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  1. YouTwo

    PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    I got my sky blue copy of Shame and it too is signed by the whole band. Not bad!
  2. I used Paypal and got charged immediately.
  3. My guess is that they are basing this one off the original UK pressing which is only 1 LP and no Little Thoughts.
  4. Bull Moose still shows an open order for it for me so I'm not too worried.
  5. YouTwo

    PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    Ah ok. I've just recently noticed that a lot of pricing on stuff has the Secretly Society "eye" next to it (Shame appears to be one of them) so I can only assume that that's member pricing on items . I just picked up the new Phosphorescent for $14.99.
  6. YouTwo

    PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    I picked up the light blue for $9.99. Are you a Secretly Society member? Maybe that's the difference? I wonder if mine will be signed.
  7. Do they not do colored vinyl anymore? I haven't really kept up with their releases since the other Secret Machines one they did.
  8. Does Asthmatic Kitty usually have a different version of Sufjan albums? I don't recall seeing them sell anything other than the color variants sold in stores.
  9. If R.E.M. is only going to reissue albums on the 25th Anniversary it's going to be a long time until I own all the albums in vinyl.
  10. OH yeah, that's going to be an easy order on that box set.
  11. I did find this article that that mentions some of the concerts included in the box set. http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/r-e-m-at-the-bbc-9-disc-box-set/
  12. Anyone seen any tracklist anywhere?
  13. I remember the days when a new Muse album announcement would be the best news I heard all day. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. I'm really going to have to hear this one before I buy it.
  14. I agree it hasn't been my favorite year of stuff. But the Moby, Arctic Monkeys and TVOTR were all very well done. Beach House would have been better if it was a different album but the packaging and record look great for that one. I'm also really digging Mitski. But some of the other stuff has been hard to get into and only got 1 listen.