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  1. Go! https://nowflensing.com/collections/pre-orders
  2. 10am PT, which I believe is in 3 hours 44 mins.
  3. This sounds epic upon first listen! I don't see it posted anywhere though. Where did you find it?
  4. First 3 Slick Shoes albums on vinyl! https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/
  5. Link to all products (vinyl / t-shirt / long-sleeve / hoodie): https://poisonthewell.com/ Link to /500 marbled blue vinyl: https://poisonthewell.com/products/the-opposite-of-december-marble-blue-vinyl-limit-to-500 Link to transparent blue vinyl: https://poisonthewell.com/products/the-opposite-of-december-vinyl Doesn't seem like there's anything separating the /500 and the regular transparent blue, but one's $35 and the other $30.
  6. It is an insane price for what it is tbh. Managed to get the gf to get it for me as a birthday gift though. Sweet!
  7. Stoked because this one's a collab with Patrick of Drug Church / SDF.
  8. It actually sounds pretty decent. Definitely not terrible... IMO
  9. Just saw them on their ongoing Asia tour. They're definitely chill dudes and I did ask Doyle if he has permanently joined the band. He didn't answer me directly about it but I do hope he has. A great songwriter he is!
  10. The original lineup probably contributed a lot to how the first two EPs sounded as well. Not sure why their LP material has been a bit more bland and uninspired - very samey Replacements sounding songs. This song, while not too bad, seems to be going in the same vein.