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  1. Kind of weird the prices are still jacked. Weren't they eventually selling the color reissues at a discount?
  2. It always seems like Newbury picks the worst color (of maybe gets stuck with?). At least VMP is usually a color that makes sense.
  3. The retail Avalanches is damn near $40 anyway. That VMP price tag can't be too much of a shocker.
  4. Just curious, which versions do you all have with the sticker? On Discogs the picture for the Red (which shows a signed copy) doesn't have it but the white version does. The black looks like a generic web sourced image so who knows there.
  5. I found Kingdom of Rust today for under Discogs pricing but still paid a good bit for it. Now I'm nervous every time I see this thread bumped.
  6. Agree. I really like the album cover. Would prefer it more with no text.
  7. Can't wait until mine is finally past "Shipping Label Created".
  8. Last time I was a member you selected your main track and then you could Add On an additional track (Rap/hip hop) at a reduced cost. I don't remember there being any time restriction.
  9. I mean, we've all overpaid for something that we want. Reviving a 2 week old Post to call someone out on it seems like the "idiocy".
  10. Can we sign up for Spiritualized yet? (Despite our better judgement)
  11. I mean, I'll be signing up for Spiritualized because the other available pressings aren't great. I won't be happy about it though.
  12. What is one month now? Of course right when I'm thinking of jumping in for a month to get Spiritualized.
  13. I just got a shipping notice from Bull Moose for the "America" 12" that I had previously gotten an email that it was canceled.
  14. They have some bundles on their website too. I got the red LP and t shirt. https://shop.dovesofficial.com/?utm_campaign=Doves20200630&utm_content=&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=Website&utm_umguk=dovesofficial.com%2F&utm_campaign=Doves20200630&utm_content=&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=Website