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Found 20 results

  1. I figured we needed a Third Man Records thread. Talk about new releases, shows, your third man collection, whatever. Here's the latest news: TMR Announces Live 7" Series Third Man is very excited to announce a new leg to our ongoing project of live shows and recordings for 2012, a live series of 7”s that we’ll be launching with none other then Alabama Shakes from their performance here at Third Man Records for Soundland Festival 2011. Alabama Shakes, of course, are that hot new rock and roll soul group that EVERYONE is digging. Putting old school music back on the map and into our homes. It’s exciting. And this live 7” featuring “Be Mine” and “You Ain’t Alone” are two slabs of high tension deep southern soul cuts the likes of which used to drip down the walls in Muscle Shoals, only live. At Third Man Records. Like all of our live releases this analog recording was produced by Jack White III and mixed by Vance Powell. The dream team. To make it even more exciting, this will be Alabama Shakes first ever vinyl release and we couldn’t be more pleased to be the label behind it. The 7” and iTunes will be available this February... Stay tuned for more details and firm release date, but for now check out this awesome artwork for the Live 7” Series!
  2. selling unwanted stuff and doubles shipping within Australia is $10 .. over the ocean is $20 ish (i can work with you on reducing costs if you want to purchase multiple) prices are in AUD open to offers Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd first press Black $60 Billie eilish - WWAFAWDWG fye baby blue sealed $60 Secret Band - LP2 clear w/splatter $40 Issues - Beautiful Oblivion Black $30 DGD - Afterburner Black 180g Black $30 Manchester Orchestra - Cope $140 TMR Box Set Jack White - Acoustic Tour 2015 $75 TMR Box Set Jack White and The Bricks, Two Star Tabernacle and The Go - Live at the Gold Dollar $60 YMAS - Suckerpunch Violet (no flexi) $30 Chiodos - all that ends well baby blue / Black and white Swirl $50 Eskimo Call Boy MMXX clue w/ black splatter - $75 Eskimo Call Boy - ST gold $35
  3. ALL SOLD Jack White 'Fly Farm Blues' on Glow in the Dark vinyl, this was limited to 100 worldwide and was only available from the Third Man Records London pop up store in 2009. It is in Mint condition. The Dead Weather 'I Cut Like a Buffalo' on Glow in the Dark vinyl, also limited to 100 worldwide and only available from the TMR pop up store in London. Also in Mint condition. .
  4. I am moving soon and need to cut down on my collection so I will post more in the coming days if there is interest, but I just received this Pearl Jam record package in the mail the other day and I just can't warrant keeping it right now with everything going on. If anyone is interested please let me know, I am open to offers but $50 shipped is preferred which I find reasonable. http://s1188.photobucket.com/user/SwiftyPics/media/VP29 Pic 3.jpg.html (two pictures are on here showing everything, but there's a bunch more from years ago that I don't remember haha) What I will send is everything shown in those two pictures. The sealed record also includes a 45 7" single inside of the record packaging as I have been told by TMR support. There is a hard cover artbook, patch, and pin. Thank you for looking! I will list a few more records in coming days Sold Record, no longer available thank you for the interest I will be listing more items in the coming weeks
  5. /// MELVINS | HOUDINI, STONER WITCH, AND STAG REISSUES Music Industry, 1993: everyone is looking to sign the “next” Nirvana. Atlantic Records found exactly the band they were looking for in the Melvins. Birthed in the Pacific Northwest gloom of Aberdeen that would spawn grunge music and culture, the Melvins were writing songs that were clearly inspired by the right stuff and written for the right people… and they had Nirvana’s unequivocal stamp of approval, which meant everything in the early 90’s. For the next four years after their signing, the Melvins would deliver three stellar, influential albums that were criminally only moderately appreciated