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  1. Two hyperlinks on fightoffyourdemons.com mobile "Hype": "Node": http://fusionanomaly.net/cazzamalli.html do the weirdest stuff possible + tour sporadically + ???? = profit?
  2. Ordered as well. Really like the single, can't wait to hear how the album progresses.
  3. I know I was going to do the same and come SUPER early but only ended getting here around 5... They never bring vinyl to the West Coast for some reason. I had high hopes this time based on what I've hear if the recent shows. But they don't even have any CDs or anything either.
  4. No Brand New records at the Oakland show at all. No posters either. Just the two "tour exclusive" shirts they have in their online collection and two others. Joyce manor and Broncho have vinyl though.
  5. Hey everyone, I have an extra pair of tickets to the show in Oakland tomorrow I'm looking to sell. Balcony seating, row X. Asking $40 each. If anyone's interested, PM me! EDIT: SOLD!
  6. I'm excited to hear more of their acoustic sound because I really liked the song they did on that split with Stick To Your Guns As much as a really like their older stuff, I'm also excited to hear how their sound has matured since the last album. thanks for the heads up!
  7. Went to my local HT today and they said they sold their copies last week! Ordered online though. Just a heads up, I'm not sure if its my phone specifically, but the mobile site didnt work for me. I loaded the desktop site and it worked fine. And also you all seem a little TOO disappointed about missing 'sodomy'...
  8. Yaay got mine today too! Will listen as soon as I can. Also, I ordered two of the aqua blue Silhouette 7" (one for me & one for my brother) and one of them was one of the hot pink pressing. Nice little surprise haha I just hope someone didn't get my blue instead and is disappointed!
  9. Done! Yeah I've had to make some awfully tedious surveys for school before but this one was easy. I didn't know Ben and Jerry's was fair trade! Very cool.
  10. Disappointed I couldn't make either the Sac or Oakland shows! This album is fantastic. I'm really liking the diversity Pure Noise is putting out these days. A Slow Comfortable Deep Breath is extremely creepy though haha
  11. Got shipping confirmation too. Holding out on listening to the leak though.
  12. I got mine earlier this week. Pleasantly surprised that the prints were 24x24, I missed that detail in ordering. All very high quality stuff. I got the 2nd version with the white/silver.
  13. Excited that these are being delivered! The potential surprise makes it better. Rad design + Surprise element = Good fundraising technique.