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  1. Not christmas-related, but I’m still waiting on variant 1 from original day 1 pre-orders lol
  2. Well, I officially got the Amazon cancellation email. It was a good ride.
  3. Yeah my label was printed for a few days, but then it started moving from Wheat Ridge to Denver. It departed Denver on the 20th.. and that’s it 🤷🏽‍♂️ Haha.
  4. I got mine before Christmas — but I have another record that’s been stuck in Denver since Dec 15th though. So it seems hit or miss with mail lol.
  5. Anyone receive their copy yet? Mine is still stuck in Denver since mid-December lol
  6. If it helps anyone, my Anthem order came in today — order number was in the 15900’s and my copy was numbered in the low 400’s. Can’t remember them exactly right now as I’m not home.
  7. Has anybody heard anything about the amazon orders for the clear MOV press? Just realized I still had my order placed from September while doing some other amazon Christmas shopping this AM lol..
  8. Definitely makes Folklore stand out much more for me. Listened in the car on the drive home and maybe 2 songs stick out for me. Definitely grabbed my attention though when she sang “parked my car between the Methodist and the school” because that was a huge spot in high school so many years ago lol. Good times.
  9. Same here. They said all of my variants will ship when the cardigan singles ship. So my Cardigan 12” is the only thing holding my order up. Here’s hoping my deluxes aren’t sold out thanks to that 12” lol.
  10. Nice! Did you ever get a shipped notification? Still waiting on that lol.

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