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  1. That one is from Spain, free shipping on spain on orders of 65 euros or more... Great selection http://electricvinylrecords.com/en/
  2. This record shop on spain have 5 of the RSD Version in stock for 34.99 euros plus shipping cost, monday I bought one, amazing sound and awesome color variant http://electricvinylrecords.com/es/rock/472-coheed-and-cambria-good-apollo-i-m-burning-star-iv-2-lp-vinilo-de-color-rsd-2017-limitado-a-2500-copias.html
  3. New vinyl webstore based in Barcelona. Vinyl only. Recommended!! http://electricvinylrecords.com/en/
  4. Some sealed lp's for sale: Kasabian - Empire double "10 ( 16 euros) Kasabian - West Rider.. double "10 (16 euros) Kasabian - Velociraptor double "10 (16 euros) Mastodon - Crack the Skye Color Vinyl (14 euros) NIN - Hesitation Marks Double lp (17,50 euros) NIN - Pretty Hate Machine 1 lp (15 euros) Opeth - Pale Communion Double lp (17,50 euros) european edition black vinyl Son Little - Son Little lp (16,50 euros) Night Beats - Who sold my Generation lp (16,50 euros) Shipping cost is 13,05 to usa till 3 lp's or 1 double and 1 lp Germany and Holland 10 Euros for one or ten lp's Belgium 5 euros for 1 or 10 lp's France 13,05 till 3 lp's and 17 euros till 10 lp's Rest of europe 13,05 for 3 lp's
  5. Some lp's from Portugal The Man for sale, all the lp's are Near Mint (covers and vinyl) Portugal the Man - The Satanic Satanist (Defiance Records) Yellow Ltd. + CD-Album Portugal the Man - Waiter: "You Vultures! (Defiance Records) Green Portugal the Man - Censored Colors (Defiance Records) Neon Yellow Portugal the Man - It's Complicated Being A Wizard (Suburban Home Records ) Blue (limited to 333) Portugal the Man - The Satanic Satanist (Equal Vision Records) Red/Orange (limited to 100) Portugal the Man - Church Mouth test pressing (Limited to 10) shipping is 13 euros to USA till 3 lp's Holland and Germany 10 euros till 6 lp's UK and rest of Europe 13 euros till 3 lp's Belgium 6 euros
  6. I have a sealed Red And White Splatter PM if you are interested
  7. some rare lp's on ebay pearl jam, faith no more, temple of the dog and more http://my.befr.ebay.be/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&CurrentPage=MyeBayNextSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESEX
  8. this: ac/dc- rock or bust lp mas cd sealed ac/dc-iron man 2lp sealed both 30 euro Baroness ‎– First and second color vinyl 12 euro Boris With Merzbow ‎– Walrus / Groon color vinyl 16 euro Omar rodriguez lopez y Lidia lunch lp sealed vinl 9 euro Weezer- Hurley lp rojo (limitado a 300) con cd sealed 17 euro Drive By truckers- The big to-do double lp mint 12 euro Graveyard St lp sealed en blue vinyl 12 euro Slash-slash (with collaborations) double lp sealed 10 euro The Lovin' Spoonful Everything Playing lp original usa like new 15 euro Pearl jam Twenty triple lp sealed 79 euro Radiohead in rainbows disc box (double cd, double lp and booking in a box set) 40 euro lynrd skynyrd last rebel 25 euro lp mint QOTSA lullabies to paralize lp double red vinyl 25 euro jim wilson- st with single 15 euro rober plant y alison kraus- raising sands 15 euro sealed JEFF BUCKLEY GARY LUCAS SONGS TO NO ONE 16 euro 2lp simply vinyl version EAGLES OF DEATH METAL DEATH BY SEXY 12 euro sealed lp Social Distortion ‎ Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes 2lp red vinyl sealed 20 euro PEARL JAM LIGHTING BOLT lp 17 euro FAITH NO MORE ALBUM OF THE YEAR gold COLOR LP 25 euro new Primus ‎– Green Naugahyde 2lp green color vinyl 17 euro
  9. someone make a claim for a fake LP?I bought the QOTSA lp on blue and it's fake ,How it's work?Please help me
  10. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.twentyfourbit.com/post/4163150138/the-white-stripes-reissue-lafayette-blues-lets
  11. man.this album is great . I don't understand your quote.......