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  1. Stoked because this one's a collab with Patrick of Drug Church / SDF.
  2. It actually sounds pretty decent. Definitely not terrible... IMO
  3. Just saw them on their ongoing Asia tour. They're definitely chill dudes and I did ask Doyle if he has permanently joined the band. He didn't answer me directly about it but I do hope he has. A great songwriter he is!
  4. The original lineup probably contributed a lot to how the first two EPs sounded as well. Not sure why their LP material has been a bit more bland and uninspired - very samey Replacements sounding songs. This song, while not too bad, seems to be going in the same vein.
  5. Miss the days of a classic Blink thread. This is nowhere close.
  6. Hahahahahahha am I the only one who remotely enjoyed this...
  7. Only six tracks. Besides, everything Mark touches these days, as much as it pains me to say, has gone to shit. $28.98. Easy af pass.
  8. So I suddenly remembered that this was a lot of fun while on a bus ride... And I decided to listen to the entire list of albums we did come up with after the whole voting thing. I was reading through the first page again and saw paynegretky's comment on writing up a short review on the albums. That definitely sounds like fun, and I might actually just listen through the whole list and do a quick write-up when I've finished listening, should anyone even be interested in reading! For those lazy to click back to the first page, here is a list of the winners again: What do you guys think? Would you join me in my journey? Anybody want to contribute any short write-ups/reviews too?