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  1. He was on the last album and had a song with lead vox.
  2. Any word on an indie variant? I bought the last album at my local place, but it was on standard black. love the tracks and album art
  3. Passed since I have the 2xLP.. hopefully they release those demos digitally someday. Would like to hear them, though it’s far from my favorite F2F album
  4. I wasn’t really feeling their last two albums, but I’m 99% sure I’m gonna pick this up on Friday (w/ the new Menzingers). The songs are great
  5. New Strung Out up! Out on 4/5 https://fatwreck.com/collections/new-releases/products/dead-rebellion
  6. I sold a ton of record this year on Discogs that I just prefer digital or sounded like poo.. also sold a lot of stuff that was worth a lot that I never spun. However, all that $$$ was used to buy stuff I really wanted (mostly original 70’s/80’s punk rock LPs). Definitely still buy new stuff, but I really gotta love the band AND the album. I used to try and get every LP by a band, but bands don’t put out a solid album EVERY time haha. Prices are definitely fucked though. It’s getting nutso. I think I bought about 10-12 new albums in 2023.
  7. PO this Thursday, 01/11 at 11am EST https://www.instagram.com/p/C14quBhr80z/?igsh=MWcyeG41bnkxcWwzYw== This is a great album.. instant buy for me Ships Spring 2024 https://takethistoheartrecords.com/products/copy-of-rufio-perhaps-i-suppose 200: Ruby with Forest Green, Spring Green, & Custard Splatter 300: Ghostly with White & Silver Splatter 500: 3 Color A Side B Side with Brown, Bone, & Olive Green
  8. Cigar - The Visitor dropcards.com/vinyl KDVD7K7Q3F9D Adolescents - Caesar Salad Days bandcamp.com/yum xzm8-5ytz These three Tommy Keene albums are old-ish. I bought them sealed, but the codes may be duds. Behind The Parade furnacemfg.com/redeem memaq5JUR9V One of these is the covers album 'Excitement At Your Feet' and the other is his last LP 'Laugh In The Dark'. The codes aren't labeled. http://bit.ly/tommykeene VFT-975-BCN-236 http://bit.ly/1Ka4KL4 P7E6-A2T3
  9. TTTYH actually replied, but copied the shipping manager who didn’t reply.. twice haha giving it until the end of the week and disputing.. then grabbing a copy on Discogs for a few dollars more.
  10. bought Finch’s WIITB from their warehouse ‘finds’ on 11/24.. still didn’t ship yet 🙄
  11. This. I picked up a first press of Finch’s WIITB from Parting Gift today and the shipping was $11+ 😡 I’d say these reissues are mid-quality. Certainly not audiophile or heavy duty jackets, but I’ve heard worse and they even throw in inserts! I remember when those came standard with LPs.
  12. The /150 Acoustic EP went pretty fast. I was on a few min after they went up and it was gone. Grabbed a splat 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Yeahhh, I saw the 3xLP was $70 USD (!!) I’m still a sucker and bought both EPs, charged me $16 shipping so that came to a little over $70 in the end 🙄
  14. Looking for the Aimee Mann ‘Dead Eyes’ 7” if anyone has a link! edit: got one from ebay.. for just a few bux more
  15. That’s shitty to hear especially since the description says ‘Reissued here in remastered audio’ 🙄
  16. Looking for a white copy of the 20th anniversary reissue on Mondo (that’s not $100).

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