1092/black/1997) Into Another - "Poison Fingers" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Into Another ‎– "Poison Fingers" (Revelation REVELATION:42/black/1995) James, Elmo [Elmore] ‎– "Done Somebody Wrong" b/w "Fine Little Mama" (Fire 1031/1960) James, Elmore ‎– "Bleeding Heart" b/w "Mean Mistreatin' Mama" (Enjoy 2020) James, Elmore ‎– "Pickin' The Blues" b/w "It Hurts Me Too" (Enjoy 2015) James, Elmore ‎– "Strange Blues" b/w "Anna Lee (Bell B-719/promo) James, Elmore ‎– "The Sun Is Shining" b/w "I Can't Hold On‎" (Chess 1756/blue label/1960) James, Etta ‎– "You Got It" b/w "Fire" (Cadet 5620) Jawbreaker/Jawbox [Split] ‎– "With or Without U-2" b/w "Airwaves Dream" (Selfless SFLS03/etched labels/black/1991) Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American" b/w "Your House (Demo)" (Black) Jodeci ‎– "Come & Talk To Me" b/w "Come & Talk To Me" (Hip Hop Version) (Uptown MCAS7-54175/1992) Joe Christmas ‎– "Coupleskate" (Flying Tart/brown transparent) Joe Christmas ‎– "Dreaming For The Gold" (Tooth & Nail TNV12/black) Johnson, Al ‎– "Carnival Time" b/w "Good Lookin'" (Ric 967) Johnson, Smokey & Company ‎– "The Funkie Moon" b/w "Tippin' Lightly" (Intrepid 75006/white label promo/1969) Johnson, Smokey - "I Can't Help It, Parts 1 & 2" (NOLA 720/red label) Johnson, Smokey ‎– "It Ain't My Fault (Parts 1 & 2)" (NOLA N-706) Jones, Joe ‎– "You Talk Too Much" b/w "I Love You Still" (Ric 972) Joy Division - "Transmission" b/w "Novelty" (Factory FAC 13/1979/picture sleeve) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Big Let Down" b/w "Make Up Your Mind" (Secretly Canadian SC67/black) Jurado, Damien - "Halo Friendly" EP (Summershine/black) Jurado, Damien - "Motorbike" EP (Sub Pop/black) Jurado, Damien - "Vary" EP (Translucent blue) Jurado, Damien - "Trampoline" (Sub Pop/black) Jurado, Damien - [The Maraqopa Sessions] "Clouds Beyond" b/w "Let Us All In" (Red label/black vinyl) Jurado, Damien - [The Maraqopa Sessions] "Diamond Sea" b/w "Pentagrams" (Yellow label/black vinyl) Jurado, Damien - [The Maraqopa Sessions] "Wyoming Songbirds" b/w "Ghost Of David (The Return)" (Blue label/black vinyl) Jurado, Damien/Dolorean [Split] - "Traded For Fire" b/w "Ghost of David" (2005 European Tour - x/600) - x2 copies K-Doe, Ernie - "'Taint It The Truth" b/w "Hello My Lover" (Minit 614) K-Doe, Ernie - "Hotcha Mama" b/w "(I Can't Believe) She Gave It All To Me" (Sansu 1016) K-Doe, Ernie - "Mother-In-Law" b/w "Wanted, $10,000 Reward" (Minit 623) K-Doe, Ernie - "Stoop Down" b/w "You Got To Love Me" (Sansu 1006) K-Doe, Ernie and The Stars ‎– "Easier Said Than Done" b/w "Be Sweet" (Minit ‎661) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "A Certain Girl" b/w "I Cried My Last Tear" (Minit 634) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Beating Like A Tom Tom" b/w "I Got To Find Somebody" (Minit 651) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Here Come The Girls" b/w "A Long Way Back From Home" (Janus J-167/promo/1973) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Hey, Hey, Hey" b/w "Love You The Best" (Minit 645/black label) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Love Me Like I Wanta" b/w "Don't Kill My Groove" (Duke ‎420) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Real Man" b/w "Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta" (Minit 627/black label) Kansas - "Dust In The Wind" b/w "Paradox" Kenner, Chris ‎– "A Very True Story" b/w "Packin' Up" (Instant 3234) Kenner, Chris ‎– "I Like It Like That, Parts 1 & 2" (Instant Records VR-3229) King Solomon's Advisers ‎– "Back Of My Mind" b/w "The Tight Rope" (Ghetto Records GPS-001) King, Ben E./The Coasters [Split] - "Stand By Me" b/w "Yakety Yak" (Stand By Me picture sleeve) King, Dumas ‎– "Loose Eel" b/w "Wish You'd Come Home" (Ronn R4/1966) King, Earl - "Everybody's Carried Away" b/w "Weary Silent Night" (Ace 564) King, Earl - "Street Parade, Parts 1 & 2" (Kansu 101/red label) King, Earl ‎– "Baby You Can Get Your Gun" b/w "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights" (Ace 509/yellow label) King, Earl ‎– "Trick Bag" b/w "Always A First Time" (Imperial 5811) Kinks, The ‎– "A Well Respected Man" b/w "Such A Shame" (Reprise G-0420) Kinks, The ‎– "The Village Green Preservation Society" b/w "Do You Remember Walter?" (Reprise 0847/white label promo) Kris Kross ‎– "Jump" b/w "Lil Boys In Da Hood" (Columbia/Ruffhouse 38-74197) Latterman - "Our Better Halves" (One-sided disc/black - x/1,000) Lee, Warren ‎– "Star Revue" b/w Waiting For A Bus (To Go Home)" (Deesu 305) Lees Of Memory, The ‎– "All-Powerful You" (Velocity Of Sound VOS013/coke bottle clear - x/400) Lees Of Memory, The ‎– "Soft Places" b/w "Within A Dream II" (SideOneDummy SD15727/RSD 2015/randomly mixed colors - x/750) Left Banke, The ‎– "Walk Away Renee" b/w "I Haven't Got The Nerve" (Smash S-2041) Lennon, John - "Instant Karma (We All Shine On)" b/w "Who Has Seen The Wind?" Lenz, Frank - "Brothers Who Are Breathing" b/w "Sexy Sixth" [Test Pressing] (Black - #2/8) Lewis, Smiley ‎– "One Night" b/w "Ain't Gonna Do It" (Imperial X5380) Lifetime - "The Boy's No Good" b/w "Somewhere In The Swamps of Jersey" (Black) Lightnin' Slim - "Hoo Doo Blues" b/w "It's Mighty Crazy" (Excello 2131) Lightnin' Slim - "Blues At Night" b/w "Don't Mistreat Me Baby" (Excello 2240) Little Walter and His Jukes ‎– "My Babe" (Checker 811/maroon label) Little Walter ‎– "My Baby Is Sweeter" b/w "Crazy Mixed Up World" (Checker 919/maroon label/1959) LL Cool J ‎– "Mama Said Knock You Out" b/w "Around The Way Girl" (Def Jam 38-73609) Love ‎– "7 And 7 Is" b/w "No. Fourteen" (Elektra ‎EK-45605) Love, Johnny ‎– "Chills And Fever" b/w "No Use Pledging My Love" (Startime ST-103/ST-104) Lovin' Spoonful, The - "Full Measure" b/w "Nashville Cats" (Picture sleeve) Lynn, Barbara ‎– "Take Your Love And Run" b/w "(Until Then) I'll Suffer" (Jetstream 804) Mae/Modern Dance [Split] - "Skyline Drive" b/w "Orbiting Me" (Black -x/200 [3,000 total pressed]) Mann, Charles ‎– "Hey, Little Girl" b/w "You're No Longer Man" (Lanor 529) Marchan, Bobby ‎– "Chickee Wah-Wah" b/w "Don't Take Your Love From Me" (Ace 523/yellow label/1957) Mars Volta, The - "Mr. Muggs" (One-sided planchette-shaped 7") Mars Volta, The ‎– "A Plague Upon Your Hissing Corpse" (Unofficial one-sided single/black - #129/300) Marshmallow Ghosts, The & Dreamend ‎– "The Sneak" [Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE083/CHAR013/limited edition/totally insane splatter - #239/250) Maylene & The Sons of Disaster - "Where The Saints Roam" b/w "Cheap Thrills Cost The Most" (Half Marble & half white - #401/1,000) MC5 ‎– "Kick Out The Jams" b/w "Motor City Is Burning" (Elektra ‎EK-45648/first press/yellow/black/white labels/1855 Broadway address) McDuff, Brother Jack ‎– "Theme From Electric Surfboard" b/w "Down Home Style" (Blue Note BN 1953/blue & white label) Metallica ‎– "Enter Sandman" b/w "Stone Cold Crazy" (Vertigo 868 732-7/European pressing/1991) Metallica ‎– "One" b/w "The Prince" (Elektra 7-69329/first press/1988) Meters, The ‎– "Cissy Strut" b/w "Here Comes The Meter Man" (Josie Records 45-1005) Meters, The ‎– "Hand Clapping Song" b/w "Joog" (Josie 45-1021) Meters, The ‎– "Sophisticated Cissy" b/w "Sehorns Farms" (Josie 45-1001/white label promo) Meters, The ‎– "Stretch Your Rubber Band" b/w "Groovy Lady" (Josie 45-1026/white label promo) MGMT - "Electric Feel" (UK import/purple) MGMT - "Time To Pretend" b/w "Weekend Wars" (BBC Radio 1 Session) (UK import/heavyweight vinyl/white) Mighty Hannibal, The ‎– "Fishin' Pole" b/w "Hymn No. 5" (Josie 45-964) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The ‎– "The Impression That I Get" b/w "At It Again" (Big Rig/first press/clear green) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The ‎– "Where'd You Go?" b/w "Sweet Emotion" (Taang! T-48/translucent blue - x/550) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The/Kiss [Split] ‎– "Detroit Rock City" b/w "Detroit Rock City" (Mercury 858 894-7/green transparent) Mike and The Jokers ‎– "There'S Got To Be A Girl" b/w "To Tease and Please" (Chase 6000) Mineral/Jimmy Eat World/Sense Field [Split] - "Crazy" b/w "Secret Crush" & "Every Reason" (Crank! ‎crc013/gray) Minor Threat - "First Demo Tape" (2003 pressing/purple) Minor Threat - "Salad Days" Minor Threat ‎– "In My Eyes" (Dischord no. 5/second pressing/yellow labels - x/1,000) Modest Mouse - "King Rat" b/w "Fire It Up" (Black) Modest Mouse - "A Life of Arctic Sounds" b/w "Medication" (Second press/white) Modest Mouse ‎– "Float On" b/w "I've Got It All (Most)" (Black) Modest Mouse ‎– "Too Many Fiestas For Rueben" b/w "Cowboy Dan" (Glacial Pace GP709/black) Modest Mouse ‎– "White Lies, Yellow Teeth" b/w "Buttons To Push The Buttons" (Glacial Pace GP707/black) Mohawks, The ‎– "The Champ" b/w "Sound Of The Witch Doctors" (Cotillion ‎44002) Monkees, The - "Daydream Believer" b/w "Goin' Down" Moore, Curley ‎– "Soul Train" b/w "This Way I Do" (Hot Line 901) Moore, Sam "Ironing Board" - "This Is A New Day" b/w "I Laugh" (Sansu S1000/blue label) Morgan, Oliver - "Who Shot The Lala" b/w "Hold Your Dog" (GNP Crescendo GNP 318) Morgan, Oliver - "Who Shot The Lala" b/w "Hold Your Dog" (Gumbo 45-6001) Morgus and the Ghouls - "Morgus The Magnificent" b/w "Lonely Boy" (Vin Record Co 1013/1958) MXPX - "Keep A Beat" b/w "Coffee" (Picture disc - x/1,000) MXPX - "Punk Rawk Christmas" (Orange - x/500) MXPX - "Punk Rawk Show" (Tooth & Nail TNV6/first pressing/black) MXPX - "Punk Rawk Show" (Tooth & Nail TNV6/first pressing/red) MXPX - "Screw Loose" b/w "Despise" (Green marble) MXPX - "The Broken Bones" EP (Red - x/2,000) MXPX - "The Road Less Traveled" b/w "You Hold The Key" (Fat Wreck Chords 7" of the month club/gold) MXPX ‎– "17/Suggestion Box" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV3/first pressing/Andy included in front picture/Beatles on back/purple marble) MXPX ‎– "17/Suggestion Box" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV3/first pressing/Andy included in front picture/Beatles on back/transparent clear) MXPX ‎– "17/Suggestion Box" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV3/second pressing/generic white sleeve/black) MXPX ‎– "Left Coast Punk" EP (First pressing/various red marble vinyl - x/495 MXPX ‎– "Left Coast Punk" EP (Sexy Baby SBR-1021R1/glow in the dark - #17/200) MXPX ‎– "Small Town Minds" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV10/first pressing/pink) MXPX/Cancer [Split] - "Aces Up" b/w "As Long As We Are One" & "I Felt Hope" (White w/ black streaks - x/80 [300 press total]) MXPX/The McRackins [Split] - "North America Loud Punk Series, Vol. 4" Split EP (Black) Neville, Art ‎– "That Rock & Roll Beat" b/w "Too Much" (Instant 3236) New Found Glory/Dashboard Confessional [Split] - "Swiss Army Bro-Mance" EP (Black w/ white vinyl - x/2,500) Nirvana ‎– "Come As You Are" b/w "Drain You (Live)" (DGC/Sub Pop DGCS7-19120/black/1992) Nirvana ‎– "Smells Like Teen Spirit" b/w "Even In His Youth" (DGC DGCS7-19050) No Innocent Victim - "The Crazy Engler Brothers" (Blue - x/823 [1,037 total pressed]) NOFX - "Fuck The Kids" (Orange) NOFX - "Surfer" (Orange) NOFX - "Timmy the Turtle" b/w "The Plan" (Green - x/9,499 [official number from Fat Wreck 9,537]) NOFX - "My Stepdad's A Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme" b/w "She Didn't Lose Her Baby" (Blue/black swirl - x/1,008) NOFX - "NOFX" (Hardcore Covers) (Clear w/ black & white splatter) NOFX - "Regaining Unconsciousness" (Grey) NOFX - "Ronnie & Mags" b/w "I believe In Goddess" (Blue w/ gold bursts - x/1,008) NOFX ‎– "Fuck The Kids" (Fat Wreck FAT546-7/first pressing/green - x/500) NOFX ‎– "Oxy Moronic" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT295-7/Original Demos Series #3/white oxy - x/2,589/2016) NOFX ‎– "Pods And Gods" b/w "What's The Matter With Parents Today?" (Orange - x/12,000 [official number from Fat Wreck 12,049]) NOFX ‎– "Sid & Nancy" b/w "Generation Z" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT 293-7/RSD 2016 exclusive/red+grey splatter - x/3,000) NOFX ‎– "Sid & Nancy" b/w "Generation Z" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT 293-7/RSD 2016 exclusive/red+grey splatter - x/3,000) NOFX ‎– "Stoke Extinguisher" b/w "The Shortest Pier" (Fat Wreck Chords ‎FAT268-7/green & pink swirl) NOFX ‎– "The PMRC Can Suck On This" EP (Fourth press/black - x/5,000) NOFX ‎– "Xmas Has Been X'ed" b/w "New Year's Revolution" (Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT264-7/red & green translucent - x/599) Nookie Boy - "I'll Make A Bet" b/w "I've Got A Feeling For You Baby" (A.F.O 306) Notorious B.I.G. ‎– "Big Poppa" (Radio Edit) b/w "Warning" (Radio Edit) (Bad Boy Entertainment 78612-79024-7) Overcome - "Amnesty" (Takehold Records/black - x/800 [1,000 total pressed]) Owens, Tony ‎– "Confessin' A Feeling" b/w "Got' A Get My Baby Back Home" (Soulin' 148) Owens, Tony - "Woman, I Got To Leave You" b/w "Confessin' A Feeling" (Sansu 1004) Owens, Tony ‎– "(When You're Wrong) You Got To Pay The Price" b/w "One Man's Woman, Another Man's Wife" (Listening Post LP-101) Owens, Tony ‎– "All That Matters" b/w "I Don't Want Nobody But My Baby" (Buddah BDA 471/1975) Owens, Tony ‎– "I'll Be There" b/w "Wishing, Waiting, Hoping" (Soulin' ‎146/yellow label) Parker, Robert ‎– "Barefootin'" b/w "Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)" (Nola 721/yellow label) Parker, Robert ‎– "C.C. Rider" b/w "A Letter To Santa" (NOLA 730/red label) Parker, Robert ‎– "Get Ta Steppin'" (Island IS 015/mono & stereo white label promo) Parker, Robert ‎– "Happy Feet" b/w "The Scratch" (NOLA 726/yellow label) Parker, Robert ‎– "Tip Toe" b/w "Soul Kind Of Loving" (Nola 729) Parker, Robert ‎– "Yak Yak Yak" b/w "Secret Service (Makes Me Nervous)" (NOLA 733/red label) Passion Pit ‎– "Little Secrets" (RSD 2010 exclusive/red) Patterson, Bobby ‎– "How Do You Spell Love" b/w "She Don't Have To See You" (Paula PAULA 362/1972) Pedro The Lion - "A Guitar For Janie/Progress" (w/ Booklet/black vinyl - x/2,000) Pedro The Lion - "Big Trucks" (Made In Mexico/black - x/1,000) Pedro The Lion - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" b/w "Silent Night" (Lavender Marble - x/1,000) Pedro The Lion - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" b/w "Silent Night" (Mottled grey - x/1,000) Pedro The Lion - "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" b/w "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel" (Red vinyl - x/1,000 [1,500 total] Pedro The Lion - "Song A" b/w "Song B" [Sub Pop Singles Club] (Black vinyl - x/1,300) Pedro The Lion - "The First Noel" b/w "Long Way Around The Sea" (White vinyl - x/3,000) Pedro The Lion - "Helicopter" (Homemade Recordings/black - x/750 [1,000 total pressed]) Pee Shy/Home [Split] - "Shazam" b/w "Gallup!" Pep Squad - "Angela Jones" b/w "I Am Alone Inside" (Blue) Phillips, Esther ‎– "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" b/w "'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone" (Kudu KU-904) Pink Floyd - "Another Brick In The Wall, Parts 