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  1. Glad I gave up on being Turnover complete a long time ago.
  2. My local store got 100 of the black, allocated 60 to their online store and all we gone in less than 24 hours.
  3. Didn't pay attention and bought the Pink before I saw it was available on other sites. Oh well.
  4. Just spoke to my local shop and they said retail copies were delayed across the board.
  5. Yea honestly surprised we haven't seen a GITD variant
  6. Anyone seen the Indie White variant available from any US shops? Can only find it in the EU,
  7. No cover art but found a French listing here. https://groundzero.fr/fr/preventes/37072-turnstile-glow-on-lp-0075678644436.html
  8. Direct from label PO and pressing info. https://www.waxbodega.com/products/698331-i-wont-reach-out-to-you /250 - Yellow with White Splatter (BANQUET RECORDS EXCLUSIVE) /300 - Half Blue / Half White (Newbury Comics Exclusive) /300 - Blue /400 - White with Blue, Pink, Yellow Splatter /600 - Galaxy Blue
  9. Sept 10 and 11 at The National. Think I might try to see the Friday show.
  10. Didnt see a thread about this and thought some folks here might be interested. New Song: Pre-order vinyl and merch in America - https://otherpeoplerecords.store/collections/trade-wind Pre-order vinyl and merch in Europe & UK - https://evilgreed.net/collections/trade-wind Pressing Info: (United States) 100 - Half white/half orange 400 - Clear with gold splatter (EU) 200- Half purple/half gold (Evil Greed webstore exclusive) 300- Blue Galaxy (Evil Greed webstore exclusive) 500- Transparent orange (Worldwide indie exclusive) (100 of these with Screen Printed cover Exclusive to Evil Greed) 300- Pink with black marble
  11. My favorite Menzingers album. Need to track down the acoustic EP of this record.