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  1. Revhq does as well, but same. I’d assume it’s probably the color one though, considering it’s been OOP for a bit. It’s a gamble considering they don’t have killer “color vinyl” hype stickers.
  2. I already hit that $600 so I’ll be getting one I assume. They should take out the eBay fees and send a net amount right?
  3. Wait, you didn’t permanently stick those googly eyes on the cover?!? Unfollowed!!!
  4. First look I thought this was pretty dumb, but some of those had me cracking up pretty hard… simple, yet kinda brilliant.
  5. Exactly. Plus, semi causal sellers are small potatoes to the irs. Think about how many new tax reports they’re going to get from this.
  6. I mean, if you’re pretty honest about what you paid, the likelihood of an audit seems pretty slim.
  7. So I picked this up “opened but unplayed” some years back and just found out there’s supposed to be a track listing glued on the back. Never knew cause discogs didn’t have a photo of the back and there isn’t any residue or indication anything was ever there. Does anyone else that still has this and did theirs fall off, or get one without? *nm. Looked at some being sold on discogs and there are a few where the same thing happened. Too bad the original owner didn’t at least keep it.
  8. Magnolia records repressed their solid red punisher if anyone’s interested. https://magnoliarecord.store/products/punisher-red-exclusive?utm_campaign=Punisher Repress (Tmw8M6)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Active Members - Segment&_kx=5VeL7YSUUlDhKqu4dliOPbiRQfM1tFwFafAwKhJFiAk%3D.M74bAQ
  9. Red is up in discogs if you slept on this (like I did). 1234go has a ton up for $61 free ship.
  10. May grab it from a US distro if it pops up. Great record, just already own enough copies. It’d be kinda cool if they did a 2xLP with the Split Lip version included. Not that much different but I always kind of liked the vocals a little more.
  11. I jumped the gun when I posted, only isn’t anything came. They shipped separately for some reason, but loveless just showed today. So many picks.
  12. Nevermind. I originally wrote about how I picked up a used copy of the VMP de-loused and the static didn’t bother me. After a few more listens it bothers me.

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