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  1. It's a pretty solid album in my opinion, and I actually really like 555. The video is the most random thing I've seen in a long time, but I love how completely abstract it is.
  2. Thanks, got an order in! I searched the store earlier and it wasn't there. I guess it must have only just gone up or something.
  3. Urgh why can't they just repress Hours? 😂 That said, I can't find this on the UK store, or anywhere else. Is this US only? Seems a little strange.
  4. I. AM. IN. Can't wait for this, and hopefully another chance to see them live!
  5. .... Wait, wait, wait. What's wrong with Foo Fighters???
  6. Speaking of Moonshake, I have been considering letting my Pokemon Red/Blue test pressing go. It is one of five hand drawn Pikachu Homer designs (see here: https://www.discogs.com/Junichi-Masuda-Pokémon/release/7895242 ) mine is the purple one with the swirly eyes. I'm not trying to money grab, and I'm not trying to flip (I bought directly from Moonshake), but can anyone help with a value? I would consider a trade for something worthwhile. I don't have much experience with selling but obviously this isn't something I want to just let go of for £/$20. I'm in the UK btw, if that helps...
  7. Yes! MGS at long last! Can't wait to finally get my hands on that.
  8. Went for that transparent! New song is good, think it will grow on me more. Feels like a good mix of past and present Baroness to me
  9. Very excited for this, I don't buy anywhere near as many records as I used to but this will be a definite pre-order for me! Can't wait.
  10. Thanks for the list! Picked up the European violet! Can't wait to hear the whole thing.
  11. Awesome! Will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Already pre-ordered, but looking forward to this! I was at one of the RAH nights (from memory there were three nights)
  13. https://www.loudersound.com/news/metallica-launch-remastered-stream-of-dyers-eve