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  1. Why have your record go to flippers who will mark it up when you can just sell it for flipper prices and then some up front?
  2. Selling my copy of this at cost $23 plus $4 shipping. US only please. I didn't cancel RHH in time so I figured I'd help out someone that got screwed over by the sellout. I didn't even open it but I'll open it and check it for anything that you want. Would also be willing to trade for something in my wantlist. https://www.discogs.com/user/dbarila
  3. I'm guessing they have extras because people swapped it or dropped the track. That doesn't excuse the pricing though.
  4. Thanks. Actually ordered that splatter one from Bull Moose.
  5. Just listened to this based on this thread and need it! What are the current buying options still available?
  6. No. That happened a couple months ago. A little before they shut the forum down.
  7. Got my order from the US store and everything is in perfect shape and they all sound great. Got a refund from the UK store so it all worked out. Love these albums!
  8. The US store still has them and you can use the Dad 25% off. If you can get a refund so that and re order.
  9. My US order shipped today and it appears that I'm getting a refund from the UK store so it seems it worked out in the end.
  10. I emailed them about it and they asked for pictures. So we'll see what they say.
  11. From uDiscover? Mine came in a pretty sturdy mailer wrapped in a plastic bag but there is a noticeable crunch in the mailer in one corner.
  12. I placed an order from the US store because the 25% is still active. I'll see what the UK store says about the damage.
  13. Got these in the mail today and all 3 had huge bent corners. Ugh! Not sure what to do now. Did anyone that ordered from the US uDiscover have their order ship yet?
  14. How do these sound? I cancelled my US uDiscover order since it hasn't shipped yet and at this point I'd get my UK order sooner.