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  1. Most likely goes back up when they go live at 9pm eastern
  2. I love this album. I keep listening to Reminders nonstop. Really hoping to grab the Record release variant.
  3. All good, my mistake for not quoting the convo I was talking to.
  4. Im aware, was referring to the previous Interpunk chat regarding if they have gotten their shit together.
  5. Interpunks listed address is a quarter mile from my house. I biked by today and didnt see any sign of them, so who knows
  6. Not sure if its been mentioned but /300 record release variant during their livestream Monday.
  7. I joint this place just in time for the TOYPAJ ordeal. Good times
  8. I like this album for background listening. Not sure how much I will actively listen to it
  9. Odd post but I'm like 90% sure I passed Tim jogging on my way to work this morning.
  10. Im a huge turnover fan and I just can not get into these songs.
  11. new songs are good, but it makes you realize how Peripheral Vision is just on another fucking level.
  12. Taking offers on the Purple w/ White Splatter /100 that was only available at the 6131 shop in Richmond.