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  1. They just posted everything on their website for PO’s tomorrow. This will include the bonus tracks which will be awesome, too!
  2. Seems the obi strip cost an extra $8 on that variant https://www.wearenearmint.com/products/740472-lydia-illuminate?fbclid=PAAaa1wM27sN-xSVXhg9qEDLTBdkexrIQ3roP1qd7fFNvLCOWkYnXz5PYTqt0_aem_AR_piYBjdGw6Gf7FfvOhjqzVVSjGnPIzPIDUsdv6hrYAR__HIoEaDwQLtDEbf-Wkhlw
  3. Test press spinning on Near Mint’s IG story. Looks like a new PO soon!
  4. Still waiting on my screen print & TP here lol. I knew there’d been the lack of info on the website, but just now realized there’s nothing about it on their IG anymore either with all of their listed releases. Bootleg or not, that’s fine with me as long as I can listen to it 🙂
  5. Still waiting on the screen print/test press for illuminate, and waiting on test press for Assailants
  6. That Instagram post with the MySpace music player 😅 haha. Can’t wait to preorder.
  7. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/forever-came-calling-contender-lp-only 10 year anniversary (sorta), remastered for vinyl and new artwork!
  8. On a side note — Any idea when Assailants is shipping?
  9. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/yellowcard-childhood-eyes-smartpunk-exclusive numbered /300

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