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  1. Super excited ! I love these dudes. That artwork kind’ve sucks though
  2. icecream

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Anyone into daptone records ? I’m pretty excited about this Sha La Das lp they just put up. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EDSSesrKz0k
  3. icecream

    PO Now: Denzel Curry - TA13OO

    love curry but that new single is trash
  4. icecream

    PO: Freddie Gibbs - Freddie

    The is a nice little work but all of the beats kind’ve sound the same
  5. icecream

    Wtb: Queensbridge rap records

    Lol at nobb deep
  6. icecream

    Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    Has anyone delt with this person : alex Tasha alex blinderman aka mike furry ?
  7. icecream

    Prints for sale

    Prints: https://imgur.com/gallery/SpVmauE The Prints that are marked free are because they were creased at one point,stored away flat to become less noticeable. 1 free print per order until they're gone Chinaski \(Bukowski/David Choe/ professionally framed, Larson Juhl frame,acid free matting,backing,paper ect, and whatever that special glass is called that keeps the print from fading. $500 shipped. High quality frame. \-Bukowski poem cats/$20 \ -David Lynch/Chuck Sperry/in dreams $80 \-Jon Smith/Nothing is fucked/Lebowski/$65 \-Max Dalton/Super heroes,stan lee/$40 \-Andy Kehoe/can't remember title/$40 \-Jermain Rogers/bunny/Free \-A wilhelm Scream/ruiner print/free \-Why Print/$30 \-Ty Segall $30 \-Isis/pelican/keelhaul/derek hess/$40 \-Daniel Danger/national poster retrospecticus/cleveland/$50 \-Twin Peaks/max dalton/$35 \-Eraserhead/$15 \-Richey Beckett/Fear The Reaper/ artist proof 1/5/ yes the first one !/$150 \-Budapest Hotel/$40 \-Budapest Hotel/Van Orton/$80 \-Circa Survive/rich kelly/$35 \-Circa Survive/twilight Army/$30 \-Circa Survive/Ken Taylor 2/120/$60 \-Circa BSN/free \-Circa/Land Land/buildings/free \-Breaking bad/wheres walter/max dalton $40 \-111 Archer ave/8x10"/max dalton/$90 \(not pictured\) also if intwrested got a bunch of records for sale here as well :
  8. re-post of an old set sale with new reduced prices. FREE SHIPPING ******************************************************* most of these have been reduced. All New prices in syllables ************************************************************ Shipping is included in the price. I only ship to the US $8 minimum. ************************************************************************* PICTURES: https://imgur.com/gallery/mGRf6XI/comment/1362122063 5" Yonatan Gat/Dark Party/Lathe/$25 ppd 7" Anthony Green/Soul 4 my soul flexi $30 ppd ($25) Chuck fallon/Brian Fallon/ Glorry/Tin Pan alley/gold $10 Chamberlain/raise it high/the south has spoiled me (ft.Brian Fallon)$10 ppd Circa Survive: b-sides $28 ppd each -Clear -Green Dead to Me/Flatliners split/shr/white/$7 ppd Frank Turner/Franz Nicolay/sing noel coward/red/100/$25 ppd Goat/It's time for fun $4 Jacco Gardener/ find yourself $6 Kevin Devine/Luxembourg/black/ethed b-side/100/$15 ppd Kevin Devine/Part of the Whole/black/etched b-side/100/$15 ppd King Tuff/Biggest Hearts/$4 Minus The Bear/your private sky $6 Magic Hop (members of king tuff)/$5 -Of Sinking Ships/glower/$3/clear gold -Portugal The Man/my mind/seventeen/$8 -Portugal The man/This can't be living/$8 Sam Means(of the format)/Nona/autographed/white/$5 ppd The Shrine/Venice California/red/$5 ppd Uncle Acid/Mind Crawler gold or silver $14 ppd each Gold/$15 ppd Grey/$15 ppd ******************************************************* 10" Murder By Death/Who