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  1. Dhesketh

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    Any more info, like city/venue?
  2. Dhesketh

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    From the few songs I’ve heard so far, this record won’t disappoint. Worth the preorder.
  3. Dhesketh

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    It seems like every time I “pre order” something from Newbury I get a shipping confirmation almost immediately.
  4. How about a pressing of in chrysalis?
  5. Hope that’s an auto correct from the royal thee, because if I paid $30 for a free 12” I got screwed. Wait... that grammar doesn’t make sense.
  6. Had the site saved on my phone and randomly checked it this morning. Wonder how long it took to sell out.
  7. The 12” is up on the control site.
  8. Good looking out. Only 275 seems a pretty small run for a new layout. Wonder if they do another press for the states. The tour color 7” is up too.
  9. Dhesketh

    New Stuff in the DW Estore

    Sounds like you killed it.
  10. Same. Seemed loosely packed but if it’s this common maybe happened before shipping? Little bit of a bummer but as long as the vinyl good doesn’t really matter.
  11. Jumped on the rfc split, but think I might cancel and get the Deathwish. Only ordered directly through rfc twice and both times they came with seam splits and were all dented. Deathwish packs better.
  12. Dhesketh

    Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Was happening constantly on my iPad but never my iPhone, so I factory reset the iPad and no issues since. And I never won that $1000 gift card, or whatever it was offering. What a let down.
  13. Dhesketh

    PO now: the get up kids “kicker” ep

    Damn, out of town as well, but grabbed a copy. Song didn’t blow me away, but good enough.