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  1. Sorry for any lack of details at the moment as I’m at work, but 3 variants from ETR — red /100 and the other two /200. Test Press bundle also available. https://enjoytheriderecords.com/collections/enjoy-the-ride-records/products/amber-pacific-the-turn-etr156
  2. I can’t find an email on it at this time (May have deleted it) — any word on when the second press is shipping? Just remembered I ordered this when I saw the newest thread for The Fire/FYB presses lol.
  3. /250 white/blue marble with Rude Records https://www.ruderecords.com/product/coming-home-12-blue-with-white-marble-vinyl/
  4. Idk if I’m missing something or not (I also had ordered from here), but now I can’t find it anywhere on their website — is this a reliable site in the past for anyone?
  5. Love Handwritten! Came out at the perfect time in my life to be a top album forever, personally. As others have said, just happy they’re back and excited for whatever comes next.
  6. Nice!! All in for this one. Is that noon eastern? Need to make sure with the work schedule lol.
  7. Delayed to mid-October lol. “Thank you for pre-ordering William Ryan Key- Everything Except Desire- on vinyl. We have just received an update that the vinyl has been delayed in production. They are not set to arrive at our facility until the middle of October. Orders will ship as soon as possible after the vinyl arrives at our facility.”
  8. https://absolutemerch.com/collections/city-lights 10 year anniversary repress
  9. Was this already for sale and unavailable now? Saw release date says 11/1/21
  10. The release date initially said July 2021 on the PO page lol. It’s changed now.
  11. Well, if anyone bought an extra pinwheel by accident.. hit me up!! Stoked for this release.
  12. Missed Anywhere but Here in the checkout, sadly. But yeah I wish there was a little more heads-up lol.