1 & 2" (White vinyl - limited edition) Pink Frost - "The Sun" b/w "You Should Know" (Lavender - x/100 [500 pressed total] Pink Frost - "The Sun" b/w "You Should Know" [Test Pressing] (Black - #14/14) Plastic Crimewave Sound - "A Dream You See" b/w "Tears For Reep Daggle" (N+B 001/Seafoam green - x/100 [500 pressed total]) Poison Idea/Pantera [Split] ‎– "The Badge" (RSD 2014 exclusive/purple - x/4,700) Polka Dot Slim ‎– "A Thing You Gotta Face" b/w "Ain't Broke, Ain't Hungry" (Instant 3269) Pony Express ‎– "Transparent With Blue Eyes" b/w "After August" (Velvet Blue Music VBM002/clear blue) Pop Unknown/Sunfactor [Split] - "Sunday Gone" b/w "Fall In New England" (Year 3 Thousand YR3001/black) Price, Lloyd w/ Don Costa Orchestra ‎– "Stagger Lee" b/w "You Need Love" (ABC-Paramount 45-9972) Prince La La ‎– "She Put The Hurt On Me" b/w "Don't You Know Little Girl (I'm In Love)" (A.F.O. 45-301) Professor Longhair & His Blues Scholars ‎– "Tipitina" b/w "In The Night" (Atlantic 45-1020/yellow label/1954) Professor Longhair - "Cuttin' Out" b/w "If I Only Knew" (Ron 326/orange label) Professor Longhair - "Go To The Mardi Gras" b/w "Everyday, Everynight" (Ron 329/red label) Professor Longhair - "No Buts, No Maybes" b/w "Cry Pretty Baby" (Specialty 749/reissue) Professor Longhair and The Clippers ‎– "Willie The Prince" b/w "Third House From The Corner" (Watch 45-1904/promo) Professor Longhair ‎– "Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand" b/w "Looka' No Hair" (Ebb ‎– 121) Professor Longhair ‎– "Big Chief (Parts 1 & 2)" (Watch ‎45-1900/yellow label) Professor Longhair ‎– "Look What You're Doin' To Me" b/w "Misery" (Ebb 106/black label) Professor Longhair ‎– "No Buts - No Maybes" b/w "Cry Pretty Baby" (Ebb 101) Queen - "We Are The Champions" b/w "We Will Rock You" (Elektra E-45441/picture sleeve) Question Mark & The Mysterians "96 Tears" b/w "Midnight Hour" (Cameo C-428) Quicksand - "Quicksand" (Revelation 18/first pressing/black - x/5,000) Quicksand ‎- "Dine Alone" b/w "Can Opener" (Polydor PRO 1002-7/black) R. Kelly ‎– "Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)" b/w "I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)" (Jive 01241-42373-7) Rainbows, The - "Good Thing Goin'" b/w "Key To My Heart" (Instant 3291) Ralston, John - "Jesus Christ" b/w "A Marigny Xmas" (Signed/white vinyl - x/150 [300 total pressed]) Ramone, Joey - "Rock 'N Roll Is The Answer" b/w "There's Got To Be More To Life" (RSD 2012 exclusive/red) Ramones - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" b/w "Judy Is A Punk" (Demos/Norton repress/1997) Ramones ‎- "Needles & Pins" b/w "I Wanted Everything" (Sire SRE 1045) Ramones ‎– "Carbona Not Glue" b/w "I Can't Be" (Sub Pop SP 666/unofficial release/pink version - x/500) Ramones ‎– "Carbona Not Glue" b/w "I Can't Be" (Sub Pop SP 666/unofficial release/yellow version - x/500) Ramones/Red Hot Chili Peppers [Split] - "Havana Affair" (RSD 2011 exclusive/red) Reeder, Eskew - "Johnny Little" b/w "A Tear" (Everest 2025) Reeder, Eskew ‎– "Green Door" b/w "I Waited Too Long" (Minit ‎648) Reeder, Eskew ‎– "I Woke Up (With My Mind On My Baby), Parts 1 & 2" (Instant 3268) Replacements, The ‎– "I'm In Trouble" b/w "If Only You Were Lonely" (Twin/Tone Records ‎TTR 8120/first pressing w/ picture sleeve/black) Ridgley, Tommy - "Sometimes You Get It" b/w "What A Mess We're In" (Sansu ‎S10001/misspelled Ridgely on label) Ridgley, Tommy ‎– "Hey Little Chick" b/w "Did You Tell Him" (White Cliffs 260/white label promo) Ridgley, Tommy ‎– "I Want Some Money Baby" b/w "All My Love Belongs To You" (Johen 45-9200/1965) Ridgley, Tommy ‎– "I'm Asking Forgiveness" b/w "There Is Something On Your Mind" (River City 728) Roadside Monument - "My Life is Green" (Tooth & Nail TNV8/black) Roadside Monument - "My Life is Green" (Tooth & Nail TNV8/green) Roadside Monument/Frodus [Split] - "Split EP" (White) Robinson, David - "I Like It Like It Is" b/w "I Care For You" (Orbitone 1001/baby blue label) Roger & The Gypsies ‎– "Pass The Hatchet, Parts 1 & 2" (Seven B ‎7001) Rolling Stones, The - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" b/w "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" (London label/US press) Rollins, Sonny - "The Bridge" EP (RCA LSP-2527/picture sleeve) Rollins, Sonny - "Almost Like Being In Love" b/w "In A Sentimental Mood" (Prestige 45-284/mono/promo/203 S. Washington Ave. NJ on the label) Ronstadt, Linda & James Ingram - "Somewhere Out There" ("An American Tail" picture sleeve) Rufio - "Above Me" b/w "Road To Recovery" (Original demo versions/black) RUN DMC - "Walk This Way" b/w "King of Rock" (Profile/picture sleeve) Sagan, Carl (featuring Stephen Hawking) - "A Glorious Dawn" (One-sided etched disc) Saves The Day – "Anywhere with You" b/w "Blossom" (White) Seeds, The ‎– "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" b/w "I Tell Myself" (GNP Crescendo - GNP 354) Seeds, The ‎– "March Of The Flower Children" b/w "A Thousand Shadows" (GNP Crescendo ‎– GNP 394/mono) Seeds, The ‎– "Pushin' Too Hard" b/w "Try To Understand" (GNP Crescendo GNP 372/blue label) Sense Field/Onelinedrawing [Split] - "Anniversary" b/w "Wings" (Blue - #552/1,500) Shai Hulud - "A Profound Hatred of Man" (Black) Shai Hulud - "A Profound Hatred of Man" (Third press/green) Shelter ‎– "In Defense Of Reality" b/w "The News" (Equal Vision EVR 4/clear) Shins, The - "Nothing At All" b/w "Split Needles (alt. version)" (Sub Pop) Shockwave - "Warpath" EP (Blue) Sick Of It All ‎– "Sick Of It All" (Revelation REVELATION: 3/4th pressing/red labels/33 rpm/1988) Sleeping By The Riverside - "Sleeping By The Riverside" (Purple vinyl) Slick Shoes ‎– "Slick Shoes" EP (Tooth & Nail TNR 1073/black) Slim, Tarheel & Little Ann ‎– "Can't Stay Away, Parts 1 & 2" (Fire 1017/1960) Smashing Pumpkins, The ‎– "1979" b/w "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" (Virgin ‎7243 8 38522 7 7/1996) Smith Westerns ‎– "Varsity" b/w "Case & Point" (Mom + Pop MP11/black) Smith, Huey "Piano" and The Clowns ‎– "Don't You Just Know It" b/w "High Blood Pressure" (Ace 545) Smith, Huey "Piano" ‎– "Havin A Good Time" b/w "We Like Birdland" (Ace 548) Smith, Huey "Piano" With his Clowns ‎– "Well I'll Be John Brown" b/w "Don't You Know Yockomo" (Ace 553) Smith, Huey "Piano"& His Clowns ‎– "Beatnik Blues" b/w "For Cryin' Out Loud" (Ace 584/1960) Smith, Huey and His Clowns ‎– "Just A Lonely Clown" b/w "Free Single And Disengaged" (Ace 538/white label) Smith, Huey and The Clowns ‎– "Rocking Pneumonia and The Boogie Woogie Flu" (Ace Records 530/white label with blue lettering) Smith, Huey ‎– "Pop-Eye" b/w "Scald-Dog" (Ace 649) Smith, Huey ‎– "Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and The Sinus Blues" b/w "Dearest Darling" (Ace 571) Snapcase - "Comatose" b/w "Crown of Thorns" (First pressing/opaque yellow - x/460) Sonic Youth ‎– "Providence" (Blast First BFFP 48/mono & stereo UK promo - x/500) Sonic Youth/Erase Errata [Split] ‎– "Buddy Series #1" (Narnack - NACK 002/black) Soundgarden ‎– "Black Hole Sun" b/w "Spoonman" (A&M Records 31458 0766 7/black/1994) Southwest F.O.B. ‎– "Smell Of Incense" b/w "Green Skies" (Hip HIA-8002/blue label) Spellman, Benny - "Roll On" b/w "That's All I Ask of You" (Ace 630) Spellman, Benny ‎– "Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)" b/w "Fortune Teller" (Minit 644/black label) Spellman, Benny ‎– "The Word Game" b/w "I Feel Good" (Atlantic ‎– 45-2291/1965) Spiders - "Spiders" EP (Mono/Sundazed/1998) Spitfire ‎– "Ohm Driver" (Demo) (New American Records NAR-101/black - #96/300) Starflyer 59 - "Automatic" b/w "Compulsion" (The first two 7"s in "Ghosts of the Future" box set were mispressed on white vinyl) Starflyer 59 - "The Changing of the Guard bonus 7" [Test Pressing] (Marbled vinyl - x/30) Starflyer 59 - "Concentrate" b/w "Pearl of Great Price" (The first two 7"s in "Ghosts of the Future" box set were mispressed on white vinyl) Starflyer 59 - "Elijah the Prophet" b/w "Never Had One" ('The Fashion Focus' bonus 7"/black) Starflyer 59 - "Your Company" b/w "Prepare To Detour" ('Everybody Makes Mistakes' bonus 7"/black) Starship ‎– "We Built This City" b/w "Sara" (RCA 5180-7-GG) Staryfler 59 - "Goodbyes Are Sad" b/w "Next Time Around" (Tooth & Nail TNV 9/baby blue) Staryfler 59 - "Goodbyes Are Sad" b/w "Next Time Around" (Tooth & Nail TNV 9/white) Stretch Arm Strong - "It Burns Clean" (Black) Stretch Arm Strong/Disciple [Split] - "I Stand Alone" (Black) Strongarm - "Division" (Black - x/700) Strongarm - "Trials" (White - x/200) Stryper - "Honestly" b/w "Sing-Along-Song" (Picture sleeve) Sugar Hill Gang - "Rapper's Delight" b/w "Apache" Sunny Day Real Estate/Circa Survive [Split] - "Lipton Witch" b/w "Bad Heart" (RSD 2014 exclusive/maroon - x/2,400) Swamp Dogg ‎– "Mama's Baby-Daddy's Maybe" b/w "Sal-A-Faster" (Canyon #30/1970) Swift, Richard ‎– "Kisses For The Misses" (Secretly Canadian SC 157) Taking Back Sunday - "Carpathia" b/w "Catholic Knees (live)" (Picture sleeve) Taking Back Sunday ‎– "Sink Into Me" b/w "You Wreck Me" (Warner Bros. 519695-7/black) Taylor, Betty ‎– "I'm Going Home" b/w "You're A Winner" (NOLA 705/red label) Taylor, Chris - "Basketball" b/w "Dolly" (Big Thunder 503) Tee, Willie - "I'd Give It To You" b/w "Look Out World" (United Artists UA-XW910-Y) Tee, Willie ‎– "Sweet thing" b/w "Man That I Am" (Gatur Records ‎– 511) Tee, Willie ‎– "Thank You John" b/w "Dedicated to You" (Atlantic 45-2287) Tee, Willie ‎– "Walking Up A One Way Street" b/w "Teasin' You" (Atlantic 45-2273) Tee, Willie ‎– "Walking Up A One Way Street" b/w "Teasin' You" (NOLA 708/yellow label) Tee, Willie/Betty LaVette [Split] ‎– "Please Don't Go" b/w "Games People Play" (Ripete R45-3108/deleted reissue) Texas Is The Reason - "Texas Is The Reason" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The ‎– "You're Gonna Miss Me" b/w "Tried To Hide" (International Artists 107/yellow & green labels) Thomas, Irma - "Ruler of My Heart" b/w "It's Raining" (Imperial 037/The Golden Series) Thomas, Irma - "Whenever" b/w "For Goodness Sake" (Bandy 368/black label) Thomas, Irma - "Wish Someone Would Care" b/w "Break-A-Way" (Imperial 66013) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Don't Mess With My Man" b/w "Set Me Free" (Ron 328/red label) Thomas, Irma ‎– "I Done Got Over It" b/w "Gone" (Minit 642) Thomas, Irma ‎– "It's Raining" b/w "I Did My Part" (Minit 653/black label/1962) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Moments To Remember" b/w "Times Have Changed" (Imperial ‎66069) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Two Winters Long" b/w "Somebody Told You" (Minit 660/black label/1962) Thomas, Irma ‎– "What Are You Trying To Do" b/w "Take A Look" (Imperial 66137/1965) Thomas, Rosie/Sufjan Stevens [Split] - "Where Were You?" b/w "Here I Am!" (Hit & Run, Vol. 1) Thou - "To Carry A Stone" (Housed in black on white silkscreened sleeve w/ white interior sleeve/translucent yellow - x/30 [500 pressed total]) Thou - "To Carry A Stone" (Housed in silkscreened black cardstock sleeves with silver ink w/ white interior sleeve/pastel yellow - x/100 [500 pressed total]) Thou ‎– "Only You Deserve Conceit" (Sisters In Christ ‎SIC001/RSD 2015 exclusive to Sisters In Christ in NOLA/black - x/500) Thou/Black September [Split] - "Thrive and Decay" (Black - x/1,000) Thou/Black September [Split] - "Thrive and Decay" (Clear red - x/1,000) Thou/Haarp [Split] - "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos" b/w "Thinning" (Orange vinyl - x/1,000) Thou/Hell [Split] ‎– "Resurrection Bay" (White - x/1,000) Thou/Human Intruder [Split] - "A Faire Quarrell" (Black) Thrice - "At Guitar Center" (Red - #58/2,000) Thrice/Thursday [Split] - "Under A Killing Moon" b/w "For The Workforce, Drowning" (Clear) Tumbledown - "Arrested In El Paso Blues" b/w "Small Desert Town" (Picture disc) Tumbledown - "Atlantic City" b/w "Gambling On Love" (Picture disc) Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring [Split] (Half black/Coke bottle blue - x/400 [1,000 pressed total]) TV On The Radio - "New Health Rock" b/w "Modern Romance" Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ‎– "Mind Crawler" b/w "Get On Home" (Rise Above RISE7/172/first press/transparent green - x/500) Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ‎– "Runaway Girls" b/w "Devil’s Work (Acoustic)" (Rise Above RISE7/180/opaque purple - x/500) Underoath - "In Regards To Myself" b/w "Writing On The Walls" (Black) Underoath ‎– "Sunburnt" b/w "Unsound" (Farewell tour picture disc - x/2,500) Underoath/Thursday split 7" (Picture disc - x/500) Unteachers/Grace & Thieves [Split] (Green - x/100 [300 pressed total]) Various Artists - "Hardcore 1990 - East Meets West" (Black) Various Artists - "Sassy" (Sub Pop SP 171/originally came with Sassy Magazine/green - x/3,000) Various Artists - "The Essential Seven B Collection" (3x7"/Featuring: Eddie Bo, Roger & the Gypsies, Lenny McDaniel, Little Buck, & Pat Brown) Various Artists ‎– "Facedown Records 7" Set" (Facedown/first pressing/3x7"/black cover/blue, white & clear vinyl - #288/300) Velvet Underground, The ‎– "Who Loves The Sun" (Cotillion 45-44107/first pressing/stereo & mono white label promo/1971) Washington, Walter & The Soul Powers ‎– "Pony Express, Parts 1 & 2" (Scram 118/1969) Wavves - "California Goths" b/w "Here's To The Sun" (Pink - x/150) Wednesdays, The ‎– "American Midnight" (Tooth & Nail TNV14/black) West, Willie ‎– "A Man Like Me" b/w "Did You Have Fun" (Rustone 1403) West, Willie ‎– "Greatest Love" b/w "Hello Mama" (Deesu 306/green label) West, Willie ‎– "It's Been So Long" b/w "Said To Myself" (Warner Bros. WBS 8087/1975) Wham! ‎– "Careless Whisper" b/w "Instrumental (Columbia 38-04691/picture sleeve) Wham! ‎– "Everything She Wants (Remix)" b/w "Like A Baby" (Columbia 38-04840/picture sleeve) Whirr/Monster Movie [Split] ‎– "Color Change" b/w "Flatlining" [Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE085/CHAR007/limited edition/twilight lavender - #203/250) White, Danny ‎– "Can't Do Nothing Without You" b/w "Miss Fine Miss Fine" (Frisco 110) White, Danny ‎– "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" b/w "The Little Bitty Things" (Frisco 104) Wilco - "I Might" b/w "I Love My Label" (Blue - x/1,000) Wilco - "You Never Know" b/w "Unlikely Japan" (Black) Wild Magnolias, The ‎– "New Suit" b/w "(Big Chief Like Plenty of) Fire Water" (Treehouse 801) Wild Magnolias, The ‎– "Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right)" b/w "Iko Iko" (Polydor ‎PD 14242) Williamson, Sonny Boy ‎– "My Younger Days" b/w "I Want You Close To Me" (Checker 1080/maroon label) Williamson, Sonny Boy ‎– "The Goat" b/w "It's Sad To Be Alone" (Checker 943/maroon label) Williamson, Sonny Boy ‎– "Wake Up Baby" b/w "Your Funeral and My Trial" (Checker ‎894/promo/white label) Wonder, Stevie ‎– "A Something's Extra For 'Songs In The Key Of Life'" (Tamla T 340EP/bonus 45 for SITKOL LP) Wray, Link and The Ray Men ‎– "Week End" b/w "Turnpike U.S.A." (SWAN S-4154/1963) Wrestlers, The - "Land of 1,000 Dances" (White label