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  1. Are there any left where you found them? I thought that drop was in July
  2. Looking for Lupe Fiasco’s House and Slum Village if anyone has any leads! Thanks!
  3. I had to create a new email chain/went through PayPal.
  4. Man, I just want Frances the Mute. Here’s hoping they sell them solo.
  5. They might have added more because it looks like I can buy them from the bands website again?
  6. This is probably a dumb question, but is there a BFRSD this year?
  7. This is correct. Though, imo shitty opinion, Humanz wasn't that strong of a project. Also, who the hell wants to get up every four minutes to flip a record? With that begin said, I guess it gave us a Pusha T/Mavis Staples track, so I can forgive most of it. Personally, I ended up spending my cheddar on the normal-ass deluxe. I like the concept of the book, but if memory serves me right, I already bought one earlier this year, and I can't justify 20 pages that roughly translate into triple what I already spent.
  8. Hell Yeah. CD Central is Lexington’s best Record Store.
  9. Man, I just need the EP and BSides. I already picked up their first two (and reanimating already). If I didn’t already have them, I would be all over it.

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