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  1. wanna buy yourself a christmas present? check out da list
  2. Hey guys get at me if you want any records
  3. Hey guys looking for a good quality set of Clippers and Hair scissors. I typically cut my own hair and my clippers just took a shit. I have also started to do my sons hair, but the scissors that were in the old clippers set are junk. What are you guys using? Looking for a clippers set with attachments and scissors for trimming my sons hair and also that would work with trimming my beard and stache. Thanks guys
  4. you got tax monies and I have records.
  5. I actually got a free sample from them and that's why I started this thread. I have never used any product in my beard so I figure I would try it out. My wife didn't like the biker blend I got because it had patchouli in it.
  6. great will check out those links thanks. do you have any issues with the bristles falling out on the boar hair brush? I was looking at some on amazon and a lot of the reviews say that they were falling out after the first use.