promo/picture sleeve) xDISCIPLEx A.D. - "Blood Feud" EP (Second press/purple marble mix - x/565) Youth of Today - "Disengage" EP (Third press/black) Youth of Today ‎– "Disengage" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Zao ‎– "Drifting Shadows in Walking Dreams" (Decibel Flexi Series DB073/flexi-disc/blue/2016) Zao ‎– "Xenophobe" b/w "Fear Itself" (First press/clear - #461/600) Zao/Through And Through [Split] ‎– "Treadwater" (Steadfast SFR 003/red - x/750) Zapata – "Do Your Thing, Parts 1 & 2" (Metro-Dome ME-45-1004/1972) Zombies, The ‎– "If It Don't Work Out" b/w "Don't Cry For Me" (Date 2-1648/promo/white 'radio station copy' label) Zombies, The ‎– "She's Not There" b/w "You Make Me Feel So Good" (Parrot ‎45 PAR 9695) Zombies, The ‎– "Time Of The Season" b/w "Friends of Mine" (Date 2-1628/green label) 10" (24 items) Anberlin ‎– "Vital" (Universal Republic B0017548-01/first press/2x10") Clash, The - "Black Market Clash" (1st pressing/Nu Disk/promo copy) Cure, The ‎– "A Single" (Fiction Records 0930.083/German import/1982/black) Dashboard Confessional - "If You Can't Leave It Be, Might As Well Make It Bleed" b/w "Ghost of A Good Thing" (Picture Disc - x/3,000) Davis, Miles - "Miles Davis Quartet" (Black Friday RSD 2011 exclusive/blue) Davis, Miles - "Miles Davis" [Classics In Jazz] (Capitol H459/mono/deep groove/1954) Davis, Miles All Stars ‎– "Vol. 1" (Prestige PRLP 196/mono/deep groove/maroon label/446 W. 50th St., N.Y.C./RVG in dead wax/1955) Davis, Miles All Stars ‎– "Vol. 2" (Prestige PRLP 200/deep groove/446 W. 50th St., N.Y.C./RVG in dead wax/1955) Davis, Miles ‎– "Enigma" (Blue Note LP 5071/Black Friday RSD 2014 exclusive/black) Get Up Kids, The - "Simple Science" EP (Red/Japan issue/CR Records - #329/500) Get Up Kids, The - "Simple Science" EP (UK issue/Hassle Records - x/500) Get Up Kids, The ‎– "Red Letter Day" (First pressing/black) Hopesfall - "No Wings To Speak Of" (Blue marble) Jay, Abner - "Last Ole Ministrel Man" (Mississippi MR-080/reissue) King, Earl ‎– "Earl King: 1954-1955" (Vivid Sound VS 2010/Japanese import/1981) MXPX – "On The Cover" (First press/2x10"/white) NOFX - "NOFX" (Hardcore Covers) (One-sided disc/half black & half white) Pedro The Lion - "Whole" EP Shai Hulud/Indecision [Split] - "The Fall of Every Man" (Black) The Lulls In Traffic/States [Split] EP ‎– "The Lulls in Traffic/States Split" (Vanguard Room ‎VAND013/translucent yellow - x/300) Thou - "Malfeasance - Retribution" (First pressing/black - x/525) Thou - "To The Chaos Wizard Youth" (First US press/black) Underoath - "Ø (disambiguation) Remixes" (One-sided etched vinyl/clear) Underoath - "Lost In The Sound of Separation" (Deluxe Edition: 2xLP/10" sawblade die cut records/LP 1: turquois; LP 2: red marble - #692/5,000) LP/12" (617 items) '68 ‎– "In Humor And Sadness" (eOne Music EOM-LP 9436/first press/ultra clear - x/500) 13th Floor Elevators ‎– "The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators" (International Artists ‎IA-LP-1/first pressing/stereo/1966) Adderley, Cannonball - "Somethin' Else" (Blue Note 1595/reissue) AFI - "Very Proud Of Ya" (Nitro 15805-1/first press/black) Afro Latin Soultet, The ‎– "Wild!" (Tower T-5051/mono/1966) Anberlin - "Cities" (2xLP/black) Anberlin - "Blueprints For The Black Market" (Black) Anberlin - "Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place" (180 gram/black) Anberlin - "Never Take Friendship Personal" (Black) Anchor & Braille - "Felt" (180 Gram/black - x/100) Appleseed Cast, The - "Mare Vitalis" (First pressing/LP 1: blue & white/LP 2: black w/ gold streaks - x/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "Middle States" EP (Milky clear & aqua blue vinyl - #137/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "Two Conversations" (First pressing/transparent monster electric green/baby blue opaque/red and white splatter vinyl - #466/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "End of the Ring Wars" (2xLP/first pressing/gold) Appleseed Cast, The - "Low Level Owl 1 & 2" (First pressing/black - x/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "Peregrine" (First pressing/black - x/2,000) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" (Graveface GRAVE090/first press/180 gram/mailorder only/black - x/500) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" [Test Pressing] (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover signed - #39/50) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" [Test Pressing] (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover/unnumbered - x/72) Arcade Fire - "Funeral" (Merge mrg255/first pressing/embossed cover) Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible" (2xLP/gatefold sleeve/black) Arcade Fire - "Reflektor" b/w "Reflektor Instrumental" 12" Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs" (2xLP/gatefold sleeve/black) Arcade Fire – "The Suburbs" b/w "Month Of May" (12" single/white label - x/1,000) As Cities Burn ‎– "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest" (First pressing/Coke bottle green & red split - x/100 [1,000 pressed total]) As I Lay Dying - "Shadows Are Security" (Black) As I Lay Dying - "An Ocean Between Us" (Green) As I Lay Dying ‎– "Frail Words Collapse" (Metal Blade ‎3984-14441-2/black) As I Lay Dying ‎– "The Powerless Rise" (Box set/picture disc) At The Drive-In - "Relationship of Command" (RSD 2013 exclusive/2xLP/150 gram/orange) At The Drive-In ‎– "Acrobatic Tenement" (First US pressing/red) Ataris, The ‎– "End Is Forever" (Kung Fu 87822-1/first pressing/black) Bazan, David - "Curse Your Branches" (+ 7") Bazan, David - "Strange Negotiations" (Black) Bazan, David - "Bazan: Live At Electrical Audio" (Black - #878/1,000) Bazan, David - "Fewer Moving Parts" EP (Black) Bazan, David ‎– "Christmas Bonus" (Suicide Squeeze 149/etched B-side/white - x/1,000) Bazan, David ‎– "Dark Sacred Night" (Suicide Squeeze S150/blue & white - x/2,000) Bazuka - "Bazuka" (A&M SP-3406/white label promo/1975) Beach Boys, The - "SMiLE Sessions" (Capitol T 2580/2xLP/180 gram) Beach Boys, The - "Smiley Smile" (Brother Records T-9001/first press/mono) Beach Boys, The - "Surf's Up" (Reprise/Brother RS 6453/first press/stereo) Beach Boys, The - "Surfer Girl" (Capitol T-1981/first press/mono/colorband label) Beach Boys, The - "The Beach Boys Today" (Capitol T-2269/first press/mono/colorband label) Beach Boys, The - "Wild Honey" (Capitol T-2859/first press/mono/colorband label) Beach Boys, The – "Pet Sounds" (Capitol T-2458/first press/mono/colorband label) Beatles, The - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Capitol MAS-2653/first press/mono/gatefold/coloband label w/ cardboard cut-out sheet) Beatles, The - "The Beatles' Greatest" (Odeon OMHS 3001l/Dutch import/stereo) Beatles, The ‎– "Magical Mystery Tour" (Apple SMAL-2835/stereo/Apple label/1971) Beck - "Odelay" (First press/Bong Load/180 gram w/ inserts/black) Beck ‎– "Modern Guilt" (XL Recordings XLLP 369/UK & Europe first press/black) Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Berry, Chuck ‎– "One Dozen Berrys" (Chess 1432/first pressing/mono/deep groove/black label) Berry, Chuck ‎– "Twist" (Chess LP 1465/first pressing/mono/black label/deep groove) Better Than A Thousand - "Just One" (Revelation: 60/black - x/2,029) Big Star - "#1 Record" (Ardent ADS 280/reissue/no barcode/2009) Big Star ‎– "Radio City" (Big Beat/Off Beat WIK 54/European import/yellow label/1986) Blac Dog ‎– "Backwoods Boogie: Louisiana's Answer To Punk Rock" (Crazy Horse 2001/1978) Black Flag - "Jealous Again" EP (SST 003/First pressing/no barcode on sleeve/black) Black Flag - "Everything Went Black" (2xLP/Second press/no barcode on sleeve/poster included/1987) Black Flag ‎– "Damaged" (Roadrunner RR 9956/2nd Netherlands pressing/red logo on white label) Black Flag ‎– "In My Head" (SST 045/first US pressing/black) Black Flag ‎– "Slip It In" (SST 029/first pressing/no barcode on cover w/ 1 black and white insert) Black Merda ‎– "The Psych-Funk Of Black Merda" (Funky Delicacies DEL LP 0077) Blind Melon - "Blind Melon" (RSD 2013 exclusive/2xLP/black) Blink 182 - "Dude Ranch" (First pressing/Grilled Cheese Records/gatefold sleeve/black) Blink 182 ‎– "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket" (First US pressing/tri-color [red/yellow/green] vinyl - x/2,000) Blues Magoos ‎– "Electric Comic Book" (Mercury ‎MG 21104/first pressing/mono/1967) Blues Magoos ‎– "Psychedelic Lollipop" (Mercury MG 21096/first pressing/mono) Bo, Eddie - "Check Mr. Popeye" (Rounder 2077/1988) Bo, Eddie - "New Orleans Piano Riffs For DJ's" (Tuff City/1993) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Vippin' & Voppin'" (Charly Records CRB 1195/UK import/1988) Boston Strangler - "Primitive" (First press/black - x/3,000) Bowie, David ‎– "Pinups" (RCA Victor ‎APL1-0291/orange label) Bowie, David ‎– "The Man Who Sold The World" (Mercury SR-61325/counterfeit/boot/matrix # is hand-etched) Box Tops, The ‎– "Super Hits" (Bell 6025/stereo) Boyz II Men ‎– "Evolution" (Motown/first press/2xLP) Braid - "Frames & Canvas" (First pressing/black) Braid ‎– "Closer To Closed" EP (Black - x/1,000) Brand New - "Daisy" (First press/180 gram) Brandtson - "Dial In Sounds" (White - x/200 [500 total pressed]) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" (Multi-colored splatter limited variant - x/18) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" [Test pressing] (Blue handmade screened jacket/orange marble vinyl - #2/5) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" [Test pressing] (Red handmade screened jacket/black vinyl - #15/20) Brandtson - "Trying to Figure Each Other Out" (Black - x/1,000) Bright Eyes - "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" (First pressing/180 gram) Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' ‎– "The Original Peacock Recordings" (Rounder 2039/1983) Buffalo Springfield ‎– "Retrospective: The Best Of Buffalo Springfield" (ATCO SD 33-283/yellow label) Burton Inc. ‎– "L.A. Will Make You Pay $$$" (Jazzman JMANLP060/UK reissue/2013) Buzzcocks ‎– "Another Music In A Different Kitchen" (United Artists UAG 30159/original UK press/silver label with orange square) Byrds, The - "Turn! Turn! Turn!" (Columbia CS 9254/2nd press/stereo/red label) Byrds, The ‎– "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" (Columbia ‎CS 9670/first US pressing/two eye label/stereo) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ‎– "Mirror Man" (Buddah Records BDS 5077/Die-cut/1971) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ‎– "Safe As Milk" (Sundazed LP 5460/mono/180 gram/reissue) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ‎– "Trout Mask Replica" (Straight/Reprise 2MS 2027/1974 press/gatefold/tan Reprise labels) Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band ‎– "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" (Mercury SRM-1-1018/first US press/promo) Captain Beefheart ‎– "The Spotlight Kid" (Reprise MS 2050/first US press) Cash, Johnny - "Johnny Cash Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous" (Sun Records) Cash, Johnny ‎– "American IV: The Man Comes Around" (American Recordings 440 063 336-1/first pressing/2xLP) Chariot, The - "Long Live" (First pressing/180 gram vinyl/white w/ black splatter - #814/2,000) Chariot, The ‎– "The Fiancée" (Solid State TND49015/first pressing/translucent gold - x/500) Charles, Bobby ‎– "Chess Masters: Bobby Charles" (Chess CH 9175/1984 compilation) Charles, Ray - "Modern Sounds In Country and Western Music" Charles, Ray - "What'd I Say" (Atlantic 8029/mono/purple & orange label w/ black fan) Chipmunks, The - "Chipmunk Punk" (Black) Clark-Hutchinson ‎– "A = MH2" (Sire/London Records 97021/first US press/promo/stereo) Clash, The - "Combat Rock" (Black) Coleman, Ornette - "Change of The Century" (Atlantic 1327/first pressing/mono/black label) Coleman, Ornette - "The Shape of Jazz To Come" (Atlantic 1317/first pressing/mono/bullseye label) Coleman, Ornette ‎– "Tomorrow Is The Question!" (Contemporary M 3569/first pressing/deep groove/yellow label) Coltrane, John ‎– "My Favorite Things" (Stereo/red & green label/later issue) Coltrane, John - "Olé Coltrane" (Atlantic 1373/first pressing/mono/red & purple w/ white fan labels) Coltrane, John - "Soultrane" (Prestige 7142/Mono/203 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Coltrane, John - "Coltrane Jazz" (Atlantic 1354/mono/orange & purple w/ black fan labels) Coltrane, John - "Impressions" (Impulse A-42/Mono/orange & black label) Coltrane, John ‎– "Ascension" [Edition II] (Impulse A-95/mono/Edition II is the second press with the 1st take of the piece) Coltrane, John ‎– "Blue Train" [Test Pressing] (Blue Note BN LP-1577/Classic Records ‎reissue/mono/2003 remastered version/200 gram - x/20) Coltrane, John ‎– "Giant Steps" (Atlantic ‎SD 1311/stereo/green & blue labels w/ black fan/1962) Coltrane, John ‎– "Om" (Impulse! ‎AS-9140/first US pressing/stereo/orange & black label) Coltrane, John ‎– "Sun Ship" (Impulse/ABC ‎AS-9211/gatefold) Coltrane, John Quartet - "Ballads" (Impulse A-32/Mono/orange & black label) Coltrane, John Quartet ‎– "Africa/Brass" (Impulse! A-6/original US pressing/mono/orange & black label) Comeback Kid - "Broadcasting..." (First press/khaki green - x/1,000 [2,000 pressed total]) Comeback Kid - "Symptoms + Cures" (First press/white w/ black smoke - x/300) Comeback Kid - "Turn It Around" (First press/blood splatter/no lablels - x/200) Comeback Kid - "Wake The Dead" (First pressing/baby blue - x/330) Congos, The ‎– "Heart Of The Congos" (Reissue) Converge - "Axe To Fall" (Beer, Coke bottle blue & black tricolor vinyl - x/800) Converge - "Jane Doe" (2xLP/Deathwish second pressing [Equal Vision color] clear green - x/560) Converge - "No Heroes" (First pressing/pink & white - x/1,000 [5,000 total pressed] Converge - "When Forever Comes Crashing" (Black - x/3,100) Converge - "You Fail Me" (First pressing/clear & white cross - x/895) Converge - "All We Love We Leave Behind" (First press/blue - x/339) Converge ‎– "Petitioning The Empty Sky" (Equal Vision EVR 40/first pressing/black - x/3,100) Converge/Hellchild [Split] – "Deeper The Wound" (Bastardized Recordings BE007/first German press/splattered/2001 - x/1,800) Cooper, Alice - "Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits" (Warner Bros. W 2803) Cootees, The ‎– "Let's Play House" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1062/first press/glow in the dark vinyl) Copeland - "Beneath Medecine Tree" (Farewell tour edition/white vinyl - x/300) Copeland - "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" (First press/180 gram/black - x/500) Copeland - "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" (First press/clear w/ black smoke - x/250) Copeland - "In Motion" (Half Clear Brown/Half White - x/200) Copeland - "In Motion" [Test Pressing] (Approved test - #10/10) Copeland - "You Are My Sunshine" (2xLP/black/sealed) Copeland ‎– "Ixora" (Tooth & Nail ‎TND0000-40/first pressing/blue w/ white splatter - x/300) Costello, Elvis - "This