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  1. One of the only bands I’d buy this for, but I 100% agree 😑
  2. Did anyone pick up an extra copy? Set my alarm for Wednesday instead of today 😑
  3. Also has just the vinyl by itself here http://www.knucklepuckil.com/products/652041-gold-rush-fences-7-vinyl /500
  4. Definitely didn’t have the pre order option last night, but thanks for the heads up. Was able to place an order now.
  5. Yeah this was all gone pretty damn quick lol. I checked at 8pm (eastern) yesterday, and they were gone.
  6. Damn I missed this whole release! Thanks for the post @tlr. Always loved their music.
  7. Finally got around to contributing. Really hope this gets pressed! at $4,735 now!
  8. Dude Ranch is and will forever be my favorite, but I still enjoyed those two honestly lol.
  9. Ties with BIOMY for me.. this album is just painful so far. Sucks to watch blink have such a downward spiral between this and California, for me personally.
  10. He had some tweets on it, too. Can’t remember how long ago now, but at least 2-3 months
  11. I believe it’ll be a Sept 6th drop lol. Saw an item on eBay from a UK seller with different artwork and that date 😯
  12. I’d been watching the stock and waiting to purchase on payday; it moved slow from 230 to about 160-ish over the week. Then they disappeared and “sold out” overnight lol. So yeah I agree they’ll pop up somewhere! Maybe on tour? 😬
  13. If anybody picked up an extra and willing to sell it, let me know! Somehow 150+ of these sold overnight lol