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  1. Hey guys, I am selling a very random variety of records. All prices are PPD. I'll probably throw some bonus goodies (stickers, 7"s etc..) in with each purchase. If you don't agree with the pricing for an item you want, just message me a different offer and we can work something out. But I think all the pricing is pretty fair. 12" The American Scene - Safe For Now: $15 Daft Punk - Random Access Memories: El Sportivo + The Blooz - Nights and Weekends: Free w/ purchase Giants - Old Stories: $10 Hi Ho Silver, Away! - Chore (Test Press +7"): $10 Hot Rod Circuit - The Underground is a Dying Breed (w/ acoustic 7"): The Joy Formidable - Wolf's Law: $10 Los Campesinos - No Blues: $10 Nat Baldwin - In the Hollows: $5 Night Riots - Young Lore: $15 Mac Demarco - Salad Days: Owen - I do perceive. Riff Raff - Neon Icon: $20 We Shot The Moon - Love On: $5
  2. My purple sounds pretty shitty. After listening to mp3 version over the last couple of days I can notice a very destinct difference. Could be the fact that they chose to squeeze 16 songs onto 1 LP
  3. Live Nation is so fucky. Im trying to get good reserved seats close to the stage, but it is only auto selecting really shitty seats far away
  4. Im in the same boat, the email Kings Road sent me only lists my order #, how much I paid, and says "Shipment details will be sent soon."
  5. Mine only has my Order #, it doesnt say what I actually purchased. I also used paypal
  6. Same. I if it ends up being accurate and I dont get the drumhead I will get a refund and order the 180g black
  7. I bought the bundle way before they pulled the drum head from the picture and description. going back and looking at my order number through their website, it shows that I bought the bundle without the drumhead Time to get this sorted out
  8. Wish there was an option to get the black version in the bundle instead of purple
  9. Posting in this for later. My heartgold, omega ruby, and X all got stolen recently so I have started over from scratch :/
  10. The record is up in their store. $30 http://www.forennmusic.com/products/forenn-vinyl

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