Year's Model" (Second pressing w/ perimeter text as 'Costello' instead of 'Columbia') Count Five ‎– "Psychotic Reaction" (Double LP-DSS-5001/first pressing/stereo/1966) Craig's Brother - "Lost At Sea" (Tooth & Nail/Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains/red w/ black marble - #93/100 [300 pressed total]) Craig's Brother - "Lost At Sea" [Test Pressing] (Tooth & Nail/Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains - x/10) Creedence Clearwater Revival ‎– "Cosmo's Factory" (Fantasy 8402/original pressing/stereo) Cro-Mags - "Age of Quarrel" (Profile PRO-1218/first pressing/beige labels/uncensored red inner-sleeve) Cro-Mags - "Best Wishes" (Profile PRO-1274/first pressing/black labels) Crosby, Bing ‎– "Merry Christmas" (Decca DL 8128/mono/1960 repress) Cure, The ‎– "Disintegration" (Elektra 9 60855-1/US pressing) Cure, The ‎– "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" (Elektra 60737-1/first US pressing/2xLP/black) Cure, The ‎– "Pornography" (A&M SP-4902/first US press/promo) Cure, The ‎– "The Head On The Door" (Elektra 9 60435-1) Cure, The ‎– "Three Imaginary Boys" (Fiction FIX 1; FICTION DELUXE/first UK pressing) Dashboard Confessional - "The Swiss Army Romance" (First pressing/black) Davis, Miles & Lee Konitz - "Ezz-Thetic" (New Jazz/purple label/"RVG" in deadwax) Davis, Miles (Quintet) - "Cookin'" (Prestige 7094/Mono/446 W. 50th St., NYC on the label) Davis, Miles (Quintet) - "Relaxin'" (Prestige 7129/Mono/446 W. 50th St., NYC on the label) Davis, Miles (Quintet) - "Workin'" (Prestige 7166/Mono/203 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles (Quintet) ‎– "Miles Smiles" (Columbia CS 9401/first US pressing/stereo/2 eye label) Davis, Miles + 19 (w/ Gil Evans) "‎Miles Ahead" (Columbia CL 1041/first US pressing/mono/first cover that was later withdrawn/6 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Miles In The Sky" (Columbia - CS 9628/first US press/stereo/2 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Agharta" (Columbia PG 33967/first US press/2xLP/stereo) Davis, Miles - "Bitches Brew" (Columbia GP 26/stereo/2 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Collectors' Items" (Prestige 7044/mono/deep groove/"RVG" in deadwax/203 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles - "Kind of Blue" (Columbia CL 1355/Mono/6 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Kind of Blue" (Columbia PC 8163/stereo/late 70's press/red label) Davis, Miles ‎– "Live-Evil" (Columbia CG 30954/second press/red labels) Davis, Miles ‎– "Sorcerer" (Columbia PC 9532/later US pressing/stereo) Dead Kennedys - "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" (First Pressing/IRS label/orange cover) Death Cab For Cuite - "Plans" (2xLP/180 Gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Narrow Stairs" (+ Bonus 7") Death Cab For Cutie - "The Open Door" EP Death Cab For Cutie - "Transatlanticism" (2xLP) Death Cab For Cutie - "Codes and Keys" (2xLP/180 gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Forbidden Love" EP [The Barsuk Years] (Exclusive to this box set/180 gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Something About Airplanes" (First pressing w/ red & silver labels/black) Death Cab For Cutie - "Something About Airplanes" [The Barsuk Years] (180 Gram/die-cut jacket and layered vellum insert) Death Cab For Cutie - "The Photo Album" [The Barsuk Years] (180 Gram/includes original full-size photo inserts) Death Cab For Cutie - "The Stability" EP [The Barsuk Years] (Exclusive to this box set/180 gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Transatlanticism" [The Barsuk Years] (2xLP/180 Gram/with full-size 12-page book insert) Death Cab For Cutie - "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes" [The Barsuk Years] (180 Gram/die-cut jacket) Death Cab For Cutie - "You Can Play These Songs With Cords" [The Barsuk Years] (Exclusive to this box set/180 gram/original cassette artwork) Derek and the Dominos - "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" (Polydor PD 2-3501/1972 pressing/2xLP) Descendents - "All" (SST 112/First pressing/no barcode on sleeve w/ insert/black) Descendents - "Bonus Fat" (LP/original New Alliance/SST/no barcode on back) Diddley, Bo ‎– "Bo Diddley" (Chess LP 1431/first pressing/black labels w/ silver text/DG) Dinosaur Jr - "Dinosaur" (Homestead HMS015/first press/black) Discover America - "Future Paths" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Ride Your Pony - Get Out Of My Life Woman" Amy ‎– AMY 8010/first pressing/mono) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Night People" (ABC AA-1048/first pressing/promo) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Working In The Coal Mine - Holy Cow" (Amy - AMY 8011/mono/first US pressing) Dr. Dog - "Easy Beat" (Park the Van/2008) Dr. Dog - "Wild Race" EP (Anti ‎– 872i7-1/one-sided etched disc) Dr. Dog ‎– "We All Belong" (Park The Van PTV-17/first pressing/black) Dr. John ‎– "The Sun, Moon & Herbs" (ATCO SD 33-362/first press w/ color-wheel on left side of hole on yellow label/1971) Dr. John ‎– "Babylon" (ATCO SD 33 270/first pressing/gatefold/1968) Dr. John ‎– "Dr. John's Gumbo" (ATCO SD 7006/first pressing/gatefold sleeve/1972) Dr. John ‎– "In The Right Place" (ATCO SD 7018/tri-fold sleeve) Dylan, Bob - "Bringing It All Back Home" (Columbia CS 9128/stereo) Dylan, Bob - "Highway 61 Revisited" (Columbia CL 2389/mono/2 eye label/matrix ends in 1A/1C) Dylan, Bob - "John Wesley Harding" (Columbia CS 9604/stereo/2 eye label) Dylan, Bob - "Nashville Skyline" (Columbia KCS 9825/stereo/2 eye label) Dylan, Bob - "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (Columbia CL 2105/Mono/2 eye label) Dylan, Bob ‎– "Blonde On Blonde" (Columbia C2L 41/first US press/2xLP/mono/picture of Claudia Cardinale inside gatefold) Dylan, Bob ‎– "New Morning" (Columbia KC 30290) Dylan, Bob ‎– "Slow Train Coming" (Columbia FC 36120/1979) Eagles - "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)" Earl Long ‎– "Term Two" [Test Pressing] (ShanGORIL la Records SG-10004 - x/5) Earland, Charles ‎– "The Dynamite Brothers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording)" Prestige P 10082/1974) East Side Kids, The ‎– "The Tiger And The Lamb" (UNI Records ‎– 73032/first pressing) Embodyment - "Hold Your Breath" (Red - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Emery - "The Weak's End" [Tour edition] (White vinyl/hand-numbered center labels w/ screened OBI strips - #9/50) Ester Drang - "Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes" (Black/one-sided etched disc) Faith, The/Void [Split] - "The Faith/Void Split" (Dischord no. 8/first pressing/white labels) Father John Misty ‎– "I Love You, Honeybear" (Sub Pop ‎SP1115/2xLP/black) Flaming Lips, The - "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" (PIASA 10/first pressing/black) Flaming Lips, The - "The Flaming Lips 2011: The Flaming Lips w/ Lightning Bolt" EP (Dark & light blue marble - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The - "The Flaming Lips 2011: The Flaming Lips w/ Neon Indian" EP (Olive green marble - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The - "The Flaming Lips 2011: The Flaming Lips w/ Prefuse 73" EP (Off-white marble - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "Clouds Taste Metallic" (Warner Bros ‎1-45911/first pressing/green transparent - x/500) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "Oh My Gawd!!!...The Flaming Lips" (Restless 72207-1/first pressing/gatefold/clear/1987) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "The Terror" (First press/2xLP/silver) Flaming Lips, The – "Embryonic" (First pressing/withdrawn copy/blue & black vinyl – x/200) Fleetwood Mac - "Rumors" Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies" (SideOneDummy SD1230/first press/black) Flying Burrito Bros, The - "Burrito Deluxe" (A&M SP 4258/stereo/1970) Flying Burrito Bros, The ‎– "The Gilded Palace Of Sin" (A&M Records SP-4175/later pressing/tan A&M label) Focal Point - "Suffering of the Masses" (Red) Ford, Frankie ‎– "Let's Take A Sea Cruise" (Ace LP-1005/first press/mono) Freak Scene, The ‎– "Psychedelic Psoul" (Columbia ‎CS 9456/first press/stereo/2 eye label) Fred, John & His Playboy Band ‎– "Agnes English" (Paula LPS-2197/first press/pink labels/1967) Frodus - "Conglomerate International" (Tooth & Nail TNR1102/first pressing/blue marble - x/500) Further Seems Forever - "How To Start A Fire" (White vinyl - x/200) Further Seems Forever - "Penny Black" (First press/clear - x/300) Further Seems Forever - "The Moon Is Down" (Black - x/1,000) Further Seems Forever ‎– "Hide Nothing" (First pressing/black) Gaturs, The ‎– "Wasted" (Funky Delicacies DEL LP 0001) Gaye, Marvin - "What's Going On" (Tamla TS310/First pressing/gatefold sleeve w/ Motown inner sleeve) Get Up Kids, The - "Four Minute Mile" (First pressing/translucent gold vinyl) Get Up Kids, The - "On A Wire" (Black) Get Up Kids, The - "Eudora" (2xLP/black) Get Up Kids, The - "Simple Science" EP (Black vinyl - #128/500 [2,000 copies pressed total]) Get Up Kids, The - "Something To Write Home About" (First pressing/black) Ghoti Hook ‎– "Banana Man" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1094/yellow marble/warped) Gibbard, Benjamin ‎– "Former Lives" (Barsuk BARK130LP/black) Glassjaw - "Worship and Tribute" (Black - x/1,000) Glassjaw - "Worship and Tribute" (Hot Topic exclusive/white - x/2,000) Glassjaw ‎– "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence" (Roadrunner/first pressing/2xLP/black - x/1,000) Green, Al ‎– "Let's Stay Together" (Hi Records ‎SHL 32070/first pressing) Guitar Slim ‎– "The Things That I Used To Do" (Specialty SPS 2120/later reissue/1972) Guns N' Roses ‎- "Appetite For Destruction" (Geffen GHS 24148/first pressing/banned 'rape' cover/1987) Hancock, Herbie - "Takin' Off" (Blue Note 4109/Mono/New York USA on label) Hancock, Herbie ‎– "Head Hunters" (Columbia KC 32731/first US pressing) Harrison, Donald & Terence Blanchard - "Black Pearl" (Stereo/red Columbia label) Have Heart ‎– "Songs To Scream At The Sun" (First press/solid blue - x/1,395) Hawkins, Screamin' Jay ‎– "I Put A Spell On You" (Charly CRB 1211/UK import/1989) Hayes, Isaac ‎– "Tough Guys [Music From The Soundtrack Of The Paramount Release]" (Enterprise‎ ENS 7504/gatefold) Hüsker Dü ‎– "Candy Apple Grey" (Warner Bros. 1-25385/first pressing/1986) Hüsker Dü ‎– "New Day Rising" (SST Records SST 031/first pressing/no barcode/Jan 1985) Headphones - "Headphones" (Suicide Squeeze/first pressing/black) Hell, Richard & The Voidoids - "Blank Generation" (Sire SR 6037/first US press w/ inner-sleeve) Hopesfall - "The Frailty of Words" (First press/blue & white swirl - x/200 [500 pressed total]) Hopkins, Lightning - "Texas Blues Man" (First pressing/Arhoolie/stereo) Hot Water Music - "Fuel For The Hate Game" (12th pressing/Opaque purple vinyl - x/534) Howling Wolf ‎– "Original Folk Blues" (United US 7747/mono/1970's reissue of Kent LP) Hum ‎– "You'd Prefer An Astronaut" (12-Inch/Cargo TIN-012 LP/first pressing w/ 12" x 12" Jay Ryan print/black) Incubus ‎– "S.C.I.E.N.C.E." (2xLP/First press/2013 RSD exclusive - #1,913/3,000) Into Another ‎- "Into Another" (Revelation Records Revelation: 24/first press/gatefold w/ lyrics printed inside jacket/black/1991) Jay, Abner - "Folk Song Stylist"(Mississippi Records MR-068/reissue) Jay, Abner - "Hambone" b/w "Rattle The Bones" (Brandie Records For Social Music Record Club SMRC-008) 12" Jay, Abner - "True Story of Abner Jay" (Mississippi Records MR-036/reissue) Jay, Bobby and the Hawks - "The Ska: Everybody's Doing It, Vol. 2" Jets To Brazil - "Four Cornered Night" (2xLP/first pressing/gatefold sleeve/white) Jimi Hendrix Experience, The ‎– "Are You Experienced?" (Reprise Records ‎RS-6261/first US pressing/stereo/tri-color label) Jimi Hendrix Experience, The ‎– "Smash Hits" (Reprise MS 2025/first US press/two-tone label/stereo) Jimmy Eat World - "Chase This Light" (180 gram) Jimmy Eat World ‎– "Invented" (180 gram/gatefold/black) Joe Christmas ‎– "North To The Future" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1059/black) Joel, Billy - "Piano Man" Joel, Billy - "The Stranger" (Columbia ‎JC 34987/first press) Joy Division ‎– "Closer" (Factory FACTUS VI/original US pressing/translucent brown) Joy Division ‎– "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Factory FAC 23-12/first UK press/Lyntone pressing has laminated sleeve/1980) Joy Electric - "We Are The Music Makers" (Black) Joy Electric ‎– "The Ministry Of Archers" (Republic Of Texas ROTR-004/Tooth & Nail TND73368/first press/orange w/ green splatter - x/100) Judge - "What It Meant: The Complete Discography" (First pressing/2xLP/1: red & yellow split w/ black splatter; 2: clear & yellow split w/ red splatter - x/2,300) Juliana Theory, The - "Emotion Is Dead" (Grey marble vinyl - #1,465/1,500) Juliana Theory, The - "Understand This Is A Dream" (Gatefold sleeve/blue & white swirl - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Juliana Theory, The - "Understand This Is A Dream" [10th Anniversay Edition] (180 Gram/gatefold - limited) Juliana Theory, The ‎– "Love" (Epic ‎88883780471/2xLP/first pressing/180 gram/black - x/500 [1,000 pressed total]) Jurado, Damien - "Four Songs" (One-sided disc with etching) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Caught In The Trees" (First press/black) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Where Shall You Take Me?" (First press/Secretly Canadian ‎– SC84/black) Jurado, Damien - "Live At Landlocked" (RSD 2011 exclusive - x/900) Jurado, Damien - "Saint Bartlett" (Black) Jurado, Damien - "This Fabulous Century" (White vinyl - x/300 [600 total pressed]) Jurado, Damien - "Maraqopa" (Green - x/300) Jurado, Damien - "On My Way To Absence" (Black) Jurado, Damien and Gathered In Song - "I Break Chairs" (Sub Pop/black - #123/2,000) Jurado, Damien ‎– "And Now That I'm In Your Shadow" (2xLP/180 gram) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son" (Secretly Canadian SC303/2xLP/limited edition) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Ghost Of David" (Sub Pop SP507/first pressing/2016) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Mother-In-Law" (Minit LP 0002/first pressing/monaural) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "The New Orleans Series: K-Doe" (Bandy BLP 70004) Kenner, Chris ‎- "Land of 1,000 Dances" (Atlantic 8117/first press/mono/1966) Kensrue, Dustin - "Please Come Home" (First press/brown - x/500 [1,050 pressed total]) Killing The Dream - "Fractures" (First pressing/white w/ sky blue splatter - x/700) King Crimson ‎– "In The Court Of The Crimson King" (Atlantic SD 8245/original press/gatefold) King Crimson ‎– "In The Wake Of Poseidon" (Atlantic SD 8266/first pressing/textured gatefold/1970) King Crimson ‎– "Lizard" (Atlantic SD 8278/original US press/gatefold) King, Albert - "Born Under A Bad Sign" (Stax S723/original pressing/stereo) King, Earl - "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights" (Ace Records