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  1. They did those already though. I’d like to see rites of spring and more fugazi.
  2. Tests were normal, and all other presses I’m sure were as well. Sounds like it just may have been a little larger than normal variance accentuated by lack of labels to tension it in. Thanks for the responses, informative and pretty damn comical. I feel like my hole questions have been filled.
  3. Yeah, the overestimate did make it seem more dramatic than the question intended to be. Was looking for more of a process explanation. And as far as the plant not correcting it, I kinda get it. They did rush them, doing the label a favor.
  4. Yeah that makes sense. I think the 2013 remaster may have been at a different plant, but all the earlier ones I’m sure your right. And as far as the labels, it was a rush job so we’d have something for tour. So we said blank labels were fine, and either misunderstanding or time constraints got us no labels. Actually really liked how they look, so had no complaints.
  5. Yeah yeah, my original estimate of “2x” the size was an over estimate, as I hadn’t looked at it in years. After measuring it was 1.5x. Just figured I’d pose the question as I’ve never seen this before and always kinda wondered. But to be fair in response to an earlier poster, I actually haven’t ever seen a record before.
  6. I thought that too. It didn’t make any sense to me at the time. I added the best photo I could get to the discogs listing: https://www.discogs.com/Sinking-Ships-Disconnecting/release/6597630 (Second photo) I think the other versions were pressed at a different plant, this was done by pirates press in ‘06. Pretty sure the label had them rushed so we could pick them up in Germany for a tour.
  7. Right. Not a 45 hole. So let’s say (rough measurements) a standard spindle hole is “1/4 in”. This press’s holes are 3/8in-1/2in.
  8. How does a plant miss-size a standard LP hole for an entire color press? Not complaining as it’s been years, but I never understood how this happened. Figured someone here may have some insight. Contacted the plant as soon as I realized the issue, but response never seemed to make sense. Said it was because there were no labels (not what was asked for) so the hole was too big. And I’m not talking a little, whole press had holes 2x the size. How would not having a label (again, not what i asked) make the LP spindle hole so big the record is unplayable?
  9. Remember when we used to go to singles and secretly open the records just to see if they were on color? That’s how I got my copy on blue. But of course I sold it years ago. (For like $40 or some shit)
  10. I’d do $80 for ring wars and two conversations if your interested. Tried to message you but it didn’t work.
  11. So they gonna just cancel big colors all together? Cause I’ve got 7 preorders (I know, I know) from all different places. Has anyone had their preorder canceled?
  12. Oh yeah, didn’t see someone post that earlier. Was just confused thinking that would be the Barnes and Noble one.
  13. Also wanted to add that I’ve seen the blue version pop up, looks like it’s the uk/eu/ya indie variant?

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