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  1. These show available on the US uDiscover store now (high price but with free shipping that basically comes to the same price as the European site that originally had the live). Does anyone know if this means they would actually ship from the US?
  2. They actually got their own forum up and running already. Flipping actually got shit on pretty bad over there. There was actually a thread to give away records with the only exception being that you would also give one away after you claim one.
  3. I'll own it. That was actually me. Mostly tongue and cheek. Mostly.
  4. Based on some of the comments by staff over there today... They don't care.
  5. And now none of them show with the color mock-up or mention anything about color.
  6. Mine too. It when I go to my Orders page they just show the album cover and not the mockup anymore. Probably doesn't really mean anything because I don't believe there's a standard pressing for these.
  7. Isn't that what it was before? My order was for $128 placed on the day they went on sale. Still less than buying an original pressing of Lost Souls .
  8. I just realized I never cancelled my uDiscover order. I'm thinking I should keep that one on too in case something goes wrong with Amazon.
  9. Lost Souls and Some Cities also don't say anything about color anymore. This is worrisome.
  10. I actually remember it specifically saying that it could ship to the US.
  11. I got mine from Bull Moose and no damage. Might be a better option for future ROG releases because their mailers are tanks and I've never had so much as a bent corner from them.
  12. I saw a lot of Discogs comments about shipping damage? Did everyone with shipping damage get them direct from ROG?
  13. I wonder what the 1LP 20th Anniversary Edition is. I picked up the tour edition when it was live so I'm just going to assume that I don't need that.
  14. I got an email from Bull Moose saying that Secret Machines "Live at the Garage" was delayed indefinitely.
  15. Got mine from BM today. Packaging is awesome and this thing sounds great!