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  1. Had one in my original order with the swirl vinyl that’s in limbo right now. Really hope it pulls through for the cushion.
  2. Where do you see other people talking about this? I'd love to follow up/follow along just to see what kind of answers they get.
  3. same exact situation, including missing the red while trying to figure out the swirl debacle. I really hope we don't get screwed, but in the wise words of Han Solo, I've got a bad feeling about this.
  4. So I have an email receipt for payment to sandbag (shows money out of my paypal), and another email now saying payment couldn’t be processed and I haven’t been charged (money still out of my paypal though).... really hoping I got the damn swirl lol.
  5. I’m showing 248 of FH left, and 271 of Imaginary Numbers left. Crazy how quick they’re selling!
  6. Damn lol. Sorry about that. I didn’t have that problem myself luckily! I had the 3 months free as well, and canceled about 2 weeks ago with no issue.
  7. It took me like 3 clicks lol. You go billing->manage subscription-> cancel.
  8. My bad! Neon yellow had been out of stock when I checked a few days ago, so I went ahead and purchased tonight when I saw the restock. 20% off with UD20OFF. Ended up like $29 shipped.
  9. Couldn’t find a topic on this when searching from my phone, but they pressed Believers Never Die on neon yellow and black. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/fall-out-boy/products/fall-out-boy-believers-never-die-limited-edition-2lp
  10. Nothing here either. Sent an email to customer service on Monday just to check in — no reply yet.
  11. Surprised there were still some left this AM. Snagged one, 5 left
  12. Sounds good! Just let me know whenever 👍🏼 Does EXPENSIVE mean >$15? Haha