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  1. Got my copies of Social Network & Quake (along with a few clearance shirts) haven't had a chance to listen to them yet but they came out really nice. Rob Sheridan's glitch art looks awesome I prefer it to the original.
  2. Looks like they're shipping or at least creating the labels
  3. I remember them playing a new song but didn't remember what it sounded like. Good memory.
  4. yeah but you could get that for about a year after it came out, if you didn't pre order these you didn't get one. My assumption is that they pressed a short run to have out when the show was on and hopefully more will be pressed in a few months. But yeah its possible.
  5. I always put mine in paper sleeves with the cover it came with and the record in a standard record sleeve. Luckily I did this with Glassjaw's Worship & Tribute since its sounds like the sleeve melted to the record on many copies
  6. Would have been rad if the Replicants LP was in there