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  1. Grabbed an extra copy of each from Hot Topic to try and trade for a Newbury set. If anyone is interested in that deal message me. Thanks in advance!
  2. If anyone is around Nashville this week and can pick me up one of the Jack White baseball card handbills from the store it would be much appreciated! I have the poster and would love the smaller version to match. Thanks in advance!
  3. i own one of the test presses. it's clear vinyl and came in a generic red sleeve. no number or reference to how many were pressed. if i ever decide to give it up, i'll let you know. let me know if you have any other specific questions about it!
  4. If anyone would be willing to pick me up a poster from the show tomorrow night let me know. Obviously would cover cost, shipping and ticket price. Thanks!
  5. Got a couple nice offers on this trade, but still looking for either Inception, Drive or Jurassic Park test pressings...
  6. Ended up getting (2) of the same test pressing this weekend at MondoCon. Instead of selling it away I would rather trade it for another test pressing. No idea what anyone else ended up getting this weekend, but my top (5) are listed below. Thanks! (1) MOND 047 - Inception (If that rumor turns out to be true.) (2) MOND 008 - Drive (3) MOND 017 - Jurassic Park (4) MOND 018 - Coraline (5) MOND 015 - Paranorman
  7. Finally unpacked from MondoCon. Ended up snagging two test presses over the course of the weekend, but didn't check them out until just now. I don't know how it's possible, but both are MOND 026, which is Gravity. Can't believe that happened, but willing to trade my extra for another test press if anyone is interested...
  8. Still trying to track down a few copies of this for some family members and I. If someone is willing to help me out ordering through this link... http://www.nl.fnac.be/a2995327/Angus-et-Julia-Stone-Down-the-way-Grammofoonplaat please let me know. It appears that the seller does not ship to the states, but then again Google Translate can only show me so much. If someone could help me out by either placing an order and redirecting it to me or at the very least sending the seller a message about an international tranasaction it would be much apprecitated. Obviously I would be willing to return th
  9. Thanks for the heads up! You knew exactly what the issue was. Placed the order without any issues. Now time to play the waiting game...
  10. Been trying to track this down for awhile now. I've been google translating all these linked pages, but I can't seem to have it shipped to the states. Anyone have any advice? Otherwise... If anyone would be willing to ship (2) copies to the states please let me know! I have all the funds including shipping and extra for the effort ready to go. Thanks in advance!
  11. Just throwing everyone a heads up. I talked with a few represetatives this afternoon that are now claiming they don't even carry the vinyl version of the album. They won't even accept the fact that someone changed the listing without contacting customers about the change/mistake. I guarentee we will all be getting CDs according to that lengthy talk with supervisors, but I would love to see everyone keep their orders open to see how they respond next month.
  12. Looking for someone who wants to unload their Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High picture disc bump.

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