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  1. Oh shit. I didn’t know that. I remember preordering in like February or something and it came a week or two ago. I just assumed it wasn’t hard to find ha.
  2. Pardon my ignorance, is there only a swirl or is there also a standard black?
  3. There were 14 when I checked out. After I came back to post, there was only one.
  4. Question about the SSC. I subbed in June for three months. I got the eclectic funk record, I’ll be getting the Jason Molina album this month, so is BE August?
  5. Since I snagged a copy of the bands pressing via bandcamp, I have an extra white/blue that I’d be happy to sell to anyone at cost. If your interested, just shoot me a PM. It’s still in shrink, but it has a minor seam split from shipping.
  6. Mine arrived two weeks ago? Prior to that I emailed customer service when stereogum first posted their photos.
  7. Samesies. I hopped on the white/blue yesterday once someone posted it to reddit. I figured if I can get the band variant, I’ll try to cancel more order.