VS-1012/Japanese pressing) Kinks, The ‎– "Kinks-Size" (Reprise RS 6158/first US press/tri-color label/stereo) Kinks, The ‎– "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society" (Reprise RS 6327/first US press/stereo/gatefold/two-tone steamboat label/1968) Kinks, The ‎– "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society" (Reprise RS 6327/second US press/stereo/gatefold/tan label/1972) Kinks, The ‎– "You Really Got Me" (Reprise R-6143/first US press/mono) Lassie Foundation, The ‎– "Pacifico" (Shogun Sounds SGD1003/sealed) Lees Of Memory, The ‎– "Sisyphus Says" (Sideonedummy SD1552-1/first press/2xLP/clear white - x/500 [1,000 pressed total]) Legrand, Michel w/ Miles Davis ‎– "Legrand Jazz" (Columbia ‎CL 1250/mono/six eye label) Lennon, John & Yoko Ono - "Double Fantasy" Lennon, John/Plastic Ono Band - "Shaved Fish" (Late 70's press/purple Capitol label) Less Than Jake - "Greased" (First pressing/translucent pink - x/1,500) Lewis, Jerry Lee - "Original Golden Hits, Volume 1" (Sun Records 102/first press/stereo) Lifetime ‎– "Hello Bastards" (Jade Tree JT1021/first pressing/purple) Lil' Bob & The Lollipops ‎– "Sweet Soul Swinger" (Jin LP 4005/first pressing/196?) Linn County ‎– "Proud Flesh Soothseer" (Mercury SR 61181/promo/gold label/stereo) Living Sacrifice - "The Hammering Process" (Solid State SS35/first pressing/black, white & gray mix -x/400 [525 pressed total]) Living Sacrifice ‎– "Reborn" (Solid State SS4/Tooth & Nail TND 1083LP/first pressing/grey) Lost Generation, The ‎- "The Sly, Slick and The Wicked" (Brunswick BL754164/first pressing/1970) Lovin' Spoonful, The - "The Very Best of The Lovin' Spoonful" (Stereo) Lupe Fiasco - "The Cool" (Atlantic ‎368316-1/first pressing/2xLP/2007) Lupe Fiasco ‎- "Food & Liquor" (Atlantic ‎83959-1/first press/2xLP) Mae - "Destination: Beautiful" (First pressing/white - x/200 [500 pressed total]) Mae - "The Everglow" (2xLP/RSD 2012 exclusive/black - x/1,000) Mamas and The Papas, The ‎– "If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears"(Dunhill DS-50006/first press/stereo/withdrawn toilet cover/1966) Manhattans, The - "There's No Good In Goodbye" Mars Volta, The - "Noctourniquet" (First pressing/2xLP: LP 1: opaque blue; LP 2: orange/3D glasses & poster - x/6,000) Mars Volta, The ‎– "Frances The Mute" (Gold Standard Laboratories GSL 96/first press/3xLP/black) Marsh, Warne (Quartet) - "All Music" (Nessa label) Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster ‎– "Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster" (Mono Vs. Stereo MSD32328/red & yellow split - x/300) MC Hammer - "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" (Capitol C1-92857) MC5 - "Kick Out The Jams" (Elektra EKS-74042/later pressing/censored/red label) Metallica - "An Interview With Lars Ulrich" (Pork 1/first UK press/bootleg/red) Metallica - "Creeping Death" EP (First press/French import/no barcode on sleeve/black) Metallica - "Kill 'Em All" (Megaforce MRI 069/first US pressing/silver label) Metallica ‎- "Up Shot" (Shogun 13060/first press/2xLP/bootleg/1987) Metallica ‎– "...And Justice For All" (Elektra 60812-1/first US pressing/2xLP/Masterdisk) Metallica ‎– "Master Of Puppets" (Elektra 60439-1/first US pressing/red & black Elektra labels) Metallica ‎– "Ride The Lightning" (Megaforce MRI 769/first US pressing/silver label) Metallica ‎– "The $5.98 EP/Garage Days Re-Revisited" (Elektra 9 60757-1/first US pressing) Meters, The ‎– "Cissy Strut" (Island ILPS 9250/first pressing/1974) Meters, The ‎– "Fire On The Bayou" (Reprise MS 2228/first pressing) Meters, The ‎– "Look-Ka Py Py" (Josie JOS 4011/first US pressing) Meters, The ‎– "Struttin'" (Josie JOS 4012/first pressing w/ label in oval at top/1970) Meters, The ‎– "The Meters" (Josie JOS 4010/first pressing/stereo/1969) Meters, The ‎– "Trick Bag" (Reprise MS 2252) Midtown ‎– "Save The World, Lose The Girl" (Clear w/ yellow & blue splatter - x/1,500) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The ‎- "Let's Face It" (Big Rig/first pressing/red translucent/1997) Minor Threat ‎– "Minor Threat" (Dischord Records Dischord No. 12/first US pressing/red cover/$4.00 cover price on back) Minor Threat ‎– "Out Of Step" (Dischord Records Dischord No. 10/3rd pressing/blue stripe & $3.50 cover price/remix/UK mastering Minus The Bear - "Highly Refined Pirates" (First pressing/180 gram/UPC sticker on shrink not on sleeve) Mobley, Hank ‎– "The Turnaround" (Blue Note BLP 4186/mono/Van Gelder stamp & 'ear' in dead wax/NY USA on the label) Modest Mouse - "Sad Sappy Sucker" (K Records KLP 131/First pressing) Modest Mouse - "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank" (Epic 82876 86139 1/first pressing/2xLP/180 Gram) Modest Mouse ‎– "The Lonesome Crowded West" (Up Records UP 044/first pressing/2xLP) Modest Mouse ‎– "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About" (Up Records UP 027/first pressing/2xLP) Monk, Thelonious - "Criss-Cross" (Columbia CL 2038/Mono/2-eye white label promo) Morgan, Lee - "Cornbread" (Blue Note 4222/Mono/New York USA on label) Motörhead ‎– "Ace Of Spades" (Mercury SRM-1-4011/first pressing/1980) Mothers Of Invention, The ‎– "Freak Out!" (Verve V-5005-2/original press/mono/hot spots blurb on gatefold/hype sticker on sleeve) Mothers Of Invention, The ‎– "We're Only In It For The Money" (Verve V6-5045/original press/gatefold/blue & silver 'T' label) Mustard Plug - "Evildoers Beware" (First pressing/black) MXPX - "Secret Weapon" (2xLP/black) MXPX - "Life In General" (Black) MXPX - "Panic" (Gold) MXPX - "Plans Within Plans" (First pressing/randomly mixed color vinyl - x/200 [2,000 pressed total]) MXPX - "Teenage Politics" (Black) MXPX - "The Renaissance" EP (Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT631-1/black) MXPX - "The Renaissance" EP (Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT631-1/clear w/ red splatter - x/550) MXPX ‎– "At The Show" (Kung Fu 78774/picture disc) MXPX ‎– "Pokinatcha" (First press/red, white & blue marble - x/100 [500 pressed total]) MXPX ‎– "Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo" (First press/black) MXPX ‎– "The Ever Passing Moment" (A&M 069490656-1/first press/black) My Bloody Valentine ‎– "Loveless" (Plain Recordings Plain105/2nd pressing/180 gram/black) My Bloody Valentine ‎– "MBV" (MBV LP01/first UK pressing/180 gram/black) My Bloody Valentine ‎– "You Made Me Realise" EP (Creation CRE 055T/UK pressing) New York Dolls ‎– "New York Dolls" (Mercury SRM-1-675/first US pressing w/ insert/1973) Ngozi Family ‎– "Day Of Judgement" (Now-Again NA 5115/reissue/2014) Ninety Pound Wuss ‎– "Ninety Pound Wuss" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1055/yellow marble) No Innocent Victim - "Flesh and Blood" (Green - x/221 [1,106 total pressing]) NOFX - "Frisbee" (Second pressing/orange - x/349) NOFX - "NOFX" (Hardcore Covers) (Picture disc) NOFX - "Pump Up The Valuum" (First pressing/light blue) NOFX ‎– "HOFX" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT526/first pressing/mult-color splatter vinyl - x/7,300 [8,300 pressed total]) NOFX ‎– "The Decline" (Fat Wreck Chords ‎FAT605-1/black) Norma Jean - "The Anti-Mother (Half black & white vinyl - x/300 [1,000 total pressing]) Norma Jean - "Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child" [The Almighty Norma Jean Box Set] (2xLP/Half black & half green - x/700 [1,100 pressed total]) Norma Jean - "O God, The Aftermath" [The Almighty Norma Jean Box Set] (Half red & half white - x/700 [1,100 pressed total]) Norma Jean - "Redeemer" [The Almighty Norma Jean Box Set] (Picture disc - x/700 [1,100 pressed total]) Notorious B.I.G., The ‎– "Life After Death" (Bad Boy Entertainment 78612-73011-1/first pressing/3xLP/1997/sealed) Notorious B.I.G., The ‎– "Ready To Die" (Bad Boy Entertainment ‎78612-73000-1/first pressing/1994/sealed) Onelinedrawing - "The Volunteers" (Black) Operation Ivy - "Energy" (Second pressing w/ Berkeley address but no barcode indicating issued after the move from Laytonville) Outkast - "Stankonia" (LaFace 73008-26072-1/first press/2xLP/orange translucent/promo) Overcome - "Overcome" (first press/red) Parker, Robert - "Barefootin'" (NOLA 1001/yellow label) Parsons, Gram ‎– "GP" (Reprise MS 2123/first US pressing/1973) Parsons, Gram ‎– "Grievous Angel" (Reprise MS 2171/first US pressing) Payton, Walter - "Side By Side" (NOLA LPS24) Pedro the Lion - "Achilles Heel" (Neon yellow vinyl) Pedro the Lion - "Control" (First pressing/clear/light blue) Pedro the Lion - "Control" (First pressing/dark green) Pedro the Lion - "It's Hard To Find A Friend" (First pressing/Devil In The Woods/1998/black) Pedro the Lion - "It's Hard To Find a Friend" (Second pressing/Jade Tree/2001/grey marble) Pedro the Lion - "The Only Reason I Feel Secure" EP (First pressing/Made In Mexico/black) Pedro the Lion - "The Only Reason I Feel Secure" EP (Second pressing/2012 remaster/Jade Tree) Pedro the Lion - "Winners Never Quit" (First pressing/black) Pedro the Lion - "Winners Never Quit" (First pressing/grey marble) Pedro the Lion - "Winners Never Quit" (First pressing/white) Petra - "More power To Ya" (Star Song SSR 0045) Pink Floyd - "Dark Side of the Moon" (Harvest US pressing) Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd - "Animals" Pink Floyd - "The Piper At The Gates of Dawn" (Tower ST 5093/third US pressing/striped label) Pink Floyd ‎– "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From The Film More" (Harvest ‎SW-11198/mid 70's pressing) Pop Unknown - "If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra" (Black) Postal Service, The - "Give Up" (2xLP/White) Powell, Bud ‎– "The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume 1" (Blue Note 1503/second press/mono/767 Lexington Ave, NYC on the label) Professor Longhair - "Crawfish Fiesta" (Alligator Records AL 4718/first press) Professor Longhair - "Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo" (Dancing Cat DC-3006/promo/reissue/1985) Question Mark ? & The Mysterians ‎– "96 Tears" (Cameo Parkway SC-2004/first pressing/stereo/1966) Quicksand ‎– "Manic Compression" (Revelation: 43/first pressing/promo stamp on back of sleeve/black - x/3,008) Quicksand ‎– "Slip" (Polydor 314 517 685-1/first press/black) Rage Against The Machine ‎– "Evil Empire" (Epic E 57523/first pressing/1996) Ramones - "End of The Century" (Sire SRK 6077/first press) Ramones - "Pleasant Dreams" (Sire SRK 3571/later press/barcode on sleeve) Ramones - "Ramones" (Sire SASD-7520/first pressing/misprint) Ramones - "Rocket To Russia" (Sire SR 6042/first press) Ramones ‎– "Leave Home" (Sire SA-7528/first pressing/promo) Ramones ‎– "Road To Ruin" (Sire SRK 6063/first press) Ramones ‎– "Too Tough To Die" (Sire ‎1-25187/first US pressing) Reel Big Fish ‎– "Turn The Radio Off" (Enjoy The Ride ETR-033/first press/2xLP/gatefold/orange & green swirl - x/500 [1,000 pressed total]) Roadside Monument - "Eight Hours Away From Being A Man" (2xLP/black) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "12 X 5" (London PS 402/later US pressing/dark blue & silver labels with boxed London/does not have "electronically reprocessed" on the front sleeve) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Aftermath" (London PS 476/orig. US pressing/stereo/track 5 written as "Goin'" on label/1966) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Beggars Banquet" (London PS 539/first US pressing/gatefold sleeve/stereo/all songs credited to Jagger/Richards) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Between The Buttons" (London PS 499/orig. US pressing/stereo/1967) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "December's Children (And Everybody's)" (London PS 451/later 60's US repress/stereo/1969) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "England's Newest Hit Makers" (London Records ‎PS 375/late 60's pressing/stereo) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Exile On Main Street" (Rolling Stones Records COC 69100/unipak/1970's German pressing) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Flowers" (London PS-509/first pressing/no text in the rim at the bottom of the label/1967) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Concert" (London NPS-5) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Let It Bleed" (London Records NPS-4/original pressing/stereo/blue label w/ poster) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Out Of Our Heads" (London PS 429/later US 60's repress/stereo/1969) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Sticky Fingers" (Rolling Stones Records COC 59100/first US press/zipper cover/Dist. by ATCO on back cover) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "The Rolling Stones, Now!" (London PS 420/dark blue & silver labels with boxed London/does not have "electronically reprocessed" on the front sleeve) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Their Satanic Majesties Request" (London NPS-2/mono/blue long playing label/gatefold sleeve/holographic picture/red w/ white-colored inner-sleeve) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)" (London NPS-3/octagon gatefold/1969) Rotary Connection ‎– "Rotary Connection" (Cadet Concept LPS-312/stereo) Rotary Connection ‎– "Songs" (Cadet Concept LPS-322/first US pressing) Rufio - "Perhaps, I Suppose" (Lost Boys Edition/black w/ red stripe - x/300) Saosin - "Saosin" (First press/translucent purple - x/500 [2,250 pressed total]) Saves The Day - "Stay What You Are" (First pressing/black) Saves The Day - "Through Being Cool" (First pressing/black) Shai Hulud - "Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion" (First press/black) Shai Hulud ‎– "Misanthropy Pure" (Metal Blade 3984-14658-1/first pressing/gold - #98/2,000) Shai Hulud ‎– "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered" (Revelation REV115/first pressing/black - x/1,828) Shelter - "Quest For Certainty" (De Milo Records ‎DM0007-1/first press/black) Six Parts Seven, The - "Casually Smashed To Pieces" (Black) Slayer ‎– "Hell Awaits" (Combat MX 8020/Metal Blade MBR 1040/first US pressing/1985) Slayer ‎– "South Of Heaven" (Def Jam/Geffen GHS 24203/first pressing/1988) Slick Shoes ‎– "Rusty" (Tooth & Nail TNR1088/black) Smith, Elliot - "Elliot Smith" (First pressing/Kill Rock Stars) Smith, Jimmy - "Softly As A Summer Breeze" (Blue Note 4200/Mono/New York USA on label) Smiths, The - "Hatful of Hollow" (Rough 76/UK pressing/gatefold sleeve) Smiths, The - "How Soon Is Now" (Sire/12" maxi single/45 RPM) Smiths, The - "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" (RTT 186/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The - "Ask" (RTT 194/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The - "Strangeways, Here We come" (Sire 1-25649/first US press) Smiths, The - "The Queen Is Dead" (Sire 1-25426/first US press) Smiths, The - "What Difference Does It Make?" (RTT 146/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The - "William, It Was Really Nothing" (RTT 166/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The ‎– "Louder Than Bombs" (2xLP/Sire/US