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  1. I’m all in on the premier league. I even started a fantasy league this season.
  2. I don’t think any of the new albums from Green Day, fall out boy, or weezer will be particularly good, but this tour announcement has been extremely effective. I think this tour will sell really well because all parties are engaged. Three new singles, three album announcements, three late night performances, YouTube videos, weird tweets, a cool opener with the interrupters, cryptic flyers, billboards, merch collaborations. From a promoters standpoint the bands are giving it their all.
  3. Post some pictures of your collection
  4. That sounds like a shitty experience. I went to kanye west’s Sunday service in Chicago last weekend. It definitely wasn’t a concert, but it was a cool experience. It was also free.
  5. You figured it out which is great. From the title I was thinking UK Subs.
  6. Got two free Sunday tickets through do312more so I’m going planning to see village people and b52s. Anyone else is a bonus
  7. You mean neighborhoods and dogs eating dogs.
  8. Are there any examples of hardcore bands that pivoted gracefully? AFI Turnstile Ceremony Hundredth Title Fight Saves The Day H2O Rise Against La Dispute
  9. Solid advice. There really is no need to quit enjoying music and records. You can leave the hobby part behind and just listen to records.
  10. Y’all remember that Kentucky basketball fan that lived in orange beach and ran record scams for like a couple years. He did it on both the selling and buying side. Creating dozens of PayPal eBay and vc profiles. But they were always some sort of Kentucky basketball related. William Taylor 1717 Lindsey Road Ste. A Jacksonville, FL 32221 United States William Taylor 266 BONNLYN DRIVE Orange Park, FL 32073 United States