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  1. Hey guys, I love the 90s as much as I love swing and that's a lot. I also love The Cherry Poppin Daddies. Does anyone know if this band has anything pressed on the wax discs? I need this in my life like I need air. I mean, come on, check out this perfection in music:
  2. Dear Elitists, This is an open letter to all those on this board who think they know what should and shouldn't be pressed and are purveyors of taste, connoisseurs of classics and keyholders of THE HOBBY. Who are you to scoff at releases that are not as needed like a Mega Man comp or a pop punk record from ten years ago? They are nostalgic releases so they don't matter? Not everything can be the standard bearers of a mighty Nirvana or Zeppelin. Why can't there be room for everything and not just for the select few they are deemed approarate for the vinyl medium. Music is subjective and love is love.
  3. Hoob-DA-Stank needs viny(s)

  4. April Fools ya jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...but seriously, don't hate me. ...I love you.
  5. APRIL FOOLS YA JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...don't hate me.
  6. You are right and I apologize for getting off topic and being a jerk. But in all seriousnes, SRC press some Stank records!
  7. I just find it hilarious that you have this superior attitude about yourself about everything, then you like "sucky" bands just like the rest of us. Hilarious.
  8. You defending Alter Bridge makes all your current and future points invalid.
  9. Seriously, you think Breaking Benjamin is better? Ok, I get The Stank isn't the greatest band, but Breaking Benjamin is utter garbage. you're dumb.
  10. I really hope some Hoobustank vinyl can get pressed!

    1. dancebyaccident


      Oh, man, I haven't thought of them in awhile. I remember some of their music videos being on VH1. Good band.


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