pressing) Smiths, The ‎– "Meat Is Murder" (Sire 1-25269/first US press) Smiths, The ‎– "Panic" (Sire 0-20544/US press/12") Smiths, The ‎– "The Smiths" (Sire ‎1-25065/first pressing) Social Climbers ‎– "Social Climbers" (Hoboken HOBO 101/first press/black) Social Distortion ‎– "Social Distortion" (Epic E 46055/first press) Sonic Youth - "Evol" (SST 059/first press/no barcode on sleeve w/ insert/black) Sonic Youth ‎– "Confusion Is Sex" (SST Records SST 096/second pressing/1987/black) Sonic Youth ‎– "Rather Ripped" (Goofin' Goo-011/first pressing/black) Soup ‎– "The Album Soup" (Big Tree BTS 2007/first US pressing/promo) Sparrow's Troubadours ‎– "Hot & Sweet" (Hilary RALP-2140) Specials, The - "The Specials" (Black) Spellman, Benny ‎– "The New Orleans Series" (Bandy 70018) Spitfire ‎– "Self-Help" (Goodfellow GFR037/New American NAR-100/first press/black - x/100) Starflyer 59 - "Americana" (First pressing/black) Starflyer 59 - "Dial M" (Black) Starflyer 59 - "The Changing of the Guard" [Test Pressing] (w/ Bonus 7" test press/white vinyl - x/30) Starflyer 59 - "The Last Laurel" EP (Clear vinyl w/ one-sided disc w/ screen print - #12/100) Starflyer 59 - "The Portuguese Blues" (One-sided disc with etching) Starflyer 59 - "IAMACEO" (First pressing/black) Starflyer 59 - "Starflyer 59 {Silver}" [Test Pressing] (Tooth & Nail/Crossroads of America - x/10) Starflyer 59 - "Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice" (First press/red) Starflyer 59 ‎– "Everybody Makes Mistakes" (First press w/ bonus 7") Starflyer 59 ‎– "Old" (Picture disc - x/500) Starflyer 59 ‎– "Slow" (Tooth & Nail TNV000056/first pressing/black) Starflyer 59 ‎– "Starflyer 59 {Gold}" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1030/first pressing/black) Starflyer 59 ‎– "The Fashion Focus" (Tooth & Nail/Burnt Toast Vinyl/first press w/ bonus 7") Stevens, Sufjan - "Michigan" (2xLP/First pressing) Stevens, Sufjan - "Illinois" (2xLP/First pressing w/ balloon sticker) Stevens, Sufjan - "The Age of Adz" (2xLP) Stevens, Sufjan – The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (Black vinyl w/ comic book) Strawberry Alarm Clock, The ‎– "Incense And Peppermints" (UNI 73014/stereo) Stretch Arm Strong - "A Revolution Transmission" (Black - x/800 [1,000 total pressed]) Stretch Arm Strong - "Rituals of Life" (Clear orange) Strongarm - "Atonement" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Strongarm - "The Advent of a Miracle" (First pressing/white - x/100) Strongarm - "The Advent of a Miracle" [Test pressing] (Second press/Blank Page Empire - #25/30) Stryper - "In God We Trust" Sublime ‎– "Sublime" (Gasoline Alley/Skunk/Geffen B0011696-01/first US pressing/2xLP/180 gram/gatefold sleeve/black) Suicidal Tendencies ‎– "Suicidal Tendencies" (Frontier FLP 1011/first pressing/no barcode/1983) Sunny Day Real Estate - "How It Feels To Be Something On" (First pressing/black) Supertramp - "Breakfast In America" Swamp Dogg ‎– "Finally Caught Up With Myself" (Musicor MUS-2504) Swamp Dogg ‎– "I'm Not Selling Out/I'm Buying In!" (Takoma TAK 7099) Swamp Dogg ‎– "Rat On!" (Elektra EKS-74089/first pressing/promo/white label) Swamp Dogg ‎– "Swamp Dogg" (ALA ‎– ALA 1990/stereo) Swamp Dogg – "Cuffed, Collared & Tagged" (Cream CR-9009/first press/1972) T. Rex - "Electric Warrior" (Reprise RS 6466/first US press) T. Rex - "The Slider" (Reprise MS 2095/first US press/gatefold) Taking Back Sunday ‎– "Where You Want To Be" (Victory VR228/first pressing/blue translucent - x/2,545) Tears For Fears - "Songs From the Big Chair" Tee, Willie ‎– "Teasin' You" (Night Train International NTI LP 7132/compilation) Television ‎– "Marquee Moon" (Elektra 7E-1098/first pressing/1977) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Sings" (Bandy LP 70003/first press/signed) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Take A Look" (Imperial LP-9302/mono/late 60's ressiue) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Wish Someone Would Care" (Imperial LP-9266/first US pressing/mono) Thou - "Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For" (Clear - x/200) Thou - "Summit" (First press/white vinyl) Thou - "Peasant" (First press - x/1,000) Thou - "The Sacrifice" EP (First pressing/180 gram/clear - x/1,000) Thou - "To The Chaos Wizard Youth" 12" (Australia & New Zeland press/black - x/300) Thou - The Archer & The Owle (Grey - x/500 [2,000 pressed total]) Thou ‎– "Heathen" (Howling Mine ORE007/first US pressing/2xLP/180 gram/black) Thou ‎– "Through The Empires Of Eternal Void" (Black - x/300) Thou/Cower [Split] - "War is the Force That Gives Us Meaning: A Two Part Analysis of Personal and Inter-Personal Conflict (Black - x/900) Thou/Leech [Split] - "We Pass Like Night, From Land To Land" (Final pressing/picture disc - x/200) Thou/Mohoram Atta [Split] – "Degradation Of Human Life" (First pressing/black - x/1,000) Thou/Moloch [Split] - "Tears That Soak A Callous Heart" (Clear - x/1,000) Thou/Salome [Split] - "Our Enemy Civilization" (First pressing/black - x/900 [1,000 pressed total]) Thou/The Body [Split] - "Released From Love" (First pressing/Vinyl Rites/180 gram/black - x/2,200) Thou/The City Is The Tower [Split/Test Pressing] - "Dwell In The Darkness of Thought and Drink The Poison of Life" (Init INIT 65/black - x/5) Thou/The City Is The Tower [Split] - "Dwell In The Darkness of Thought and Drink The Poison of Life" (Red - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Thrice - "Major/Minor" (2xLP/First press/clear w/ blue splatter - x/4,000) Thrice - "Beggars" (First pressing/signed/red - #1,234/2,000) Thrice - "The Artist In The Ambulance" (2nd pressing/2xLP/green vinyl - x/1,103) Thrice - "The Illusion of Safety" (First pressing/black) Thrice - "Vheissu" (2nd pressing/2xLP/brown vinyl - x/1,066) Toussaint, Allen ‎– "Life, Love and Faith" (Reprise MS 2062/first press/white label promo/1972) Toussaint, Allen ‎– "Southern Nights" (Reprise MS 2186/first pressing) Tumbledown - "Tumbledown" (Rootbeer brown) Tumbledown ‎– "Empty Bottle" (Black) TV On The Radio - "Dear Science" (180 gram/gatefold sleeve) Twothirtyeight (238) - "Regulate The Chemicals" (First pressing/Blessed Killing/Takehold Records/gray vinyl - x/300) Twothirtyeight (238) - "You Should Be Living" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Twothirtyeight (238) - "You Should Be Living" [Test pressing] (Black - #16/30) Tyrannosaurus Rex ‎– "Unicorn" (Blue Thumb BTS 7/first US press/gatefold) Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - "Blood Lust" (Rise Above RISELP139/second pressing/green - x/500) Uncle Acid - "The Night Creeper" (Rise Above RISELP199/first US press/transparent green/indie store exclusive - x/500) Uncle Acid ‎– "Mind Control" (Rise Above RISELP158/2xLP/gatefold/splattered red & orange) Underoath - "Disambiguation" (Deluxe edition/picture disc - x/1,000) Underoath - "Lost In The Sound of Separation" (First pressing/white - x/200) Underoath - "The Changing of Times" (First pressing/180 gram/transparent blue - x/300) Underoath - "They're Only Chasing Safety" (First pressing/green - x/400 [1,300 pressed total]) Van Zandt, Townes ‎– "For The Sake Of The Song" (Poppy PYS-40,001/first pressing/stereo/1968) Van Zandt, Townes ‎– "Delta Momma Blues" (Poppy PYS-40012/first pressing/1971) Various Artist ‎– "Minit '60 -'63 Singles Collection, Vol. 2: It's Rainin'" (Minit ‎GXF 2085/Japanese press w/ OBI strip/1980) Various Artists – "Eddie Bo's Funky Funky New Orleans" (Funky Delicacies ‎DEL LP 0021) Various Artists - "Fat Music For Fat People" (Gray marble mix - x/389) Various Artists - "Mardi Gras In New Orleans" Various Artists - "All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash" (Pink - x/100) Various Artists - "Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade & BYO Records" (2xLP/DVD & CD/red) Various Artists - "We Sing The Blues" (Minit LP-0003/orange label) Various Artists ‎– "A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records" (Sundazed LP 5323/mono/180 gram/2009) Various Artists ‎– "Flex Your Head" (Dischord no. 7/first pressing/violin cover w/ booklet) Various Artists ‎– "Night Of The Living Dead" [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Varèse Sarabande - STV 81151) Various Artists ‎– "Rock 'N' Roll High School" (Sire SRK 6070/first US pressing) Various Artists ‎– "Whole Lotta Drinkin' On The Block" (Folk-Star/Charly Records GFCL-104/UK press/1987) Various Artists – "Ten Years of Black Country Religion: 1926-1936" (Yazoo L-1022/1970 blues comp) Velour 100 ‎– "Of Color Bright" (Tooth & Nail TND 1085/first press/white) Velvet Underground, The & Nico - "The Velvet Underground & Nico" (Verve V6-5008/First pressing/stereo/unpeeled banana sticker on front/torso back) Velvet Underground, The - "Loaded" (Cotillion SD 9034/first US pressing) Velvet Underground, The ‎– "White Light/White Heat" (Verve V6-5046/later 60's pressing/skull tattoo on cover & corrected title on back cover) Walsh, T.W. ‎– "Songs Of Pain And Leisure" (Mailorder edition/pink, blue, & white) Warlock - "Warlock" (Music Merchant ‎MM 102/promo/first pressing/1972) Webb, Derek ‎– "Stockholm Syndrome" (2xLP/black) Weezer - "Make Believe" (First press/black) Weezer - "Weezer [Blue Album]" (180 gram/Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - #2,196/3,000) Whitecross - "Whitecross" (First press/black) Who, The - "Who's Next" Who, The ‎– "Magic Bus" (Decca DL 75064/1968) Wild Tchoupitoulas, The ‎– "The Wild Tchoupitoulas" (Island ILPS 9360/first pressing/1976) Williams, Hank and The Drifting Cowboys - "Hank Williams" (Metro M509/mono/black label) Withers, Bill ‎– "Just As I Am" (Sussex SXBS-7006/first pressing/1971) Withers, Bill ‎– "Still Bill" (Sussex SXBS 7014/original pressing/1972) Wood, Brenton ‎– "Oogum Boogum" (Double Shot DSS-5002/first pressing/stereo/1967) xDISCIPLEx A.D. - "The Revelation" (Red vinyl - #525/750) Youth of Today - "Take A Stand" (Live) Zao - "Liberate Te Ex Inferis" (First press/black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Zao ‎– "The Well-Intentioned Virus" (Observed/Observer Recordings OOR-2/first pressing/140 gram vinyl/white - x/1,000) Zombies, The - "Odessey And Oracle" (Date TES 4013/first US pressing/stereo/colorful cover) Zombies, The ‎– "The Zombies" (Parrot PAS 71001/first US press/stereo) Zoo ‎– "Zoo" (Mercury ‎SR 61300/first US press/gatefold) 78's (28 items) Armstrong, Louis & Ella Fitzgerald - "You Won't Be Satisfied" b/w "The Frim Fram Sauce" (Decca 23496) Berry, Chuck - "Roll Over Beethoven" b/w "Drifting Heart" (Chess 1626) Berry, Chuck - "School Day" b/w "Deep Feeling" (Chess 1653) Bo, Eddie - "I'm Wise" b/w "Happy Tears" (Apollo 486/black label) Charles, Bobby - "Why Can't You" b/w "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey" (Chess 1647) Charles, Ray - "I Want To Know" b/w "Ain't That Love" (Atlantic A-2232) Charles, Ray - "I've Got A Woman" b/w "Come Back" (Atlantic 1050) Charles, Ray - "Leave My Woman Alone" b/w "Lonely Avenue" (Atlantic A-1998) Charles, Ray and Orchestra - "I'm Glad For Your Sake" b/w "Kissa Me Baby" (Swing Time 274) Davis, Miles - "Boplicity" b/w "Israel" (Capitol 57-60011/purple label) Diddley, Bo - "Bo Diddley" b/w "I'm A Man" (Checker 814/maroon label) Diddley, Bo - "She's Fine, She's Mine" b/w "Diddley Daddy" (Checker 819/maroon label) Domino, Fats - "The Fat Man" b/w "Detroit City Blues" (Imperial 5058/red label) Domino, Fats - "Valley of Tears" b/w "It's You I Love" (Imperial 5442/red label) Domino, Fats - "When My Dreamboat Comes Home" b/w "So Long" (Imperial 5396/red label) Domino, Fats - "You Done Me Wrong" b/w "Little School Girl" (Imperial 5272/red label) Fitzgerald, Ella - "Gulf Coast Blues" b/w "Deedle-De-Dum" (Decca 3324) Fitzgerald, Ella - "Woe Is Me" b/w "Strictly From Dixie" (Decca 2202) Five Satins, The - "Oh Happy Day" b/w "Our Love Is Forever" (Ember E-1014) Hawkins, Coleman - "Lonely Wine" b/w "Carioca" (Decca 28216/sample copy/not for sale) Johnnie & Joe - "Over The Mountain; Across The Sea" b/w "My Baby's Gone, On, On" (Chess 1654) Lewis, Smiley - "Farewell" b/w "Jailbird" (Imperial 5325/red label) Mabon, Willie and his Combo - "Worry Blues" b/w "I Don't Know" (Chess 1531) Maxim Trio, The - "Ain't That Fine" b/w "Don't Put All Your Dreams In One Basket" (Swing Time 216) Richard, Little - "Maybe I'm Right" b/w "I Love My Baby" (Peacock 1673/red label) Shaw, Artie - "St. James Infirmary Blues, parts 1 & 2" (Victor 27895) Walker, T-Bone and His Orchestra - "You Don't Understand" b/w "Welcome Blues" (Imperial 5147/red label) Williams, Hank - "I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die" b/w "Honky Tonkin'" (MGM 10171/yellow label)
  4. Willing to sell things for cheap if you're interested. I'll let a majority of this stuff go for CHEAP (except test presses and only a few other exceptions). PayPal only Willing to sell things for cheap if you're interested. I'll let a majority of this stuff go for CHEAP (except test presses and only a few other exceptions). PayPal only Test Presses Adventures - Clear My Head With You | 2013 | No Sleep Records | Test Press (#11/20) Secret Grief/Runaway Brother - Split | 2013 | Soft Speak Records | Rejected Test (#3/5) Somos - Temple of Plenty | 2014 | Tiny Engines | Test Press (#1/30) Sports - Demon Daze | 2015 | Broken Rim Records | Test Press (#11/20) 7" '68 - Midnight | 2014 | No Sleep Records (Repress) | Transparent Gold /500 Adventures - Clear My Head With You | 2013 | No Sleep Records | Blue /500 Adventures - Clear My Head With You | 2013 | No Sleep Records | Test Press (#11/20) Adventures - S/T | 2012 | No Sleep Records | Bright Yellow /500 Adventures/Pity Sex - Split | 2014 | Run For Cover Records | Clear w/ Red/Blue/Yellow Splatter /750 Annabel/Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)/Joie De Vivre/The Reptilian - 4 Way Split | Count Your Lucky Stars | Blue /??? Battle Lines - Colonies | 2014 | No Sleep Records | Opaque Orange w/ White Haze /600 Beach Slang - Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? | 2014 | Dead Broke Rekerds | Red /22 Captain, We're Sinking - Montreal | 2013 | Run For Cover Records | White /200 Choir Vandals - At Night | 2014 | 6131 Records | Clear w/ Red & Orange Splatter /100 Citizen - Young States | 2011 | Run For Cover Records | White /500 Citizen - Nail In Your Head | 2016 | Run For Cover Records | Yellow Flexi Donovan Wolfington - Scary Stories You Tell In the Dark | 2014 | Topshelf Records | Half White/Half Green /100 Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - In Which the Choices We Didn't Make Were Better Than the Ones That We Did | 2013 | Count Your Lucky Stars | Pink Marble /50 The Exploration - For Cabana. | 2013 | Driftwood Records | Yellow /100 Fireworks - Don't Blame It On The Ocean Floor (Acoustic) | 2012 | Run For Cover Records | Red Flexi /1000 Football, etc. - S/T | 2010 | Count Your Lucky Stars | Black /1000 handwriting! - You're Mad and I'm Still Here | 2014 | Ozona Records | Electric Blue /100 Hesitation Wounds - S/T | 2013 | Secret Voice | Olive Green /708 The Hotelier - Goodness Pt. 1 | 2015 | Self-Released | Lathe (#32/200) (Tour Version) The Hotelier - Goodness Pt. 1 | 2015 | Self-Released | Lathe /150 Joie De Vivre/The Please and Thank You's/Emo Side Project - Split | Sea of Tranquility Records | Mixed Colors /500 (Mine is Red/Brown/Orange) Joyce Manor/Big Kids - Split | 2011 | Solidarity Records | Blue w/ Black Streak /300 Julia Brown - Library b/w I Wanna Be A Witch | 2013 | Birdtapes | Baby Pink /400 Knuckle Puck - Oak Street b/w Home Alone | 2014 | Bad Timing Records | Green Flexi /1000 Loma Prieta/Raein - Split | 2013 | Deathwish Inc. | Black/White Mix /700 Loose Lips Sink Ships/Victor Villarreal | 2010 | Polyvinyl Record Co. | Black #362/500 Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods - Split | 2013 | Lame-o Records | Purple /200 The Moms - Viva! | 2013 | Panic State Records | Clear w/ Green Splatter /250 Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts - Split | 2014 | Broken World Media/Kind Of Like Records | Black /100 Pity Sex - Euclid 7" | 2015 | Run For Cover Records | Half White/Green w/ Grey Splatter (RSD 2015) /1000 Ricky Eat Acid - Two Beautiful Ways of Moving Your Hands | 2015 | Keep It Together | Postcard Flexi /450 The Saddest Landscape - Tour Flexi | 2015 | Topshelf Records | (#179/250) Sheer Mag - III 7" | 2016 | Static Shock Records/Wilsuns Recording Company | Black /?? 