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  1. Yeah new variant /1000 - 500 in their store and 500 to go to indie stores
  2. That may be the black with gold splatter. If you zoom in, you can see what could be the gold "splatter" around the center label
  3. If anybody has a gold they're willing to get rid of for any reason, hit me up. I'm willing to make a deal.
  4. Mine arrived two days ago. Ordered it from the "rcrdstr" store
  5. Few copies popped up here. Free shipping as well https://rcrdstr.com/collections/frontpage/products/upside-down-flowers-vnyl-exclusive-blue
  6. I remember first joining VC years ago, to post an article about a Deja Entendu repress that everyone was dying for. Terrible move. The article was just speculative, and from Property of Zack. I'll never forget my first quote here was someone telling me "I wish I could downvote you into oblivion" lol. Started off on the boards with one comment and about 30 downvotes.
  7. It said all sales are final unless the show is canceled lol.
  8. Well that would've been nice to know this morning lol. Oh well! Thanks Tokimedo!