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  1. Well I survived. Felt like a good mix of warped tour and riot fest. My throat has been killing me all week though.
  2. I have an insane day planned for Friday next week. Going to have a hell of a weekend regardless if disaster strikes twice
  3. Try the axs app to get tickets. If scalpers bought them they should show up for resale. In addition venues often have artist holds and if they aren’t filled get release the week of. I got face value tickets for two shows that were sold out months in advance by going on the app the week of.
  4. I’m definitely not lugging any records around at WWWY
  5. I’m going to WWWY 22 on October 29th. Waited until last week to plan anything. got a cheap ticket on stubhub. Bought a decent flight with points. Friends already booked rooms so now I’m just helping them split costs another way. looking to catch a knights game and some sort of Vegas performance (comedy / circus / dance)
  6. https://qplanner.co.uk/p/1972 leaked from the app
  7. Neighborhoods is peak tom exaggerated singing. So if you dig that then this album is for you
  8. Anyone else be enjoyed the blink 182 presale disaster
  9. Went to riot fest Friday and then the academy is / midtown aftershow on Saturday. yes the crowd was gigantic but didn’t stop me from having a good time. I’m used to not eating at festivals. Bought water from the beer stands. And navigated the crowds the standard way. Go around to the far side of the stage and find the soft spot of the crowd. and taking back Sunday played two songs off tidal wave.
  10. Yesterday - I didn’t know this existed today - I need this
  11. Record stores organize soundtracks in a separate section for a reason and it isn’t to help soundtrack fans find records easier. It’s so normal people don’t have to wade through them when they are digging. They are on the same level as holiday albums.