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  1. Maybe. Could also be your needle if it’s actually skipping and not just static or a little pop. Also check that your tonearm is weighted properly.
  2. Just looks like a scuff from the paper inner sleeve. The more you mess with it the worse it may get so be careful.
  3. Hopefully they hand it off to USPS. I moved last month, so they’ll have my change of address. If not though, may be outta luck.
  4. Got both mine today, nothing wrong with the mailer but wouldn’t have minded a few cardboard inserts. One was perfectly fine, one had a seam split. Come to expect splits nowadays though, so no real complaints.
  5. Has anyone that ordered from JB Hi-Fi to the US get theirs yet?
  6. Cool! I’ll wait and try and preorder it from rev.
  7. Both mine are fine bud @crossedoutname, if you can’t find a normal copy I’ll trade you one of mine for the fucked one, cause why not. Was gonna offer earlier but saw you got a copy.
  8. Did you try flipping over the record? That usually helps.
  9. Out 6/18. US: https://stickfigure-mailorder.myshopify.com/products/new-rising-sons-demo-to-demolition-lp-preorder?_pos=2&_sid=f880985ee&_ss=r Europe: https://freaksofalaska.com/store/en/lp/176-269-the-new-rising-sons-demo-to-demolition-lp.html#/40-vinylfarbe-blue From Arctic Rodeo: In 2019, we had the honor to release an album called Set It Right by THE NEW RISING SONS from New York City. The band was only around for a short time and disbanded in 2000. THE NEW RISING SONS featured members of Texas Is The Reason, God Fires Man, The Promise Ring, S

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