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  1. Blank (future Cross My Heart/Liars Academy) - Anywhere But Here downloads.precisionpressing.com 2470-7A5DC1B7
  2. Def in for a copy! Even if it’s not my favorite Cartel record there are some goodies on it!
  3. The upside is the 2x10” may sound better the other 12” pressings. I had a Cobraside copy on purple mix and it sounded terrible. Bad pressing, but ended up selling it for not much of a difference for a first press which sounds excellent.
  4. Love these guys. Saw them twice in Wilkes-Barre and both times were great. Solid band.
  5. Looks like Numero Group is putting something together. So far they just have two shirts for sale and a digital track from their 1997 7". I recently just discovered this band via @thepunkguy (from their mailing list today) 'We've been kind of keeping this one on the low for a minute but couldn't really keep it under wraps anymore. Everyone Asked About You is coming to Numero. We are in the process of restoring the audio but want to give you a teaser to hold you over. We also have 2 shirts that the band printed and designed that you can scope out on our website. 'Penned between heated sessions of MarioKart64 and Goldeneye, Little Rock high school quartet Everyone Asked About You developed their own take of the emo sound that was sweeping the midwest in the late-‘90s. Built around the twin guitar attack of Chris Sheppard and Collins Kilgore, the band was held together by drummer Lee Buford’s pulverizing drums and dusted with Hannah Vogan’s twee-adjacent vocals. Channeling Rainer Maria’s earnestness, the Promise Ring’s knack for melody, and the Rentals’ penchant for synth, Everyone Asked About You the biggest secret to come out of Arkansas since Whitewater. ' The digital track sounds great compared to my vinyl rip I have on my phone! They also put out a proper album in 2012 which was originally recorded in 1998. I was going to link it here, but the bandcamp page is gone so it's probably going to go to Numero. It's Days Like This - Digital 7" Shirt & Black Shirt
  6. Love this band and the new EP is pretty solid. Ordered a copy on white!
  7. Finally! These are going to sell like HOTCAKES so hopefully they pressed more than 1k
  8. Ryan Shelkett (of Blank/Cross My Heart/The Liars Academy) - Someone Becomes No One steadfastrecords.bandcamp.com/yum jjqq-wfgf
  9. Grabbed the Lemonheads S/T at an indie store today (U.S.) and it was orange w/ black splatter (same as the Hassle version just unnumbered) if anyone was curious! Haven’t spun it yet, but according to Discogs, the sound isn’t bad at all.
  10. Grabbed The Fire & Best Of! Would have been cool if Vagrant pressed the deluxe version of Still Searching with the red cover + bonus tracks. Looks like it may just be a double 10”.
  11. Pre-order on 08/24 @ 12pm CST https://www.reptilianrecords.com/products/516453-blank-anywhere-but-here-lp-cd Before vocalist/guitarist Ryan Shelkett (Steadfast Records) formed CROSS MY HEART (Deep Elm/Dim Mak Records) & LIARS ACADEMY (Equal Vision), he honed his songwriting craft in the band BLANK (1992-1997). Based in Baltimore MD, BLANK mixed emo, punk, pop, and hardcore and laid the foundation for his later bands, releasing several singles and EPs in their 5 years. Originally released only on compact disc, ANYWHERE BUT HERE was their first actual full length, also their last effort, and showcases the band at full power. The record still sounds as fresh now as it did when recorded 25 years ago and is regarded as an influential yet underrated gem. Reptilian Records celebrates the 25th Anniversary of this landmark post hardcore emo record with a LIMITED EDITION vinyl release! Limited to 500 copies - 200 green/white, 200 green/black, and only 100 green/black/white! Sure to blow out fast - secure your copy now!
  12. Order HERE (via Steadfast Records) Preorder item, releases on August 26, 2022 Brandtson announce a limited edition reissue of their final album, Hello, Control, on August 26, 2022 via Steadfast Records. The reissue features previously unreleased alternate mixes from album producer Ed Rose and marks the first time the 2006 album will be available on vinyl. Presented with all new artwork, expanded from the original concept and available on multiple vinyl variants. Hello Control, a pivotal release and the closing chapter on over a decade of making music for the Cleveland quartet. The first album with longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boose joining on bass, and the fifth release with producer Ed Rose. From the dusty lull of album opener “A Thousand Years” a new Brandtson begins to emerge. Putting a ready for the floor sneer to the road worn hallmarks of their back catalog, and taking a decided step into pop territory on singles, “Nobody Dances Anymore” and “Earthquakes and Sharks”. The alternate Ed Rose mixes were curated from the bands archives and have been previously unreleased in any format. Originally released by The Militia Group in 2006. The 2022 reissue of Hello, Control was mixed by Ed Rose, mastered by Adam Boose, and lacquer masters cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The gorgeous vinyl package includes Reverse Board printed jacket 11" 8 page booklet with additional photography and lyrics Black poly-lined inner sleeve Poly outer sleeve First Pressing Limited Edition of 500 Worldwide Opaque Yellow (/250) Opaque White w/Black Splatter (/100) Blue Blast (/50) (Limit 1/person) Test Press (/10) w/Stamped and Hand Numbered White Jacket (Limit 1/person) * Opaque Red (/100) (Indie Exclusive Variant/only available in bundle or from your local record store) Blue Blast and Test Press are limited to 1 copy each /person
  13. Shipping is pricey, but FWIW, mine is out for delivery from Quebec to Pennsylvania and I ordered from him on Friday. So you’ll get them quick!!
  14. Definitely a single. It’s called ‘How Far Apart’. I didn’t hear it yet, but it’s going for college radio adds next week.
  15. Ahhh, all the downloads are gone. anyone else got the hookup? Message meee
  16. They have a July 11 release date now not sure if they’ll go up before then
  17. Not ready yet, but they have them on their webstore w/ pressing numbers. MCMLXXXV http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-RF02 The Comfort of Home http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-RF03
  18. I expected that to sound bad for some reason.. but it was a nice surprise when I put it on. I think Field Day is working with them and they do a good job with their reissues.
  19. Hope they do it good because the og demo is amazing. I didn’t look at the tracklist, but now I’m def in!
  20. MCA/Geffen funded the label at a certain point when they started to get popular, but DTR still had ownership of the label itself. However, since they were funding them, MCA/Geffen had first pick to the DTR roster which is why a handful were released through them and DTR just being the parent label. NFG, SoCo, Finch, Fenix TX, TSL. Some early albums are straight up owned by DTR so pressing them has no red tape like Finch’s first EP, TSL’s first EP and LP. I always check who currently owns the copyright by just going on Apple Music/iTunes and it’ll say at the bottom.. not sure if Spotify lists the copyright. This is important too since some bands buy out their masters and keep them or release them through another label. It happened awhile back with Lookout Records, but I think they were forced. DTR still held on to most of their releases which I’m sure a lot of bands who wanted to re-release them themselves weren’t/aren’t happy about after all these years.
  21. NFG.. most likely a Nothing Gold Can Stay repress. Possibly FTSTYS 1 or even 2?! I think those are the only straight up DTR (non-Geffen) releases.
  22. Damn that /200 did go in seconds! Luckily you all rule and I just nabbed a /200 180g from their Bandcamp (after first asking Triple B for a digital download followed by a 'can I cancel my /500' email)