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  1. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD SOLD SOLD. Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead with all inserts on black/green vinyl (mint condition) $80 PPD Armor For Sleep - Smile for Them (mint condition) $50PPD
  2. Still Searching and Let It Enfold you both for $60 PPD (US shipping only)
  3. Bunch sold. Only sealed copy of Let It Enfold You and Still Searching left. Price lowered. Get them while you can.
  4. Just dropped price of Alchemy from $160 to $130. Box set is in excellent condition and still in shrink wrap never opened/ played.
  5. War All The Time Sold. Alchemy Index dropped from $160 to $140
  6. Selling the following records PPD. Thrice Beggars on mint green vinyl. NM condition with corner dings due to having it for 10 years. Plays well. $160 The Alchemy Index Bog Set (not numbered) SEALED- $130 Thursday A City By Light Divided Red/ Black/ White Splatter NM condition. Plays well. $70 War All The TIme Gray Marble NM condition. Plays well $60
  7. Updated with pricing. All below Discogs marketplace. Please let me know if you are interested in any.
  8. As if anyone actually had money after RSD, these are still available
  9. Huge should out to @thefavoriteplay for hooking me up with the RSD3 mini turntable at cost. Dude went above and beyond and got it to me within 72 hours.