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  1. This is HUGE. Anyone know what time does this label usually put their POs up?
  2. Wait what...? I felt that this album's one of the best this year!
  3. I don't have anything to add other than the fact that they're notoriously horrific with cust. service. If possible, you should contact your card provider to reverse the charge. That should probably get their attention.
  4. Trying to prevent vinyl chumps from asking about coloured vinyl maybe 🙃
  5. New album from Singaporean grinders Wormrot. https://webstore.earache.com/A-Z/w/wormrot New song here:
  6. Which is the best The Gloria Record record?
  7. Such a consistent band. But I agree with some of the others that Charmer really holds up. Probably my fav of them all!
  8. Nice to hear, Juan. To me, By The Way's mellowness and experimentation in the second half of the album really sets it apart from the other albums and is probably my favourite. Stadium Arcadium, I always see people talk about it as if it was chock-full of filler but again, its mellowness and less-is-more guitar work really makes it great for me. I felt Californication had great singles, some of my favourite songs ever, but as a cohesive whole the album lacks a bit of personality.
  9. Soak yourself in a deep, dark room and lie down comfortably in a chair before you immerse yourself in the grandness that is Jupiter! Hopefully that’d do it haha!
  10. Gah! Missed the first prints of both no. 4 and now no. 5 too. Any way that you guys have been keeping up with the releases so far? Like, which and what accounts or newsletters should I be following?