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  1. I saw them do an in store in the mid 00s and they played Ataraxia so loud and heavy that it felt like the fillings in my teeth were going to rattle out. Easily one of the best live music Ive seen that song KILLS!
  2. I want to go to the LA show but Im not buying tickets to anything right now. I think its going to be a wait and see if I can get tickets closer to the shows I want to see for a while. Tool is playing here tonight and man am I glad I dint get tickets to that.
  3. Man am I glad I got that when I did. I saw them when they toured with Every Time I Die (RIP) and they were blowing them out 20 for the LP + a shirt I think and I got it signed by the whole band. Too bad Capital wont let them reissue it since they could make a few bucks off it rather then just letting it sit.
  4. The album's up on Spotify and what not. It's solid a bit samey at points but a there were a few songs I was real into
  5. Talked to my dude at my shop where I have a pull list. He told me they ordered 30 and it sounds like they'll only get 1 based on what Dimond told him and they still dont know when they'll even show up. Hopefully I'm wrong but I wouldn't hold your breath on being able to find one of these.
  6. So far really digging the new songs maybe my favorites since they came back.
  7. try again, there was an issue with mine and it took a few days to get a reply. I think the 2 minutes guys are doing it so its a small crew.

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