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  1. Taking care of the finances of a small business is extremely easy if you are organized and diligent. If you aren’t then this happens.
  2. Good luck with the tickets. Definitely go to one of the non-festival shows if you can.
  3. Saw them in 2007 and it’s still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
  4. I’m going to disagree with this. Boyz n the hood was nominated for an Oscar. The music videos were on MTV. NWA was in the news. Magazines covered them. National record distribution. this was hardly word of mouth.
  5. Not sure what you are asking. if instead of mean you meant make - then I’d say happy. He seems to be happy with finding Jesus so I’m happy for him. and he is definitely still suffering from mental illness. Those type of issues are often managed but always present.