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  1. "Defining Moment and Kid Named Chicago were two Tallahassee, FL local bands that eventually broke up to form Mayday Parade. This 10" EP is a celebration of those bands and what they meant to the Tallahassee music scene. All proceeds from the sale of this record will be donated to charity - The Gift of Adoption Fund Black Vinyl, limited to 500 copies" These were sold at a show in Tallahassee where the guys played their old songs. ~180 left now for online sale. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/307263/defining-moment-kid-named-chicago-ep-black
  2. Same! Stoked to have gotten TWY Sister Cities Book/LP for $15 along with a few others. Great deals
  3. Did the deal a few weeks back where 3 records were like $49 with free shipping.. all arrived today including Lover. Just now got refunded for the purchase since I didn’t have enough on my debit when they charged it yesterday ha. So they’re free I guess 🙂 it’s a good Saturday
  4. Tried shipping to US, and shows $126 for shipping alone ha. I was excited about that box set!
  5. Damn. Yeah I just emailed. Literally all that shipped to me was a record mailer, so obviously the shirt couldn't fit in there haha
  6. Did anybody else receive the t shirt from this bundle? My package only had the record. Not sure if things typically ship separate or not from Merch Limited.
  7. Definitely will if I get the chance! Leave at 1 for the airport, so hopefully the timing works out.
  8. Mine is loaded on the truck and delivering today! Hopefully it arrives before I fly out for the week though. Really wanting to check this set out!
  9. One of the only bands I’d buy this for, but I 100% agree 😑
  10. Did anyone pick up an extra copy? Set my alarm for Wednesday instead of today 😑
  11. Also has just the vinyl by itself here http://www.knucklepuckil.com/products/652041-gold-rush-fences-7-vinyl /500
  12. Definitely didn’t have the pre order option last night, but thanks for the heads up. Was able to place an order now.
  13. Yeah this was all gone pretty damn quick lol. I checked at 8pm (eastern) yesterday, and they were gone.