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  1. M. Mogis is also a stellar addition to MoF. I always think of him as the Chris Walla of Bright Eyes, though I’m not sure how fair that is to either of them.
  2. Hot dog! There’s no such thing as a bad Bright Eyes album.
  3. Now I feel like a dummy for paying 20 something from ebay
  4. Yeah, my store didn’t have a single one! Does anyone know how much they retail for?
  5. Yeah, my shop seemed to only have a handful of records, but they ones they did have were in spades. I got there a little after 8:30, and didn’t have a long wait at all.
  6. My store had a couple. I have to go back out later today, so I can swing by then to see if I can help you out!
  7. If anyone can snag me a copy of: The Hold Steady Phish Lisa Loeb Id be grateful.
  8. Oh man, I hope this makes it! Listen up all you chowderheads who are on the fence, in the words of Senator Palpatine, “Do it”.
  9. Man, I hate myself for paying 15 bucks for shipping... again
  10. Snagged the blue. Looks like if you go through RT you also get a bookmark!