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  1. Tidal Wave

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    Nice band name
  2. Parents that think their kids are still “really into breaking bad”.
  3. Tidal Wave

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    Dedicated to the troll
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I can’t find hit your head lyrics at all online
  5. Why isn’t “hit your head” on genius.
  6. Tidal Wave

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    Definitely some I need to check out from those
  7. I’m bracing myself for my first listen.
  8. Tidal Wave

    Best of 2018 - First Half of the Year

    Due to the hop along suggestions I gave it a listen and dig it.
  9. Tidal Wave

    Alleged Sexual Assaulters and Scumbags

    I don’t think anyone was ever into tool or apc for the morals.
  10. Tidal Wave

    Westworld (HBO Show)

    Post credit scene was tight. I need to watch the the whole series again with the knowledge of the different timelines.
  11. Tidal Wave


    ... in the time it took to write the post you could have sent a refund through PayPal.
  12. Tidal Wave

    PO: The Offspring "Americana"

    At least he isn’t discussing the punk validity of the Record.
  13. Tidal Wave

    Cleaning mildew off records.

    Don’t waste your time on a box of trash.