at the time. In the past 23 years, they’ve continued onwards with Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and a revolving cast of bassists at the helm, cementing themselves as one of the most important American rock bands of all time. Houdini, Stoner Witch, and Stag have all been out of print on vinyl for over two decades and original copies can command into the three figures in back alley craps games. Third Man Records is proud to reintroduce these titles to the hungry vinyl-buying public, all remastered from original analog tapes, pressed on 180-gram vinyl and given the deluxe, gatefold jacket treatment. Official Release Date: June 24, 2016. ORDER BLACK LP BUNDLE HERE: http://thirdmanstore.com/bands/melvins/melvins-reissue-bundle ORDER INDIVIDUAL BLACK LPs HERE: http://thirdmanstore.com/bands/melvins Houdini - $20 - LP - Black 180g Stoner Witch - $20 - LP - Black 180g Stag - $25 - 2xLP - Black 180g All three for $58. *** PLEASE NOTE: Plans for the release of the limited edition color vinyl versions will be announced at a later date. *** MELVINS - HOUDINI TMR-295 Signed to Atlantic Records in the hubbub after Nirvana’s Nevermind exploded, the Melvins’ fifth album Houdini was a conscious attempt by the band to make a record that wouldn’t alienate their fans but that the band members themselves would also enjoy. Their best-selling release by a country-mile, this album crested at number 29 on on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Houdini would be most folks introduction to the band and songs like “Honeybucket” received MTV airplay. first time on vinyl since 1993 six tracks produced by Kurt Cobain cover art by legendary artist Frank Kozik includes the vinyl-only bonus track “Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)” originally by the MC5 LIMITED EDITION COLOR ON HOUDINI YELLOW. STONER WITCH TMR-296 The stellar seventh studio album by the Melvins is one of the most cohesive and beloved in the band’s catalog. With fan favorites like “Revolve” and “Queen” balanced with the impressive sound explorations of “Lividity” and “Shevil” and the result is one of the most praised albums of the band’s 30+ year career. first time on vinyl since 1994 LIMITED EDITION COLOR ON STONER WITCH DARK PURPLE. STAG TMR-297 The final album in the Melvins major label span, Stag finds the band fully spreading their wings (and budget) to create what is arguably their most wide-ranging and diverse album among the nearly two-dozen full-length studio albums the band has released since 1987. first time on vinyl since 1996 album now comfortably spans two discs while original release was crammed onto single disc portions of the album recorded at the legendary Sound City studios LIMITED EDITION COLOR ON RED AND AQUA SWIRL. (Mentioned in TMR thread, but I felt this deserved it's own thread as many people will be stoked on these since they have been OOP for quite some time.)
  6. I need to finish this collection, I started a while ago and fell quite behind. I need all the states release so far. (Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, California, Iowa, Minnesota, and I think Michigan was released too) Original Jack White (Black and grey) RRS enamel pins both sizes RSD enamel head phone pin as well as last years Metal record pin Raconteurs copper pin The bow tie looking Third Man logo pin There is a bunch not listed here, I also have a lot but if you have any TMR related enamel label pins let me know, I want them.
  7. Hey everyone, here is some TMR stuff I have for sale everything is OBO, so let me know. All prices are shipped within the US. Jack White -Blunderbuss Inverted Bolt $75 shipped Jack White Live at TMR 2xLP $150 shipped Hawaiian Heat Flexi $90 shipped. Can also sell with an XXL never worn shirt for a little extra. Olivia Jean Bathtub Love Killings Lavender SEALED $200 shipped Olivia Jean Bathtub Love Killings Lavender Glow In The Dark Halloween sleeve (slight water damage from beer condensation dripping on it the night of the show) $200 shipped SOLD Secret Sisters Tri SIGNED Lillie Mae Tri $100 shipped SOLD Dodge & Burn Vault Package White Stripes Elephant RSD $75 shipped.
