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  1. I too would like to throw my name in the hat for the 7inch. Shoot me a Pm if you can help a dude out.
  2. Oh hell yeah! Aftering discovering this album for my dumbass podcast, I am all aboard for this release!
  3. I guess I’ll try for green (again) if not, I’ll just pick it up from my local store.
  4. I do have a soft spot for 3EB. I was making fun of a good friend of mine who has seen then enough times to count on two hands, but then I realized I’ve seen them live at least five times, so I had no room to talk. Picked these up last night after dragging my feet for awhile.
  5. I gotta learn to wait on these Vince releases.
  6. Shit. Well, the album isn’t out and I now have two versions of it preordered.
  7. I saw this the other day and was flabbergasted by the price. Not only that, but it doesn’t include “Engine” That being said, if that’s your jam... then whatever.
  8. Bummer. I was feeling good about snagging this.
  9. I just want that Freddie Gibbs. I always forget, are first releases the one that appear later in the year? Oooh. Also the Badfinger depending upon the tracklisf
  10. A 17 minute jam sounds fantastic. That’s pretty cool because I heard that the album leaked, so it still gives people an incentive to snag a physical copy.
  11. Thanks for the link! Glad I didn’t miss it!
  12. Damn, those look cool. My wallet had taken a beating this month, so I might need to sit this one out.