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  1. packing up some records. hit me up in the next couple hours and it goes out today.
  2. I am looking to create a logo for a possible future business. I am very creative and can draw but I have never worked digitally before. I want to be able to come up with a logo and format it to different label sizes for different product. Is there a potentially free(somewhat) decent software I can use for this? I don't mind paying for something down the road but just looking to get my feet wet on this. Thanks for any input.
  3. not sure if the site is just acting up, but I don't have anything in my inbox from you. Maybe try again?
  4. yeah i just started a new thread for my records. no one was able to see or access the link. I was wondering why I wasn't getting hits, until a dude from this board messaged me on instagram. I barely post here anymore and I really never came back when they started all those ads a while back.
  5. Hey at one point I was pricing records out. If you see something you like feel free to send me an offer on some.