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  1. Hey guys get at me if you want any records
  2. Hey guys looking for a good quality set of Clippers and Hair scissors. I typically cut my own hair and my clippers just took a shit. I have also started to do my sons hair, but the scissors that were in the old clippers set are junk. What are you guys using? Looking for a clippers set with attachments and scissors for trimming my sons hair and also that would work with trimming my beard and stache. Thanks guys
  3. you got tax monies and I have records.
  4. I actually got a free sample from them and that's why I started this thread. I have never used any product in my beard so I figure I would try it out. My wife didn't like the biker blend I got because it had patchouli in it.
  5. great will check out those links thanks. do you have any issues with the bristles falling out on the boar hair brush? I was looking at some on amazon and a lot of the reviews say that they were falling out after the first use.
  6. thanks for the info. I'm hoping to get a couple carrier oils and maybe like up to 3 essential oils and mess around a bit. The initial purchase might be high, but I think i read that if you buy in bulk you can potential make about 1 oz per dollar you spend. That sounds like a great investment to me. Do you blow dry the beard at all? I watched one video and the guys was all about using the hot and cool setting on the hair dryer. I don't have a huge beard, maybe 2 inches, so it dries pretty quickly.
  7. Hey guys so I usually have a beard and just recently got a sample of oil, balm and wash. I gotta say I'm not sure why I haven't been doing this all along. My beard looks the best it's ever been and doesn't itch at all. Falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube beard videos I'm interested in hearing what gear you guys recommend. Looking for Comb and brush recommendations. Also what balms and oils do you guys use? Also if you guys have any diy balm let me see em. I'm interested in doing a coconut oil with an essential oil blend. Seems easy and very cost effective