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  1. Ooooh, im pretty tempted to get this. Their Nas “It Was Written” was pretty rad.
  2. You da man, baybee! I was looking on Discogs the other night, and figured I’d was out of luck.
  3. Phish, Nas, The Hold Steady, and maybe Lisa Loeb.
  4. It’s live! http://westernvinyl.com/artists/strand-of-oaks.php
  5. Hell yeah! I snagged the book bundle! If you haven’t read “Meet Me in the Bathroom” you should totally give these guys a shot!
  6. You can get the roots album (non colored) for pretty cheap on amazon.
  7. This. Also feel like there was an indie exclusive for his last releases
  8. I buy my from Joe behind the Circle K. He also sells beef stew flavored juul pods and jalapeño cheddar hotdogs.