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  1. I saw a New song is up on Spotify/Apple Music. Busy at work, so I can’t listen yet
  2. Loved the album too lol. One of my favorites. Now what I DON’T love, is blinks new single today
  3. Was it Mark who said in an interview that he'd be down to do a blink "side projects" tour? That'd be badass.
  4. Can anyone comment on the new track who has ordered this?
  5. Scored everything I wanted except for MCR like plenty of people here. Willing to make a deal!
  6. Just got a tracking number in my email, so these will be shipping soon!
  7. No problem! Sitting at "label created," but a shipping email nonetheless lol
  8. If you're talking about getting a shipping confirmation, I got one this morning for the tri-color bundle
  9. Yeah new variant /1000 - 500 in their store and 500 to go to indie stores
  10. That may be the black with gold splatter. If you zoom in, you can see what could be the gold "splatter" around the center label