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  1. Thanks for the post. Survive was a big part of my high school years but this one rules too!
  2. All they needed to be was upfront and not shady and people wouldn't be unhappy.
  3. http://instagram.com/theneedlescratches Haven't posted in a while because I've really been so caught up with work. Might start posting again soon though. But give me a follow and I'll follow ya back!
  4. This sounds epic upon first listen! I don't see it posted anywhere though. Where did you find it?
  5. First 3 Slick Shoes albums on vinyl! https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/
  6. Link to all products (vinyl / t-shirt / long-sleeve / hoodie): https://poisonthewell.com/ Link to /500 marbled blue vinyl: https://poisonthewell.com/products/the-opposite-of-december-marble-blue-vinyl-limit-to-500 Link to transparent blue vinyl: https://poisonthewell.com/products/the-opposite-of-december-vinyl Doesn't seem like there's anything separating the /500 and the regular transparent blue, but one's $35 and the other $30.
  7. It is an insane price for what it is tbh. Managed to get the gf to get it for me as a birthday gift though. Sweet!