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Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward | 2015 | Count Your Lucky Stars (Repress) | Black (180g) /500 (Tour Cover #16/200) Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward | 2015 | Count Your Lucky Stars | Splatter (A/B Pink on Clear, C/D Gray on Clear) /500 (Repress) PENDING Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten | 2014 | Topshelf Records/Count Your Lucky Stars | Black (180 Gram) /250 Fist Benders - S/T | 2015 | Santapouge Media | Baby Pink w/Screenprinted b-side /50 flatsound - i clung to you hoping we'd both drown | 2015 | Still Life Records | Clear w/ Black Smoke /100 flatsound - if we could just pretend | 2015 | Little L Records | White w/ Blue Splatter /300 flatsound - Four Songs on Losing You/did everything feel beautiful... | 2016 | Self-Released | Clear w/ Splatter /100 Football, etc - The Draft | 2011 | Count Your Lucky Stars/Strictly No Capital Letters | Coke Bottle Clear /200 Foxing - Dealer | 2015 | Triple Crown Records | Dark Blue (Tour Press) /600 Funeralbloom - Petals | 2014 | Broken World Media | White /250 Hesitation Wounds - Awake For Everything | 2016 | 6131 Records | Red /200 The Hotelier - Goodness | 2016 | Tiny Engines | Fawn & Field /700 The Hotelier - It Never Goes Out | 2015 | Tiny Engines | Spring Tour Press #131/250 Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again | 2014 | Epitaph Records | Clear /300 Joyce Manor - Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired | 2012 | Asian Man Records | Red /300 Joyce Manor - S/T | 2011 | Asian Man Records | Black w/ Etched B-Side /1000 Kanye West - The Life of Pablo | 2016 | Bootleg | Clear **Jacket has broken seal. Please refer to these Pictures** Keaton Henson - Dear... | 2011 | Vinyl Factory | Black (2015 Repress) /1000 Kendrick Lamar - untitled. unmastered. | 2016 | Top Dawg Entertainment | Black Last Call - Stay On The Outside | 2011 | Mightier Than Sword Records | Green w/ Screenprinted B-Side (Record Release Cover #20/35) Little Big League - Tropical Jinx | 2014 | Run For Cover Records | Coke Bottle Clear /300 Look Mexico - To Bed To Battle | 2010 | Suburban Home Records | Whiskey Coke /150 Loose Lips Sink Ships/Noumenon - Bro Grinds: Music to Grind Your Bros To | 2012 | Friend of Mine Records | Purple Marble #96/180 Lume - Perennial Phase | 2016 | Mayfly Records | Coke Bottle w/ Black Haze /100 Lydia - Illuminate | 2008 | ShopRadioCast | Black /500 Marietta - As It Were | 2015 | Near Mint Records | Clear w/ Orange & Yellow Splatter /100 Marietta - Summer Death | 2013 | Soft Speak Records | Black /125 Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence | 2013 | No Sleep Records | Ice Cream Cone (Hot Topic Exclusive) /500 Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost | 2016 | Big Scary Monsters | Transparent/clear Half & Half w/ White splatter /300 Modern Baseball - Sports | 2012 | Run For Cover Records/Lame-o Records | Clear w/ Random Splatter /200 Modern Baseball - You're Gonna Miss It All | 2014 | Run For Cover Records | Black (180 Gram) /500 Moving Mountains - Pneuma | 2015 (Repress) | Topshelf Records | White (w/ Screenprinted Jacket) /200 Moving Mountains/Prawn - Split | 2015 | Triple Crown Records | Clear w/ Blue Splatter /300 Nai Harvest - Hairball Nothing - Guilty of Everything | 2014 | Relapse Records | Clear Blue w/ Rainbow Splatter Nothing - Downward Years to Come | Clear Repress Nouns - Still | 2015 | Known Pleasure Records | Clear w/ Pink & Green Splatter /175 Of Us Giants - Nova Scotia | Ronald Records | 2014 | Burnt Orange (RSD Variant) #5/10 Old Gray - An Autobiography | 2013 | Broken World Media | Clear w/ Red & Blue Swirl /300 Osoosooso - S/T | 2014 | Soft Speak Records | White w/ Blue Splatter /150 Park Jefferson - S/T | 2013 | Too Far Gone Records | Lavender (Screenprinted Cover) /100 Pianos Become The Teeth - The Lack Long After | 2011 | Topshelf Records | Amber /150 Pity Sex - Dark World | 2012 | Run For Cover Records | Cream /300 Pity Sex - Feast of Love | 2013 | Run For Cover Records | Clear Green w/ White Haze /600 Posture & The Grizzly - Busch Hymns | 2014 | Broken World Media | Mixed Color /150 Prawn - Kingfisher | 2014 | Topshelf Records | Black (180 Gram) /100 Prawn - Ships | 2012 | Topshelf Records | Light Blue Smoke /500 Respire - Gravity & Grace The Saddest Landscape - Darkness Forgives | 2015 | Topshelf Records | Tour Variant with Flexi Disc (#179/250) Sainthood Reps - Headswell | 2013 | No Sleep Records | Forest Green/Cream Haze /400 Secret Grief - The Sea of Trees | 2015 | Triple Deke Records | Record Release Jacket (Black) (#26/50) Secret Grief/Runaway Brother - Split | 2013 | Soft Speak Records | Black /150 Snowing - That Time I Saw In A Pile of Chocolate (A Retrospective) | 2016 | Square of Opposition Records | Black Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom | 2006 | Polyvinyl Record Co. | Black (180 Gram) PENDING Somos - Temple of Plenty | 2014 | Tiny Engines | Spring Tour Press #57/100 Sorority Noise - Joy, Departed | 2015 | Topshelf Records | Half Electric Blue/Half Mustard /200 The Speed of Sound in Seawater - First Contact | 2013 | Black /300 Spraynard - Cut & Paste | 2015 | Square of Opposition/Dead Broke | Mustard Yellow /200 (Repress) Spraynard - Funtitled | 2012 | Asian Man Records | Clear Blue w/ Red Labels /500 The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt | 2011 | Pure Noise Records | Black (180 Gram) /1000 The Story So Far - What You Don't See | 2013 | Pure Noise Records | White /2000 Tancred - S/T | 2013 | Topshelf Records | Lavender /150 Teen Suicide - I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is a Devil Inside My Body | 2015 | Run For Cover Records | Orange /300 (Reissue) Teen Suicide - It's The Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir The Honeypot | 2016 | Run For Cover Records | (2xLP) Oxblood in Clear; Black In Clear /300 Teen Suicide - waste yrself/DC Snuff Film | 2015 | Run For Cover Records | Baby Pink /300 Televangelist - Wild, Jealous, Youth | 2015 | Ozona Records | Marble Grey (SXSW Variant) /25 Tigers Jaw - Charmer | 2014 | Run For Cover Records | Maroon/White Starburst /750 Tigers Jaw - S/T | 2008 | Photobooth Records | Black 180 Gram (Teal Hand-Screened Cover) /400 Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds | 2010 | Run For Cover | Yellow /300 Tigers Jaw - Studio 4 Acoustic Session | 2015 | Memory Music | Baby Blue /300 Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living | 2014 | Triple Crown Records | Red/Orange Color in Color /500 Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship | 2013 | Kind of Like Records | Lambeau Splatter /150 Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship | 2013 | Kind Of Like Records | Mountain Dew /174 Title Fight - Hyperview Touche Amore - Stage Four | 2016 | Epitaph Records | Clear w/ Haze (EU Exclusive) /500 Turnover - Magnolia | 2013 | Run For Cover Records | Green, Aqua, and Oxblood (Tri-Color) /700 Tyler, The Creator - Wolf | 2014 | Odd Future Records | Pink 2xLP /?? 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  5. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/new/products/pageninetynine-document-7?mc_cid=4a503b7033&mc_eid=88d120319f Deathwish has this listed as a "distributed title," and I've been unable to find out who's behind this release. The catalog number on this page seems to be the same as the older pressings, but Magic Bullet is now Dark Operative Records, so I'm not sure what that means. Came out to $20.88 for me! Edit: Also found this: https://www.discogs.com/Pg99-Document-7-/release/11481092. Looks like it might be the same variant? I can't find any evidence of either of these being sold online. Maybe it was sold on part of their tour, but I didn't see any copies when I bought merch at the Baltimore show. Anyone else have any info?
  6. I have a copy of "The Fall of Troy" by The Fall of Troy Cat Number: ETR#021 It is 1 of 465 available exclusively at Hot Topic on Black Vinyl with the 2005 Re-release cover I also have a limited edition copy of "Turn to Gold" by Diarrhea Planet 1 of 500 on Black/Gold Translucent vinyl with a limited edition "Live at Freakin' Weekend" Cassette I have lost interest in these items and would like them to find a home where they are more appreciated. I can trade for one or the other or both together. I'm looking for the following records, but will definitely consider any other trades. I like a lot of different genres, so, make an offer: Common Dreads- Enter Shikari Grey Britain- Gallows Mezmerize and Hypnotize-System of a Down AFI- Sing The Sorrow Typical Cats-Typical Cats Is There Anybody Out There?-Pink Floyd Message me with any other hard-to-find gems you may be sitting on that you're no longer interested in. Cheers.
  7. In their third EP (which is the second part to the EP I Talk to God...) wristmeetrazor channel emotional violence in the best way delivering a crushing EP in the vein of Letters to Catalonia, Majority Rule, Neil Perry, Gif From God. Members are spread out between TN, VA, and NV but manage to play when possible, most recently going out with fellow Bitter Melody folks in No Restraint. The first song can be streamed here: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/wristmeetrazors-de-nadie/ Cassette comes with download code for a high quality digital album. You can order the cassette from me: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com 30 red foil cassettes and 70 blue grey tint and the vinyl is available from Zegema Beach Records as a double 7" with this and their last EP http://www.zegemabeachrecords.com/ wristmeetrazor.bandcamp.com (older EPs)
  8. alexmacwilliam

    TRADE: Underoath TOCS/DTGL

    Hey! I have the 2xLP of TOCS/DTGL from their reunion tour and I want to trade it for seperate copies of both of those albums. I'm potentially willing to throw in another record, depending on the record! I am willing to trade the 2xLP for TOCS OR DTGL straight up, as well. Always down to negotiate! https://www.discogs.com/user/alex.macwilliam/collection
  9. We are absolutely thrilled to present you the deluxe physical version of our latest, sophomore LP called Testet ölt. Please find below the specifications: http://anchorlessbodies.bigcartel.com/product/testet-olt-deluxe-vinyl-photobook Ultra limited deluxe vinyl photobook version of our latest, sophomore LP called Testet ölt. - Limited to 50 hand numbered copies - Gold vinyl covered in hardcover photobook bounded by black canvas - Full colour artwork on the front - 20+ page stunning photography by the ever-awesome Dávid Bodnár - Includes CD version of the entire album - No repress Watch the official video for Ifjak szíve: Hear the entire LP here: https://anchorlessbodies.bandcamp.com/
  10. hello friends ! I am stoked to announce that the Mihai Edrsich Un Jour Sans Lendemain LP is repressed and available again ! 500 copies pressed on colored vinyl, comes with a 12 pages booklet with an interview of the band members from 2017, pictures and lyrics, reproductions of flyers and a DL code. A true labor of love ! Repressed for the first time of their full length released on Purepainsugar in 2005… For those who are not familiar with the band, Mihai Edrisch was like a comet in the sky… shortlived but full of light. Active in the early 2000s, in a time when bands like Amanda Woodward, Daïtro, Belle Epoque, Gantz, Hyacinth, Sed Non Satiata & co were releasing records and touring, Mihai Edrisch as well had that (what is trademarked now as) ‘french screamo’ touch but they pushed the intensity, complexity and depth further than their peers. Driven by emotional high-ends guitars, heavy drums, aerial bass lines and desperate vocals, that album is a true masterpiece for the genre and it was time to bring it under the light once again. Featuring members of Celeste, Daïtro, Baton Rouge, Lost Boys, Pinku Saido & more You can listen to it HEEEEERE and order it THEEEEERE for 18€ post paid in Europe, 20€ post paid for the rest of the world.
  11. I thought this would be worth mentioning. I found this band the other day and I've been listening to them on repeat since. Wristmeetrazor is a still a very new three-piece screamo/emoviolence band. They just put out their first EP titled "I Talk To God...". They also just announced that it will soon be coming out on cassette through Arduous Path Recordings. Pre-orders are available now and expected to ship in early October. Only 50 copies are being made! Listen here: https://wristmeetrazor.bandcamp.com/album/i-talk-to-god PO cassette here: http://arduouspath.bigcartel.com/product/wristmeetrazor-i-talk-to-god
  12. We have re-released BIRDS IN ROW's "Collected" on vinyl, and for the very first time on CD. Order it now here or from Deathwish Inc for North America. The LP comes on limited ultraclear/silver A side/B side or black vinyl and is housed in a spot UV varnish jacket. The CD comes in a 6 panels digipack. "Collected" contains all the band's pre-"You, Me And The Violence" material : 2010's EP "Rise Of The Phoenix", 2011's EP "Cottbus" as well as "Phoenix", the very first song written by the band. Stream it here : https://throatruinerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/collected
  13. Potential album of the year finally up for preorder, a deluxe cassette box will follow tomorrow from Dog Knights: http://records.kollektif.eu/screamoemo/51010-heaven-in-her-arms-white-halo-lp.html 100 x Moonbow Blue 200 x Cracked White Black Moment Of Collapse also promoted a deluxe version, not sure it is one of the colored ones or will come later.
