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  1. I got the email and clicked the link. Looked everywhere in the store. Is it up yet? edit: never mind .__. didn’t read
  2. Suicide Squeeze variants: https://store.suicidesqueeze.net/collections/vinyl/products/acoustics?utm_source=SSQ+Customer+Email&utm_campaign=244b72d495-LP+of+the+Week+4_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b4ad376cd8-244b72d495-444777513 Copped the bone in blue even though it’s the larger press. The pink and olive split looks weird.
  3. Welcome to VC where nobody is helpful 🙃 this post is from October 2018 so they’re saying good luck getting a response.
  4. Didn’t see this posted anywhere and I only came across it because I got an eBay alert on my phone. Ships 2/7 Colored Variant $26.99 https://fifthelementonline.com/products/eyedea-abilities-by-the-throat-10-year-anniversary-vinyl Black $27.89 https://www.merchbar.com/r-b-hiphop-rap/eyedea-abilities/eyedea-abilities-by-the-throat-10-year-anniversary-edition-vinyl-record?ucc=US&gclid=Cj0KCQiAr8bwBRD4ARIsAHa4YyLDFO3ol2nAx_aeWGAOekNCiR5Z79k1g3z32olaxSoV8ua4i4Vsy0caAoLVEALw_wcB
  5. Does anyone know when the annual record goes out? I just remembered I joined in April and I’ve never received anything.
  6. I messaged Golf Wang and they definitely told me no cancellations per product page. But someone on this thread said just go through PayPal since they’re violating T&S and I got refunded no problem.
  7. Limited variant showed up yesterday. no tracking or anything like everyone else is saying, just showed up. Funny part is that I cancelled this preorder and still got it.
  8. Got mine in yesterday. sealed in shrink with ring wear on both sides and a little ding on the sleeve opening. The spine is flawless. Very happy with it, I was expecting worse for sure.
  9. The unofficial press is worth seeking out.. Also I’d buy up HAARP in an instant.
  10. Hello, Golf Wang would like to thank you for purchasing the new IGOR bundle. However as stated on our website and in the items description before purchase, ALL sales are final. We are not accepting any cancellations, edits, exchanges, or refunds at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused. Thank you for your understanding, GW
  11. Maybe the poster will come in a tube? I’m in Texas and purchase was an even $40 as well.
  12. Check your spam that’s where mine was. also, how much longer is this going to be up for sale? I thought it was yesterday only.
  13. I remember watching an Exmilitary Sealed CD on eBay a few years back for like $15-20 then it was gone like a week later and to this day I’ve never seen another one for sale.

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