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  1. Tidal Wave

    Record Storage Options

    There are so many options available currently that I don’t see the need.
  2. You are the resident stoopidhead so if you don’t know no one would know.
  3. Tidal Wave

    WTB: Jeffery by Young Thug

    The golden age of vinyl when your grail Record came out two years ago.
  4. Tidal Wave


    I’ll add to the requests: Yellowstone. Day hike 10 miles.
  5. Shatner is one of Henry Rollins only friends.
  6. Tidal Wave

    Record Scratch on "Mint" vinyl

    On discogs you have a separate listing for collection and for sale. So your reasoning is flawed (like the Record).
  7. Tidal Wave

    Record Scratch on "Mint" vinyl

    As a seller Never list a record as mint. As a buyer never expect a record to come in mint condition. Think about the wear a record gets before coming to you. Plant > label > distribution > original purchaser > resale purchaser that is a lot of room for error with slight pressing defects occurring prior to it ever being shipped
  8. Tidal Wave

    Vinyl Record Art

    Not bad.
  9. Is Parker going to just stand there with his arms folded behind his back the entire tour?
  10. There are costs to a business that result from canceling an order. If you want I can explain some, but it sounds like you have already justified your purchase to yourself.
  11. I’m just categorically opposed to this purchasing mentality. If you purchase something keep it. You know what you are buying. The idea that you can just cancel or return an order whenever you want is a me first approach. The result is that the price has to go up to accommodate your buying behaviors.
  12. Maybe just hold off ordering in the first place
  13. Tidal Wave

    Pearl Jam fans

    In fallout 4 you can paint the wall blue