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  1. https://polyvinylrecords.com/product/future_past_life limited to 1500 stream whole album on youtube. Honestly not really into it. strfkr is the kind've if aint broken don't fix it band for me . Their thiccc bass and dancy synths with the occasional Allan Watts quote is the perfect formula. I'll probably give it a few more listens but its pretty underwhelming on the first listen for me personally.
  2. “Loose,”, “1970,” “Fun House,” and “L.A. Blues” remain pure motherfucking classics on how rock n’ roll should be done. Period. This is THE record to have, if you know what the fuck is up. – Duff McKagan lol buy it pussy
  3. New single is great. Those album covers are boring and weak though
  4. Oh shit ! those not familiar get familiar cause that pat album is a classic
  5. re-post from reddit Grading will be posted as Jacket/LP(S) $4 unlimited shipping with in the US ONLY (NO SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE US) $10 MINIMUM PURCHACE NO TRADES Please contact if you wish to see specific pictures. I own hundreds and have owned thousands of records at one point so I do know how to properly store and take care of them. I will ship every record in an LP mailer with extra cardboard ,LP(S) shipped outside of jacket with extra cardboard unless instructed otherwise.
  6. Not feeling it ya'll anyone want to buy my Opaque blue sealed copy ? please pm. $30 shipped in the US
  7. I know he's kind've going in a different direction but i'm bummed he didn't at least illustrate the cover. Also i'd recommend anyone looking for something to hold them over til the release check out some of the electronic gems playlists on youtube. Most of it all sounds the same and some are just borderline com truise/tycho knock offs, but if you're ok with that there is an endless amount of good shit. Descend by Emil Rottmayer is a pretty legit album
  8. Really I'm with some you dudes nothing has matched Dive yet. Epoch just had too much post rock guitar for my taste.
  9. I've also posted this on reddit. Newer stuff at the top I will continue to add records so keep an eye out For Sale *********************PRICES ARE NON-NEGOTIONABLE UNLESS YOU'RE BUYING 3 OR MORE RECORDS. RECORDS ARE BELOW DISCOGS RETAIL & INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING************************************************************ Oblivions/six of the best 10"/$10 Oblivions/self titled/10"/$10 Skulls w/o borders comp (kurt vile)/10"/$5 Yonatan
  10. for those who want to listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeVOUSftpFg
  11. have people gotten their copies of this yet ? i've asked daptone a few times with no response.
  12. Hey dudes, it's been a minute a bulk of this stuff i've had for sale for awhile. Some new stuff. free shipping in the US. The only thing i'm looking to trade for is full length ( no singles) 90's hip hop/rap and some newer ( pretty much anything that sounds 90's so no auto tune ish stuff). 5" Yonatan Gat/Dark Party/Lathe/$25 ppd 7" Anthony Green/Soul 4 my soul flexi $30 ppd ($25) Chuck fallon/Brian Fallon/ Glorry/Tin Pan alley/gold $10 Chamberlain/raise it high/the south h

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