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  1. My Amazon order just had a release date changed to March. I don't know if they just are punting the ball down the field because they don't know yet or what.
  2. Yeah... now I kind of recall the art print and obi strip all shrink wrapped together because I thought it was kind of weird. If you have an extra re-sealable sleeve you could just open it test it out and put it the re-sealable one.
  3. The only reasons A Night at the Opera is different is because they were sent to a different facility to be re-packaged because the originals sleeves were wrong. That's why it was delayed about a month. So maybe the new facility only shrink wrapped them.
  4. I thought mine came in a re-seal-able sleeve but maybe I'm wrong. I have int in one of my regular sleeves now.
  5. I don't know about warping but I think people had noise issues? I don't believe it came sealed so you should be able to check it out easy.
  6. Probably only had a real limited amount. Was it the box set or the single LP version?
  7. I don't see anything. Only the new album.
  8. Got my single LP in the mail over the weekend. This thing sounds great! Dead silent and sleeve came in perfect shape.
  9. ROG loves them some Secret Machines... http://www.runoutgroovevinyl.com/vote-for-next-release
  10. That's right... no tracking number so it would not show on Informed Delivery. I'll just be surprised one of these days when I get home from work then.
  11. Just curious, who delivered it? I've been keeping an eye on my Informed Delivery to see if anything shows up there but nothing yet.
  12. Actually, this is confirmed now. If you go to the Records of the Month Page https://app.vinylmeplease.com/records_of_the_month This month's picks show up under "Past Records of the Month"
  13. Should be Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece based on the guess thread on the board and the #guessmeplease picture of Instagram yesterday.
  14. Looks like it's the indie exclusive cover.