Will Survive & What Will Be left of them/olive/$16 $($10) Radiohead/King of limbs/2x clear/newspaper (open)/ $65 ($50) PENDING SALE ******************************************************* 12" -Acid Witch/Witchtanic Hellucinations/black/100/repress/$20 ppd ($14) -Achillies/hospice/promo/$5 ppd ($3) -Andrew Bird/Noble Beast $13 ($10) -Brontide/Sans Souci/black/$18 ($14) -Brontide/EP/$15 ppd ($12) -Caspian/Waking Season/grey purple (tour)/$35 ppd ($28) -Caspian/You are the conductor/the four trees/silver 27/190 $40 ppd ($32) -Caspian/Tertia/black/1'st press/100 $35 ppd ($30) -Cosmonauts/if you wanna die then I wanna die/white/$15 ($12) -Cursed/one/silver/red/re-press/$18 ($14) -Cursed/two/bootleg/$10 ppd -Church Of Misery/Master of Brutality/clear/sealed/$35 ($30) -Church Of Misery/The Second Coming/clear/SEALED/$35 ($30) -Dameria/M(u)sic/black/100/$20 ppd ($15) -Daniel Romano/sleep beneath the willow/$18 ppd ($15) -David Lynch/the big dream/screen printed jacket/sealed/$50 ppd ($40) -Detroit Cobras/Life love and leaving/$10 ($8) Epsilons/red/clear/$20 ($16) ESPIRIT/Virtua/black/$50 ($40) Frank Turner/Sleep is for the week/seam split top middle of jacket 1"/$20 ppd ($18) Foals/Holy fire/rsd/includes 7"/$14 ($12) -Fruit Bats/Mouthfuls/screened cover/white/green/$30 ppd ($25) -Jakob/Sines/orange/$35 ppd ($28) -Jay Reatard/better than something/black $30 ppd ($25) -Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground/Rainbow Transparent/$80 ($50) -Kikagaku Moyo/Self titled/clear with silver haze($35) -Kikagaku Moyo/clear w/gold haze ($80) -King Gizzad & the lizard wizard/Quarters($45) -King Gizzard & the lizard wizard/polygondwanaland/wax mage/25/($75) -Mink Mussel Creek/Manticore/purple/$45 ppd -They Make Beer Commercials like this/fruity pebbles/500/1'st press $28 ($25) -interpretaciones del oso /root beer/250 $17 ppd ($15) -Omni/red/white $35 ppd ($30) -Acoustics vol. ll/Splatter/1000/1'st tour press $35 ppd ($30) -Murder By Death wooden box set (includes zoetrope & slipmat) 7 RECORDS $225 ($180) -Like The Exorcist, But More Breakdancing - 180 grams pink vinyl -Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them? - pale green vinyl -In Bocca Al Lupo - 200 grams brown vinyl -Red Of Tooth And Claw - 200 grams yellow vinyl -Finch - yellow vinyl -Good Morning, Magpie - clear green vinyl -Little Joe Gould / Volta Do Mar Split - orange vinyl -Skeletons In The Closet - LP1 - Orange Marble - LP2 - Turquoise Marble - LP3 - White -Owen-The EP (yellow)/$35 ppd (OG press) ($28) -Rosetta/Quintessential Ephemera/Green splatter/clear/$28 ppd -Rosetta/Junius split/clear blue/$10 ($8) -Shigeto/Lineage/189/450/$100 ($75) -Shigeto/new monday/splatter/$15 ($12) -Starfucker/Jupiter/orange/103/$50 ppd ($40) -Starfucker/golden light/clear/500/$18 ($15) -Troller/graphic/100/red/$28 ppd ($20) -Torche/part chimp/blue/1’st press/$30 ppd $ $25 ppd ($20) -Torche/Songs for lovers/autographed/teal/100/$35 ppd ($25) -Weird Owl/Enter The Silver cord/$8
  9. Thinking bout getting rid of my wax mage variant if anyone is looking to buy.
  10. The artwork reminds me of this Romare album. Also curious to see how you came about the outkast comparison. Reminds me of a wayne/kendrick flow tbh
  11. icecream

    F/S: 1,300 LP's, 7"s, 10"s, 78's, etc (all genres)

    not sure if you're still selling stuff or getting rid of these but if so could you give me a rough idea on condition for these ? Thanks Green, Al ‎– "Let's Stay Together" (Hi Records ‎SHL 32070/first pressing) Gaye, Marvin - "What's Going On" (Tamla TS310/First pressing/gatefold sleeve w/ Motown inner sleeve)