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  1. I have the color version from their website and it sounds perfectly fine. Heads and shoulders better than the original mix repress I have. This is one of my all time favorite albums and I'm not mad about what they did with it.
  2. I emailed them the other day and they said they didn't get them from the distributor yet. They estimated about a week delay.
  3. I didn't realize this had gotten so hard to find and Discogs prices are crazy. Looking for a reasonably priced copy of any variant if anyone is looking to part with one.
  4. I can't seem to figure that one out on mobile.
  5. It's asking for a passcode. I guess it's not open to the public yet.
  6. I'm not sure. This is the first time I've seen cross over between the two labels. I know MOV's recent reissue of Slowdive Pygmalion was different than the VMP one from a few years before so I'd expect them to do their own thing with this one.
  7. The previous reissue was Run Out Groove not MOV. As far as I can tell this is their first MOV.
  8. Can I ask what the issue with the blue and white swirl was? Mine basically looked like the mock up. Blue may have been a touch lighter but nothing major.
  9. Most likely. I've been looking for an STP Core since the one I got is defective and it never came back in stock.
  10. Listened to my Mondo last night. There was definitely surface noise but I was expecting worse. Still a bummer that it seems to be an issue across all versions.
  11. And Justice For All in on sale for $17.26 https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/873752754
  12. I only had Ride The Lightning to compare too. They sounded similar to me except my Walmart version had some clicking during Fade to Black which was a pressing defect. Of course I couldn't get a replacement to see if it was any better but I haven't see any others complaining about it so it must be an isolated problem.
  13. Fair enough. I didn't connect that that was who did the artwork. That's pretty cool. Usually I don't order from Newbury for the reasons you pointed out but they got me at a time where I'm super into the album and couldn't find a copy to buy. They win this round.

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