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  1. 22 hours ago, armadillo01 said:

    VMP  fans who live in Toronto, I just went into Antikka Records on Queen West b/w Ossington & Shaw for some free coffee and they had a bunch of VMP titles in-stock, including 3 copies of Cosmogramma. 

    I asked the owner who said it's a perk of being the only place in the city to host VMP listening party every second Thursday of the month.

    Prices were, as you might imagine if you've browsed their stock, overpriced but 38 to 45CAD for AOTMs (less for others) before tax is what you would except for the exchange rate, plus you dodge the shipping charges & he said he could try to get special orders done upon request in case there's available VMP stock he doesn't have.

    I thought VMP had free international shipping. Am I wrong or does Canada not count as "international" for them?

  2. 9 minutes ago, CatsNJazz said:

    You should definitely read the whole article, here's a pretty important part.


    The mediator told Pitchfork that the alleged event involved “verbal and contextual pressure” and that “the accusation is not of a physical nature at all.” The alleged victim wants to remain anonymous. The mediator told Pitchfork that: “She and Evan had a brief relationship, and she was in a relationship when it started. She felt that he coerced her into cheating on her partner with him, and she felt that she said no to him several times… and he continued to pursue her.


    Its definitely apparent the person from Punk Talks was very manipulative and took control of the narrative of the situation without the approval of anyone involved which makes me worried about the authenticity of her intentions of 'Taking down Pinegrove' 


    This part too:


    Since late 2017, both the band and the alleged victim have focused on coming to a private resolution via a trusted mediator. Until that resolution was reached, Hall said, “there was really no way for us to offer any clarification” to their fans. It was the alleged victim’s request that Pinegrove take a year off from touring and that Hall enter therapy. “We wanted to honor that,” Hall said. “She recognized that we’ve honored it, and has since approved our plan to release an album and play some shows later on this year.” (Their mediator confirmed this.)

  3. 2 minutes ago, swb said:

    This is a separate series/comp than Silver and Gold, yeah? Is there some overlap?

    Silver and Gold is Songs for Christmas volumes 6-10. This is Songs for Christmas volumes 1-5.


    EDIT: There may be some overlap in the songs, but they're different versions. In general, 1-5 are more lo-fi/stripped down (think Seven Swans/Carrie & Lowell) compared to 6-10.

  4. 24 minutes ago, sVegas22x said:

    After not getting my package for 4 days after the delivery date, Amazon told me the carrier lost my The Shins - Oh, Inverted World album and tried to get me to buy it from a third party for double the price and they would refund my portion that I already paid when I did.  Nope, not doing that.  They refunded me, but I'm still bummed because I had scored it for $8.90 and I was looking forward to spinning it.  Eh, here's to better luck on your end:

    The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow $11.98

    Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up $13.97

    The New Pornographers - Whiteout Conditions $11.99

    Sooooo, basically you would've ended up paying the same amount as before? 

  5. 4 minutes ago, wiscodeman said:

    Side note: does anyone know why WI is one of the three states that they charge tax on for their orders? I'm under the assumption that tax is charged for online orders for customers if the company has a physical presence in the same state as the customer. I think NC and CO are included because they started in NC and are headquartered in CO (or something like that), but just wondering how WI fits in.

    They have an office in WI as well. That's where Andrew Winistorfer (aka thestorfer), one of their staff is based out of.

  6. 19 minutes ago, backpackoat said:

    The tour alongside this album is coming to my town. Has anyone seen him live? How would you recommend it for a generally casual fan?

    I think he's great live, one of my favorites, I try not to miss him when he comes to town. He always seems so happy to be up on stage and playing music.


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