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  1. JB store variant looks exactly like the Matador EU/UK variant to me.
  2. Having the full Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik album on vinyl for the first time ever isn't impressive/different enough for you?
  3. Is the Cherry Tree colored swirl variant of IAETF still available or sold out? Do we know how many were pressed?
  4. I thought VMP had free international shipping. Am I wrong or does Canada not count as "international" for them?
  5. And Spectres should only be starred 2 times, it was downloadable via the link on A Positive Rage, same as 40 Bucks.
  6. This part too: Since late 2017, both the band and the alleged victim have focused on coming to a private resolution via a trusted mediator. Until that resolution was reached, Hall said, “there was really no way for us to offer any clarification” to their fans. It was the alleged victim’s request that Pinegrove take a year off from touring and that Hall enter therapy. “We wanted to honor that,” Hall said. “She recognized that we’ve honored it, and has since approved our plan to release an album and play some shows later on this year.” (Their mediator confirmed this.)
  7. Silver and Gold is Songs for Christmas volumes 6-10. This is Songs for Christmas volumes 1-5. EDIT: There may be some overlap in the songs, but they're different versions. In general, 1-5 are more lo-fi/stripped down (think Seven Swans/Carrie & Lowell) compared to 6-10.
  8. Couldn't you say the same thing about pretty much all of Newbury's variants?
  9. ^ A live (or studio?!) album of Molina songs with Timothy Showalter (aka Strand of Oaks) on vocals?
  10. CD: https://www.discogs.com/The-National-Sleep-Well-Beast/release/10812859

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