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  1. I need to pick up his new one yet, I saw him a few weeks back and figured he'd have some but there was no merch. Love the Forse volumes. If these pop up in the US I'd definitely pick them up
  2. Sorry been out of town for the holiday. It's very nice with very cool packaging, but its definitely pricey at 80 bucks. I knew ordering from the bands site you're paying top dollar. If youre worried about it maybe wait till it shows up on Bullmoose or something, 60 buck would strike me as a very fair price for what it is.
  3. With Teeth as been moved to the top on the NIN.com store followed by Broken which has been out of stock for months with Year 0 and the Slip a row or 2 down might be going down soon....tomorrow? God willing
  4. I picked up one one ebay last week for 50 bucks shipped not that bad of a mark up for now
  5. And seem to piss off a lot of the bands a long the way. I know the guys HUM & Far were pissed about the deal they made with the record companies
  6. wasnt about giving Amazon money (not that Target is much better) but yeah good deal thanks for pointing those out!
  7. Sounds a lot like Nothing to me, really digging it. Ended up picking up the Rough Trade edition. Thanks for talking it up
  8. Didnt think it would show up today but got my BullMoose order this thing is nuts. After 1 listen Im really enjoying the back half of the album.
  9. Yeah that's pretty close but I dont think it was that exact image, had more of a spiral effect fading into the background.
  10. I ran into Adam Jones over the weekend at Comic Con, I went up and bugged him for a minute, he was super nice. He showed me the cover of the new album on his phone. It was very 10,000 Day's ish. It looked like spiral of eyes fading into the distance and was that thing hes been doing on his IG thats kind of like a magic eye poster. It looked a lot like the image below but more blue than purple. I was caught off guard seeing him there and forgot to ask about a vinyl release.