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  1. My local Hot Topic's once proud selection of vinyl has now dwindled to one 1/2 full milk crate stuck back in the corner of the store. From a glorious four-tiered rack to something shameful. I just don't get it :(
  2. Mine has been doing the exact same thing. The respectable 4-shelved rack has now become 2 shelves and nothing new has come in for a couple of months. It's depressing.
  3. Nah that makes sense. Just envious of your disposable income. Even moreso after your EoTS revelation. Wow. You provided really good info in your OP.
  4. I want your Marantz. Would prefer a 6300 but 61 will do. That way it would match my Marantz 2275 amp. That said, I do love my Dual 1229 tt.
  5. Got my confirmation of shipment for the second round release yesterday. Should be here Saturday.
  6. Same. Unfortunately a few more people had the same idea and had better timing than you or I.
  7. Are you kidding me? I skip the internet for one day and I miss what I've been waiting for for years? Never again. There'd better be more.

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