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  1. icecream

    PO: Charles Bradley - Black Velvet

    have people gotten their copies of this yet ? i've asked daptone a few times with no response.
  2. Hey dudes, it's been a minute a bulk of this stuff i've had for sale for awhile. Some new stuff. free shipping in the US. The only thing i'm looking to trade for is full length ( no singles) 90's hip hop/rap and some newer ( pretty much anything that sounds 90's so no auto tune ish stuff). 5" Yonatan Gat/Dark Party/Lathe/$25 ppd 7" Anthony Green/Soul 4 my soul flexi $30 ppd ($25) Chuck fallon/Brian Fallon/ Glorry/Tin Pan alley/gold $10 Chamberlain/raise it high/the south has spoiled me (ft.Brian Fallon)$10 ppd Circa Survive:b-sides $28 ppd Clear Frank Turner/Franz Nicolay/sing noel coward/red/100/$25 ppd Goat/It's time for fun $4 Jacco Gardener/ find yourself $6 Kevin Devine/Luxembourg/black/ethed b-side/100/$15 ppd Kevin Devine/Part of the Whole/black/etched b-side/100/$15 ppd King Tuff/Biggest Hearts/$4 Magic Hop (members of king tuff)/$5 -Murder By Death/William Elliott Whitmore split/$10 -Of Sinking Ships/glower/$3/clear gold -Portugal The Man/my mind/seventeen/$8 Sam Means(of the format)/Nona/autographed/white/$5 ppd The Shrine/Venice California/red/$5 ppd Uncle Acid/Mind Crawler gold or silver $14 ppd eachGold/$15 ppdGrey/$15 ppd ******************************************************* ******************************************************* 12" -Blue Cheer/Vincebus Eruptum/recent repress/$10 -Cosmonauts/if you wanna die then I wanna die/white/$15 ($12) -Daniel Romano/sleep beneath the willow/$18 ppd ($15) -David Lynch/the big dream/screen printed jacket/sealed/$50 ppd ($40) -Detroit Cobras/Life love and leaving/$10 ($8) -Donnie Darko OST/blue/1" seam split top jacket/blue/$40 -Dr. Dog/Fate/$16 -Frank Turner/Sleep is for the week/seam split top middle of jacket1"/$20 ppd ($18) -Fruit Bats/Mouthfuls/screened cover/white/green/$30 ppd ($25) -Graveyard/Hisingen Blues/beige/aqua/2768-6/$30 -Hypnos 69/Legacy/$20 ppd -Jakob/Sines/orange/$35 ppd ($28) -Jay Retard/better than something/black $30 ppd ($25) -Junior Boys/big black coat/$10 -King Tuff/Black moon spell/loser edition/$13 ppd -King Gizzard & the lizard wizard/Tri-color/Quarters($45) -Omni/red/white $35 ppd ($30) -Murder By Death/Who Will Survive/black/RP, 180 gram, green and black splatter/$15 -Wild Nothing/Golden Haze $13 -Owen-The EP (yellow)/$35 ppd (OG press) ($28) -Starfucker/Jupiter/orange/103/$50 ppd ($40) -Starfucker/golden light/clear/500/$18 ($14) -Torche/part chimp/blue/1’st press/$30 ppd $ $25 ppd ($20) -Torche/Songs for lovers/teal/100/$35 ppd ($25) -Fruitbats/Tripper/black/$10 -Triptides/Predictions/blue/$40 ppd -Ty Segall/Horn the unicorn/white/$30 SOLD -Ty Segall/Emotional Mugger/$16 -White Stripes/De Stijl/$12 White blood cells/$12
  3. icecream

    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    I don't know why I find it so funny but the sticker that says "you just got dinked " so i've been walking around the house all day in my best stoner voice saying" hahah you just got dinked bro "to my cat
  4. icecream

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    Hit me up if you wanna sell your regular version if you ever end up buying this.
  5. This album is a grower man. I’m really enjoying it after a few listens. I’ve gotta say wasteland is one of the best songs they’ve written. also if anyone wants to get rid of their clear or for some reason trade for a red sparkle on me please
  6. tbh it's ok. Plenty of other ghost albums that you can get for half the price
  7. https://daupe.bandcamp.com/album/the-lost-tapes
  8. if these are songs i'm down but not buying that 30-40 seconds shit
  9. icecream

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Man I don't listen to 99% of shit from that time anymore but this album still fuckin rules.
  10. Super excited ! I love these dudes. That artwork kind’ve sucks though
  11. icecream

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Anyone into daptone records ? I’m pretty excited about this Sha La Das lp they just put up. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EDSSesrKz0k
  12. icecream

    PO Now: Denzel Curry - TA13OO

    love curry but that new single is trash