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  1. If anyone hasn't preordered yet they're discounted at MerchBar https://www.merchbar.com/search?q=hum
  2. Ken Andrews posted an update video on his You Tube channel the test pressings for the audio for the live concert film they just put out has been approved A long with YEAR OF THE RABBIT! So hopefully we'll see those pop up some time soon. Post comments below complain about how they're 10 buck more then you think they should be that what we all are here for.
  3. I saw him back in November. Pretty cool all solo stuff. There were like 8 people there.
  4. Yeah I think Im going to save myself the shipping and pick this up at a local shop on the 16th
  5. What a fucking shit show I ended up getting the 300 and whatever variant. Had to use Michrosoft Edge to do it.
  6. Hopefully Siamese Dream pops up somewhere soon!
  7. I'll play. Here's my junk not as nice as some of these other set ups but check out that other dudes post about livin in So Cal. Please ignore the mess.
  8. 50 is a little high for a 2x LP but isn't that bad but for the single discs that's just nuts. I know they had a hard time licensing the record from Warner Bros in the past and weren't getting the best deal to do it so that might be some of it. But for me 50 bucks straight to the people that made it is fine.

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