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  1. I’m really excited for this project! Hopefully BM gets it so I can rack up some points, but if not I’ll be picking it up locally.
  2. Have you heard his cover of Iron and Wine's "Such Great Heights"? Kinda presumptuous that he could better Sam Beam on that track.
  3. I always thought those Kanye albums were short so people would be like “meh, it’s only 21 minutes. I’ve got enough time to listen to it again”. That being said, you’ve got a valid point haha.
  4. Agreed. Well, for the most part. Not sure if i would say personally say “great,” but I’d easily give it a “good” if it was cut in half. Though I only listed to this project once, so I’m not going to pretend I’ve really taken the time with it. I mean, do we really need two Nicki Minaj features on one album? I’d trade both of those for a Noname any day of the week. Speaking of features, Gucci did his thing and all, but Taylor B. out did his brother on “Roo”.
  5. Haha, I mean it’s no Frank Ocean. Though it was on Chance’s website—right? Edit: At first I was happy that there was no “Groceries” but I just made it to “Hot Shower” and now I just don’t know. That Ben Gibbard feature was cool though.
  6. Rumors have it that VMP will have this as one of their releases down the line. Im not jumping on $40 quite yet.
  7. Oh, I get that it’s not a “good” review by any means (if memory serves me they did eventually re-review it), but it sort of reminds me of a “Hipster Runoff” vibe thing it’s got going on . Plus, at least in my opinion, it’s more interesting than what they’ve been pumping out recently.
  8. Who do they think they are—Guns N‘ Roses? 🤣
  9. It’s also available through Rough Trade https://roughtrade.com/us/bon-iver/bon-iver-i-i?utm_source=CJ&cjevent=590a8d91a3ce11e980d101220a240613 Ill just wait on BM if it’s only standard black.
  10. Thanks! FYI solo piñata is s/o but you can still get it via the bundle.
  11. Ohhh fuck, that’s great! I wasn’t digging the real cover all too much, but that’s fantastic!