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  1. Have tickets for The Prodigy in NYC in May. Guess that's not happening now. RIP Keith.
  2. so true. amazing album. The Big Deep is even better. The Sleeping really stepped it up a notch for those last 2 releases. I feel like they might come back for one more album.
  3. I get why people have written this band off, but I just wont do it.
  4. Anton was the man. His love for Midtown and my love for Midtown went hand and hand.
  5. Yea I also get that vibe from the staff members. More so Jason Tate who thinks his shit dont stink. And he's always trying to raise money from users. His new website sucks and news is outdated. And their forum rules are so anti-bullying, catholic school vibe that you get warned just for saying someone looks funny. Anyways; back to Brand New. I really wish they would play one more show, but I dont see that being a possibility.
  6. lol guilty. I guess its just since I was an active member of ap.net for a dozen years. That and the fact that I get bored at my desk job all day and run out of music websites.
  7. I skipped their last tour thinking to just go see them a few months later for their farewell tour. Ive seen the band at least 20 times so figured I would hold out for the final one and hit a few of those up.
  8. Just a few notes #1 I find it funny that good ol' Mr. Tate Closed the BN forum on chrous.fm this week after stating for a year he wouldn't. #2 I sold my CD the week it arrived for $320 #3 I really really like this song. #4 Technically brand new was 2000-2017. They were MIA for 2018. #5 Regardless of his past, I still love, support, and miss this band. It had four members, not one. I feel bad for the other three guys. #6 I really wonder what BN had up their sleeves for 2018 being as it was going to be their last year.
  9. i would order it if I didnt have to get the shirt too and it was like $25
  10. Damn it! I had someone at work who has prime. Hopefully is right