  8. Selling some odds and ends. Let me know if you have any questions. Everything is NM / NM, as always. I NEED CASPIAN MONEY. New album, Tertia repress, Old South repress, Larcom pressing. It's going to be an expensive summer. Buy my unspun stuff and help me out. SS: Aeges | Above & Down Below | LP | Pilsner & Opaque Gold Swirl w/ Bronze Splatter | /300 | US | MS | $22PPD Black Sabbath | Black Sabbath | LP |180g Black | Recent Repress | $20PPD Bloodhorse | Horizoner | 2xLP | Coke Bottle Clear / Opaque Cranberry Red Swirl | /200 | US | 2009 | Translation Lost | $25PPD Billie Joe + Norah | Foreverly | LP | Black | US | 2014 | Reprise | $18PPD SOLD Cloudkicker | Fade | LP | Coke Bottel Clear w/ Blue Sea Blue Blob | /300 | 2nd Press | US | 2014 | $20PPD Cloudkicker | Subsume | LP | Clear w/ Red Splatter | /300 | 2nd Press | US | 2014 | offer Clutch | From Beale Street | 2xLP | Purple | /1300 | RSD Exclusive | US | 2015 | Weathermaker | Sealed | $32PPD SOLD Daytrader | Twelve Years | LP | 180g Black | /1200 | US | 2012 | Rise | $15PPD Doomriders | Grand Blood | LP | Red/White Mix | US | 2013 | Deathwish | $18PPD Earth | Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II | 2xLP | Red | /500 | Etched D Side | US | 2012 | SL | $40PPD Earth | Phase 3 | 2xLP | Black | US | 2006 | Sub Pop | $13PPD SOLD Earth | Pentastar | LP | Black | US | 2006 | Sub Pop | $13PPD SOLD East of The Wall | The Aplogist | 2xLP | Black & Clear Mix | /150 | US | 2012 | Translation Loss | $23PPD Electric Wizard | Witchcult Today | 2xLP | Grey / Black & Grey / Clear | /1000 | UK | 2013 | $50PPD Elder | Live At Roadburn 2013 | LP | White | Netherlands | 2013 | Roadburn | $24PPD Giants | They, The Undeserving | Translucent Sky Blue | /100 | 2nd Press | US | 2014 | Mylene | $38PPD SOLD Giants | Old Stories | LP | White & Grey w/ Oxblood Splatter | 2nd Press | US | 2012 | Cavity | $30PPD SOLD God Is An Astronaut | LP | Clear | /500 (250 Limited to US) | US | 2013 | Eclipisical | $50PPD SOLD Jakob | Sines | 2xLP | Half Red, Half Orange w/ Black Haze | /300 | US | 2014 | Mylene | $55PPD SOLD Hands | Give Me Rest | 2xLP | Clear | /350 | US | 2011 | Facedown | $16PPD SOLD Harsh Toke | Light Up And Live | LP | Black | US | 2013 | Tee Pee | $15PPD If These Trees Could Talk | S/T & Above The Earth, Below The Sky | 2xLP | A/B Clear w/ Black Center and Grey & White Splatter, C/D Clear w/ White Center and Grey & Black Splatter | /250 | US | 2014 | Mylene Sheath | offer Lalo Schifrin | Bullitt OST | LP | Black 200g | /1000 | US | 2014 | $25PPD SOLD Midtown | Forget What You Know | 2xLP | Clear / Green | /500 | US | 2014 | I Surrender | $35PPD Nothing | Guilty of Everything | LP | Electric Blue w/ Rainbow Splatter | /500 | LGBT | US | 2015 | Relapse | $40PPD Saosin | Saosin | LP | Clear w/ Black Smoke | /1500 | HT | US | 2013 | Capitol | $35PPD SOLD Set & Setting | A Vivid Memory | 2xLP | Purple Marble | Tour Edition | /200 | US | 2014 | Prosthetic | $28PPD The Shrine | Bless Off | LP | Gold | US | 2014 | TeePee | $20PPD Silverchair | Frogstomp | 2xLP | Neon Green | Etched D Side | /500 | US | 2013 | SRC | offer This Will Destroy You / Lymbyc System | Field Studies | LP | Red / Orange Marble | US | 2009 | MB | $20PPD SOLD White Stripes | Elephant | 2xLP | Trans Red & White | U.S. | 2003 | V2 | NM/VG | $70PPD SOLD
  9. Selling Vault #22: Released as part of Vault package 22, this is a 3 LP, 27 track set of Jack White's entire 2+ hour performance at Bonnaroo on June 14, 2014 in Manchester Tennessee. Included in the set is: The full performance on 3 LPs, each being a different color with the first being blue/white splattered, the second being white, and the third being plain black. They also come with color coded cardboard inner sleeves, with a different logo printed on the bottom right corner. 4 8x16 glossy photos by David Swanson from the performance. Custom 8GB USB drive with exclusive photos and wallpapers shaped as a TV. TV shaped patch. Replica backstage pass sticker. 12x12 tour poster. DVD of the whole performance, re-edited from the original footage by Brad Holland. A postcard size golden card, dedicated to Ikey Owens. All housed in a large cardboard textured box with a small lenticular TV card on the front. This guy is NM / NM. I have never used any of the contents. I have only opened it to examine the contents. Make me an offer. Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks.
