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  1. I’d been watching the stock and waiting to purchase on payday; it moved slow from 230 to about 160-ish over the week. Then they disappeared and “sold out” overnight lol. So yeah I agree they’ll pop up somewhere! Maybe on tour? 😬
  2. If anybody picked up an extra and willing to sell it, let me know! Somehow 150+ of these sold overnight lol
  3. I have one that should work for ya. Check your DM's
  4. I saw a New song is up on Spotify/Apple Music. Busy at work, so I can’t listen yet
  5. Loved the album too lol. One of my favorites. Now what I DON’T love, is blinks new single today
  6. Was it Mark who said in an interview that he'd be down to do a blink "side projects" tour? That'd be badass.
  7. Can anyone comment on the new track who has ordered this?
  8. Scored everything I wanted except for MCR like plenty of people here. Willing to make a deal!
  9. Just got a tracking number in my email, so these will be shipping soon!
  10. No problem! Sitting at "label created," but a shipping email nonetheless lol
  11. If you're talking about getting a shipping confirmation, I got one this morning for the tri-color bundle