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  1. Bad Religion - how could hell be any worse? https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/bad_religion-how_could_hell_be_any_worse_exclusive_lp?variant=41852997894324 https://badreligion.store/product/22339/how-could-hell-be-any-worse-lp-purple Also Rancid S/T https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/rancid-rancid_exclusive_lp?variant=41833856434356
  2. Down in the valley sold out but dark side still has some, thanks for the heads up!
  3. Nice catch! I ordered this a while ago and the package got stolen. Gave up cause I have a version already, but for under $12 why not try again!
  4. True, also the furniture 7” was clear. But we’ll see about the LPs. I hope they do.
  5. I was hoping for color fugazi lps, but I have a feeling they won’t do it.
  6. This records really good. It’s been on my want list for a while. Grabbed the BV variant.
  7. Just had a pretty great experience with VMP. Ordered the Jose Gonzalez represses and someone in my building lifted them. Reached out to VMP and they shipped me new copies immediately no charge. Wasn’t their fault some jackass stole them so I was pretty impressed.
  8. Government issue “boycott stabb complete sessions” pink vinyl https://governmentissue.bandcamp.com/album/boycott-stabb-complete-session?from=fanpub_fb_merch
  9. Set it off is by far the superior record here, but there’s quite a few euro presses that aren’t hard to come by so I voted for supremacy.
  10. Left & Leaving sold out too fast which is kind of a bummer, but assuming there will be more variants coming.
  11. Haha, in my old apt I actually kinda did this with extra sleeves I got from rev. I didn’t have an eating surface, just a leather bench I used as a coffee table. Put them in glass frames i had laying around and would I pull them out when I needed to.
  12. 2002, was that when they played the house show in hilltop Tacoma, or the one they played the house show on 50th in Wallingford that the cops came to? Or possibly neither.
  13. 1234go just not so subtly hinted at their next exclusives today… ” Last time out we gave list subscribers first crack at our Operation Ivy and Rancidexclusive vinyl color and you wiped us out in less than 6 hours! We won't make you Suffer long to find out about our next two exclusives. In a few weeks we'll be announcing the next pre-order and we'll keep it simple. Nospecial FX. We've got a ton more coming up over the next few years so between these and our own new releases you'll definitely want to stay subscribed. “Suffer” and “NO”-“FX” were bold.