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  1. Usually stuff is limited to one per customer. But every now and then it doesn't apply. There's no way to tell until it goes on sale.
  2. Also people are trying to sell the VMP version of Con Todo El Mundo for over $100. SMH.
  3. I think it will be OK. Secretly Society accidentally sent everyone the Japanese tour version of UMO instead of the club version and they were fine.
  4. Not sure what the actual release date is. Mine is coming with my SS package which hasn't shipped yet and supposed to ship this week so you would think other orders would be shipping soon.
  5. I found at the bottom of the email it said it goes until 11:59 EST on Sunday.
  6. It said "This week only" but I don't recall seeing a hard end date for it. I was wondering this as well.
  7. Got mine from AK. Sounds great! To call mine green would be a stretch. It's almost a coke bottle clear. Definitely doesn't look like the Discogs listing.
  8. Nice! With Secretly Society Member Pricing and the promo code I was able to pick the blue up for $12.75. Can't go wrong with that.
  9. YouTwo

    Slowdive - Pygmalion MOV reissue?

    Super Furry Animals were pretty upset with the Rings Around The World MOV Re-issue coming out. They said they didn't know anything about it until someone sent them a link to it when it was for sale.
  10. Ah OK, didn't realize you were talking about the box set version. I've only had BM not come through one time for pre-orders on limited stuff. They're usually pretty good about knowing what they can get.
  11. I got charged for my green copy from BM and it's listed as "Item Packaged"
  12. Wow, I had this pre-ordered and for some reason was thinking it wasn't coming out until early next year.
  13. They don't really "sell out" but I believe there's a cut off where they stop taking pre-orders. Once it's released it should be possible to find some copies though.
  14. Bump. Will also consider offers !