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  1. Did anyone's copies of the Rubano Tapes jackets come heavily dinged, or was it just me? 😔
  2. I just emailed the label asking when this will ship and got a reply that 28 October is the current date they're looking at.
  3. Me too, but if I recall, Smartpunk's hand-numbering is usually on a sticker, which is kinda lame in my books.
  4. Gah.... Not my favourite TFL album but I'm a big sucker for pink vinyl...
  5. Awesome Distro already sucked big time. This just makes me detest them even more.
  6. This is HUGE. Anyone know what time does this label usually put their POs up?
  7. I don't have anything to add other than the fact that they're notoriously horrific with cust. service. If possible, you should contact your card provider to reverse the charge. That should probably get their attention.
  8. Trying to prevent vinyl chumps from asking about coloured vinyl maybe 🙃
  9. New album from Singaporean grinders Wormrot. https://webstore.earache.com/A-Z/w/wormrot New song here:

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