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  1. Still struggling to place an order despite some of the brilliant colours there, because I can't justify paying for these even at 20% off... Argh.
  2. Go get em! http://www.muchthesame.com/
  3. https://fatwreck.com/products/songs-of-armor-and-devotion?fbclid=IwAR1TEMsZMklgd2SjGdSP-dAwjAzSHjiDTGFiqtetpLV7slwewacejg6mGq4 Get wild!
  4. Hmmmm... Anyone know which is most limited? Pressing info is not shown there...
  5. Where did it state 250? Did you add them all to your cart?
  6. Argh. The price difference is way too much. Is there a valid discount code for FYE?
  7. Dude... He lost a close family member...
  8. Will the records from the Membership come with the silkscreened artwork? I don't see it in the description so just checking.