  10. Have a copy of the latest Third Man Records Vault package for sale. Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Get Behind Me Satan, Vault Package 23 focuses on The White Stripes Brazil Tour. Included in the set is: The White Stripes live in Manaus, Brazil on June 1st, 2005 on 2 blood red vinyl with stark black wisps LPs, with a Inner Sleeve including a different cover and track listing. DVD featuring selections of the Manaus performance. Portions of the recording were originally shown in 2005 on MTV. 7" with 2 unreleased Get Behind Me Satan related demos. 3 Postcards designed by Rob Jones, representing each of the White Stripes Brazil shows. A monkey pin, similar to the box cover. A Silk-screened glow in the dark poster. All housed in a large cardboard telescoping box. This dude is still in the mailer it came in. So it's M/M. $75PPD.
  11. Selling a couple TMR Vault packages. All are NM / NM and haven't been spun. Shipping is $5 and includes tracking. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks. The Raconteurs | Live At Ryman | 2xLP | Brown & Yellow | DVD & Dead Weather 7” Included | Vault Package 18 | 2013 | TMR The White Stripes - Under The Lights of The Rising Sun | 2xLP | Red & Black 180g | Dead Weather 7” | No Flag | Vault Package 21 | 2014 | TMR *Note - The Raconteurs "Rawhide and Tobacco" LP has various degrees of darkness. It appears black, but when you hold it up to the light you can see it's dark brown with black streaks.*
  12. Selling some Third Man Records releases. Most of which are either Vault Releases or tour exclusives. Shipping is $4 within the U.S. with tracking. Feel free to ask any questions. Dead Weather - Cut Like A Buffalo - 8" - SXSW Exclusive - Black - TMR016 SOLD Jack White - Blunderbuss Demos - 7" - Blue - Vault #14 (7" only) - TMR178 SOLD Jack White - Sixteen Saltines - 7" - Tour Edition - TMR135 SOLD Jack White - Love Interruption - 7" - Tour Edition - Peacock Postcard - TMR136 SOLD Jack White - Lazaretto - Vault #20 - Half Blue / Half White LP - Blue 7" - Book - TMR271 SOLD Third Man Records (Various) - 2xLP - Vault #7 (LP only) - Singles 2010 Vol. II - TMR077 - $25 The White Stripes - Nine Miles From The White City - 2xLP - Red / Black - TMR211 SOLD The White Stripes - Custom Elephant Singles Box - 4x7" - Clear w/ colored highlights - Vault #19 - TMR262,263,264,265 - SOLD The White Stripes - I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart / Little Acorns - Demos - 7" - Trans. Red Marbled - TMR212 - $25 Slipmat Jack White - Blunderbuss - Tour Edition - Blue - $40 Photos:
  13. Looking for a copy of the Devil's Night DVD feat. The Greenhornes, the Black Belles, and Elvira. I has misplaced my copy in my move and would love to replace it. It is the DVD that was part of the Third Man Records Vault packge # 10 that came with The Raconteurs Live At Third Man (black/blue split). Hit me up if you have a copy! Thanks!
  14. Selling a few more records to put towards my move. If you have any questions, please let me know. Most stuff is SS which includes shipping, but some are offers. Everything in NM / NM unless noted. Alkaline Trio - Goddammit - LP - Yellow/Green w/ White Splatter - /500 - AMR - 2011 - $35PPD Beastmilk - Climax - LP - White - /400 - Magic Bullet - 2013 - $25PPD Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal - LP - Clear - HT Exclusive - /500 - Epitaph - 2013 - offer Earth - The Bees Made Honey - 2xLP - Red - /500 - SL - 2014 - $40PPD (Still sealed / Mint) God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge - LP - Black - /500 - Morningrise - 2008 - offer Green Day - Warning - LP - Green - 2000 - Adeline Records - $30PPD Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley - LP - Black 180g - Germany - Elektra - 2008 - $30PPD Kadavar / Aqua Nebula Oscillator - 2xLP - Black 180g - /250 - TCMR - 2014 - offer Moving Mountains - Waves - LP - Orange - TCR - 2011 - $15PPD O'brother - Disillusion - 2xLP - Grey/Blue - TCR - 2013 - $20PPD Third Eye Blind - S/T - 2xLP - Black 180g - Elektra - 2013 Thrice - Vheissu - 2xLP - Peach - Hot Topic Exclusive - Island Records - 2012 - $35PPD Whirr - Around - LP - Clear with Black Splatter - /1,350 - Graveface - 2013 - $15PPD TMR STUFFS: The Dead Weather - I Cut Like A Buffalo - 8" - SXSW Exclusive - TMR - 2010 - $40PPD Jack White - Blunderbuss - LP - Inverted Lightning Bolt - TMR - 2012 - offer Jack White - Vault Package #20 - Lazaretto - Blue/White - / 7" / Book - TMR - 2014 - offer Third Man Records - 2010 Comp V. II - 2xLP - Black - Vault Package #7 - 2010 - $40PPD If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks!