  14. 12" Aerosols LP+7" Clear 18$ Aye Nako Unleash Yourself 8$ Backstabbers INC M.I.A 12" 8$| Basement I wish I could Stay Here First Press Gray /200 SOLD Bravo Fucking Bravo S/T 12" 5$ Brightside Now And Loud 12" 8$ Client I Am Well 12" 10$ Coke Bust Confined Tour Press 14$ Cold World How The Gods Chill TIH Press SOLD Lord Snow Solitude Mail Order Cover /100 SOLD Gorilla Biscuits Start Today Glow In The Dark Vinyl 40$ Renounced The Melancholy We Ache Half White Half Orange /250 20$ The Rival Mob Raw Life Opaque Yellow /200 25$ Street Smart Cyclist Discography White /350 10$| Tawny Peaks S/T 30$ Wasted Time Futility Red 8$ Xiu Xiu Fabulous Muscles 8$ 1994! Fuck It LP 9$ 10" Gifts Arrows In Her Split 10" Red Vinyl /100 14$ The Shivering To The Ground 10" 5$ 7" Altered Boys 7" 5$ By Surprise 478 Purple /50 6$ Caust This Is Not For You Split 7" 4.50$ Dads Woman White 7" SOLD! The Devil Is Electric 7" 3$ Duck Little Brother Duck Spitting On Cats 4$ Empire! Empire! Male Goat Split Kelly Green /150 9$ Empire! Empire! Joie De Vivre Arigato Covers silk screened /100 maple 14$ For Want Of S/T 7" 5$ Glassjaw You Think You're John Fucking Lennon 1st Press SOLD Hatebreed Under The Knife Repress Clear 7$ I Hate Myself 2 songs 7" 8$ Left Astray Don't Look For Me 7" 4$ Kodan Armada Pretty Faces 7" 7$ no cover. Modern Life Is War Stagger Lee White and Blue 6$ My Heart To Joy Virgin Sails 10$ No Tolerance No Remorse No Tolerance Red /330 20$ Rosa Texarkana Get A High Five 7" 20$ Title Fight Last Thing You Forget Black First Press Black /500 SOLD!! Trash Talk East Of Eden 7" Dead Daisy version. 14$ Swollen Lungs 7" Compilation 3$ 8" Coma Regalia Split With Eros + Massacre /25 ABA Cover SOLD Test Pressings Casual S/T 12" Test pressing 20$ Coma Regalia En Separata Test Pressing 12" /5 40$ Coma Regalia Split with heart on my sleeve, calvacades Test Pressing 10" /10? 30$ Down to Nothing On Thin Ice Test Pressing 7" /24 25$ Failures S/T 7" Test Press 25$ Vaccine Dead Inside Test Press 7" /10 40$ Us, Haunted Bodies Test Press 7" /5 40$ xUZI KIDSx 7" Test Pressing /50 (Only Pressing) - 66.6 $ Tapes: () - False Xmas CS - 14$ A Garden Overgrown /50 6$ The Boston Strangler - 3 Song Promo Orange Cover 30$ ComaDre - Burn Your bones Songs About The Youth Comp Tape - 12$ Defiance Ohio Midwestern Minutes 6$ Dirtdrinker S/T 5$ Football Etc - First Down 8$ Grass Widow S/T Tape 16$ Libyans Collection Tape 5$ Lost Souls Demo Tape 10$ Merchandise Gone Are The Silk Gardens Of Our Youth 10$ Paid In Full Demo 5$ Pretty Mouth The Endless 5$ Scowler Discography Tape 8$ Stick Together Live In Toronto 14$ Tension Fields Intellectually Disabled 8$ The Truth About Dreaming Fall 2013 8$ The Truth About Dreaming Split with Waller 8$ The Truth About Dreaming Split with Zareshin 10$ TWIABP Formlessness 2nd Press Black Tour Cover 18$ TWIABP Whenever If Ever 1st Press Fold Out Silk screened Cover 25$ Under A Sky So Blue Demo 5$ White Guilt Demo II 6$ White Walls - kevin 6$ Without Fixation On A Lonely God 8$ Vucub Cane War 10$ Will Only Consider The Following For Trades. Spirit Of Versailles Records Youth Attack Test Presses Screamo / Skramz Test Presses 90s Hardcore Merch lolz
  15. The following vinyl/cassettes are for sale. There are a variety of rare gems so first come first serve. We will discuss if I need to ship outside of the US (it get's expensive). Otherwise, thanks for looking and good luck getting what you are after. Anything not sold here will go on eBay. FYI: I am willing to accept offers, trades, and will definitely make a deal price if numerous items are purchased in bulk (and throw in some extras). Deal: Buy 3 $5 records, get 4th $5 record free. 12": Capsize - The Angst In My Veins - /250 Green Transparent and White Haze (tour exclusive) - $30 Cowboys Are Indians - Constantly Fucked - $10 Drug Church - Paul Walker - $10 Early Graves - Red Horse - (2012 subscription unopened) - $10 Foreign Tongues / The Felix Culpa split - $5 Foxes / Iselia split - $10 The Saddest Landscape - The Sound of the Spectacle - /125 Clear w/ Blue Haze Center (kickstarter) - $25 Sinaloa - Fathers And Sons - (screened alternate cover) /? - $20 Yusuke / Lori split - $5 12" Test Pressings: Drug Church - Swell - 18/20 - SOLD Foreign Tongues / The Felix Culpa split - /20 - $10 The Saddest Landscape - The Sound of the Spectacle - 6/25 - $50 7": Absolutist / Abest split /300 Black - $5 Adobe Homes / Beau Navire split - /300 Glow-In-The-Dark vinyl (w/ alternate art RARE) - SOLD Agent - Awake In Their World - /500 Black - $5 Amanda Woodward - Meurt La Soif / Un Peu D'Etoffe - /? Black - SOLD Amber / Locktender split - /300 White - $5 Goodtime Boys - Things I Still Don't Understand - /200 White - $5 Midnight Souls - Always - 24/300 Black - $15 Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To - 1st press /100 - Clear w/ Grey Haze - SOLD Perfect Future - Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable - /150 Black - $5 Settler - Dissociation Songs (In the Key of F) - /200 Black - $5 Short Stories About Their Distance / The World At A Glance split - Black /? - $5 Swollen Lungs, Volume One - /800 Black - $5 The Heads Are Zeros / Neck First split /100 Black - $5 The Heads Are Zeros / Neck First split /100 White - $5 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /110 - Trans Red - $25 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /110 - Trans Gold - $15 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /323 Trans Blue - $5 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness /550 Clear - $5 The Saddest Landscape - Souls Worth Saving /? Red - $5 Raein / Phoenix Bodies split 2nd press /500 clear - $5 Violent Bullshit - Age of Quarrel II By Amon Duul III - /300 Black - $5 Xerxes - Twins - /400 Recycled Grey - $5 7" Test Pressings: Caravels - S/T - 12/15 - $30 Frameworks - Small Victories 15/20 - $35 The Saddest Landscape ?– Live At New Alliance - 18/20 - $30 The Saddest Landscape - Cover Your Heart - 15/20 - $35 The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness 17/20 - $35 The Saddest Landscape / We Were Skeletons split - 13/20 - $40 The Saddest Landscape / Pianos Become The Teeth - 15/20 - $40 The Truth About Dreaming / Short Stories About Their Distance /? no cover - $15 Cassette: Carrion Spring - A Short History of Decay - /? - SOLD Light Black - Tom Hanks - /20 Pink - $10 Meet Me In Montauk - Where the Grass Meets Pavement - 8/25 paint splatter - $20 Sinaloa - Chapel & Basement - $10 The Cambodian Heat - Bludgeoning Subculture Aficionado - /? - $5 The Ultimate Screamo Band - La Saison Du Champignon - /30 Clear - $10 Vasudeva - No Clearance - /50 Clear - $20 Whips - The Ride /100 White (Unopened) - $10 CD/Various: The Truth About Dreaming - Noises From the Basement (CD) 22/50 - $5 The Cambodian Heat - Bludgeoning Subculture Aficionado (Business Card CD) 6/30 - $5 Rare Skramz Patches $5 each (quantity available): Circle Takes The Square SOLD Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing SOLD Gas Up Yr Hearse! SOLD The Truth About Dreaming SOLD Let me know if you have questions or have picture requests...
  16. Pg.99's first shows since 2011 and it isn't a cash grab reunion. Each show is a benefit for a local, progressive group. Dates and charity listed below: Sept. 21: Broadberry, Richmond, VA to benefit Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project Sept. 22: St. Stephen’s, Washington, DC to benefit Casa Ruby Sept. 23: Baltimore, MD to benefit 901 Arts Sept. 24: First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA to benefit Juntos Sept. 25: St. Vitus, New York City, NY to benefit New Sanctuary Movement NYC Sept. 26: Goldsounds, New York City, NY to benefit New York Legal Assistance Group Sept. 27: Great Scott, Boston, MA to benefit the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Action Coalition
  17. Hi, Below are a list of records I have currently for sale. Willing to make deals the more you buy. 100% feedback on Discogs and eBay. Paypal preferred. I will not ask you to send payments as a gift or include the Paypal fees. Shipping, however, is not included in the prices. Thank you for your time. Please email if you find anything of interest: [email protected] If the record did have a proper title I put "S/T". I prefer to not sell one record, because of the low cost. Artist Record Length Notes Price 9 Shocks Terror Mobile terror Unit 7" grey marble $ 5.00 American Tragedy S/T 7" Record release cover 46/50 $ 5.00 Antioch Arrow / Candle Split 7" $ 5.00 Apathemy / Break of Dawn Split 7" $ 5.00 Authority Abuse S/T 7" $ 5.00 Automation S/T 7" Hater of God Records $ 5.00 Behold the Prophet NLSL 7" $ 5.00 Born Against / Universal Order of Armageddon Split 7" $ 5.00 Break of Dawn Stop. Start Over. 7" $ 5.00 Car Vs Driver/ Spirit Assembly split 7" $ 5.00 Chain to Thread / bleed Split 7" $ 5.00 Cleveland Bound Death Sentence S/T 7" $ 5.00 CR Flexi 7" Flexi disk $ 5.00 CR S/T 7" $ 5.00 CR S/T 7" grey marble $ 5.00 DS 13 Thrash and burn 5" Purple marble, elaborate folded packaging, hand screened $ 5.00 DS 13 Aborted Teen Generation 7" greyish purple marble $ 5.00 DSB No Fight No Get 7" $ 8.00 Eleven Thirty Four Dying 7" Purple marble $ 5.00 Endpoint / Sunspring Written in Rock 7" $ 5.00 Endpoint / Sunspring EP2 7" $ 5.00 engine down / Twelve Hour turn Split 7" $ 5.00 Exclaim / Jellyroll rockheads Never Trust EP split 7" $ 5.00 Fanshen S/T 7" $ 5.00 Four hundred years Signal 7" Yuletide $ 5.00 Frail S/T 7" Kidney Room Records, in a manila folder sleeve $ 5.00 Frail / Spanish Horses split 7" $ 5.00 Fuel Take effect 7" Lockout Records $ 5.00 Gatecrashers, The / Idol Punch Split 7" Clear, silver labels, colored in cover. Pre-Pissed Jeans $ 5.00 H2O Can't Get Off The Phone 7" Green marble $ 8.00 Hacksaw S/T 7" $ 5.00 Halfmast Influence 7" $ 5.00 Hardcore 1990 - East Meets West Comp 7" Point Blank, Chorus of Disapproval, vison, Carry Nation, Killing Time, and Sick of It All $ 8.00 Harriet The Spy S/T 7" 167/300, pink cover $ 5.00 Headfirst Back in Control 7" Purple $ 5.00 Hellbender Clocked Out 7" Blue $ 5.00 Hot Water Music Alachua 7" $ 5.00 Hot Water Music / Clairmel Split 8" Cooper-ish color marble $ 10.00 Inkwell By Design 7" $ 5.00 Jellyroll Rockheads, the Intense and Mild EP 7" $ 5.00 Jenny Piccolo Pic Disk 7" $ 5.00 John Henry West 3/12/1993 7" $ 5.00 Junta S/T 7" Red $ 5.00 King for a Day Sleeping Hero 7" $ 5.00 Lava S/T 7" Gravity Records $ 5.00 No Parade S/T 7" $ 5.00 Once again AS the fire went out… 7" $ 5.00 Orchid / Red Scare split 7" $ 5.00 Ousia S/T 7" $ 5.00 Portraits of Past 7" $ 5.00 Quicksand S/T 7" $ 8.00 Rain on the Parade Full Speed ahead 7" Blue, 94/200 $ 15.00 Rain on the Parade Body Bag EP 7" $ 10.00 Randoms ABCD 7" Green $ 10.00 Redemption 87 Spidey Sessions 1995 7" 367/1000 $ 5.00 Right to Assemble Comp 7" $ 5.00 Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade S/T 7" $ 5.00 Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade S/T 7" Orange $ 5.00 Satan's satyrs Black Souls 7" Clear gold $ 10.00 Sawhorse S/T 7" $ 5.00 Shogun Enter The Equation 7" $ 5.00 Sick Pleasure Destroy the Human Race 7" Black labels $ 5.00 Storm The Tower S/T 7" $ 5.00 Swing Kids S/T 7" Black labels $ 5.00 The Great Detroit Riverboat Race S/t 7" $ 5.00 Triggerman Sinker 7" $ 5.00 Twenty-third Chapter FMD 7" $ 5.00 Up Front Doin It Live on WNYU 7" clear $ 5.00 What Happens Next? S/T 7" 3rd press $ 5.00 ABC Diabolo Last Intoxication of Senses 12" $ 8.00 Antioch Arrow S/T 12" Hand screen cover $ 10.00 Avengers Two Black Eyes 12" Major crease on cover $ 8.00 Bread and Circuits S/T 12" $ 10.00 By All Means Fino a qui… tutto bene! 12" $ 8.00 Chamberlain Fate's got a Driver 12" Clear $ 14.00 Clikatat Ikatori River of Souls 12" $ 10.00 DOA The John Peel Session 12" Cover unglued $ 8.00 DS 13 Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? 12" $ 8.00 Faith Subject to Change 12" $5 price on back $ 10.00 Food Not bombs Comp 12" Anomie, Palatka, Swallowing Shit and more $ 10.00 Forward to Death Death Therapy 12" Red $ 8.00 Fuel Monuments to Excess 12" $ 10.00 Government Issue Boycott Stabb 12" Dutch East India Trading $ 10.00 Manliftingbanner Humanity Wont… 10" $ 8.00 Marginal Man Identity 12" $ 15.00 Moss Icon It Disappears 12" Hand screened, inside out cover $ 12.00 Naked Raygun All Rise 12" $ 10.00 Panthro Uk United 13 Sounds of a Gun 12" White $ 10.00 Scream Fumble 12" $ 10.00 Serpico Rumble 12" $ 8.00 Sleeper Preparing Today… 12" $ 8.00 Sleeper Time and Tide 12" $ 8.00 Swing Kids / Spanakorzo Split 10" 31G stamped dust sleeve $ 10.00 Verbal Assault LEARN 12" $ 10.00 Victims / From Ashes Rise Split 12" $ 8.00 Warzone / Cause for alarm Split 10" Clear red $ 15.00 What Happens Next? Hollow Victory 10" $ 8.00
  18. Pre-orders for DIREWOLVES' upcoming 12"EP/CD "The Great Year" are now up at www.deathwishinc.eu/categories/direwolves (Europe) and https://deathwishinc.com/collections/throatruiner/ (North America). The vinyl comes on limited blood red/bone mix or black vinyl. "Three years after their debut album "Aegri Somnia", Lorient, France's DIREWOLVES return with "The Great Year". This new six tracks EP focuses on the more energetic facet of their sound, refining the band's revigorating blend of melodic crust and screamo-influenced hardcore. Recorded & mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios (Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort…), mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios (Coliseum, The Sword, Jawbox…) and with artwork once again designed by Førtifem, "The Great Year" is another implacable display of the band's abrasive yet anthemic vision of punk/hardcore." CREDITS — Recorded & mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios — Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios — Artwork by Førtifem TRACKLIST 01. Unpoisoned 02. Oaths & Duality 03. From Tomb To Womb 04. Ascent 05. Unhousel'd, Unanel'd 06. Paths To Metnal
  19. Post-rock/screamo/post-hardcore fans! This one is for you guys! You can listen to the tracks at the link below: http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/03/03/exclusive-spin-arrowheadforever-losing-sleep-split/ Ambient noise can either be a counterpoint to monstrosity, or a complement. In the case of Boston’s Arrowhead and New Jersey’s Forever Losing Sleep, the midpoint lies in an overarching appreciation for melodic, far-reaching post-rock. On this 12″ vinyl split, Arrowhead uses the cinematic sprawl of their opening guitars, negating them minutes later on their contribution “Thousand Palms, Sung and Reposed” with scorching post-hardcore intensity. On the flip side, Forever Losing Sleep’s “Woken By the Sun” takes a lighter approach to genre fusion, where vocals float over instruments that peak and plummet alongside a frenetic emotional barometer. There’s a lot to unpack here — two songs total over 16 minutes — and plenty to return for, which is a testament’s to each band’s brand of grandiose, embattled songwriting. Pre-orders found here: http://lifeisafunnything.bigcartel.com/product/arrowhead-forever-losing-sleep-split-12-funnything36 lifeisafunnything is more than proud to present you this breathtaking split record! Two bands, two songs and a running time of 17 minutes full of intense emotions, desperate outbursts and fulgent melodies! ARROWHEAD from Boston and FOREVER LOSING SLEEP from New Jersey, both deliver their best effort so far by leaving musical borders behind and creating a 17 minute long trip through darkness and light on this onesided record! If you really need comparisons: If ever The Saddest Landscape decides to team up with Envy, then this might come close to how ARROWHEAD sounds. And well, FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, how to describe them? Dredg comes to mind, Explosions in the Sky too, a lot of early 2k emo/screamo-bands, without sounding really like one of them. It is jus great music! And the biggest surprise is, how this dark, deep song by ARROWHEAD and this bright and epic track by FOREVER LOSING SLEEP together form such a coherent and beautiful piece of art! 200 onesided records are made. Each copy comes with a downloadcode and a lyricsheet. Pressing info: 100 clear yellow w/ black smoke 100 clear turqoise w/ white smoke
  20. Coming totally out from nothing they just put up the pre order and full stream for a new album. Grabbed the hand numbered/100 quickly. https://shizune.bandcamp.com/
  21. Hey there, the new OLD SOUL - Blue Heron 12" finally arrived at my door and you can order right away! Click here. Thanks! "The newest LP from these six Michigan heroes is nothing short of stunning. Massive movements of post-rock, hardcore, screamo and black metal will give your ears more than they can handle. For fans of: Ostraca, City Of Caterpillar and Deafheaven. Black vinyl. 4 songs." Labels/Stores - please get in touch for trading/wholesale! You can listen to the whole album upfront: Old Soul Bandcamp Please also check: DISCOGS FACEBOOK STORE Also available from OLD SOUL: LENTIC WATERS/OLD SOUL Split LP OLD SOUL - NATURES ARMS ENCIRCLE ALL LP and their buddies: LENTIC WATERS - THE PATH LP Thanks a lot, Fabian www.maniyax.com
  22. for those who aren't following the City Of thread.. PO SOON I IMAGINE also today deathwish put up these... available now http://store.deathwishinc.com/product/SV011-5cs.html “This limited cassette tape features the live recording that was tacked on at the end of “A Retrospective" CD released on Level Plane Records 15 years ago. We wanted to keep the “Collected” LP pure with studio recordings only, so we decided to make this limited cassette with those live songs so they aren’t completely left out. Pressed on a Raekwon purple shell.” Track Listing: 01. The Poet You Never Were (Live) 02. Ariadne’s Thread (Live) 03. Nôtres Langues Nous Trompent (Live) 04. The Sweetness and The Light (Live) 05. Endymion (Live)
  23. Both bands play chaotic metal influenced mathy/grindy hardcore. Euth is from Wyoming. Closet Witch is from Iowa. Cassette will is available to purchase starting August 8th via Sassbologna Records (http://sassbologna.org).Free download / Stream:https://closetwitch.bandcamp.com/album/euth-closet-witch-splitMusic video for Closet Witch's 'Funeral Regrets':https://youtu.be/dn4ocQdmY2EMusic video for Closet Witch's 'Civil Necessity':https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWwJ8sCDFAgTape release in Moline, IL on August 18th.7" release TBA via Middle Man Records.Thanks in advance for any possible interest.
  24. jonandrewrobson

    FS: Entire CD Collection

    Selling my CD collection, hoping to make some money to help pay off my giant student debt. I currently haven't been able to go through and price everything but I'm all for offers at the moment. I have a CD refurbisher so I'll be going through everything that has been bought to make sure they're all refinished. Bought a vast majority of these while in high school so no judgement please =) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-XBzIyljap6xzDlnXe8BL6XD3uFrhdAUqJrydbBdo-4/edit?usp=sharing