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  1. Now I feel like a dummy for paying 20 something from ebay
  2. Yeah, my store didn’t have a single one! Does anyone know how much they retail for?
  3. Yeah, my shop seemed to only have a handful of records, but they ones they did have were in spades. I got there a little after 8:30, and didn’t have a long wait at all.
  4. My store had a couple. I have to go back out later today, so I can swing by then to see if I can help you out!
  5. If anyone can snag me a copy of: The Hold Steady Phish Lisa Loeb Id be grateful.
  6. Oh man, I hope this makes it! Listen up all you chowderheads who are on the fence, in the words of Senator Palpatine, “Do it”.
  7. Man, I hate myself for paying 15 bucks for shipping... again
  8. Snagged the blue. Looks like if you go through RT you also get a bookmark!
  9. Preordered. Though this might be the least hyped I’ve ever been for a ye album.
  10. Ooooh, im pretty tempted to get this. Their Nas “It Was Written” was pretty rad.