  15. Trying to sell some records to put towards my moving fund. Make me an offer and we can go from there. Alkaline Trio - Goddammit - LP - Half yellow / Half green w/ white splatter - /500 - 3rd - 2008 - Asian Man Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic - LP - Tan - /400 - 2009 - Epitaph sold Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones - LP - Black - 2011 - US - Epitaph Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart - LP - Black - US - Extra Mile Recordings Motorhead - s/t - LP - Grey Marble - 198/500 - 2013 - Drastic Plastic obrother - The Death of Day - LP - Brown marble - /210 - 2nd - 2009 - Broken Circle Various - Studio Ghibli - Kokyo Kyokushu - 2xLP - Princess Mononoke Cover - Red & Blue - 2013 - MOND-014 - Mondo sold Thrice - Vheissu - 2xLP - Peach - HT Exclusive - 2012 - /2000 - Island Records Can provide photos upon request. Thanks.
  16. Getting an extra Vault Package 19 from Third Man Records and am looking to sell or trade it. I paid 60 bucks, plus 10 for shipping and 10 for conversion to USD. Looking to get what I put in + shipping so I would call i t95 bucks Canadian to take it off my hands for shipping to Canada or the US? Dont' have a huge collection so I would be interested in trading it for a ridiculous amount of stuff and will list artists I need loads of stuff from. Practically anything TMR related excluding Vault packages 17 and on. Alexisonfire Cake Wintersleep City and Colour LPs Death From Above 1979 The Last Shadow Puppets Arctic Monkeys K-os Shad Childish Gambino Protest The Hero - Kezia/Fortress Mastodon Alt-J Tokyo Police Club Tool The Lumineers Pink Floyd The Thermals The Hold Steady Metric Godspeed You! Black Emperor Eagles of Death Metal Them Crooked Vultures Scars On Broadway Joel Plaskett Lana Del Ray The Decemberists Japandroids Weezer Yeah Yeah Yeahs Modest Mouse and many more PM me and we can talk about trades, maybe even about price. Haven't received it yet but probably will tomorrow as I got the tracking number for this one the day after my first one. And I received my first one today. I'll just slap a new address on it and send it on it's merry way without opening it.
  17. Hey guys, I'm taking offers on all of the following items. Let me know what you want! Vault Items: Pictures from Elephant Photo Book by David Swanson White Heat DVD The White Stripes Live at the Gold Dollar - White Vinyl 12" The White Stripes Little Acorns/I want to be the boy to warm your mothers heart 7" Red with Black Swirls The White Stripes Let's Build a Home/Dead Leaves 7" Black Record Store Day Items: The White Stripes Hand Springs/ Red Death 7" Red Karen Elson Milk and Honey/Winter's Gone 7" Yellow Swirl Karen Elson Live at Third Man Records 12" Pink/Black Limited: Jack White Tri Color Love Interruption/Machine Gun Silhouette 7" limited to 300
  18. Moving to Seattle in 2 weeks and need to sell some records. For sale: Third Man Records Vault #13 The White Stripes - Live At The Gold Dollar - 12" LP - White - First Ever Live Show - 8.14.97 The White Stripes - Live At The Gold Dollar Open Mic Night - 7" - Red - First Ever Live Recording - 7.14.97 Peppermint 12" Tote Bag - 2 Sided and Inner Print based off original painting by Jack White. NM /NM Only spun once. $70PPD
  19. Selling a copy of Third Man Record's Vault Package #12: Only opened to check contents. Never spun. Mint condition. Karen Elson - Eclipse Vinyl - Black/Peach split - Live At TMR - Die cut sleeve and inner printed sleeve. The Raconteurs - Open Your Eyes b/w You Make A Fool Out Of Me - Demos - 7" (Unreleased tracks). The White Stripes - Under New Zealand Light Live DVD. $70 PPD. First come, first serve. Thanks, guys. Feel free to PM with any questions.

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